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Russia Is Serious About Chances Of Nuclear War

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Russia Is Serious About Chances Of Nuclear War

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The US refusal to sign a statement on the inadmissibility of nuclear war and lowering the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons in doctrinal documents speaks volumes, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

He was commenting the words of the US President’s Special Representative for Arms Control Marshall Billingslea that the new US administration should not sign a statement on the inadmissibility of nuclear war.

“This is not just a whim of Billingslea or any other American leader who considers it unacceptable for the United States to sign a declaration on the inadmissibility of nuclear war. that they can be used as a weapon on the battlefield, and the refusal to fix in the doctrine that nuclear weapons are used only in response to an attack on the United States, these doctrinal nuances speak volumes,” he said.

Lavrov stressed that it is important for the Russian Federation to understand who and how, ultimately, will determine the position of the United States in the field of strategic offensive weapons, including non-nuclear ones.

Russia also proposed to the United States to extend the duration of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START III), and it said it expected administration of President-elect Joseph Biden concrete steps in this direction.

This was also announced by Lavrov.

As he noted, the Biden administration will agree with Moscow and Beijing in areas where it is beneficial for the Americans and where they cannot do without dialogue with Russia and China.

“The most important and priority should concern the absolutely abnormal situation in the sphere of arms control. We hear about the intentions of the Biden administration to resume dialogue with us on this topic and, among other things, to try to agree on its extension before the expiration of the Treaty on Strategic Offensive Arms on February 5. We will wait for concrete proposals, our position is well known, it remains in force,” Lavrov stressed.

According to him, the US line on containing Russia and China will continue under Biden, but the manners of the new US administration of the US towards Russia may become more polite.

“In short: we do not expect radical changes, but, of course, the methods of promoting American leadership, so to speak, will be somewhat different,” the minister said.

He said he believed that the presence of politicians in Biden’s team, with whom Russia has previously conducted a dialogue, may allow the Russian side to begin work “without swinging.”

“These are familiar people. On the one hand, this allows, if there is a reciprocal desire, if there is a desire to respond to the numerous proposals on the Russian-American agenda that we have made and which remain on the table, to begin negotiations without a long break and without swinging. On the other hand, it gives us an opportunity to roughly imagine what line the old and new members of the foreign policy team of the new US administration will pursue,” Lavrov said, commenting on the possibility of appointing Tony Blinken and Victoria Nuland as US Secretary of State and his deputy.

The New START could be prolonged if both sides agree, but in mid-December, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the US was only interested into one side committing to the treaty, and that side was Moscow.


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Fog of War

Isnt odd that savior Putin engages in the same detrimental, destructive, one world government / NWO policies that most other Western leaders committing ? For example.

To save Russia Putin wants to flood it with non- Russians . Does this sound logical to anyone ?

– Putin makes it easier to obtain Russian passport. Moscow tries new approach to tackle demographic challenges-

” Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a long-awaited law streamlining the process for foreigners to obtain Russian citizenship. The world’s largest country hopes to attract up to 10 million migrants by 2025. ”


Or this beauty.

– Russia considers COVID-19 vaccination certificates for cross-border travels –



Towards the east,conversely thats was just a suggestion not even a bill,reuters are known to twist.
The ones whom are in grave danger of illegal migrants is USA,seens you make out to give a rats.

Fog of War

I’ve seen the same info on RT, but nice deflection and avoidance anyhow. Bravo sir, bravo.

Tommy Jensen

Illegals migrants are in fact making a lot of jobs for leftish liberals and America. Anyone with problems can easily occupy 5-10 full time jobs.

Concrete Mike

Problem is tommy, we can only have so many shitty service.jobs. we can only have so many starbucks barristas.

Where are the good manufacturing jobs(excluding weapons production, they are part of the problem)?

Where is the industrial push?

Fog of War

Learn proper grammar, sentence structure, and logical composition. Once you do that I’ll be able to converse with you. Thank you.

Black Waters

There’s “immigrants” and “immigrants”, lazy motherfuckers and useful workers. And the context it’s completely different, because the EU and the U.S already had more influx of people but they chose to commit suicide by mixing complete different cultures by force, when assimilation takes hundred of years. Big difference is the land mass of Russia, it’s a lot bigger than the U.S, it common sense that it needs at least the double of population of what already has.

Tommy Jensen

The Chinese will handle that problem easily. Chinese women can give birth to 10 kids each.
No room for any LGBT people from EU and US, nor any “women in power”.

Fog of War

And your answer addresses my points how ?

Ivan Freely

You should read further down the article. The Russians aren’t looking for just any migrant. They’re looking for high quality ones from similar culture, cultures that Russians are familiar with.


“For nationals of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, and Ukraine, as well as former citizens of the USSR, the process has been simplified even further. People in this category no longer need to reside in Russia for three years prior to application. In 2019, Putin implemented an even
more straightforward process for residents of the self-declared Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics in eastern Ukraine. In February, Konstantin Zatulin, a member of the working group responsible for updating Russia’s migration law, explained that changing the law would
mean “passportizing the diaspora abroad.”

Fog of War

Thats a nice cover story only. Those regions and Russia’s diaspora could always return quite easily, these steps just make it even easier for them, which makes sense for a country that supposedly needs more people. However, the other laws are aimed at foreigners, guaranteed, and once you open up the spigot, to cheap labor, its game over.

I can here the headlines already: Russian men are too lazy, Russian men drink all the time, foreigners are such hard workers. Whats wrong with other races, religions, and cultures you racist Russian male ? Russia needs to change with the times. The dominance of Russian culture is oppressive. That statue needs to come down, ….. so forth and so on

Jens Holm

Two comments.

Russians and mainly men dont drink much more and by that the crimerates suddenly are low. That includes violance and murder of women. The Machos are just simply less macho, when they are not drunk.

Number two is a result of Tzars and Bolsjevics systematic moving around people, so all states had big importnat Russian minorities meant as control. CONTROL.

Its very well descriebed for Estonia. The many Russians there was and are not integrating.

So it very much about those Russian minorities should prefare to be Russians again.

Im mixted about those “staue” symbolics. You also put away important part of own history even its not nice. So Im for a little less staues, building names and like that but we should still know and understand parts of our past was as it was and a lot was no good.

Some here has wished for famous statues should be added explanations for the past. We have few famous ones and also very nice building but paid by slaves making sugar and rum.

I didnt do it. But the country and the upperclass did it.

Jens Holm

I agree.

The too few well educated Russians leaves for better conditions in pay and living standards permanent or for years.

We also see many women leave for marrige. They even prefare our relative few macho men for the Russian version. They also work and do almost any job well.

In russia most even poor paid men expect the women should stay home and by that remain poor. Here 80% of the population in the “working age” actually works.

Laws are needed too

We see the same from Turkey. Even Turks born here should serve in their army. Now they are able to PAY for avoiding it. So the diaspora now go to Turkey and dont be i forced recruitment.

Jens Holm

I doint know how much substade there are in that.

But its a fact many countries makes less chioldren then before and therefore is worried because they need laubor force.

Only sweden has HAD a plan for that making a well equipped integration and assimilating program, where many 1000 extra should be taken in with few problems and fully financed.

The Syrian invation smashed that plan. No normal Volvo can have 30 people in it unless its a truck.

Danes has the same problems as Russia and Sweden. But we have too many incomemrs, whcih after 10 years and fully help are only minus.

By that we are only happy for those we need and get by they already has a job, wnehn they arrive.

So far that mainly well educated – “brainers” BUT statistics says, we might need low edicated people as well, so companies using many of those do searching.

WE for the moment also are covered very well by citicens from the regained countries in Europe. Many are happy getting a job here. hey have none or low paid, where they come from and can send money home.

Some get permanent jobs and stay. Some even are more danish then the danes:)


Oligarchs asked to lower the wages and grow internal competition on jobs market. The wave of migrants worked so well in EU, that Moscow olygarchs are presuring Putin to do the same

Lone Ranger

Wont happen.

Fog of War

Except, most migrants sit on their asses and dont work while causing an increase in violent crime and theft. Ultimately, this isnt about jobs, or poor migrants from “war zones ” but the destruction of indigenous Europeans their cultures, societies, and nations. Just like in the rest of the ” West “.


Putin learned a thing or two from Merkel


The massive aging population needing to be replaced?

Kenny Jones ™

With A-235 and S-500 missiles, Russia (and close allies) will be mostly safe from the nuclear threat
That’s the place I personally would flee to in case of a nuclear war, highest survival chance

Bobby Twoshoes

Be wary of falling for the same gun-ho thinking as the enemy. Russia and China are doing pretty much everything right but nuclear war is going to be fucked for everyone, I’m sitting pretty on a small Island in the global south but I’ll still have to deal with a nuclear winter. More than Russia’s weapons it is her alliances that have the best chance of curtailing the American suicide cult, American threats should be replied to with renewed vigour devoted to Eurasian (and ME/African) integration projects. Faced with an overwhelming cohesive and motivated counter-bloc the US leadership will turn their psychopathy inward and the Eurasian bloc can score a decisive victory by building infrastructure rather than weapons to destroy it. All that said some of the Russian weapons are pretty awe inspiring from a purely technical standpoint :)


You’ll be barbecued as they’ll be canibals anyway

Jens Holm

Remeber to get an icecreme and sunglasses too.


Those are totally useless against ICBMs

Kenny Jones ™

They’re literally anti-ballistic missiles, meant to intercept incoming from other continents

Raptar Driver

The systems are few and won’t be able to intercept a large number of missiles coming in.


By refusing to sign an extension of Start 2 treaty, and US’ willingness to make use of nuclear weapons in future wars is indicative that US sees its conventional capability steadily deteriorating and over reliance on nuclear weapons to fill the qualitative and numerical gap.
For the record, most weapons making up the US triad are old and kept viable by upgrades, not not cutting edge technology of the 21st century.

Russia on the other hand has developed a new ICBM (Sarmat) and a new SLBM (Bulava) and building the upgraded Tu 160 M.

Jens Holm

Both of them are relatives and partly wrong. For Rússia they now dont have the military forces they had before the collapse.

In the other hand part of those new countries can add some capabilities to Nato and some of the old Russian eaquipment actually are replaced by new as well as updating to same standard as Nato.

Fx it was one of the planes Danes should be hit of 2-3 nukes and the be invanded by the Poles. I dont think Poles will invade us now.

Instead Russia has installed more missiles in Kaliningrad and we have bought 4 SKUD missile systems and a lot aof smaller missiles. I think the world is doing sdomething like that making new balances. .


wow so the usa is done because they will challenge russia 100% because they are utterly nuts and unsustainable

Lone Ranger

Chicom Biden will bleed out the U.S. military in two years.
It happened during Obama will happen again.

Jens Holm

I dont think its like that. The world has changed and many are renewing all about it.

Lone Ranger

Ok Jens…


When they belly up? So I change my job before. :))

Lone Ranger

They are already belly up and were for a time.
Dead man walking…
I wouldnt call trolling for money a job…


And how is USD/EUR exchange? Any graph that supports your delusion?

Lone Ranger

Hard facts.
Whole world is dumping U.S. bonds and the USD.
$ has lost 98% of its value since 1930.
2019 U.S. had a deficit of $3.5trillion.
Absolute world record.
China is raping them from all sides.
U.S. growth was minus 3.6% China plus 2.4%.
Trade deficit was $850billion.
China had a trade surplus of $1.8trillion.
World has started trading in other currencies and gold and silver.
While QE is worse than ever.
U.S. printed $8trillion in a single year with nothing to back it up.
State debt is close to $30trillion…
U.S. lost, China won.
EU has already moved closer to China with their trade, so did Russia, India, Iran, Japan is in the process.
Go back to sleep…


And how much did the dollar lost against Euro, since Euro exist. So I can make an idea when should I quit my job ;)

Lone Ranger

It was 1 to 1 in 2000.
Now its 1 to 0.8.
But the trade deficit and the debt are more important factors than the exchange rate.


When does it belly up?

Lone Ranger

Already has.
Thats why they have QE Unlimited.
Thats why China steamrolling the whole world right now with zero resistance.


Do you ever get out from your mom basement?

Lone Ranger

Time to Insert your Tampax Karen…?


Time to call your mom to bring you some food.

Lone Ranger

Time for your crack dose…?


I will snort it with a Franklin

Jens Holm

Again the not the whole thing. They by communisme are owners of each and every company and controlWestern entrence.

But we hardly control them comming here apart from vitral sectors for defende and like that.

It was needed to helkp them up, but gi9ving them a hand shoulkd not be into they grab the whoile arm. Thats exact what they do. By that they also can export too cheep stuf as well as they dont cointrol many many bad copies, which dont keep the standars, which for good reasons are written on them with big letters.

Free market dont say You sell a product almost already in flames pretending the safety for electricity is optimized.

The same for watertabs, which come to here with lead, Kadmium and onther things in dangerous quantities. Plastic is same thing. Very soft plastics often makes canser. Even we say NO NO they try again from boots to makeup and also in devastating allergies for many kinds of make up.

So we have to make a balance. I bought a small very good tent, because I saved money. But when it came it actuially was of much lower quality. If I weanted the short time life tent, I could have bought one here saving those 8 dollars.

So now I have bought a new and better one for my private summer expeditions.

The chines one is for childrens play in the garden, so I have to find some children:( Even smal I have the garden.comment image

Lone Ranger

Lower your LSD intake Jens…

Jens Holm

You have to add all things and make not one liners only – so to speak.

USA are blamed for just printing money. They dont just. You should see they are able to compensate the value of the currency by many., where Your worries are overestimated and dont count. But it is trusted debt.

Untrusted debt fx gives inflation out of control. Untrusted debt also can give people dont risk to produce and fx make a lot of unimployment.

So You dont have to worry so much for them and Our world even its nice thinking. We were in some small declining in USA as well as EU. But the market dont react as You think.

I allow me to add we have climbed up a lot for several years, so at least some stabilisation and by that keep most of the growth by effectivity and consolidations is a good idea.

EU fx has a replacing energy plan as well as recycling a lot of stuff. Parts of that saves a lot of money but cleaning by recycling have small large scale minusses. Im for that. As now we import and use too much even we also are very good – compared to the world – to clean.

It makes sense to make a better netto. But that is investments inside Our EU and Country budgets.

Here we have the same worries like You. USA not even has those planes.

But at least some of their states has their own planes making electricity making more electricity by solar cells and windpower. They also has to learn to use much less water and påarts of that are simple solutions, which even pays off. They also spendtoo much in ineffective transportation.

Here I hope the market fx by windpower is much cheeper and less pollutive, will dominate. Here I believe Biden has some fokus.

Their world companies might learn it by themself. The big IT ones makes very big HUBS here in Denmark.

They will use windpower for their electricity use, which is a lot lot – But the heeat they make goes into several bigger towns as upgraded heat for warm water for kitchens and showers. After that re-use of energy the water is cleaned insted of the air by fossils. Thats big business.

We do exact the same for cooling here and there. Factories producing a lot of frozen stuff produce heat and its also sold for civile consumers – so to speak.

..And we can do that, because we are well organized much more then USA, We in the other hand also has limitations, they dont have, so we work with that.

Lone Ranger

Lower your LSD intake…

Jens Holm

You just dont understand western economies. You not even try. Even Hesbollah use dollar and the US stockholder market is higher then ever.

The real worries are, when the activity is low.

Lone Ranger

You are the one who doesnt have a clue.
You are the type who told everything is fine in early 2008.
U.S. still runs in QE Unlimited.
Stock market is smoke and mirrors.
Fortune 500 companies are buying up their own stocks inflating the price, selling them back and forth creating derivatives and an illusion of a working economy.
In reality Germany alone exports more than the whole U.S.
With a population of 83million vs 335million I may add…
U.S. is no match to the EU or China by a longshot.

Jens Holm

You are partly right. Thje growth by companies buing companies sometimes has hostile reasons. So we regulate it, when we can.

EU try by a Kommisionary against monopolies and has some succes. But it is about winning for the companies aznd often not for the rest of us.

Your version for USA is correct too, but Ypu forget the reason is they feed themself and buy that are very independent. That why we have seen the produce oil and fuel to remain theor own.

So they dont need trade relkated to 330 mio inhabitants.

We are the opposit. We have a very big import, produce and upgrade many kind of things. Often they are very expensibve in exports. So We have to export more then we buy for to haave a high livingstandard.

Its going well, but if the world market goes decline too fast into kind of crises, we decline and also has to adjust a lot. So we are adjustable in way You moron understand. One is we hardly has any debt. Another is a lot of the wellfarte systems exist and run relative well, so we can use them. We have educated people to them too.

Open economy as Ours by that makes a very good investmentclimate but also high risk.

USA can produce almost anything themself – if needed. They fx import the best alunimium inthe world from Europe. Its expensive and by market bought by USA companies, because its needed.

BUT USA did produced lower Q. alumium for higher prices. Here the companies are not the state by jobs and incomming tax.

Lone Ranger


Lone Ranger

Trade deficit, state debt, overall deficit, debt per capita is at an all time high.
While FED is pouring zero interest loans (QE Unlimited) so Fortune 500 companies can buy up their own stocks.
Its a sad joke.

chris chuba

It’s more important for Neocons in the U.S. to blame Russia for a nuclear war than to actually prevent one.

Fog of War

Why, do you think the few survivors will really care who started the ” party” ?

Jens Holm

Neocons are no majority there at all.

Tommy Jensen

There is no survival chance from our US Space Command super duper weapons. Surrender to our way of living and our freedom values, or die.


If the US is daft enough to start WW3 it will cause years of darkness and despair that US survivors are mentally ill equipt to tolerate.

Russians and Chinese on the other hand have shown in the past few decades that despite great adversity, they have the human spirit to survive.

As the zionist global oligarchs hide in their bolt holes they will blame all the dead and if they emerge, they will find that vast wealth means nothing in the wasteland.

Freemon Sandlewould

Banking Cartel does not care how much suffering it causes. Did you see 2020?

Tommy Jensen

So you think you are needed for their happiness or for that sake anybody’s happiness?? Not to be rude but you are not!
500 million people is more than enough to live an excited life, underground or where ever.

Fog of War

” Russians and Chinese on the other hand have shown in the past few decades that despite great adversity, they have the human spirit to survive. ”

Yes, they”ll put their extra legs and and rear facing additional eye to good use. What are a few radiation mutations anyhow ? Just opportunities for personal growth.


The slaves would also show anger as well when the time is right.

Jens Holm

None of that is true.

USA didnt want to renew the ballisticsmalkl arms treatty because so many others dont care hald a potato about it and make or hjas intensions to make those.

Saso Mange

I would consider what you said seriously but there is one problem Mr. Holm…

USA under Trump didn’t only left arms treaties but also Paris accords and JCPOA, USAID for Palestine and many more. You can’t seriously find an argument to defend such unilateral conduct.


How did Russia and China show in the past few decades thath they have human spirit to survive a nuclear winter? :)

Albert Pike

I fully agree with everthing – there are mentally ill people at work here, and they are using other believers for their mad ideas. It’s like when you let every mad dog of its chain. The underlying problem are delusional religions (they all are in a way). The greedy oligarchs are just a tool amplifying the problem by supporting more mad grazies. The problem can only be solved if the majority of sheeples understand that their life is in danger (and not just here and there – it’s globally):

‘The super-rich and the Christian Zionists, for all their close cooperation, diverge in their interests on many fundamental points.
On the one hand, we have a faction of the super-rich who have poured billions of dollars, seen and unseen, into an effort over the past 30 years to take apart the federal government, and to take over local government, so as to render it as a tool to collect money from taxpayers for the use of their corporations. Increasingly the favored approach is the creation of bogus or hyped crises that permit the massive transfer of funds to prop up the stock market. The “9.11 incident” and the corona terror are best representative of this approach…’

It goes on for pages, but Pastreich explains it well…

PS.: Pastreich is what I thought he is: ‘…mentioning his Jewish and Catholic parentage…’ http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20151016000942
One has to grow up the Frankist/Zionist problem to understand it early.

Jens Holm

Its the same plan again and again. The working ones has to pay to the ones hardly doing anything.

The world isnt like that here.

If they were satripped as You hope for, there would be no production to eat.

Albert Pike

What’s your option – that sheeples just die without resistance?


I agree with you. All cults of whatever type have always had controlling ‘high priests’ who enjoy the the benefits of status they get.

I would argue that the large corporations,such as Amazon and Fakebook, et al are de facto cults with armies of paid followers ( employees ), and also their customers who sign up to the brands.

Such cults have always had almost hypnotic powers to enslave the minds of people.

Saso Mange

West in general is mentally unable to cope with disasters. Good point. On the other hand they did a lot to harden their enemies.


Treating other animals brutally is always a zero sum gain, and all human’s have similar organs to many other species. Especially those that have cognitive abilities of some sort.

Animals exhibit fear, just as all the human ‘animals’ do as well.

Jens Holm

Well actually were are. Most vaccines in the world is made and produced by us. Its the same for the Corona thing.

We even feed the poor so they can be many instead of being older and more healthy. The we feed them too and are blamed using too many ressources as well.

Im tired of that way of counstrutuvisme. Why should be fx feed any Palestinians in hopes for, there will come any solutions and peace there. At Least
USA pay for the Israelians there.

Saso Mange

There are over 4 million homeless teenagers in England. Spare me, i would rather die than be cared for by the west.


I read somewhere Biden could put the Minuteman 3 replacement under the axe, whose reported budget is something between $200 – 250 billion.


US Chief of Naval Operations: Shipbuilding Mistakes Could Mean “We May Not Be Able to Recover in This Century”
“For months, Gilday has been pointing to the extremely expensive failures of the Littoral Combat Ship, Ford-class carrier, and Zumwalt destroyer”

…If the Navy continues its trend of major delays and cost overruns on new classes of ships, it could fall so far behind the modernization curve the fleet might not recover, …

Tommy Jensen

The funding has been insufficient. Congress have constantly exhausted the US Navy economically, financially and politically.
Now we see the consequences of too low wages, too low level officer facilities and promotion possibilities, and too low budgets to research, science and investigations about what we are doing, why we are doing it and why we did what we did in real time.

Jens Holm

Thats right. Parts can be seen as a too old car. It still runs well, but only because its big.

Its about level. We dont need more military forces, but we vertainly need better equipment.

Jens Holm

I see that too. Trump made no plans. Biden and others has to see things in systems and whats needed and whats “overkill”.

You seemes to forget, that Natopartners has to spend more money defending themself – and they have the money for it. So parts could been sober replacement.

Im for that. We have just as much money here in Europe as USA has. So we should pay for Ourself. Its also of importance for me, that we are less depended in USA.


I don’t see a fair game on Germany side as they lobbyied to cancel South Stream invoking Ukraine war while they had plans for Nord Stream 2. In 2020 when US lobbyied against Nord Stream 2, Germany asked EU members for solidarity. In the same time they negotiate separately with Russia so they get the best energy price from all EU members, that helps them with the competition in Eu market, doesn’t it? And this is just the beginning for EU if Germany gets total independence from US. 4th reich, iron hand in velvet glove.

Jens Holm

Its very difficult to be Europeans in this.

We always hads traded with a lot with the Russians and Easter Europe no matter who they are. I have no pocketcalculator for it, but Hitler might not have been able to start WW2 with no Russina import until Barbarossa.

So You are correct in the split up, but name it as realisme instead of hypocrasy.

There is another thing. EU as the only one has a strict energy replacement politics. Parts of that is expansive. So if the import is there its expensive, a delayer and there are not much in investmants for alternatives to that high import.

And Yes, it helps, but You also has to realize that trhe EU market is totally integrated. Its very visible in Danish statistics. Even we dont produce a single car, we are exporting cars. Thats because a German car is made by companies which are the best to the price all over – the world. We fx produce up to half of the more and more advanced oart of the car somputersystems.

By that Germany is the rest of us but they are parts of us too. Germany woulkd not be Germany without us. Thye and we are the locomotive in EU being in the same level as USA pr capita.

Its very visible on GDP Groups. We have problems, if the engine hardly work.

The others are helped by big loans by German and us as well. And we do invest in the bad parts too.


Regarding South Stream vs Nord Stream it was not realism, as Ukrainian war was invoked to cancel South Stream through Bulgaria and Italy, while Germany was negotiating Nord Stream with Russia in the same time.

Jens Holm

I kind of see that. There are many competing plans. Safety for them is very important.


Americans know they can’t win a third world war militarily but they believe they can win it socially / economically.

Their strategy is to force the Russians into an arms race similar to the 1980’s combined with a sanction / propoganda offensive in the hope they can create economic hardship and political dissatisfaction in Russia.

Russia’s 2020 defence spending is 10% of the USA however the Russians are spending 4% of their GDP on defence while the USA spends 3% …. for the Russians to meet the current US defence spending they would have to spend 30% of their GDP on defence.

You don’t have to be Einstein to figure out that little things like geography, stratgy and culture are at least as important to defence as spending … however this is difficult to see when your head is up your ass and you are intoxicated by the smell of your own bullshit.

While these deluded fucks at the US State dept are busy spreading economic stress, mayhem and propaganda all over the world to incite regime change it’s ironic that it’s the USA that’s divided, in crippling debt and on the verge of a civil war

Raptar Driver

The only thing Russia should propose to America is the middle finger.

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