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Russia: Jabhat al-Nusra Will Be Exterminated If Western Powers Fail To “Discipline” It To Improve Humanitarian Situation In Eastern Ghouta


Russia: Jabhat al-Nusra Will Be Exterminated If Western Powers Fail To "Discipline" It To Improve Humanitarian Situation In Eastern Ghouta

Photo: Press service of the Russian Defense Ministry

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nsura) will be exterminated if powers having influence on the group fail to discipline it, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on February 19.

The experience gained in Aleppo, when an agreement was reached with militants on their organized exodus, can be used in Eastern Ghouta. It took enormous effort to reach agreements on medical evacuation, first of all, of children and people needing emergency medical assistance. But subsequent efforts to organize large-scale evacuation of civilians from that area encountered Jabhat al-Nusra’s refusal as it seeks to keep these people as a human shield,” Lavrov said, according to the Russian state-run news agency TASS. “That is why we are asking our Western colleagues, who have influence of Jabhat al-Nusra, to take effort to discipline this structure, as far as resolution of humanitarian problems is concerned, otherwise it is to be exterminated.

Lavrov emphasized that Hayat Tahrir al-Sham is presented and continues attacking civilian facilities in the Damascus countryisde adding that the group “runs the show” in Idlib and Eastern Ghouta.

“We find it very worrisome that in fact only the Syrian army and the Russian aerospace group that supports it are trying to suppress this terrorist wing of Al-Qaeda (outlawed in Russia) and those collaborating with it,” the diplomat said. “All the calls to stop the offensive of the Syrian army that are accompanied by turning down our initiatives to provide guarantees that Janhat al-Nusra also stops, all these calls seem to be geared – and I have no other view of the situation – to spare Jabhat al-Nusra again.”



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  • Daniel Miller

    Even if they do “DISCIPLINE” them i wold still love to see them wiped out.

    • Frane Frlan

      Do you really think that somebody is going claim ownership and take responsibility?
      In my opinion, that was just a polite announcement of clearance. ;)

  • Joe

    ” we are asking our Western colleagues, who have influence of ”
    Still so diplomatic in spite of evidence they are the main supporter and will never change.

    Western nations have one thing in common… no united Syria for Israel . These nations are as bad as Times when they colonised the world. Greed and no principles. They cried when terrorists attacked their people and sanctions and kills Assad’s soldiers killing terrorists. That’s why we do not cry when such terrorists attack them …

    • Jakke1899

      A foreign minister is at the top echelon of it’s country’s diplomatic corps, therefore Lavrov needs to keep a diplomatic tone at all times. Not like for example Boris Johnson, who most of the time talks like a hooligan in a drunken barfight.

  • Garga

    In other words, Mr. Lavrov just told the world that “the western colleagues” control Al-Nusrah.
    Pity that these days the people in the west either play blind or fell asleep. Their governments control and support the very same terror groups which they frighten their people with, whenever they want to increase their level of control and limit their people’s rights. Other than those times, these terrorists suddenly turn into moderate opposition, as if the war in Syria is some kind of civil political debate!

    And with the recent joining of terror groups in Idlib, yet another re-branding is on the horizon…

    • Wanklord

      Putin cheerleaders & the russophiles are having difficult time accepting the realities in Syria = RUSSIA’S STRATEGY IN SYRIA IS INDEED A TOTAL FAILURE

      • Orcbuu

        LOL, you are a special stupid one!
        What the hell are you talking about, are you just desperate or did you just wake up 3 years from the drink out of your toilet.

        • Smith Ricky

          He clrealy lost it at a early age

        • BMWA1

          I think ‘Wankyford’ os correct, I haven’t seen such egregious bungling since the Red Army stumbled and bumbled into Berlin in 1945.

      • RichardD

        Your inflammatory disinfo is a failure.

      • FlorianGeyer

        Dutchbag is a better troll than you ‘Skanklord’.

        • HighLord Gaz

          Yeah, were is Douchenational these days? His BF left and he’s turned back the drink?

          • John

            Hello Gaz. He is around and actually put out a pretty good post the other day. You will see him soon.

      • HighLord Gaz

        yeah, cuz denying reality is gonna make your little Seppo (wet-)dreams cum true?….

        Murican idiot… proof positive that intimacy between siblings is a bad idea.

      • Joe

        You just played Xbox game ?

        Play again … Just press a button

      • Valery Grigoryev

        Just take a look at two maps of Syria: summer 2015 and the current one.
        Nothing to say, isn’t it?

      • Nosferatu

        Anything to back up your claim with?

    • javier

      dude we know they are complete scumbags but hello there is nothing we can do about it-this is a totalitarian society

    • RichardD

      Rand Paul, who was the only other anti war candidate besides Trump, dropped out at the beginning of the race after the Iowa primary due to a lack of money. That left only Trump, who could afford the campaign on his own, who won the election in the face of massive opposition from the Jew machine and their swamp collaborators.

      After the he won the Jew and swamp opposition increased with spurious impeachment proceedings and swamp refusal to either pass America First legislation or passing anti America First legislation with veto proof majorities. The problem is Jew occupied territory within the DC beltway and a 50 mile radius of NYC. Not America outside those areas.

      • George King

        You left out Miami.

      • US president have their role to play , as the face of the establishment , and they will be rewarded handsomely afterwards.. or a rather quick termination if they move away from the well defined script.

        trump definitely playing the role of a clown , a buffon , not that hard considering he is lacking , and for this he wont be removed by impeachment or by assasination by the US real leaders..

        who is the real leaders in US ? Voltaire once wrote , to know who rule over you , just observe which one faction you cannot criticize..

        anyone in US politics dared to criticize the israelis , they will be gone faster than mel gibson..

        • RichardD

          I agree on the Jew problem. Once the Mueller witch hunt is shut down and that Jew monkey is off his back. We’ll get a better ideal of where Trump is at. He tried to implement America First after the election and hit a brick wall of establishment opposition. He’ll be in a stronger position after he’s taken away the Jews impeachment lever.

          • i dont think Trump will be able to do what he planned to do before he was elected.. as a president he will be forced to do the provided script or be removed.. He want US troops out from pointless syrian war and yet CENTCOM still acting like they dont take orders from US president and their commander in chief , which is practically because they knew US Presidents are just symbols and not real executive..

          • RichardD

            He obviously can’t be bought, as his words and actions that I’ve referenced show. Which leaves judicial and legislative non cooperation, both of which we’ve witnessed, and removing him from office legally or illegally. He did make a lot of changes at Justice almost immediately. But he can’t change judges unless they’ve done something wrong or are retiring.

            The legislature refused to pass laws that he campaigned on, like repealing Obama care, and passed laws with veto proof majorities against what he campaigned on, like the Russian sanctions bill.

            His security is pretty good, so killing him may be a problem. And how successful he is at getting the Mueller witch hunt shut down remains to be seen. It wouldn’t surprise me if his opposition tries to drag it out for his entire first term and beyond. At this stage I don’t know how long it will go on.

            He has a pluralistic mandate to clean up the swamp and implement America First, but he can’t do it by himself, and the existing establishment is resistant to it. He’s getting some of America First implemented, but there’s a lot that he isn’t. A lot depends on getting the Mueller investigation closed. But the longer that it drags out without any real results, the more of a scam and waste of time and money it looks like. And it’s pretty far along on that progression right now.

          • the world watching american political establisment self destruct by attacking their own president and creating fantasy about russian interference while there’s none whatsoever.

            it is always the modus operandi for the US govt propaganda arm (aka MSM) to lay blame on outside / foreign actor when the real problem is really internal conflict..

          • RichardD

            The US should be dejudified, they’re responsible for what you’re complaining about:

          • careful , remember voltaire’s word , if you want to know who ruled over you , just look at the ones you cannot criticize..

            remember mel gibson

          • RichardD

            Judaism should be outlawed to dejudify the planet and Israel should be delisted from the UN and replaced with Palestine to create a better future for humanity.

            Jews have been expelled and genocided more than anyone else because they’re evil. It’s time to get rid of their evil cult for good for the betterment of humanity before they do anymore harm.

          • zionist jews , most of them are just white people from europe are not even jewish descent.. they are riding on the coattail of the suffering of innocent , pretending to be real jew , as an excuse to steal the land illegally..

            and the west support these murderers and criminals ?

          • RichardD

            The Jew infested governments do, most citizens don’t. The solution is to get rid of Jews.

          • sometimes i wonder why german post 1930s hated the jewish people so much.. i mean when there’s smoke theres fire right ?

            the annoying thing about german genocide against jews , is that they capture ordinary jewish people thats innocent from the greedy rich jews who control banking and media.. it is always the innocent people that got sacrificed by these mooks..

            and these mooks returned back to grab the land of judea using the pretext of massacred innocent jewish people as the reason they need a land ..

            pure greed and evil , even sacrificing their own people for their own gain..

          • RichardD

            The Germans were watching the Jew Soviet government mass murdering Christians, and Jews trying to take over in Germany. That’s why they elected Hitler.

            The Jews cover for each other, it’s part of their culture. Which makes it difficult to determine guilt. And they corrupt the government and judicial system to avoid punishment.

            The Germans should have outlawed Judaism and prevented it’s practice.

      • zman

        I must disagree with you. Trump was, in my opinion, not set upon, he was part of it. Check into his moneyman, same as Bibi’s…Adelson($100M for his campaign). Look into his son in law and his connections…Adelson again. Trump has no money, only blather and debt. Obama promised the moon too, only to show the people that he never had any intention of fulfilling his promises, it was all BS and he was a Trojan horse for TPTB. Trump, the forever conman, is no different. He even had the Russians fooled for a short while…but it didn’t take long for them to see what he really is. The whole flip flop in the ME is a great example. He promised peace and delivered more war and pissed off the Russians. His decision on the US embassy was carefully planned to exacerbate the tensions there and it has worked. Now the show to keep the people bamboozled is in full swing. Anyone who looks into the election BS can see that this is all a carnival show, intended to keep the peoples attention from their plans. I doubt that there has been one thing done by anyone without Israels OK. If there were going to be a real investigation into Trump, it should have been done long before the repugs got on board the Trump express. There was and is plenty of evidence, going back to the 70s, that Trump was dealing with the US, Russian and Israeli mobs for years, mostly using his buildings and casinos as money laundering vehicles. When are those investigations going to start? Probably never. All the uproar is nothing but theater. How many in the US are aware of the Trump circus in the media? Now, how many of those same people are aware of what the US is really doing in the ME and eastern Europe? When Trump is worn out and completely discredited, Pence will step up…he is for real and the worlds worst nightmare. My only question about the future is…do they get rid of Pence first or is he the one the they really want? He will make Killery look like a peace maker.

        • RichardD

          I’ve provided supporting evidence to prove my points, you’re lying and not providing any evidence because it doesn’t exist. Prove this:

          “Adelson($100M for his campaign)”

          • zman

            Not that this will do any good, but…
            This on Adelsons agreement to back Trump up to $100M. There are many places to get this, I just thought it best to use Trumps fav, Breitbart. http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/05/14/sheldon-adelson-poised-give-donald-trump-donation-boost/
            This on their relationship: http://www.businessinsider.com/donald-trump-meets-with-billionaire-sheldon-adelson-2015-12
            This on actual money contributed. Note that Future45 is an Adelson creation, with many members being Adelson controlled/owned; https://www.opensecrets.org/pacs/lookup2.php?strID=C00574533&cycle=2016
            This on total contributions…note that ‘candidate expenditure money’ does not mean the money was their money… https://www.opensecrets.org/pres16/
            This is a list of appointees and their contributions to Trump campaign:https://www.opensecrets.org/trump/political-appointees
            This should make it plain that Trump is no different than any other candidate and has as much intention to change the status quo as the rest. I doubt that this will make any difference to you, as I’m sure you will find some way to disallow any of this. “I’ve provided supporting evidence to prove my points, you’re lying and not providing any evidence because it doesn’t exist”. Where have you proven that Adelson did not contribute to Trump? I see no proof anywhere in your post…please repost your PROOF. The only thing I see is your post about Jewish population. For you to ignore what Trump has done since the election is telling. Obama supporters said the very same thing…The repugs stopped Obama from doing what he wanted. Yeah, right…and all those he installed into the government were going to change things. Trump is doing the very same and if you can’t see that, well, too bad. From treasury to intel, to budget, Trump has done the same crap. The only place where Trump has definitely surpassed Obama is the amount of traffic through his admin and the total screwing our economy is about to get. How do you save medicare by cutting the fuck out of it and increasing the Pentagram budget to $700B? Both totally opposite to campaign rhetoric. Lets not forget Russia, Syria and war mongering…but I suppose that is all lies too.

          • RichardD

            “Adelson($100M for his campaign)”

            There’s nothing in those links that proves this whopper. Not even close. What is it about this that you don’t understand:

            “he would not accept the money they might offer as a way of currying favor with the New York billionaire should he win the White House.

            “You’re not going to support me because I don’t want your money. If I wanted your money, I think I’d have a damned good chance. You know the money I have turned down?”

            – Trump to Jewish donors: ‘I don’t want your money’ –


            I asked for proof, you provided evasion and obfuscation. If you disagree, then copy and paste from those links showing $100 mill that Trump accepted and spent from Adelson. Not what he offered Trump, not what they talked about. Not what went into a fund spent on other races.

          • zman

            No, I supplied proof, you just refuse to accept it. Now that you have degenerated into name calling and lying, it’s plain for all to see that you are either a Trump fool or simply someone who would never admit to being wrong. I see NO refutation of my sources, only YOUR baloney replies…and citing the Guardian? At least I used outfits that are sympathetic to Trump, not MSM liars. Since when is OpenSecrets.org a scam outfit? I suppose that Future45 does not exist? It is not a PAC that is wholly run by Adelson. Right. When it comes to obfuscation and outright lying, you’ve got a lot of them beat. Again, not one bit of PROOF of anything, just articles. At least I provided numbers and names. You’re just too damn brainwashed, like the Obama supporters that would never admit they were taken for a ride, but they haven’t been taken for the ride you have.

          • RichardD

            You’re a liar and an idiot. I disproved your $100 million contribution lie. What is it about “copy and paste from those links showing $100 mill that Trump accepted and spent from Adelson.” that you don’t understand?

          • zman

            You know, when a person willfully denies what is right in front of him, he must not be looking.Your original post was what? “That left only Trump, who could afford the campaign on his own, who won the election in the face of massive opposition from the Jew machine and their swamp collaborators’. Then you post: “Adelson’s support for Trump amounts to much less than the $100m that a few months ago he was reportedly looking to give to help his fellow billionaire win the election. …Damn, that sure doesn’t sound to me like he was put upon by the Jewish machine, your original main argument. That Adelson offered to donate up to $100M is the catch phrase for your lies. That he did not get $100M is your repeated mantra, and your continued lies that the Jews were after him is total manure. You also have no intention of admitting that was bullshit. Trump and Soros have been business partners and personal friends, so is Clinton buddy Epstein and long time associate Adelson. Deny that. Since you want copy and paste, because you refuse to do any further looking and tried to imply that this money went to other candidates(“Not what went into a fund spent on other races”):

            NOTE: This committee is a single-candidate super PAC in support of Donald Trump (R).

            Grand Total: $24,264,009
            Total For Democrats: $0
            Total Against Democrats: $24,240,578
            Total For Republicans: $23,431
            Total Against Republicans: $0

            This is Future45 and how they spent their money…it is a wholly run pac by Adelson. It spent the majority of it’s money campaigning against Clinton, who he was formerly supporting and contributed $23,431 directly to Trump. So much for your anti-Trump Jew machine. This is how you take money and deny you did. I will concede that Trump did not benefit to the tune of $100M DIRECTLY into his pocket, but with this $24M being the largest single PAC spending by Adelson FOR TRUMP, if you concede, after seeing a ‘cut and paste’ that you have asked for, that shows Adelson did indeed support Trump and that the Jew machine did not go after Trump. Also from the same site:
            Donald Trump (R)
            CANDIDATE COMMITTEE MONEY: $333,127,164(actual Trump campaign raised money)
            OUTSIDE MONEY: $75,269,043

            Great American PAC-$28.6+M

            Rebuilding America Now-$22.6=M

            Make America #1-$20.7+M

            MAGA-$1.7+M…But he won’t take their money.

            I suppose you think these are not expecting anything in return?
            Go here for Trump campaign flip flop on accepting PAC money: http://time.com/4373124/donald-trump-donors-super-pacs/
            The last 2 paragraphs refer to you.
            BTW, you didn’t prove shit with your cut and paste, you just posted what BS Trump wanted the public (and fools that will believe anything) to hear…Your statement that he wouldn’t take money from Jewish donors is a lie. What he said was (as per your link):”he didn’t want their money”. See how easy it is to turn your lies against you? This is no different than your continual $100m didn’t happen and that the Jews were against him BS. Is there any difference between not openly taking money and covertly accepting spending against your opponent? Bush started this trend with citizens united, which Trump railed against, but now Trump embraces it. All the Trumpets that have the mental capacity of a drooling idiot (don’t you like being called names too?) fell for it hook, line and sinker….and still do, even after he reneged on practically every promise he made. When the shooting starts between the US and Russia, tell us who the liar and idiot is.

          • RichardD

            When people get caught in big lies like you did, they frequently m try to change the subject, as you are.

          • RichardD

            I lied, really. Copy and paste what I’ve written and disprove it with credible evidence. The opinion of a proven disinfo peddler like yourself isn’t credible evidence. Your credibility deficit is to great for your lies to be taken seriously.

          • zman

            No they confirm that you are a liar and Trump troll. Facts mean absolutely nothing to you. You admit nothing, especially when you are wrong. You did not disprove a damn thing, you just keep doing what liars and disinfo peddlers do, repeating the same old bullshit and expecting people to eventually believe it.. You’re just a Trumpet fool and you’re entitled to you fantasy land of bullshit. Enjoy your life of imaginary saviours. Your continued bullshit about Trump being on the outs with the Zionist criminals is just that, bullshit. Trump has done a good job of suckering fools and you’re proof. Proof in black and white of Trumps collusion with zionists is there, but you’re too damn brainwashed to know it…and wouldn’t if your useless life depended on it. It does, and you’re too damn dumb to know it. I already said I would concede that Drumpf did not receive in his pocket $100M, but did show that you are wrong about him being on the outs with them. He, in fact, did get an endorsement from Adelson, Adelson did in fact pledge that money, by your own links. I did show that in fact Adelson did spend money on Trumps campaign, clearly shown. But no, you keep coming back with your same old bullshit that shows that you are not just dishonest but a true Trumpet, a liar and conman from the word go. What bunch is know for that tactic? You know very well, because you are one. Your bullshit about Trump is just that. He is in their pocket and I proved it. HE proved it with his actions. Go ahead, tell us why he made that decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, tell us why he immediately went after the Russians after taking office, after saying he wanted to make nice. Tell us why he jumped on the CW parade, without proof, and bombed Syria, why the US is still killing Syrians and Russians and supporting the people he promised to stop supporting. Tell us why he put a pack of thieves in his cabinet and dumped everyone that put him where he is…oh, yes, because he is on the outs with them. The truth is, he shit on everyone that supported him and showed who he really is. You just keep spouting your crap about poor ole Trump being put upon the very people that backed him, that he has done business with and is personal friends with. Only fools and idiots keep falling for the same old line of shit, like you.

          • RichardD

            You failed to meet the challenge that I made because you know that you can’t copy and paste what I’ve written and disprove it with credible evidence because it’s all true.

    • Pave Way IV

      US military commanders’ egregious acts of treason for colluding with Israel and Saudi Arabia will go down in history as epic. There will be no satisfaction of justice from useless military courts, US Congress or any international criminal courts. They are getting away with it and will never be called out or punished in their lifetimes. All I got is “History will remember you treasonous, cowardly bastards for what you have done.” I salute future generations that consider their actions and see fit to piss on their graves for eternity.

      • Wanklord

        Dear Putin cheerleaders, anti-Zionists & russophiles:
        Whining about America, Israel or Saudi Arabia won’t change the realities taking place in Syria right now, in a few words better start admitting that RUSSIA’S STRATEGY IN SYRIA IS INDEED A TOTAL FAILURE.

        • Gregory Casey

          Your screen name certainly fits given the pure drivel spoken by you

          • Icarus Tanović

            Hahahahah Someone´swank

          • John Mason

            Yeah, Lord of the wankers.

          • Superfly

            Exactly, angry little boy and appropriately named :)

        • John

          Ahhhhhhhh, ………don’t think so.

        • Admiral_Moorer_believed


          The Styria, Russia, Iran, Lebanon team are kicking @rse there and the US is desperate to hold on anything they can. . .

          I remember when Russia joined in and Destroyed ISIL’s oil Tankers. . . The very tankers the US had left alonwe for a coupel of years.

          The Games over. I can only hope that ALL fighters who are in Syria Illegally leave or are destroyed.

          • Joe

            Ironically they will be destroyed by ASSAD’s forces protected by allies.

            ASSAD’s forces will be doing the cleaning up

          • Admiral_Moorer_believed

            I think that the Kurds may decide to be part of Syria rather than being destroyed by Turkey.

            That is their option.

        • Joe

          Rubbish … Russia is in control . It’s your buddies that are in complete break down resorting to childish rants and actions .

          Don’t be an ostrich with your heads in the sand

          It’s just that Russia is s civilised country unlike the western counter parts willing to throw their moral grounds JUST TO THROW OUT that dentist called Assad the great

        • Superfly

          You sound angry as the headchoppers are about to be whacked. Ghouta needs to be leveled as it is in urgent need of urban renewal.

        • Xanatos

          Have you not looked at any maps since August 2015?

        • it is sad the level of intelligence of this person , i doubt he is a real astroturfer as they at least have the basics on the situation ..

          everyone , look at this guy , he is the product of media propaganda and have no brain analytical abilty left in his head.,

          he is perfect example of today’s ignorant and clueless westerners who so deep inside the mainstream media propaganda they lost their thinking ability and prefer to be led as willing sheep to the abbatoir,.

        • Tudor Miron

          Wank, being a zio clown serving evil like you do is a shame in itself (for a human being). But seeing how your masters are loosing it – now that’s painful. Don’t cry zio – that was your own choice.

        • Merijn

          Perhaps wank some more….

      • Peggy

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      • you sure they are acting without a tacit agreement with the generals currently in control of the white house ? that US govt have no true leader and their president are only puppet that follow the set scenario ? commander in chief in the name only

        • Pave Way IV

          Quite the contrary – I’m sure the Pentagon and ‘generals in the White House’ are in perfect agreement. Congress and the White House de facto (but extra-Constitutionally) ceded some of their power and authority to foreign agents, intelligence communities and the military to create and run the self-perpetuating, freakish taxpayer-funded monstrosity known as CENTCOM. It’s a WWII-style theater-level command to fight perpetual wars in the Middle East for reasons and using methods it does not have to disclose to US citizens. In fact, it is specifically authorized to actively deceive the American public and use propaganda to influence US citizens into blind support, directly interfering with the ability of an informed public to make rational voting choices. I’m not suggesting they’re acting outside the chain of command. It’s far worse than that: CENTCOM exists to act outside the mechanisms of US democracy, accountable only to factions of the US government (many, foreign agents) acting extra-Constitutionally. CENTCOM is a manifestation of institutionalized treason, mostly acting on orders of others that conspire to sedition and treason.

          It is incomprehensible that a senior US military commander cannot see these acts as wholly treasonous and corrosive to the faith of US citizens in their democracy. “Well… everyone else in Washington was working to undermine the will of the people through secrecy and deception” is not justification for the military to do the same. Once any power and control (=secrecy) is ceded to a psychopathic extra-Constitutional institution like CENTCOM, it will never be returned to the people. Military commanders that undermine US democracy and serve foreign interests, then cower behind claims of ‘protecting our freedom’ are simply traitors – there’s no other way to describe it.

          • Merijn

            The U.S. & European Governments & Nato are stuffed with Traitors…. Traitors to their own People & Traitors to Humanity,…. with their Lies..their sneaky plans… and their schemes… in my eyes they are all Cockroaches fighting for Vermin….. that need to be put on Trial for the whole World to watch! Only then it will be possible to rid ourselves a bit of the atrocities that these rats have committed…… them is no warriors…..if found guilty….. the gallows is fine by me! They brought a lot of grieve to a lot of people….

          • as i suspect , Trump or any other president before him , are just puppet with a script to follow.. unless he want a mentally deranged person to ‘shoot him’ ala Prez Reagan

    • RichardD
      • You can call me Al

        Get rid of New York and California and it would be job done.

    • RichardD

      Trump campaigned against Israel first, and the American people voted against Israel first:

      “Ahead of his speech at the pro-Israel AIPAC conference on Monday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said at a press conference that Israel “can pay and they can pay big” to defend itself without receiving U.S. foreign aid.”

      – Donald Trump Says Israel ‘Can Pay’ for Own Defense –


      “When asked about whether a President Trump would push for recognizing Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel, he hedged, saying he would have to think about it. That got boos”

      – Jewish Republicans Boo Trump –


      “he would not accept the money they might offer as a way of currying favor with the New York billionaire should he win the White House.

      “You’re not going to support me because I don’t want your money. If I wanted your money, I think I’d have a damned good chance. You know the money I have turned down?”

      – Trump to Jewish donors: ‘I don’t want your money’ –


      – Trump–The Anti-War Candidate –


      • Pave Way IV

        Are you insane? He rolled well before the election.

        Netanyahu: You took Sheldon Adelson’s, what – $40 million plus in campaign contributions? The other Jewish oligarchs must have shekel’d you as well.
        Trump: Yup… bigly.
        Netanyahu: Yes, good… GOOD… You’re Israel’s bitch now.
        Trump: I am the best friend Israel ever had.
        Netanyahu: Who cares about you, bitch? You just make sure this jarhead’s patriotism doesn’t interfere with his willingness to die for Israel and his commanders won’t hesitate to order the rest of his Marine buddies to do the same.
        Trump: Israel above all else, Mr. Netanyahu.
        Netanyahu: My successor, Naftali Bennet, will also expect unquestioned obedience to Israel. He’s a bigger Zionist hard-ass then me, got it?
        Trump: I understand, Mr. Netanyahu. My successor – just in case the deep state whacks me – is Mike Pence. He’s one of those Evangelical Christians that’s also a rabid Zionist. I think Mr. Bennet will be… pleased… when Pence is finally in charge of our ICBMs and foreign policy. The Shia will be annihilated, then it’s the Sunnis turn. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/434ddafe4f96fb16763d36df6c0a6336f141cbc9fc2b9c60c859cfba26925894.png

        • RichardD

          What I wrote is true, what you’ve written is fiction. So whose insane?

          • Pave Way IV

            My fiction makes far more sense than your selective memory and perverse (yet sadly accurate) version of the truth. Of course Trump made all those claims – for votes. Show me where he gave back Adelson’s shekels. Who was that speaking at AIPAC – a Trump double? Trump has surrounded himself with dual-citizens and Israeli-firsters.

            “…but… but… Turmp promised he would do these things! Why would a politician lie to the little people during a presidential campaign? That would be INSANE!”

            Truth. Voting. YMMV.

          • RichardD

            You’re changing your posts because they’re disinfo. This is what you just deleted. Because you know that Adelson never gave Trump $40 million, and you didn’t want me calling out your lies.

            “Sheldon Adelson’s, what – $40 million plus in campaign contributions”

          • zman

            Sorry, but you are wrong. I’ve watched Trumps shenanigans since the 70s and he is the same as he always was. He will say and do anything. Just search for Adelson contributes to Trump. Trump has known Adelson (another casino operator and money launderer) for many years, just as he has known and dealt with Epstein, Clinton, Soros, et al. His so-called anti-Israeli stance was his biggest fraud of the election, it was just a hot button topic for him. Do you recall what he said when asked about his election promises? He said they are election promises and that they are not expected to be kept. Then there is the quote of his on the Clintons ala Clinton indictments: “I don’t want to hurt them, I don’t want to hurt them,” Trump told CBS
            News. “They’re, they’re good people. I don’t want to hurt them,” Trump
            told CBS. Contrast that to his rather blatant campaign claims that he would indict her as the first order of business. Sooner or later, people will wise up to the fact that Trump is just another flip-flop Obama…a false messiah.

          • RichardD

            Show me all of this Jew money that you claim bought Trump. Clinton was the one with overwhelming msm and Wall St support, not Trump.

    • Man Dagang

      Why you like iran who control Assadists

      • Ronald

        Why don’t you like Iran, those pro-Assad are anti Wahhabi , as in Al Qaeda and ISIS .
        Do you support Saudi Wahhabi jihadists ?

    • Icarus Tanović

      And ALL “the western colleagues” from EU or not using same tactics. This way or another…

    • Ma_Laoshi

      “the western colleagues” control Al-Nusrah <- Yes. And? The West has supported militant islam for centuries in the Middle East because those guys are cheap and willing to fight. And when you have the Wahhabi ulema of Mecca on your side you can most of the time get them to do your bidding, even to the extent of aligning them with Israel. The past five years, these forces have done a great job (cf. Laurent Fabius) weakening and destabilizing Syria, so Mr. Lavrov is really not going to embarrass their sponsors now.

      It's really the Kremlin that should be red-faced that after all this time those islamists are still able to threaten Syria's capital city.

      • HighLord Gaz

        Jihadis in East Ghouta are contained and isolated and do not represent a real threat, despite the fact they are in the capital.

        Syria had bigger fish to fry, and fry them they have…

        Now its the turn of the East Ghouta AQ scum.

        • Ma_Laoshi

          I surely hope so. It is Mr. Lavrov’s job to talk, but those whose job it is to smoke HTS should do theirs as well.

    • MichaH

      Garga, speaking of the west. For example Germany:

      The narrative of the morally good West is very present in German minds.
      As well as most people do not care about Syria. The Syrian / Iraqi / Afghani / … refugees are disturbing enough and not to mention a political elite that has completely lost touch with the citizen.
      Also with MSM rarely reporting, you really need to be interested in what’s happening in Syria and search new sources. The domestic popular media landscape is transatlantic and supranational. That means Assad bad, Kurds good, USA good, Russia bad, Turkish intervention also not good, but not as bad as Assad attacking the hospitals with “barrel bombs”.

      • Garga

        Thank you MichaH.
        I understand you. As much as we like Germans, I seems they believe in some strange things like their collective guilt about a certain group (which causes them still to be milked 80 years after what caused this guilt, allegedly done by 3-4 generations before) and their moral superiority towards others despite the presence of “that” guilt.

        But I’m not talking about Syria here. I’m referring to the terrorists that the western governments breed in fertile war-torn lands as Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq and the ones they brought in among un-checked refugees and scare their own people with them.
        Nowadays it’s almost easy to find out if a terror-related incident is false flag and done by government or not: Just look if the government limits your rights after the incident to maintain your “security”. Do you remember the days when you could board a plane without taking out most of your cloths and without waiting patiently in a long line because someone is going through your baggage while suspiciously looking at you? (you can still do it here. Even with the double terror attacks on the parliament building in Tehran, nothing was affected except in the vicinity of parliament and even that returned back to normal in less than 48 hours).

    • Merijn

      I think Western People are all Drugged up…..& lost in Oblivion….which has a positive side to it…… that means that you can exterminate these Al-Qaeda-Al-Nusra-Al-Sham-Headchoppers without anyone noticing it…..no cry wolf

  • Serious

    Al Qaida is western buddy. Everybody knows that. Ben Laden is a CIA agent and 9/11 was an inside job.

    Al Qaida always kill muslim people because it has been created by the west as a weapon to kill muslims.

    That’s why you better rely on Iran. Once, a US journsalist asked Ahmadinedjad “Where is Ben Laden ? Some people say he is in Iran.”. Ahmadinejad said that Ben Laden is certainly in Washington DC. XD.

    Dont trust the sunnis who can’t drain their own swamp and can’t control their own religion. Do you think that the saudi prince that date the whore Rihanna gives a f… about islam ??? XD.

  • Wanklord

    Typical Russian diplomacy’s empty talk…in many ways those comments reflect Putin’s failed strategy in Syria

    • Rakean Jaya

      Just be patient, dont be mad, Im sure Putin would fulfil his minimum target (eliminate those terrorist and driving out US along with its minions from Syria) and also he would reach maximum target(Give Golan back to Syria and to `disipline’ Israel in ME).

    • Rossco

      what are you a complete moron?

      • HighLord Gaz

        I should have thought the answer to that question was self-evident.

    • Your hand s gonna get tired.

    • HighLord Gaz

      Failed strategy in Syria…. yeah, cuz the Syrian government position hasn’t improved since Putin ordered his military in to help… oh wait….


  • as

    Mr Lavrov it is just what they wants. Give up on them and complete the BRI project and the newest ICBM to safeguard your interest and your nations.

  • EoF

    “Western colleagues”

    • John Whitehot

      seriously, you didn’t had nothing else to criticize and came up with this?

      less than pathetic.

  • Rob

    Israeli basterds vs children of Palestine

    US and Israeli terrorists should have to be disarmed as soon as possible otherwise these bastards will kill many civilians in the world. A meeting should have to be called in independent state like Russia or China etc. to think about it because world loosing significant number of important lives every day in US and Israeli brutal terrorism.

    • Len Zegelink


      • HighLord Gaz

        so sez a lowly Zio-stooge?

  • Rob

    IsraHell on Earth [Original Documentary]

    US creates new countries like shown in video. According to holly scripture Torah, Palestine will become free and whole Israel will be annihilated. This is not first time that Israel break the God commandments and then they are annihilated. Israel have broken the God commandments several times and then God have annihilated them. Israel are enemies of God and of the God creation. They deceive nations and bear wrong witnesses against others. They kidnapping and butchering small kids. Can God tell them to do so? Their videos of brutality are available online. Many of their brutalities have not caught on cameras due to Israeli pressure.

    • Len Zegelink

      fake palestina

  • Smith Ricky

    Exterminate Turky as well please, thank you

  • Rob

    Israel is a so tiny state. If Pakistan use just one missile then there will be no life in Israel. Palestine can win this war from Israel so easy, just they need support of Hezbollah, Syria, Iran, Pakistan and Russia and these countries want to help Palestine. In 1967 and 1973 wars Pakistani pilots used Syrian, Jordanian, Iraqi and Egyptian fighter jets and shoot down 10 Israeli fighter jets. Palestine has diplomatic power because they are victims of Israeli occupation but Israel have no diplomatic power because they are thieves and kids butchers.

    In case if Israel use nuclear or bio-chemical weapons then in this case Israel will be completely wiped out. Then there will be no chance of survival for anybody in Israel. According to Torah Jews should keep themselves away from Holly land. If Jews occupy holly land then they will be annihilated.

  • Floyd Hazzard

    Really, you need permission to exterminate terror now? Steupps…..

    • John Whitehot

      it is not needing permission.

      making an attempt at solving issues peacefully always pays, in the long term.

      If the US had practiced this exercise in diplomacy since the 90ies, the world would be a better place today.

      • Redadmiral

        Unfortunately, Yanks have no interest in diplomacy as it does not generate any spondulix for its MIC. Yanks also have this “exceptional belief”, that they are the masters of everything on this planet since they undermined the USSR and now claim to have “full spectrum dominance”. They manufacture wars in locations around the world where governments refuse to do their bidding. Venezuela is in the process of being destabilised, while Burma (Myanmar) is already on the rocky road to Mandalay with Yanks re-deploying ISIS head choppers to terrorise Buddhists.

        • Ronald

          While I am in complete agreement with your statement , however, as children need to be educated, so does America.
          Polite and civil discourse is the door to achieving understanding and peace, Russia is just acting as an instructor.

          • Redadmiral

            If, the Yankee warmongers were rational people Ronald, we would be living in a totally different world. A world where JFK might have lived to a ripe old age and where “secret societies” would have been outed as the enemies of democracy. Carter would have retained the Presidency in 80 with Thatcher losing to Foot and Kohl to Vogel in 83. The USSR would have been given the elbow room it needed to change into a different model of socialism. But that did’t happen. We ended up with Right wing governments across the planet, with a new virulent economic philosophy which has empowered Neocons and their ilk with enormous wealth. The USA has more nuclear weapons than the rest of the world combined and more combat aircraft too. It also has 19 nuclear powered aircraft carriers at an average cost of $300 billion each, then they have 90 nuclear powered subs and lets not forget the 350 or so Battleships and Cruisers it has floating around the world enforcing its prowess. FSD maybe, maybe not. But the powers that be fully believe they have and that makes them very dangerous. And dare I conclude impossible to negotiate with.

        • John Whitehot

          i don’t give a damn about the yanks.

          i’ll never get on their level and behave like they do.

  • FlorianGeyer

    This is purely a hunch that I have. The aircraft that ‘crashed’in Russia last week was carrying two highly qualified Russian nuclear scientists. The odds of that I suggest are very high and is is very plausible that the crash was not an accident. Couple that with the US bombing in support of their new US proxy force in the Kurdish zone of the Euphrates comprised of ex ISIS terrorists and ISIS terrorists being re-trained in Al Tanf and we can now see the next move on the chessboard by President Putin.

    President Putins moves have always been measured and it appears that he is about to do what he said a few weeks ago when he asserted that Russia would use devastating weapons if the (US) Takfiri Terrorists dared to “Raise their heads “.

    President Putin has also said this week that he does not consider Israel to be free to do what she wants, even if most of the Western nations do.

  • Joe Doe

    Lavrov as always braking like old dog and nothing more. I hope Assad will double review before agree to any Russian ideas and make sure this is not another fool idea proposed by Putin

    • HighLord Gaz

      How appropriate that you choose a handle used to name an unknown deceased person… one would get more sense from talking to a cadaver.

  • Irebukeu

    Get the On the Ground news guy to be the ‘pied piper’ and lead them all to the green buses. He knows the drill.

  • Blucross

    I like it.

  • israel first murica last

    I wonder why Putin cares so much about syria?

    • Sinbad2

      He doesn’t, it’s all about who controls the energy supplies to Europe.
      The US prevented Russia, and Iran building pipelines to Europe, so now they are stopping the US building its pipeline to Europe, from Qatar.
      All wars are about money.

  • Ono&Dsz

    Well done mr.Lavrov. Now from words swich to doing ! Exterminate them immediately please!

  • Tommy Jensen

    The free Western world wants Israel II, Kurdistan in Syria.
    USA, Europa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, E-Europa, India, all rich free countries wants it.

    Your little resistance movement cant do a shjt man.

  • gustavo

    There must not be conditions, and there must be deals. Al_NUSTRA must be eliminated totally, point.