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Russia Is Open For S-300 Supplies To Syria After Recent US Strikes

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Russia Is Open For S-300 Supplies To Syria After Recent US Strikes

FILE IMAGE: S-300 air defense systems

Russia is open for S-300 air defense systems supplies to Syria after the April 14 missile strike on the country by the US, the UK and France, according to Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

The foreign minister cleared the Russian attutide on the issue in his recent interview to Sputnik:

Sputnik: Will we supply S-300 (air defense systems) to Syria?

Lavrov: The President spoke about this. We have no moral obligations now. We used to have moral obligations, we promised not to do that some 10 years ago, as far as I remember, at the request of our known partners, and we took their argument into account, that it would lead to destabilization, although (these air defense systems are) purely defensive. We nevertheless heeded their requests, but we don’t have this moral obligation now.

In the same interview, Lavrov also adressed the results of the April 14 strikes and the April 7 “chemical attack” in Douma that had become a justification of the strikes. According to Lavrov, the Russian military will release proof confirming its statement that 71 of the missiles launched by the US-led bloc were intecepted.

Sputnik: One way or another, this staged provocation [Douma chemical attack] ended up in massive missile airstrikes, and, it must be noted, a very effective counter-response to the attack. Well, this is the first such episode in the history of humanity. How detailed was the first notice of the planned missile attack and how early did Russia get it? Did we have an opportunity to draw “red lines” around some areas? Literally, “red lines” on the map? How decisive would we have been, if the missiles hadn’t flown to the areas we were informed about? Were we ready to shoot down the planes and sink enemy ships?

Lavrov: Before the plans for the strike of the Western trio started to take shape, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Valery Vasilyevich Gerasimov clearly stated that if any military action taken by the so-called coalition harmed Russian army forces, it would be met by a tough and clear response. And we would not only see the rockets, but also their carrier as legitimate targets. It was said clearly and explicitly.

And, by the way, I’m stunned how some of our Western colleagues and some of mine, too, and some of our mass media turned their attention to our ambassador to Lebanon Zasypkin, who repeated what the Chief of the General Staff said. They tried to put words into his mouth, that if just one missile flew over Syrian territory from the coalition forces, we would sink ships and so on and so forth. The Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov had only warned that this would happen if Russian forces were harmed. After this, contact was made at the top level in the army, at the level of the generals, between our representatives and the heads of of the US-led coalition. They were informed of where our “red lines” were, including the “red lines” located “on the territory,” geographically. And, in any case, the results show that these “red lines” were not crossed.

Speaking about the results of these strikes, they are also called into question. Our US colleagues state that all the missiles reached their targets, as did the French ones. Our General Staff has a clear picture; we watched everything in real time, live. We are ready to answer for the stats given by our military forces. If somebody states that all the 105 rockets reached their targets, they should present their stats. At least, proof that our analysis, our count has a basis in fact, which will be revealed by our military forces very soon, as I understand.

Sputnik: Very soon?

Lavrov: I hope.

Sputnik: 103 missiles were launched, 71 of them were shot down. Trump said that he called somebody to ask if all the rockets reached their targets, and the person on the other end of the line said “yes-yes, every one of them, Mr. President.” Whom could he call?

Lavrov: I don’t know whom, in such cases, the President of the United States calls. Our President doesn’t have to call — he’s reported to, when such things happen. And I would prefer not to meditate on the theme of relations inside the US Administration or how some officials in Washington treat the position and orders of their President.


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Ivan Freely

Is Bolton trying to convince the Russians to not supply the S-300? If you took Syria’s money then Russia is obligated to deliver in a timely manner. Russia needs to stop playing games.


Bolton was out of the picture. It was the jews. As you know they can only fight armies that are not armed.


Israeli snipers enjoy shooting children with explosive bullets as well, which is a war crime . I would like to see Hezzbollah armed with Russian missile systems to defend Lebanon as well. :)


I don’t want to say how I see the ME mess sorted out. There is only one solution. S 300 will help but it is not the solution.


I look forward to a Final Solution, the first one.This barbarity cannot be allowesd to continue.

The US Coalition must feel some of the pain they have heaped on innocents for many decades.



Rakean Jaya

Which one the the BS? Please enlighten us in case Florian talk about BS.


look here , IDF today is not the same IDF back during their conquest days up to 1980s.. where they still fight equally armed opponents..

for decades IDF been fighting unarmed enemies and children , low tech insurgency / COIN ops , manning checkpoints and harrasing civilians..

how do one expect IDF to prevail against armed enemy ? they believed in their own myth of superiority and got whacked hard by hezbollah in 2006.. totally defeated and shamed ..

it also the foreboding of US military fate in future , for decades US been fighting insurgency with full air supremacy , and their focus on air power and COIN oriented purchase showed they are not prepared for war with peer enemies..

the arrogance and hubris will reap total defeat in the future.


Past experiences are no guarantee for the future. Because of past experiences the IDF thought they could easily whack Hezbollah. And got a bloody nose instead. We cannot assume that Hezbollah will do just as well as we have to assume that the IDF studied the 2006 war to analyze what it did wrong and learn from in order to correct its mistakes. In order to fight the IDF again successfully Hezbollah not only has to up its game, but in ways that the IDF can’t even imagine.


I think Hezbollah has definitely upped their game already. The training and expertise they have gained in Syria will serve them very well and also serves to change their tactics and game plans. Israel may have revisited their actions in 2006, but the troops they faced then are much more capable now and have gained valuable new training, as it were. The Israelis play war games with the US and others merely to have a show of force and to pat each other on the back. How much do they actually learn about fighting Hezbollah and IRGC?

Joao Alfaiate

Hope you are right.


Hezbollah also possesses a strategic reserve of guided ballistic missiles, stored in hardened underground bunkers. The Israeli iron dome will be overwhelmed and its critical radaf nodes are vulnerable themselves.

Hezbollah has a carefully calibrated strategy of escalatiin to countef Israeli escalation. IDF commanders are award of what it is.

Hezbollah and Syria stand together, and will fight together


you are trying to apply common military sense into the IDF , which today is a military that only strong because of the propaganda efforts.. of course IDF nowadays changed quite a bit of their severe unreadiness as exposed in 2006.. but the core issue still existed today , which wont change in the next war.

– Over Reliance on Air Power , this will be a disaster and key role of failure on the next conflict with IDF. – Casualty Averse military mindset , a nation of middle class people accostumed to peace and fighting unarmed demonstrator with deadly force. As in lebanon 2006 war , the IDF soldiers have hard time mentally to accept they have to die against trained and equipped hezbollah soldiers..

IDF changed , for what ? for the camera and PR ? we saw how these soldiers become worse mentally and morally as shown in their deadly treatement of unarmed arab in gaza. This is the sign of a disciplinary issue that seem to be waived off by higher ups because of the current right wing govt stance.

and dont forget the hezbollah gained FAR MORE COMBAT experience compared to IDF , because the hez learned combined ops against Western trained and armed syrian ‘rebels’..


I’d like to believe that, very much so. But we have to assume the IDF learned its lessons too and doesn’t make the same mistake twice. At the very least came up with a strategy to compensate for its deficiencies.

And it can be argued that while Hezbollah gained combat experience in Syria, it also lost a lot of experienced and trained cadre there as well.


this is not about belief on IDF improvement. The issue with IDF is also the same with US military on the smaller scale , they are too dependant on air power and external fire support. They do not want to assault enemy position and take losses like what the IDF did during their conquest years before 1980. Back then hundreds of IDF para got killed and no one put it on newspaper , today in this internet age everyone in the world will see dead and wounded IDF troopers in 4K / HD..

as for hezbollah losing a lot , that just propaganda from israeli side. I dont know if you really follow the hezbollah deployement in syria or just blindly belief what the MSM propaganda told you.. the hez are not deployed in ragtag manners , they are trained in small unit commando operations and they also worked with iranian advisors while the syrian army provide the bulk of the muscle.

you seem to have certain bias if it is toward the beloved IDF , which is understandable since the israeli PR have been feeding lies upon lies to prop their military superiority myth..


Just because somebody challenges your opinion does not mean they have a bias. All I’m saying is that we have to assume, as I hope Hezbollah does, that the IDF examined its past performance and won’t make the same mistake again. We can’t expect Hezbollah to win again because they did so last time. That’s a recipe for disaster. Because wars between the same parties rarely have the same winners, as winners get drunk on their own success, whereas losers often get extra motivated to stick it to their enemies. Just look at France and Germany. 1870-71, Germany beats and humiliate France, 1914-18, France emerges victorious and humiliates Germany, 1940, Germany beats France again. Each time the winner expected a repeat performance, and got something else instead.

Expecting victory is a sure recipe for defeat. That was all I was trying to say. Not because I like the IDF, because I don’t, or because I think the sun shines out nice Jewish butts, only the same foul farts like out of everyone else.


then again you are constantly repeating the same narrarive that IDF already improved since 2006 , the same narrarive released by IDF Public relations , who also released the narrarive that hezbollah lost many people in syria , which another lie from Israeli sources.

this is not an opinion but a military common sense and if you really not a hasbara pushing israeli narrative then you would do well to educate yourself in the core issue why IDF lost in 2006 and why IDF is not the same military as the past IDF who conquer the land by force from natives..

The core issue on why IDF will always lose to hezbollah can be determined militarity as i have posted above , but you seem to ignore those and go repeating the same hope that IDF will improve , and hezbollah will lose..

i guess you are here to push that narrative..


Then you misread what I said. I said we have to ASSUME that the IDF learned from its mistakes and upped its game. Because you cannot expect your enemy to make the same mistakes again. That would be a recipe for disaster.

And if what I said coincides with what the IDF press office says, well, I’m not in the habit of reading what they’re saying, but I reckon the best lies always mix in some truths.


no , you are repeating ad nauseum and parroting IDF PR narrative repeatedly in your post without engaging the reality , the facts , the groundtruth , on why IdF will still lose another asymetric war against hezbollah.

theres no real indication that IDF is improving in its capability to counter hezbllah asymetric warfare. IDF regulars disobey orders during 2006 when they were asked to assault hez positions , even today you can ask any IDF infantry units and thye will tell you they dont want the govt to enter lebanon again..

IDF have been potrayed as superb military as good as western militaries , maybe so in the 60s or 70s , but today its only a shadow of its former self.

your ASSUMPTION are based on not knowing the reality at hand , the imbalance of forces , the state of IDF today , the blind belief on Israeli propaganda which you constantly repeat in your every post..

you dont want discussion because you never redute the points i made, you just want to push in israeli narrarive in every single post..

what that made you ? a paid astroturfer aka Hasbara who work during Tel Aviv 9-5 ?


Again, the only one who is ad nauseum putting words into my mouth is you. I have never seen any IDF propaganda as I am not in the habit of reading or watching IDF propaganda. If I did I wouldn’t even be on Southfront, because then I would be jerking off on pro IDF/pro US military porn websites. If my words of caution, that you should never assume for your enemy to make the same mistake twice, then maybe the problem is with you. Because then apparently you have constructed this mental image of Hezbollah of supermen, and anything I say that suggests caution is now suddenly IDF propaganda.


please stop repeating your propaganda from israel defense public relations in your every post

you been unmasked as another hasbara who push the narrative that IDF is a superb military force , especially desperate since the myth been exposed in 2006.


Yeah, sure, I’m another IDF troll. Because instead of wanking over the IDF with my fellow fanboys I’d rather hang out on SF and be insulted by the likes of you for even suggesting something that falls outside your echo chamber.

Now if you excuse me, I ‘m going to leave this exchange and take my 30 silver pieces of shekels and do something more enjoyable. Like asking my IDF handler out on a date. She’s really good looking.


bit by bit you lost your pretentious attitude and go full bote showing your real face , another hasbara trying to spread israeli propaganda on the net , applying the israeli strategy of “shaping the narrative” ..

well ? do go on mr papa hasbara , as your disqus name ..


Methinks you should look the definition of sarcasm in a dictionary.


funny you always posted during tel aviv working hours..


Yeah, its so sunny here. Thank god they have WIFI at the beach.


You are 100% correct.The SAA and Hezbollah are now the most battle hardened in the Middle East.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Yes 5 dead today 645 injured 241 tear gas suffocation among the injured 29 minors and 13 women 5 critical ,119 moderate &124 by live rounds. Just another daay in Apartheid Israel.


And Iran.


No, previously Netanyahu himself flew to Russia to plead with Russia not sell them – because in Netanyahu’s words Syria with S-300’s would turn Israel into a no fly zone.


Supply Syria S-300 and more, quickly before they set up the next false flag attack.

Manuel Flores Escobar

S-300 to Syria and..NK also!…beside Bastion P antiship missile to Iran in Ormuz strait….


Actually yes if they’re offered an air defences system they’ll gladly abandon their nuclear programs. Only that such defensive SAM’s itself carrying some solid guidance system and aerodynamics. Nevertheless they shouldn’t really become a problem for USA unless they wanted the NK bows to their rules.


baltic sea?

Manuel Flores Escobar

Not needed…Russia had 3 frigates, 2 submarines deployed in mediterranean sea..beside 77.000 troops on high alert in baltic…ready to counter attack in case of masive attacks vs Syria and death of Russian soldiers…thats why USA only attacked 3 small building and kill 3 spider!…otherwise USA would have destroyed SAA!


Not altogether certain what altered state of reality you exist in. The here and now including the morning of the 14/04/18 tells us that the Yanki led Zionist pack of Hoodlums (FUKUS) launched 105 missiles. 2 of which got confused, landed peacefully and surrendered to the SAA. They have since been sent to Russia where they are undergoing a deep examination. The remaining missiles were directed at 8 targets, 5 of which were airfields all these missiles were destroyed by SyAir defence forces counter measures. The 3 areas where the Yanki Zionist war criminal attacks detonated as planned were at locations of low military priority for the SAA. Hence, the apparent success of FUKUS missiles in these locations. Heard Yanki trolls are paid in Shekels like their Israhelli counterparts. Doesn’t seem worth the bother, so why do ya do it????


both landed neatly on a bed without ruffling the bed covers or sustaining damage to themselves

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They have “Missile Whisperers” in Syria didn’t you know that easy to understand them peacefully surrendering!


“Missile Whisperers” :D https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a037af044b9027eb6ec39f6895673e0d0bf0e5a27e819c9c237492b7c2a97406.jpg


They must have learned that technique from the Iranians, after they ‘talked down’ a RQ170.


1- You don’t say we dont have obligation anymore and we are open / considering to supply S-300 to Syria, you just do it.

2- If you are just keeping talking about it then your intention is not to supply them to Syria but to use it as a leverage for something,

3- Or you are afraid of falling into a trap; maybe the latest FUKUS attack on Syria was to make RF to ship S300 to Syria, so that NATO would find another reason to increase sanctions against RF and increase military presence in the Middle East.

4- Regardless of above, the attack on Syria was staged, targets were coordinated with SAA-RF; otherwise there would be considerable damage. This means US-RF have agreed to the end-game; RF and its allies won, and US and Allies will make a honorable retreat from Syria.

Joe Doe

How pathetic Russian leaders are. The modern Air Defense System should be delivered to SAA long time ago. In addition, Russian leadership willing provide more advance Air Defense System to NATO nation(s), who are Russia not very friendly nation such Turkey, who killed Russians or Saudi Arabia and lest advance to Syria, who fight on the same side as Russia.


They were worried about their (((partners))) who are openly plotting to destroy Russia.

Mario Ceva

In this case not west “”partners”” but Israel.


Is there a difference?

Mario Ceva

Well the western partners speacks for Israel. But in this case the main interested is Israel. Western partnerts also has their own particular interest. Germany want North stream II and USA no. Europe want nuclear agreement with Iran USA and Israel no.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Here is some interesting news Natalie Portman will not go to Israel to participate in any Public events to accept any awards. See not all Jewish People support the policy of killing Palestinians, just those who are on the extreme right there.


stupid comment!!

Terence Silvestre Jr.

Don’t think so, my friend. He is completely right in is thinking, I’m afraid.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

Better said impossible.


air defense system advance!!?? sacred trool pathetic westman you look result at attack 14 april!!??

Mario Ceva

S300 to Syria and nukes to Iran.

Mario Ceva

Is the only way that Israel and globalist are stopped.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Syria does not need the S-300 system, they need the S-400 system to hold them out long enough for the first production line of S-500 systems to arrive in the country to try and hold the line against the ever expanding Zionist regimes.


Our president does not have to call he is reported to ????. That is the difference. Who exactly is in charge in Amerikkka?.


“And I would prefer not to meditate on the theme of relations inside the US Administration or how some officials in Washington treat the position and orders of their President”…TRANSLATION…i Would prefer not to divulge the level of CONTROL that the DEEP STATE/SES has over Washington elected congress ruling class officials and the President.


“At least, proof that our analysis, our count has a basis in fact, which will be revealed by our military forces very soon, as I understand.”

I suspect he might be referring to those two intact cruise-missiles they recovered recently, as that alone would disprove the bogus US claim that ‘all of our missiles hit their targets’.

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