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JUNE 2021

Russia Is Strengthening Bases In Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan To Counter Militants Based In Afghanistan: Defense Minister

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Russia Is Strengthening Bases In Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan To Counter Militants Based In Afghanistan: Defense Minister

IMAGE: mil.ru

ISIS is working to increase its influence in Afghainstan setting up a foothold for further expansion in the Central Asia, Russia’s Minister of Defence Sergey Shoygu said.

He noted that after the defeat of ISIS in Syria and Iraq, members of the terrorist group are moving to other regions. The situation is especially complicated in Afghanistan where the US presence has not solved the existing problems, according to the defense minister.

According to Shoigu, the Russian military is strengthening its bases in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan as well as employing other measures to prevent infiltration of militants from Afghanistan.


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When the US started flying its ISIS troops out of Syria and into Afghanistan, I thought it might be to attack Russia, revenge for defeating the US in Syria.

You can call me Al

Well it is, but in a way that the finger can not immediately be pointed at the US.

Have a look at this article – https://journal-neo.org/2019/04/28/sri-lanka-us-saudi-terror-targets-chinas-allies/


Remember what Putin said were the mission objectives of the Syrian operation back in 2015, to keep the 25,000 Russian ISIS members from returning home? That was always the Russian objective and apparently still is.

I would take those reports of US helicopters flying ISIS commanders around with a grain of salt. if the US wanted to move ISIS troops around I doubt very much they would do it themselves and if they did they certainly wouldn’t use identifiable helicopters.

Even if they did evacuate ISIS troops out of Syria they would likely drop them in the desert somewhere where they could make their way over land in order to keep their operation secure.


It’s a very long ISIS convoy, and you don’t get to see the Apache until 1:30 and then again in the last few seconds.



I don’t think this is an ISIS convoy, usually their flying islamic banners on their vehicules. Couldn’t they be FSA from Al-Tanaf?

peter mcloughlin

Central Asia is also a dangerous flash-point between Russia and the US, a real possibility if Washington seeks to bring about regime change in Tehran. Instability in Iran will not be contained to its borders, posing existential threats farther afield. The pattern of history indicates the West and Russia are on course for war – world war.


exactly what could be foreseen ages ago – moronistan’s tool, isis, can still be useful in other places and become a threat to russia and to china and thus the various participants have been extracted from syria and transported by moronistan to afghanistan and borderland to tajikistan, kyrgizstan xianjang and uzbekistan und zu weiter.

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