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JUNE 2021

Russia & Israel Will Establish Working Group To Remove All Foreign Forces From Syria

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Russia & Israel Will Establish Working Group To Remove All Foreign Forces From Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) shakes hands with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a meeting in Sochi, Russia August 23, 2017.. (photo credit:SPUTNIK/ALEXEI NIKOLSKY/KREMLIN VIA REUTERS)

Russia and Israel will set up a working group with several other countries to address the issue of removing all foreign forces from Syria, a high-ranking source in the Israeli government told reporters on February 26.

“It was decided to set up a working group with participation of Russia, Israel and several other countries to work on the issue of removing foreign forces from Syria,” the Russian news agency TASS quoted the source as saying.

The announcement came only hours after Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visit to Moscow, where he met with President Vladimir Putin. This was the first extended formal meeting the two leaders had since the downing of the Russian intelligence plane over Syria in September.

Netanyahu said that the meeting with Putin was “good and productive” and revealed that he had shared intelligence information on Iranian deployment in Syria with him. The Israeli PM went on to say that Russia is also interested in removing all foreign powers from the war-torn country.

“Israel will continue to operate as it needs to protect itself from Iranian aggression in Syria,” Netanyahu said, according to the Jerusalem Post.

A day after the Israeli remarks, Putin confirmed that the two countries are working to establish a working group. The Russian President said that the group will have the goal of normalizing the situation in Syria after the defeat of the terrorist groups there.

“The idea is that with all interested parties, first of all, of course, the leadership of the Syrian Arab Republic, it may be the opposition, these are countries of the region, everyone who is involved in this conflict to create a working structure that would take up final normalization after the suppression of the last hotbeds of terrorism,” TASS quoted Putin as saying.

Putin also stressed that the normalization of the situation in Syria requires the full withdrawal of foreign armed forces from there and the restoration of statehood in full with the preservation of territorial integrity.

The upcoming weeks will likely revel more information about the new working group, which could boost the political process in the war-torn country.

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Zionism = EVIL

Putin is a Jew and slave of Zionist warmongers. Just look how inferior he looks in front of his master Nutter Yahoo.

northerntruthseeker .

The failed New York Lithuanian Khazar used furniture salesman, Miliewkosky, does look like he is about to gloat when shaking hands with Vlad….. But he is indeed a mentally derranged sick bastard that probably has some underhanded plan in store…. He is a psychotic prick that is hell bent on fulfilling his “destiny” and to have the Jewish sickos in Israel fulfill their “Greater Israel” project.


You worshipped him like everyone else

Lol fucking retard

Concrete Mike

Your the fascist retard here fuck head


white supremacist trailer trash you have nothing of value to add. how come? simple: trailer trash are uneducated simpletons. disappear!!


You are being stupid, Syria would not exist today if not for Putin and Khameni.
Israel Turkey and Saudi Arabia had already decided who got the various parts of Syria when Russia arrived, ungrateful bastard.


And one more thing.
The US/Israel plan to destroy Syria would not have gone beyond a plan, if Muslim Arabs had not turned against Muslim Arabs, for a few shekels.
It’s Muslim Arabs that have done most of the killing and committed the atrocities.
Try looking in the mirror if you want to see who really is to blame.

It seems like nothing has changed since the time of Jesus, Arabs will still betray their savior for 30 pieces of silver.

Tommy Jensen

“Arabs….”? What about joos and romans………………… and so many others.


The original Jews were Arabs, they like to pretend that they aren’t, but the descendants of Jesus, who was a Jew still live there, and they are all Muslims.
Today most Jews are European, and have no historical ties to Israel beyond their religious cult.


Best to wait for Russia to make the announcement, israel is renown for inventing and fabricating facts, till then this is fake news.


In any case, Russia should work with people at the top, NOT Washington DC. :)

Zionism = EVIL

Russia will keep kissing its western “partners” arse. Putin is owned by Jew oligarchs and Russians have historic inferiority complex vis a vis the west. And they rightly should, considering the fate of their JUNK weaponry from India to Syria. The Israelis, Turkeys and Pakistanis have been knocking off Russian flying dishwashers like rubber ducks.

Tommy Jensen

The crypto joo group in Kremlin having alarm meeting with Israel after Assad visited Iran for resistance against the Kremlin permitted 205 Israel bombing attacks inside Syria to help ISIS.

Israel can continue killing Russian generals, senior pilots and servicemen as they fit, until Iran, Hezbollah, Turkey, Iraq and SAA are out of Syria for the Yinon plan…………………………….LOL.

Miro Yanev

MiG 21 shooting down a F16 is quite good don’t you think?


Spot on!

Zionism = EVIL

Israeli attorney-general plans to charge Netanyahu in corruption cases.

Tommy Jensen

Netanyahu probably got too unpopular in Israel, so this is the way TPTB shift him out as outworn to a new fresh idiot.

Zionism = EVIL

Nutter Yahoo may be going to jail for corruption.

Pave Way IV

I hope the ‘foreign’ forces include everyone uninvited – like the foreign forces occupying the Golan Heights.


Me too :)

Albert Pike

Dream on – they are needed as grasing ground for Jacob’s Biblical Sheep:
‘According to breed aficionados, the sheep originated in the north of Biblical Israel, and were sold to Egypt.’
‘The striped and speckled sheep of the type which the patriarch Jacob brought with him from Laban’s house will once again find a new home in the land of Israel soon – in the Golan Heights.
A flock of 119 speckled and striped sheep is now being held in isolation west of Toronto prior to being brought to its new home in Israel at the heritage park in the Golan Heights.’

That’s just the sheep – the whole of Syria is for the really red red red cow…

Allan Greedspoon

Jacob the Deceiver. He was a typical LIAR for most of his life, until he had a massive change of heart, then became Israel. If you will notice the karma in his life: He deceived his father Isaac to steal his birthright from his bro Esau(by wearing goatskin to replicate hair). then he did the speckled cow fraud. Later on in life, when he was an old man, his 10 sons did a similar thing to him. They sold his favorite and youngest child into slavery in Egypt, then splattered goat’s blood on his coat (of many colors) to make it look like an animal had killed him . .

Albert Pike

The problem is there is to much nasty religious crazy stuff out there, and to many easily manipulated people too. This opiate has seriously deadly side effects on a massive scale…
But thanks for your comment.


Ha ha ha! Bibi got the rope around his neck.
Putin is a genius.



Show your true face Putin…and shake the Hand of the pure Evil u Zionist stooge


check history
1917 Takeover of Russia by them british/zionists
between 1917 and 1935 35 Million russians were murdered.

paul ( original )

This is just Alice in Wonderland politics. The idea that Israel would seek the removal of any American forces from Syria is only possible in an alternative Through the Looking Glass universe.
I am not one to judge Putin harshly, but I have suspected for a long time that in the end Syria will repent that they ever got involved with the Russians in the first place.


surely putin can’t really agree to agree to do anything about iran, which is there on invitation by the syrian government. so it would look like the usual lies from the head squatter, netanyahu. and what about turkey, part of the astana process (together with iran).

the squatters lie and lie and lie (and murder and steal), all in order to be able to continue the DEPALESTINATION-program, which in principle is to free all the stolen land from palestinians, doch nicht judenfrei aber palestinenfrei, in the good manner of netanyahu’s mental sibling, adolf hitler.

anyone with a lamppost for netanyahu, now, post haste!


Doubtful that there are Iranian troops in any significant numbers in Syria. Hizbolla is not the same thing. Important guards officers and small groups yes, but not company-plus sized fighting units.


but they are there right – 2000 (the same number as the morons claim is located in syria) or 5000 but they need to be many more when they finally evict the squatters into the med onto their next 5000 year long diaspora.


No way NutAndYahoo wants his pet foreign terrorists removed.

And for sure he’s not taking the ZioNazi shock troops out of Golan Heights.

Basically NutAndYahoo wants Putin to pressure Iran and Hezbollah to leave.

Let’s see if Putin buys the nonsense.

Here’s who’s there by invitation: Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, and to some extent Iraq.

Here’s who’s not: Israel (Golan Heights plus pet terrorists), US, UK, France, Turkey and assorted terrorists.

The Farney Fontenoy

Putin is Israel’s man, always was, he just wasn’t obvious about it before, but since Israel caused the shootdown of his own military plane (when Putin refused to blame Israel and demanded his military do same, until Shoigu told him to go to hell, forcing Vlad into a humiliating u-turn) he hasn’t even tried to hide it.

Concrete Mike

How can you mot notice bibi lie all the time. Bibi said something the opposite is true.

Stop itnwith the agit prop.


Good decision, let’s start with the Israeli occupied Golan Heights.

mondo cane

Yes, by all means. Let’s begin by assessing how much land Israel has usurped that previously belonged to other countries like Jordan et al. Netanyahu and the Likud have been constructing housing and farms outside their legal borders. Israel’s answer to that has been to claim this was always Israel’s land going back thousands of years.
If that’s the case, we ought to apply it to all countries fairly and evenly. What would the world look like if we changed the political boundaries to what they were several thousand years ago.
My guess is that no one would approve of it.


Maybe the Canaa’ites? Let’s give the land back to Canaa’ites! Isrea-lies stole it from them.


True, but for the Zi0Nazi regime the Golan Heights is not Syrian territory anymore so won’t want to discuss it. Remember, the Zi0Nazi garbage dump is exceptional: do as I say, don’t do as I do.

Keep it Real

Its Syria and always belongs to syria!


I fully agree. The UN also describes it as such. Nevertheless, the Zi0Nazi regime sees it differently, and tries its transatlantic guard dog, the empire-in-decline, to give its stamp of approval, which will ensure that others will follow.

Lena Jones

As if Bashar will agree to israel being including in ANYTHING to do with Syria’s stable future – lol! As if Putin’s statement even included the words ‘israel’, or ‘jew’ on this ‘group list’, which by the way is old news. Just look at the jewyahu taking (election) credit for something that he has zero involvement or influence upon. Just take a good look at his jewish spin and obvious media sleight of hand – his MEGA jewish mountain of BULLSHIT lol! Putin only knows too well that he cannot force Bashar to dis-invite the Iranians – he’s as much stated it before on several occasions. The Iranians will leave when the terrorists US, UK, France, Turkey and Israel (from the Golan) leave Syrian territories altogether. The longer the terrorists above linger on Syrian territory, the longer it will take Iran to “leave” Syria. It’s as simple as that. Till that happens, dream on Axis of effing Evil, dream the eff on!

Zo Fu

Putin became a traitor of Russia, Syria and a freedom. He is willing to apology any Israeli-US-NATO crimes but he is not willing to forgive anything to his own voters, pensioners, young families, small business etc.

He become a greedy rat, he loves Jew traitors like Medvedev and Oligarchs and islamists rats like Erdogan more then his own nation. And he loves stupid FM Lavrov and his “deals” more then giving some protection to his allies like Venezuela, Syria, Iran, Eastern Ukraine and confront his enemies (not partners) from NATO .

The whole world is asking why Russia didn’t shot down a single Israeli jet attacking Syria on free will against all international rules. The answer is very simple. Putin is a pussy. And he is losing approval rates quickly as a result. He had 80%. Now he has barely 35%. So Putin, you are on the best way to be replaced by somebody (hopefully) more capable. Putin’s leadership becomes a nightmare.


Yes, it is possible, but let us wait the result of this Israel-Russia agreement. I hope this be different form Russia-Turkey agreement which has help only to terrorists and Turkey in Idlib.

Tommy Jensen

There is not coming anybody more capable. TPTB selects them.


Russia is more Zionist that America, but they have no power unlike the US



Nope, actually Russia has expelled all Rothschild/Zionist owned banks from operating inside Russia/doing business entirely. Hezbollah and its Syrian allies are equipped with Russian MANPADs, Kornet missiles, and now Syria will be fielding the S300 soon. Keep dreaming Fat_White_American :)


Exactly, USA is totally dominated by jews (news, tv, movies, universities, senate, congress, banks, economy, next president Sander).


They mean by foreign forces iranians and its allies but russia doesn’t have the authority and power to expulse them. Iranians on the ground are the masters not russians

Real Anti-Racist Action

They should work together. Russia Syria Iran and Israel should all agree to work to remove the US, Jordanian, Saudi Arabia, Turkish and Israeli aircraft from Syria.
If Israel is finally willing to work in partnership with Russia Syria and Iran to remove any of the non invited, then Israel would finally be stepping in the right direction.
Anyone where believe that Jews are people of their word? And truly mean from their heart a desire to remove foreign uninvited forces?


what Putin wants is territorial integrity of Syria. since he has a leverage on Iran and Syria, Israel has a leverage of US-NATO. the play behind is that wen Syria asks Iran for full withdrawal of troops and Hezbollah,then Israel will have to ensure fully withdrawal of US-NATO troops from Syria this also it will make US-NATO to have no pretext to stay in Syria,thus they will be seen to be illegal in Syria. this will give Assad an upper hand to bring his full control overall Syria territory including sdf(kurds). thus, SAA will get military assistance from Russia(re-equipment and training) and Israel will have no pretext to justify them carrying out attacks on Syrian territory. this also will make the so called international community with UN and its organisations bring funds and humanitarian AID towards rebuilding Syria. this will make Israel a biggest looser as SAA will get re-armed,trained and gain more combat experience and reforms. even when Israel tends to do raids irrespective of no Hezbollah and Iranian forces in Syria,it will give Russia an upper hand and good reason to provide Syria with s-400 which will be integrated with Russian s-400 that will bolster Syria defenses. Putin is always being seen as bluffing by most of the west including Israel. that is why he lets shoygu gives a statement which will cool the hotheads and Putin cements by supporting it. at the end of the day Putin knows what he is doing and NEVER does he oppose the military. that doesn’t depict Putin to be weak “NO” but it shows Putin is the grand master of geopolitics.less words,more action. Putin is never good in propaganda and arguments like bibi and others in the west.his actions speaks alot than words. PUTIN ALWAYS KEEPS HIS WORDS AND DEALS MADE like how bill Clinton admitted it in interview with Morgan piers visit: https://youtu.be/JLy1gi-R-QM


I didn’t see Assad at that meeting. And if Russia wants Syria to have full territorial integrity then they have no business allowing Israel to say who and who cannot be in Syria.
This is all about Russia working with Israel to get what Israel wants, not Syria.


Assad wont be seen in any meetings as Russia represents him. whatever Russia proposes and gets to agree in the deals, Assad is aware as they get to discuss before in back channels/ behind the scenes. what Russia is pushing forward is to give Israel no excuse or pretext of its actions to Syria. Assad have no army to confront Israel right now. Russia will never go to war with Israel because of its bilateral good relations with Israel. the option Assad is having is first eliminating all terrorists in Syria, return its border integrity, build up/reconstruction of Syria, reviving Syria economy and then buildup the military and hence confront the Israelis. it is the only way and option Assad has to abide and with the help of Russia he will succeed.

Brother Ma

I hope it is as you say and not just Israel’s turn to stall Russia on the headchoppers as Erdogan did.


I agree with 99% of your appraisal . There is just one sentence I do not personally agree with. You wrote ” Putin is never good in propaganda and arguments like bibi ”

I would say that ‘Putin does not indulge in the vacuous propaganda style that the UK and US are guilty of.’


i absolutely agree with you. it is what i also meant. thanks.


Cheers my friend.


Oh sorry ,you forgot Golan?!


Golan will obviously be returned to Syria as per UN resolution of “1969” note:not quite sure if am right about the year but correct me if am wrong


Russia falling all over itself to appease this Israel. Russia and the U.S. are just lapdogs putting on a show for their master. Why? Because they have fallen for the deception that the Jews are God’s chosen people. So they prop up this false state under a false narrative and slowly pass legislations that force all people to worship it as if it is holy.

Miroslav Beran

Funny, folks here do not realize, that Khazaria Empire = Today Southern Russia and Ukraine.

So Khazar people i.e. “Israelis” (since invention of new word “Jews” in 18th Century called “Jews”) are to some extent a “Russians”.

Every good analyst understand this after 1 minute look into map.comment image

And here Hasbara Sayanim auxilliary agents please not talking crap about older books. Older books as Merchant of Venice was later falsified with this new “Jews” word, so it appeared older origin.

John Whitehot

the only thing that’s understood abt this map after one minute is that it’s from year 850

While you said that “southern Russia” is part of “Khazaria” today, which makes your identity go into the garbage bin of zionist trolls

mondo cane

Take a close look. See for yourself that Israel can do it for itself without the astounding amount of money given them by the US. I’m in favor of supporting Israel, but I do not think the US needs another vassal state.

John Whitehot

it’s the US that is the vassal state.


Iran & Hezbollah will stay as long as Assad needs them and does not send them home.


Has anyone fact checked this?

There is nothing on the Kremlin website about it:

– Meeting with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu –



Jews are the master of deceiving, cheating, and lying. Unfortunately, Russia has allowed Israel to do whatever it wants in Syria, and Russia will continue with this policy.


No, Russia hasn’t allowed Israel to do whatever it wants. It’s backed them out of Syrian airspace and also almost completely shut down attacks on Syria from outside of Syrian airspace. As well as destroying Israel’s Yinon plan regime change operation.


Good idea of several people here. Let us star with Golan Heights !!!


This is a quote from the only TASS article that I could find:

“TEL AVIV, February 27. /TASS/. Russia and Israel will set up a working group with several other countries to consider the issue of removing all foreign forces from Syria, a high-ranking source in the Israeli government told reporters on Wednesday after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Moscow.

“It was decided to set up a working group with participation of Russia, Israel and several other countries to work on the issue of removing foreign forces from Syria,” the source said. He did not provide any additional details and refused to name other countries that will be part of the working group.”

– Russia, Israel to set up working group on removing foreign forces from Syria — source –




There’s a big difference between removing forces illegally in Syria, and removing all foreign forces in Syria. South Front isn’t the only one reporting that the working group is for removing “all” foreign forces from Syria, there’s another Russian site reporting the same thing:

“Russia and Israel will set up a working group with several other countries to consider the issue of removing all foreign forces from Syria, a high-ranking source in the Israeli government told reporters on Wednesday after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Moscow.”




This is the excerpt from underneath the RT video:

““The idea is to create a structure that includes all involved parties,” he said.

“It should deal with the final normalising [of the situation] after crushing the final remnants of terrorism. This is also connected with the complete military withdrawal from the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic as well as with the reconstruction of the Syrian state as well as the preservation of its territorial integrity,” he added.”

The complete military withdrawal by whom, the US, Turkey and the rest of the uninvited occupation terror supporters? The complete military withdrawal in this excerpt is qualified by the phrase “preservation of its territorial integrity” in the same sentence.

Government authorized forces that are part of the Syrian government coalition are insuring this. It’s unlikely that Putin is planning to close the Syrian bases that Russia has maintained for decades. Or that his statement, if it can be read or listened to in English is referring to authorized military forces approved by the Syrian government.


None of the quotes in this article from outside sources support the article headline, or this quote by the article author in the article:

“Russia and Israel will set up a working group with several other countries to address the issue of removing all foreign forces from Syria, a high-ranking source in the Israeli government told reporters on February 26.”

Tommy Jensen

Kremlin´s crypto joos are hiding, because they know Israel is not popular in the Russian public after the many killings of Russian Servicemen.
Israel media are just showing their arrogance and open contempt for their bootlickers in Kremlin.

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