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Russia Is Trying To Convince SDF To Join Syrian Army: Lavrentiev

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Russia Is Trying To Convince SDF To Join Syrian Army: Lavrentiev

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Russia had warned Turkey that a new military operation in Syria could push the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to establish an independent state, Special Russian Presidential Representative for Syria Alexander Lavrentiev said during an interview RIA Novosti.

In the interview, which was published on June 17, Lavrentiev said Turkey would struggle with an independent Kurdish state on its border for the long term.

“We told our Turkish colleagues that this may lead to an increase in separatist sentiments among the Kurds and motivate them to establish a state, and this is not in the interest of Syria, Turkey, Iran or Iraq,” the Russian diplomat said.

Lavrentiev also revealed that Russia has been trying to convince the SDF, which is backed by the US, to reach a settlement with Damascus, reunite Syria’s territory, and join the ranks of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

The Russian efforts came as the Turkish military and its proxies are preparing to launch a new operation against the SDF in northern and northeastern Syria.

According to Lavrentiev, Turkey is not interested in any talks with the SDF. The diplomat warned that a Turkish military operation against the group could lead to a confrontation with the SAA.

Syrian troops are already deployed in several SDF-held areas, including the towns of Manbij and Tell Rifaat in the northern Aleppo countryside. In a recent speech, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the two towns will be the main target of any new Turkish operation in Syria.

Russia fears that a new Turkish military operation against the SDF would worsen the already fragile humanitarian situation in northern and northeastern Syria. Aside from its diplomatic efforts, Moscow has increased its military presence in the two regions on the hope that this could deter Ankara.


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What did IT GRUNT MERDep MERDipp MERDolfgan??? TO jahhanam, IT, ITS SLAVES AND ITS chihuahuas, and Middle East and the whole World will be a better place!

jens holm

Unfortunatly Erdo is only one of the many problems there. It could help he finally was elected away.

But the main non devellopment agressor is the Baathist by Assads. They see the rest as private property.

Assad Defeated Zionists

Your biggest problem is that Putin is fracking you and your Ukrainan boyfriends were it really hurts and exactly were people like you like it. Thanks a lot for financing Putin’s war in Rubles just like you were told. If youfoggats couldn’t get rid of a third world banana republic dictator like Bashar Hafez al-Assad, you dont stand a chance against Russia.

jens holm

Its not forbidden to try.

My best friends can be Russians if they they live there and dont come here. Thats the point.

I want the many smaller states back deciding their own destiny as well as it goes. Im in EU as well as Nato. I do prefare we voted us into EU and its a loose constrution keeping us almost as Ourself.

For Denmark we now has normal contacts in the Baltics by Finland, the 3 small ones, Poland and DDR. Thats how it should be.

Assad Defeated Zionists

If my mom was from Cuba, my dad from Soviet Kraków and I was born in DDR, what does that make me?

Elohim Kosher Bar

Putin dropped a lot of TRUTH BOMBS at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). Don’t expect any coverage of this in the West. I hope the readers will try to understand.


I want to make it very clear. I am NOT a Team Putin groupie. If Team Putin was causing problems, I would be berating them as well.

Dear Jens Holm,

Allowing yourself to continue to regurgitate failing propaganda is very stupid. The EU is a dictatorship. Please grow a spine.

jens holm

I could be Im an owl eating mice.

It would be nice You could recommend a better structure for our many members. Both Groucho and Karl Marx had fear for Bureakrati.

But the EU is a copy of normal parlamentarisme in large. I hope it would be a more light version decing less but better.

And I do have a spine. Or else I would not be here, So far most of my life has been with spine. A few times it has been less flexible then it should. I have paid that with spine after regaining.

Putin said nothing in that speech which wasnt know for decades already. Its still spring here. He could have helped me telling why my beans are not growing. Its warm, the soil is ok, I have fertilized and it has been raining.

It will be propaganda to insinuate some lazy bum communists has been eating them for nothing to harm my capitalistic world runned by CIA and Mossad.

Have a nice day if You wish

jens holm

A child

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Last edited 1 month ago by Anglia
jens holm

Your real name must be unFreud.

When there are disputes its often an add – subtract. So this is no chock and also no surpice.

I have worked active for many years for replacing fuel with windpower. Even Denmark is behind in that. So we have to pay that part of the price. Im ready for that.

Your focus is not all over. There are the long term effects in other things too. WE hope the Russians will feel it.


He can’t be removed via elections because elections in Turkey are massively rigged.

jens holm

I know its rigged. Even so he hardly got 50%.

So I do have hopes for 50% becommes even more skinny, low and infected.

People do remember Istandbul and Ilderim.

A minimum forced change could be more decidings was taken in the Regions. It do make sence. Turkey has been develloped into a much bigger and complicated country.

I might be a little optimistic.


Nothing remains, everything changes sooner or later and Erdogan is an old man with a major economic and social crisis extremely hard to manage. People is also scared after 2013 and 2016 however, so it won’t be easy to get rid of the Hitler-loving dictator.

We live very dark times but things must change in this or the next decade, this spiral downwards to Hell can’t persist forever, eventually things will change, in Turkey also.


“MERDolfgan is an old SHIT”please, in lands occupied by ITS SIMILARS, i. e. UNHUMAN GENOCIDALS


You are the most stupid person in this forum.Can I f.ck your family please?


Like everywhere else. sample Russia Syria they are the worst maju


What unhuman maggot talking about. Doing his baby talking again.siktir orospu pici Ben senin sulaleni sikerim yavsak insanliktan yoksun mahluk take that 🪳


A BEAST could never talk like an HUMAN. THANKS SHITtila for showing it everytime through your (possessive of ‘IT’, second STUFF) BEASTY GRUNTS.

Last edited 1 month ago by HUMAN

Little dumbo trying to fly again

jens holm

Thats totally upside down. Russians has tryed really hard before with no succes.

However it was Assads which denied the SDFs any real influence. Everything at onece should go back to, how thing were.

By that Turks could take Afrin for free, which never will be Syria again. Assda/SDF & Russians by that most likely also lost all opportunities to take back Azaz.

The sinner anytime are Assads. They deny to understand, that more then half of the population dont support them at all. Assads only has parts of the territory and many parts not 24/7. Millions also are neutral to anyh parts in the conflict and orefare to be refugees.

Strange kind of rhetorics things can be worse. The main reason is the same. As long as Assads are dominant many of the rest wont join anything.

Thats why Turks do almost as they please, which is wrong.

Hard time to be a Russian negosiater. Instead of the americans the got Turks and still no oil for Assad and themself.


Let’s hope so: one friend less for the Empire of Evil, Syria would almost regain its territorial integrity and Israel should finally be put to reason.


I read the Syrian news agency almost daily and there’s no way that Damascus and the NSF can reach such an agreement: Al Assad reforms are very shallow and do not provide for a multiethnic confederative socialist feminist Syria. They may be less distant than with other power centers such as Turkey, Israel or Iran (or even Russia itself) but Damascus is still trapped in the logic of single party centralist Arab nationalism, with socialist elements but mostly capitalist, which is incompatible with the democratic, socialist and multiethnic-confederalist approach of the NSF.

Anyhow, Turkey, like the pschotic bully it is, listens to nothing but violence, sadly enough. So war it is.

jens holm

Thats how it is. They and several others can even made border corrections even they are colonialistic made by France, UK and partly USA.

Kurds are still blamed for having emmigrated into Syria. But facts are the border was moved north and Syria suddenly had Turkmen and Kurds in it. Those not even was asked.

Its still strange to me no Kurdish tribe autonome was made for the Kurds after WW1 and 4 sates now try torun them having laerned northing since the end of WW1(1923).

People in the Ottomans not even liberated themself from the colpasong Osmans. What have they used their freedom for?

Syria fx after 2 years of independensy went to war with Israel.

We see the same for Armenia and Azerbaidjan. They finally got rid of USSR. And thren a war with no solution – and then another one. How can people decide something like that. They are out of their minds.

If You follow and read a lot. I do. You sometimes conclude, that as longas they kill each other its fíne. They then dont come here. Its no plus for me the Jews in Israel more and more look and behave as the arabs there as well.

Many years ago I hoped the arab world there would make some modernisation. It should be easy even they only used Radio and TV from Tel Aviv.

So I sometimes think israel is to prefare. They have figted to have a country and they use and devellop it.


There was no border: all belonged to the Turkish Empire, the only border within Kurdish lands was the one with Iran. The border is now right on the once famous semi-colonial project known as Baghdad Railroad, the jewel of German soft-gloved imperialism, now a mere border line on a colonially drawn map.

Yet the Kurds have overcome nationalism and hope for mutually respectful multiethnic confederalism, a most interesting approach, but they are nevertheless confronted by various nationalisms, notably Turkish and Iranian but also colonial creations like Syria and Iraq.

Israel is not preferable at all anyhow: Israel is a genocidal European colony, a true bastard son of Hitler. When the dust settle, and it will be soon (Ehud Barak himself “prophesizes” that Israel can’t survive longer than 80 years, i.e. beyond 2028), most Jews will back-migrate to Europe or to America but a substantial minority will remain and will have to be managed into some sort of multiethnic Palestine or Levant or whatever sized confederacy, for which what the Kurds are proposing is again a constructive project, a socialist “Switzerland” in the Middle East.

Easier said than done, I know, but very much worth trying: nationalism solves nothing.

jens holm

Sure. I know the history for all parts of the area very well and has written about it for Years.

I also so many times has proposed border changes fx to the Ottoman Region/Vilayet map of 1856.

By that there would be an Aleppo State, Adamaskus State and A Ragga state(or autonome).

Those would include parts of Syria of today and a little more of the Eufra to Raqqa. I also has proposed a border correction to the Turks. By that it was possible to move most Turkmen and Kurds to Turkey and arabs back to Syria.

By less minority talk in Syria because of no artificial made threat those would be accepted.

But I think You forget the Kurds also has murdered about 400.000 i the border regions of Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran. Those mainly has been several kinds of Christians.

jens holm

By those in about 1924 and the armenians by Ottmans and turks there came space for Kurds and they were killers and took land and property and spread out.

Most of the relative few Turks left, urbanized far away and went into the taturk wirtshaft wunder.

Its so tempting to see Kurds and Turks even today fight about what they have killed them to posses.

I finally see no possible canges before Syria and Turkey more or less collapse themself.

Nice to see normal people like You write here too.


No. I don’t think Kurds have “murdered” anybody unless it is cops, soldiers and snitches in a very legitimate guerrilla war for freedom, one that used to be Marxist-Leninist but nowadays is something even more advanced in terms of radical socialism. You talk of “border regions” as if it’d be states and not peoples who are sovereign and entitled to rights: states have no rights (they have armies though), peoples are the ones who have rights.

jens holm

And Palestine was made by britts as a posible strongpoint for their declining Empire. They wanted a semieuropean state and also took Cyprus out from The Ottomans and made space for the Kirkuk pipelines.

It never was meant to be a Jew state as such. It was meant there should be a modern part by the educated jews between the rest.

But the world made those changes. It seemes forgotten ho left Europe and to anywhere else because the times were bad and worst for jews. So they invented the dream.

I dont think the jews made´WW2. But I do understand so many not dared to live in Europe. Others has tryed to make regions to them for peace to them.

I also see so many other millions has been removed and expelled. Checken, Tatars. Poles and germans to west in smalle countries. Repopulation of Ljubjansk and Donetsk.

If we go back the britts moved millions around the world mainly from India mainly for plantation.

We also see how USA, Canada, Australia and Nwe Zealand was a part of millions of killed.

I think the persprective has to be there. And its not. To me its also very much to accept facts. I will never let any expell those jews. they have nowhere to go.

So I condem them as well as the rest living there for their everlating vio lence against each other. I think thats all I can.

We see so many examples for muslms from there now in europe dont let the Jews in peace. Iys even defines in the books. Some cheating jews for good reasons was disliked by their interets and other things FIFTEEN HUNDRED YEARS AGO.

Bo I really has to respect that.


But they or their patants has chosen to live among christians and infidels here, so we can feed them as reward. I know those little nasty boys. They learn nothing from female teachers. Female teachers by them are vomen and as girls uner their command.

And by that they also get bad results in school and by that are not even qualified to be educated.

SO THEY BLAME US. We sekular semichristians are not good.

We even has translated the Choran for them. We have learned them danish, so they can. They and their parents not even knew if thinks were written or not. THEY WERE TOLD.

Essence they got fx was hate to jews and christians.

jens holm

My comments about it seemes deleted or I cant see it.

Assads makes no changes to unite anything as you write. Even people in Syria are tricked telling Kurds had no state and by that should not have one.

The last real state the Syrians had was in 1258 when the Mongols destroyed the Bagdad Khalifit.

It might be a mistake in insisting in states and make artificial ones far from the real world.

And Yes, the arab socialisme is made as model by USSR with its politbureau and the owners of the rest.

The other parties actually exist as long as they do absolutly nothing. They have weak or non Leaders. None could or would organize the uprise/changes.

They have no culture for big organized states as the ones we have today in Syria/Iraq seize.

“Its not written” So to speak. Economy is same thing. They know nothing about investments and here the old ones decide for the young ones, so the youngsters and women are kept down. Its too family related. They dont shoose the best to the jobs from outisde their families.

Too much obey and sunni traditions. A greta part of the muslims situed here in DEnmark still think Sunni is no change and try hard even by killings to remain like that.

But Sunni also is Your children can have a good life and by has at least to take color of, where they live, so they can have a job. That part of themuslims also dont let the woemn work, so they contribute to nothing.The farmerwomen/girls actually work in fx Syria. Thats because they are divided into mens and womens work.

By that they here get no income and the men often adapt nothing and they al l live very poor on one on wellfare income. I feel pety for them but also dont see why to pay. Danish minus in about 2 billion dollars in netto minus(we have a very high price level).

I dont get it. They cant or should not leave and think we are Syria, Somalia, Irak, partly Kurds and some of the Afghanis.

I dont think we have learned smaller groups of them into crime. They get everything.


Yes, your comment was deleted. Not sure why but I’m glad that at least some modicum of moderation is been applied in general terms (not in your particular case, which may not be justified), else trolls and spammers make the comment section unbearable.

In any case you’re having an arrogant colonialist attitude, as if Arabs or other peoples would not be just like you and me (they are). They will get their sh*t together somehow and I must say that Kurds and allies are the most advanced revolutionary movement on Earth right now, and that we Europeans should take example from them and adopt Democratic Confederalism right away, after all it’s like a mix of the best of Switzerland and the USSR, all very much European in a sense.


After watching the Israelis pound the Syrian army with impunity such offers can’t be too tempting.


Russia USA Europe have nothing to do in Syria go back home.


Unlike the other two -RUSSIA was INVITED by the Syrian government to help defend Syria-Russia is there Legally unlike the USA/EU stealing Syria,s resources just like the World Mafia.


russia is invited as ally of damascus and are 100% legal in syria. the turk and islamoterrorist donkeyfuckers dont.


the sdf idiots still dont get it that a alliance with damascus will be the best solution, because together they can resist the turks, all kind of islamoterrorists or any other us or zio payrol shitters. for that assad would give them a large scale atutonomy for sure and could arm them with more heavy armament.

Last edited 1 month ago by TomB.
jens holm

There is no together. Assads deny any kind of that. By that he gave Afrin to the Turks and partly Azaz.

Assads only resist any by Russia, Iran and Hesbollah. More then half of the population dont support Assads. If they were not there Assad only would be Emir of latakia. .


The SDF should defend Syria and not the interests of the banking cartel and Israel..

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