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Russia Is Ready To Provide Iraq With Syria-like Military Assistance

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Russia Is Ready To Provide Iraq With Syria-like Military Assistance


Russia is ready to provide Iraq with military assistance similar that it has ptovided to Syria, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister and Special Presidential Envoy for the Middle East and North Africa Mikhail Bogdanov stated on September 28.

According to him, the key point is the political will of Iraqi leadership to approve this assistance.

The diplomat called Iraq one of Russia’s main partners in the Middle East adding that the bilateral dialogue between Moscow and Baghdad is marked by trust.

“Our countries are bound by traditions of strong friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation. Iraq is one of Russia’s main partners in the Middle East. The sides have achieved a high level cooperation between ministries and departments. Russia and Iraq act as close partners. Of course, an important component of our bilateral relations is a rich and trustworthy political dialogue,” he said at the Iraqi embassy in Moscow.

Bogdanov also praised the technical cooepration between Iraq and Russia.

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al quaida


Jens Holm

They probatly would like the Saddam oil for food line from Kirkuk to Latakia amd with no Iranian oil.

Jacek Wolski

Hence why Rosneft, Sechin,and the Kremlin did purchased the oil pipelines from Kurdistan for US $1.8 billion last year. Keep everyone on their toes ?

Poor Turk

Iraq is not a sovereign country, its owned by someone else for a couple of decades already

Promitheas Apollonious

neither is turkey, but you pretend you are.

Stronk turk

We turk stronk.

Jens Holm

Actually we were asked back – errh this time and Malika is not behind cement and bars as well.

Hind Abyad

Time they leave. comment image


Russia never invaded Iraq.

Jens Holm

Thats only because someone else was there.

viktor ziv

How can man invade empty space?!

Jens Holm

Empty – I see none of that apart from the many killings by Turks, Kurds and others – and a lot of low populated area.


Nah, it’s the ZioNazis and their guard dog, the empire-in-decline, that do all the killing. In fact, that stinking ZioNazi swamp rats are directly & indirectly responsible for all the death, destruction & refugees in the Middle East. That ZioNazi open sewer of genocidal racism only want to break up the ME and be the sole hegemon to steal all the resources.

Jens Holm

More like Babylon to me. Jews actually says they came fom there and was deported to there as well.

So if they are there too, I should not wonder.


1. Babylon does not exist anymore – update your history knowledge.
2. What Jews say about their history is a narrative, fairy tale, i.e. blatant lies, to justify their land theft, the creation of their genocidal racist open sewage, and their responsibility for 99% of the death and destruction in the Middle East since 1948.


You are, a jackass Jens. Keep right on going.

Jens Holm

So Ottomans wasnt there as well as Mongols and the Bagdad Khalifat. After that there was Brits and French and in WW2 partly Amaricans too by the Persian supply line by train and road transportation to USSR.

And after that: Why should Russia invade an agressive nation selling oil for Sovjet weapons.

And I so remember Iraq invaded Iran as well as Kuwait.

Russia could not invade Iraq. Thats why, but of course they could have helped Saddam more against americans because og Iran and the Shah. If anything it would mnake more sense to invade Iran.

USSR never invaded Iraq, because its impossible. Which supply line – May I ask ?


You need a life :)


Do you understand the concept of time and dates?
The Shah was deposed in February 1979
Saddam Hussein came to power in July 1979, thanks to the USA.
In September 1980 Iraq invaded Iran, with US backing.


Jens are you an IDIOT for real or is this a hasbara deflective act?

Tommy Jensen

He is an idiot for real.
His ability to see real reality is destroyed by central controlled mass media in his country.
To some extent you could say he is not personal responsible, but his and his countrymen´s brainwashed and learned stupidity destroy their more healthy surroundings too much.

Jacek Wolski

But Rosneft, Sechin,and the Kremlin did purchased the oil pipelines in Kurdistan for US $1.8 billion last year. Baghdad not happy

Nigel Maund

This is good news for all concerned. Russia will make a real diffierence, as they did in Syria and are still doing. This is a wise move by the Iraqi Government and further cements Russia’s standing in the Middle East impacting on defence and other technical and economic opportunties for the beleaguered Russian economy helping it to bypass US and EU sanctions. Furthermore, the Russians wil ensure that Iraq gets the earliest conclusion to the endless wars perpetrated by the US Deep State funded terrorists and ensure the country returns to peace and is able to rebuild its infrastructure and economy. The US and UK were, and remain, an outright menace.


Indeed, Russia, Iran and all their allies need to create a strong defensive belt to check US sponsored Wahhabi headchopper terrorism in the region. Russo-Persian alliance also needs to create an integrated SAM umbrella from Iran to Lebanon. The S-300 deliveries to Iran and Syria are good start and should now include Hezbollah as well and Iraqi Shia militias who are basically the Iraqi military.

Icarus Tanović

We’re all concerned, and thanks.


Iraq can receive a military package consisting of S400, Buk M3 and multiple layered point defenses, along with Suk 35, and maybe MiG 35, T-90 tanks and BMP 3 APC, and an assortment of other EW equipment.
I think the political will is there, given the fact that US weapon deliveries are sporadic and of low capabilities, and US influence is waning in the ME.


What happened to ‘turn the other cheek’ Jesus? You’ve changed!


LOL, no, Jesus Christ at His first coming turned the other cheek, at His second coming He will be a warrior.


comment image


What do you mean?


I think you’re not the real Jesus.


Who said I was? I post under Jesus to project truth and convey His view of the world for today.


How do you know his view of the world for today? How do you know he would be a warrior and not turn the other cheek?


It’s relatively easy, identify good and evil, a tree is known by its fruit. As far as Him being a warrior read Rev. 19, at the battle of Armageddon He will kill tens of millions or maybe more.


But good and evil are subjective. So, how do you know that Jesus agrees with your view? Religious people can have very different views on what is good and evil.

I just read Rev. 19. It’s a bit vague and doesn’t say Jesus will come back as a warrior and kill people. I can’t take the book seriously, actually.

In my opinion, Jesus’ teachings of ‘turn the other cheek’ and ‘let he who is without sin cast the first stone’ are still as relevant as ever.


“He will kill tens of millions or maybe more.”
So he’s an American?


He is the Son of God.



Jens Holm

Thats related to the Old testamony. Its says an eye for and eye – or compensation for an eye in the jewish version.

So You try to accept, You sometimes is treated bad even twice and understand what its about and accept.

The limits for agression back is moved into tolerance. Its not gone.

You seemes to have the opposit as I understand several here. If they dont make revenge, they are cowards having no honeur and gain no respect.

In Your court systems – even in hard crime – the ones having lost an eye and even a family member often can be let free , if they are payed.

Toy ahve the same proposed in the Parlaments of Turkey, Lebanon and Syria: When some elder man are with some girl probatly giving her nece clothe and candy, so she is no virgin, it can be arranged, that the “wolf” can go free, if her family accept it.

That of course is made, because the girl is raised for sale and he has lowered here to 0.

Its not like that here at all. Its totally unheard here. The man will come to jail RIGHT AWAY – and – has to pay too. – even she says yes. NO trade. AND SHE WILL BE PAYED by him.

We see her as a person and rape. And is the family leader, sheik whatever being raped ??

Its by a neutral court and that girl should not be traded at all. And the compensation should not be depended on, which family she has or color of her hair, and some angry familily members as well – as if she is a car or 10 sheep.

You come to a neutral court. And the punishment or the opposit is not agression back(right away in bad temper).

The punishment level is made by the parlament and for all rapers by them – violent as not violent a.s.o.). And fx here its also a fact, that 2/3 of all crime is among family members and close related.

Most girls already are helpless in a family group – and some naive girl should be married to some nice uncle or cousin.

Here families are kept more open and we talk about it, which lower the level as well a we understand we have to protect, but it cant be traded away.

You have the same in Your entrence for heaven. If You do very bad things, You can doo good things later and compensate for Allah by Your tax and gifts.

We can not, but we can be forgiven for, what we once has done.

Unfortunatly we are not perfect in doing crime back for revenge and honeur and respect. But we have lowered it very much by trusting the state handling it neutral. And we vote in the PMs and out too.

Brother Ma

The US will not allow this to happen. The US still controls the Iraq gov.
I wish the Russians well but i can not see them being invited in by a US-puppet Iraqi gov ie every gov Iraq has had since it was invaded by Yanks.


Abadi is bowing out, iranians age gaining greater influence, we shall see.


The US will soon be history in Iraq.


We do hope so, especially with the US creation of MESA, a Sunni NATO – like “military alliance”. US has been in Iraq for 16 years, not going to be easy for Iraqis to get them out. This diplomatic opening by Russia is an excellent start.


The US will undoubtedly threaten Iraq with sanctions if kicking them out is considered. Not sure how the new Iraqi government would react.

Hisham Saber

The U.S. no longer has its grasp of the internal politics of Iraq. Times have changed, and with the last Iraqi election, an anti-U.S. bloc won the overwhelming majority.

The Iraqi Hashd Al-Shaabi(Iraqi Popular Mobilization) forces have already told the U.S. its time to leave, and soon. Otherwise, the two main U.S. bases in Iraq will be overrun, overwhelmed and destroyed.

Brother Ma

I wish it was true. Yet I can not see the Iraqis destroying and killing the US soldiers UNLESS another shiite sadr rebellion starts again. Ie guerilla warfare .

The Yanquis destroyed Iraq and sent it back one hundred years. A curse upon their houses.

Tommy Jensen

US is an equal partner in the empire´s divide and conquer game.
They need an adversary like Russia to blind the public as the good cop “doing something”.

Jens Holm

Oil for weapon. Good idea for Russia. And the Iraqian can go on shooting themselves better. What an improvement.

Well, it might be cheeper then the western ones :)

Babylon is not far from Bagdad.

Feudalism Victory

Selling weapons is indeed a very cynical operation. I suppose thats why the us is so keen to sell weapons to saudi arabia. They know eventually theyll be used against someone in the region(not necessarily by SA) and thats good enough.


Seems that PUTIN has finally resigned himself to the FACT, which so many of us were already aware of and that is, that U.S. ( proxy-slave for Israel) and Master Israel CANNOT be trusted and that is GOOD NEWS for Russians and Humanity

Feudalism Victory

Dont assume your smartest guy in the room. He had to painfully show the whole world beyond a shadow of a doubt that that is true. Thats why he turned the other cheek repeatedly. Apparently the moral high ground is necessary in international geopolitics which I dont fully understand why but thats how they act.


I assume you are trying to tell me , that YOU are the “smartest guy in the room” ?

I stand by my comment, but thanks for stopping by.

Feudalism Victory

Not at all. Just reminding you that if you can see it many others can as well. I find lessons in humility to be very educational.


I’m NOT a humble person, nor shall I ever be nor have I been in my 78 years

Government, especially, and Religion both love humble people.

They make good slaves.

Feudalism Victory

Thank you for the considered response.

I was just saying putin knows israel cant be trusted. He also knows his country has a disloyal 5th column for israel operating throughout his country. His people and christians in general were butchered by jewish bolsheviks during the rise of the ussr and hes scared or at least very cautious in dealing with them. Understandably so in my opinion as theyre puppeting the us and the us has a backwards strategic vision of dividing and plundering russia so they may do it again.

In my estimation hes playing for time to build defenses while the israeli vassals lose comparative military advantage.

Thats all. Its not that he cant see their unreliability or is too naive to accept it.


I have been aware of all that for many years and agree with your assertion

Feudalism Victory

If you want people to support and fight for you, you have to win hearts and minds.
The west uses the Jewish media to brainwash, Russia does not have that option.

Feudalism Victory

I think theres something to that. I personally find enlightened self interest to be the best inspiration but I understand many need a tug on the heart strings to be moved. I may just be colder than most, for which I am duly grateful.

Nigel Maund

Good comment and very true!


Russia’s excellent performance in Syria against ISIS and the Western gangster is also a marketing scoop, which will allow the country to extend its influence in the Middle East (and elsewhere) at the expense of …… the empire-in-decline and its ZioNazi master. Yay, well done Russia.

Nigel Maund

Well said!!


Thank you :-)

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

The US Evil Empire will not like this. Must be time for a tantrum? Oh dear, IS activity will start to increase in Iraq and the Kurds will be emboldened again.

Parisa Zoorgoo

the world is doing its best to box in the 911 zio-perpetrators, so you boycows can revolt and prosecute them. what are you boycows waiting for , to hang cheney and aipac? they will start ww3 to save their own skin if you dumb cowards dont act fast. you are all just As much their ennemy as iranor syria, so at least protect those with the integrity to stand for what is right. Putin , Zarif and Assad are real heroes to be cherished , respected and emulated.

Rafik Chauhan

Rusia and Iraq has to form lliance with Syria /iran and lebnon. to make strong and balnce middleeast . not one sided which US did. Russia/Syria/Iran/Iraq/lebnon/turkey and they should move towards and help yemen. and if its possible Qatar should allow Russia to open naval base . before this US Saudi invade. Russia naval base will be best in Hormuz .US will be upset and they will fear to do anything. or Russia should have Airbase in Bandar Abbas in iran or near border with Baluchistan.


Exactly United we stand, divided we fall.
Together they could force the US out, but the US specializes in dividing its enemies.


Iraq has two reasons for this; first is they don’t want to be totally dependent on NATO for security because they want to be independent in fact as well as in name. the second reason is that they’ve been using Soviet equipment since the Ba’ath took power and the transition to a completely different set of weapons creates teething problems.


What has NATO got to do with Iraq?
NATO didn’t invade Iraq, NATO doesn’t occupy Iraq, I don’t the Europeans would accept Iraq into NATO, and it’s a long way from the North Atlantic.


This is throwing the cat amongst the pigeons.
They will be running in circles bashing their heads against walls and foaming at the mouth in Washington, in London they will just wet themselves.


Well, in addition to what you say, in Washington there will also “be hell to pay” by innocent populations who are so uncooperative as the bombs fall and the missiles and sanctions fly.
Just because McCain is dead doesn’t mean that the mean streak is no longer part of the
US arsenal…

Icarus Tanović


Potato Potato

American “imperialists” will be replaced with Russian “imperialists”. Nothing spectacular.


I’ve been waiting 3 years for this. Good luck Iraq, and welcome back to sanity.


Mickey Dee

“……a rich and trustworthy political dialogue,”
Something which is impossible with the USA.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Now that the Iraqi/Syrian border is 99% secured, the Iraqis won’t have too much trouble eradicating Isis from their last strongholds in the desert, which means there’s no real need for any Russian military assistance at all, or the US’s either for that matter.
Continued cooperation and the sharing of intelligence with Russia’s still important though, they still have problems in Iraq that could still cause the whole Shia Sunni conflict to erupt again, and that’s where Russia could really be the most help.
The US’s approach in Iraq has meant that Iraqis died in their hundreds of thousands, but the Iraqis don’t listen to the US anymore, they’ve learnt a bitter lesson from them and aren’t about to make the same mistake twice, but a good dose of Russian diplomacy might be just what the country needs to get the Shia/Sunni reconciliation process back on the road, hopefully Putin thinks so too.

Tommy Jensen

Bad news for Iraq.

It means Kremlin will secure Israel and “our equal partners” bombing Iranians, Hezbollah fighters, Iraqis and Russian servicemen inside Iraq in their mutual “nwo war against the terrorists” and call it “winning” and “help to Iraq”.

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