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Russia Is Principally Ready To Take Steps For Lifting UN Sanctions On Taliban

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The Russian news agency TASS reports (source):

Moscow believes that time is ripe for lifting the United Nations Security Council’s sanctions on the Taliban (terror group, outlawed in Russia), and is ready to contribute to their removal if its 15 member-states reach a consensus, Russian Presidential Special Envoy for Afghanistan, Director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Second Asia Department Zamir Kabulov told reporters on Tuesday.

We are principally ready, but this is the issue of a consensus between 15 members of the Security Council, including five permanent members. If we reach an agreement, then yes, apparently time is ripe for this because by limiting the diplomatic maneuver of the Taliban movement’s representatives we won’t help promote national reconciliation,” Kabulov said.

Sanctions against the Taliban were imposed by the UN Security Council in 1999 and have been toughened several times. In December 2015, Resolution 2255 was passed, tightening measures aimed at curbing the group’s financing. The UN restrictions also include freezing bank accounts belonging to the group’s members and related persons, a ban on trips abroad and also an arms embargo. Under the resolution, any persons and groups supporting the Taliban are blacklisted.


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great but let them get rid of the more than stupid morons from the destitute states of, thats right, morons so that afghanistan can resume an ordinary life after the rape and plunder by the morons for more than 18 years. the small consolation for the afghanis is that the war more or less has bankrupted moronistan and that american obesity has been given a face, viz. the secretary of state pompous.


Based on experiences with the then pre 9/11 ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan,’ what makes Russia so sure the Taliban can be trusted not to stir up trouble i.e. Islamic insurgency in Central Asia, after they assume power?! If media reports are anything to go by, looks like the Taliban are heading in that direction like they did in 96.

Fred Dozer

What was 911 ? Did the Taliban Implode the World Trade Center. The fake terrorist were Saudi-led. Mossad and USA did it.


I won’t dispute or agree with your pov as i’m not sure what to make about the 9/11 theories or facts going around the net. I’m just simply wondering if the Taliban will sit quietly once they grab power once again, OR declare another ‘great’ jihad starting with Central Asia? They are a people who know only violence (whether instigated by them or imposed on them) as a means to an end.

Fred Dozer

Well it is a fact the Taliban reduced the Poppy fields to next to nothing. Americans increased the Poppy production by ten-thousand percent and protected the growers. The US, CIA makes tons of illegal money on drugs. So under the Taliban illegal drugs will fall.
All Middle Eastern countries rule with a iron hand. That”s not good. The USA also treat them like garbage.

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