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JULY 2020

Russia Is Officially Setting Up More Bases In Syria


Russia Is Officially Setting Up More Bases In Syria

IMAGE: Marina Lystseva/TASS

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has ordered the defence and foreign ministries to hold talks with Damascus to obtain additional facilities and maritime access in Syria.

“Accept the proposal of the government of the Russian Federation to sign Protocol No. 1 to the agreement between the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic on the deployment of an aviation group of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic dated Aug. 26, 2015 on the transfer of additional ground and water areas,” the resolution says, according to the Anadolu News Agency.

Currently, Russia has two military bases in Syria, an air base in Lattakia and a naval base in Tartus. A deal with the Damascus government allows Russian forces to use the two bases free of charge for 49 years.

Syria hosts many other smaller Russian fortified positions (often described by locals as bases), like the air-defense facility in western Hama, where an S-400 air-defense system is deployed, or the Russian Military Police base in the northeastern city of al-Qamishli.

Russia’s support allowed Syrian government forces to re-impose control of vast parts of the country. ISIS’ strongholds were liberated and the remaining militants were pushed to a narrow strip in northern Syria.

The expansion of the military structure will solidify the Russian presence in the country and further. This could lead to the increase of the number of air-defense systems, intelligence gathering equipment or even ground forces deployed in Syria. This step also demonstrates that recent reports claiming that Russian-Syrian relations are declining were just fake news.




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  • shylockracy

    Would be good to deploy more and better air defenses to deal with constant Zioterrorist and Turkish violations of Syrian sovereignty, they’re a major destabilising factor that helps terrorists prolong the bloody war on Syrian people.

    • The Man

      …and to get rid of those filthy Yankees. Having these new bases and deploying Electronic Countermeasure Weapons against these filthy Yanks, and by default, the Yids, would be a great move.

    • kenpachi

      they keep firing from non Syrian airspace so Russia doesn’t want to be made to look bad. they hit one of their own surveillance planes and killed 15 of their own a few years ago. the enemy aircraft baited a response and then used the Russian plane for cover

  • LR captain

    Russia expanding their be taken into account by Israel as Russia does seek to have better relations with them over all. i remember the Russian deal that prohibits Iranian forces from entering areas with in 35 km zone of theIsrael border.

    Sadly bibi turned down that deal faster than the Palestinians turned down trump’s deal of century

  • SteLe

    Well, the “rumors” were very real. But letting Putin connected diplomats and think tank attack Assad and even having talked to US about the option to let Assad fall just backfired.
    It was a stupid move to begin with, it massivly hurt Russian image in MENA, infuriated Assad (rightly) and the whole dream that Russia attacking Assad would lead to US being more cooperative was just retarded.
    MENA and US see this as weakness, and you risked the whole achievements of the last year for a childish hope.
    And when Assad was not intimidated by Putins move, and even attacked Putin even stronger, you just looked like fools.
    It is good that this crazy policy is now corrected, but to say the whole drama was only a rumor is a lie that any Syrian, pro gov or anti, can see as it is.
    Also, you at SF complain that you are attacked for disinformation, but you NEVER reported about Putins attacks on Assad, and Assads revenge.. Your agenda in this regard is pretty obvious, when every other news source, pro gov, anti gov, Alt Media, MSM is reporting it. And even high level Syrian gov. sources communicate about it openly.
    It has been the biggest crisis in Russian-Syrian relation since decades, and you did yourself no favor in trying to hide it. Even more claiming to be “rumors” what everyone knows.

    • FlorianGeyer

      You do yourself ‘no favor’ by peddling childish US propaganda here,SteLe.


      • SteLe

        LOL Florian. Okay. You really dont know it. Okay.
        Pretty sad, but okay.

      • SteLe

        Everone and their sheep in MENA knows about it. And certainly every pro gov persons.
        If people like you who read daily about Syrian matters here, and (i think) actually care about Syria dont know such big developments, maybe ask yourself if you dont need to broaden your horizon.
        Or attack people like me who actually care about Syria more then about keeping in a bubble.

      • SteLe

        One last comment:

        It would be nice to have some actual counter arguments. Instead, just down votes, personal attacks, but ZERO (yes, ZERO) counter arguments.

        Only claims i should google what everyone in Syria knows for weeks for other persons.

        I have been both critical for previous SF work, and i have praised SF work (e.g. the very good analysis on Donbass just hours before this).

        I believe most here want to support Russia against the US/NATO cold war, and i do too.

        But i also support Syrias Government, Irans government against the very same aggressor.

        And i can not close my eyes when the interests of Russia, Iran, Syria dont overlap.

        Often they are in direct conflict.

        And all here who pretend this is not the case, are naive to the point of the typical MSM-reader.

        If you want to be cheerleaders, okay. If you want to support Russia interests without any consideration for Syria’s, or Iran’s, or Palestine’s, okay. But dont attack others who want to have a balanced view.

        You can not do both.

    • AM Hants

      Yeah, really.

      What was it President Assad said?

      ‘You either have a country or you don’ t’, as he spoke warmly of the intelligence, maturity and professionalism of the Russian leaders, compared with the immaturity and stupidity of Washington DC.

      Notice how you provide zero links.

      • Willing Conscience (The Truths

        Google search Russian International Affairs Council [RIAC] if you want to know what the most influential people in Russia think, they’re way more honest than SF is and they advise the Russian government on EVERYTHING. Add this link to your sources and check it every now and again, you may be surprised at the some of the things they say.


        This wiki link will tell you who the RIAC are and what they do, and also who employs them. They’re among the smartest thinkers that the Russian government can find, the best Russian politicians, military and economic advisers, the smartest scientists and the most savvy media analysts and presenters they can find.
        Use them as a source every now and again, you’ll never know what the horse is really saying unless you listen to the horse itself, and this is the biggest and fastest horse in the Russian stables, at least they are after the Russian government and military.

        “The Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) – is a non-profit academic and diplomatic think tank established by the presidential decree dated 2 February 2010.[1][2] The founders of the RIAC are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Education and Science, Russian Academy of Science, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and Russian news agency Interfax.
        The Russian International Affairs Council was founded on orders of then-President Dmitry Medvedev to contribute to Russia’s soft power efforts.[3]
        The RIAC activities are aimed at strengthening peace, friendship and solidarity between peoples, preventing international conflicts and promoting conflict resolution and crisis settlement.[4] It operates as a link between the state, scholar community, business, and civil society in an effort to find foreign policy solutions to current international issues.[5] The RIAC is one of Russia’s public diplomacy tools.
        The RIAC mission is to facilitate Russia’s peaceful integration into the global community, partly through greater cooperation between Russian scientific institutions and foreign think tanks/scholars on major international issues.
        The council’s strategic mission is to facilitate communication between government officials and the expert, business and civil communities when elaborating foreign policy decisions.

        And this is what they do,

        “RIAC’s Activities are aimed at assisting practical research in global politics and international relations, which will contribute to the implementation of Russia’s foreign policy interests and the establishment of mechanisms for their advancement.

        Organizing research on foreign relations issues that are deemed top priorities in Russian foreign policy.
        Preparing expert evaluations and advice on foreign policy issues.
        Assisting with the implementation of research-based proposals and recommendations.
        Joining Russian, foreign and international organizations in research into issues in foreign relations and developing common approaches to identifying solutions.
        Holding academic events, i.e. conferences, roundtables, seminars, etc., to promote research into international problems and identify solutions.
        Supporting the publication and distribution of research results, including those obtained under the project activities.
        Helping integrate Russian and foreign research activities in the field of foreign relations.
        Providing education within the scope of the projects.
        Assisting with the political promotion of project outcomes.”


        If you can’t trust what they say you can’t trust anything, and they say more than anyone else does, especially about Iran, I’ve been shocked on more than a few occasions with what I’ve read, and it’s nothing like the narrative SF usually pushes, the RIAC is about a million times more honest, please use them as a source if you really want to know what Russia’s doing, not just saying.

        • AM Hants

          5th Columnists do not appeal to me. International Affairs Council – what was there take on things, back in the 90s, under Yeltsin? No doubt Browder, Khodorkovsky and friends were fully supportive of how Yeltsin ran things.

          • Willing Conscience (The Truths

            This Think Tank was set up straight after they got rid of Yeltsin, it was all Putin’s idea and it’s main job was to help mend all the damage Yeltsin had already done. This is Putin’s baby no one else’s, check and find out who they really are [I provided the links but you can find them yourself], they are the Russian government’s premiere Think Tank, the Russian government under Putin established the institution and still pays them their wages, they’re an official Russian government institute, it not a private and independent institution, it’s an OFFICIAL RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT INSTITUTION, AND THEY WORK DIRECTLY FOR THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT.
            You didn’t even bother to check did you, you’re actually calling the Russian governments premiere Think Tank the 5th column, and saying they’re a Yeltsin era invention, even though they weren’t established until 2 years after Yeltsin was gone and Putin was in power, that’s proving to me you should read what they have to say, you’re way out of the loop on all things Russian.
            Find out who the RIAC really are, then read some of their articles, they are the real Russia.
            They don’t say anything at all the Russian government doesn’t want them to, they only say exactly what the Russian government wants them to, and that’s the most shocking thing they do, they tell you the things the Russian government can’t tell you themselves, and you should listen to them, the Russian government has to speak diplomatically, these guys don’t, they can tell you the real story warts and all, or at least as much of the real story as the Russian government wants us to know.
            I’ll bet the Iranians and all the other governments around the world have departments that scrutinize everything the RIAC announces, they’re the best source in the world to find out what the Russian governments real intentions are, you should use them too.

          • AM Hants

            Finished your rant?

            Think Tank???? So, is that meant to impress me?

            Set up in 2010. Who was President of Russia back in 2010?

            Set up to improve Russia’s Global Relationships.

            Clue in International and Think Tank, where 5th Columnists are concerned.

          • Willing Conscience (The Truths

            Just a little more ranting,
            President Dmitry Medvedev initiated the development of this Russian government institution, but back then the Russian president was second in charge, the political system was a totally different one to the one Russia uses now, back then the Russian prime minister was actually the person in charge of the Russian government, and that person was Vladimir Putin, and he’s still in charge now as president. Putin changed the rules just as he was ending his last ministerial term in office, so now just like a cat he has extra lives, I’m surprised you’re not aware of that.
            You should find out a lot more about Russia if you really support them, not criticise their very best government institutions by calling them the 5th column, that’s very unfair and totally wrong, they’re the real voice of the Russian government, not the politically sensitive diplomatic voice, but the real voice.

          • AM Hants

            Darling, President Putin became the leader of Russia in 2000 did he not?

            Remember, when Russia was bankrupt and only getting 20 cents to the $US for their energy. When they had to pay contract charges, to mine their own energy resources. When the US wrote laws and taxes on the backs of 3rd World Agreements, for Russia to sign off.

            Back in the days when President Putin was telling the oligarchs to behave, become good Russian citizens. Keep out of politics, pay taxes, same flat rate 13% level, as the little people or leave for a life in exile. Many of the bad oligarchs left for exile, setting up ’90s Yeltsin System’ over in Ukraine, whilst flocking to South Kensington.

            Did you not state that President Putin, when he first came to power set up the Russian International Think Tank? Stating it was Dr Vladimir Putin’s pet project? Ignoring the fact it was set up a decade later, under a completely different President.

            If you managed to get the basics so wrong, why on earth should I be bothered with what you have to say, in order to get your 30 pieces of silver.

          • אהרון

            Remember when The United States stepped up and prevented the complete collapse of the Russian economy and, therefor, diverted a terrific human disaster across Russia?

          • מתי זה בדיוק, אהרון?

          • Willing Conscience (The Truths

            Trump helped the Russians a few months ago too you know, Putin rang Trump and asked him to help stop the trade war the Saudis were winning against Russia, the Saudis had driven down world oil prices to the point Russia was only making 1 or 2 cents profit per barrel, after that phone call prices went straight back up again.
            Got any idea why and how that happened, I do.

          • All in your apparently missing head that is, “willing”.

          • Willing Conscience (The Truths

            I want to know why it is that only homosexual people give dislikes to other people’s HONEST comments.
            You must’ve missed the SF article about Putin’s phone call to Trump, it’s in the archives if you want to read it.

          • SteLe

            Yeah. Looting Russia and creating the biggest humanitarian disaster since WWII is surely the total opposite.

          • Willing Conscience (The Truths

            He was the prime minister in Yeltsin’s government but was appointed President of Russia in 1999 when took the top job from Yeltsin, but he wasn’t elected to office until 2000 and that term went to 2004, and then again from 2012 to 2018, and now from 2018 until 2024.
            Between 2008 and 2012 Putin was elected prime minister and Medvedev was president

            But when Putin was prime minister the presidential role became more or less subservient to the prime ministers office in many aspects, even though Putin claimed it didn’t, but a lot of influential Russian politicians thought it did and so did everyone else and still do.
            No one in the world really though Putin handed power over to Medvedev, they all said Medvedev was actually taking orders directly from Putin through the prime ministers office, and the deal was done to secure Medvedev role as prime minister during Putin’s next term as president.
            Medvedev served as prime minister when Putin became president for the second term and served 2 terms in that office with Putin as president.
            If you check any source whether it’s Russian or anyone else’s, they’ll all say Putin’s unbroken 30 year reign of power, and that includes his term as prime minister while Medvedev was president.
            Putin’s been the leader of Russia since 1999 and that’s been in whatever political role he’s played, both president and prime minister [and possibly deputy prime minister too for a few months], we could argue over the titles and roles but I don’t think you can argue that he hasn’t been the top dog in Russia from his first day in office right up until now.

            It was actually 11 years after Yeltsin was gone the RIAC was established not the 2 years I stated, sorry about that, but it’s Putin’s baby, not Medvedev’s, even though Putin was prime minister at the time he was the one giving the orders to president Medvedev, he was the boss of Russia while he was prime minister as well as its president.

          • AM Hants

            Could not be bothered to read. Found ‘Putin First Person’ and ‘Putin’, by Christopher Hitchence better reads, with regards wanting to find out more about Dr Vladimir Putin. Including the fact that Yeltsin, knowing he had sold out Russia, wanted somebody loyal to Russia, that he could trust, to put it back together.
            At the end of the day you stated the Russian International Think Tank, was the pet project of President Putin, when he first came to power.

            I pointed out it was set up a decade later, by a different President. So rather than accept the fact, you are trying to educate me on President Putin. The reason I studied his biographies, back in 2014, was so I could make up my own independent mind on the world’s leading Statesman, back in 2014. Owing to not trusting the spin coming out of Statecraft/Integrity Initiative and General Harding, Russian media disinformation trolls.

            Riddle me this, why does the Russian Communist Party follow the NED/Soros script, where Russian opposition is concerned? Including the $millions there leader banked in Switzerland? Now what Russians, exiled, made Switzerland there home?

          • Willing Conscience (The Truths

            I may have been 11 years off on the initial establishment date but I’m not wrong about anything else, they are Putin’s creation and they do what Putin wants them to do, and they do it well, otherwise they wouldn’t have lasted 10 years under Putin.

            Did ‘Putin First Person’ and ‘Putin’, by Christopher Hitchence say that Putin lost power in Russia during his last prime ministerial term in office coinciding with Medvedev’s first term as president, I’ll bet he didn’t, I’ll bet he said that Putin actually retained power, and do you know why I say that, it’s because no one in the world but Putin says he didn’t, it’s a well known fact Putin’s been holding the Russian reigns for an unbroken 20 year record.
            You’re saying I’m wrong about Putin remaining in real power during his 2008 to 2012 prime ministerial term, and in fact the president Medvedev was really in control of Russia while he was president, but if that was the case all these news stories about Putin’s 20 year reign over the Russian political system must be fake news, both myself and the news reporters must all be getting it wrong.
            So maybe you’re right, maybe Putin didn’t really retain absolute political power during his last term as prime minister, maybe it really was Medvedev in charge of Russia, it just looked like Putin was still in charge.
            While serving out the last days of his first term as elected president Putin changed the political rules giving more power to the prime ministers role, and when he became prime minister for the last time in 2008 [you can only serve 3 times], he did the same thing with the presidential role, he switched the rules again, so in effect he never ever lost power in Russia, he just kept changing the rules to allow himself to stay in the top job no matter what it was, and he’s still changing the rules now, he’s extended his possible rule to 2036 now instead of 2024.

            Concerning Putin’s anti Israeli/US influence policy I have no problems, he’s doing exactly what all good leaders should be doing, protecting his own countries best interests, which is something Yeltsin didn’t do.
            But I’m afraid I really admired the old Soviet Union and would happily trade them for Putin any day, especially their reformed political system under Gorbachev, I’m a socialist through and through, I just wish the modern day socialists could divorce themselves form the LGBTQI agenda, which you’d probably call the Zionist agenda.
            I only have 2 problems with Putin, one he’s been holding onto power for way too long, it’s time to hand on the reigns, one man can’t be the answer to all the problems that Russia faces, a country has to have good replacements standing in the queues, it’s time to pass on the baton, I’m getting worried that Putin doesn’t think anyone else’s up to the job, but I’m sure Russia has lots of equally smart people to choose from when Putin finally leaves.
            And two he hasn’t done a very good lob in Syria, he ignored all the advice he was given and let the civil war get out of hand, then he didn’t stop Isis at the Iraqi border which eventually let both the US and the Turks get a foot in the door, so militarily I think he’s an absolute failure, he should just let his generals do what they’re supposed to do, he’s no military genius that’s for sure, he should just stick to politics, diplomacy and fiscal concerns, something he’s really good at, maybe even the best, but war isn’t is strong suite.
            And he’s backing Erdogan too, someone who’s continually predicted to lose the next election, that’s not real smart either, and it’s also totally disloyal to Assad and Syria, other potential allies to Russia are paying attention to how loyal Putin is to his allies, I’m sure some of them aren’t impressed with his actions in Syria.

          • AM Hants

            Zzzzzzzzzzzz. The fact you were wrong about era and President, says it all. Cannot be bothered to read your rants.

            At the end of the day, back when President Putin took over the leadership of Russia, the nation was bankrupt. It was led by the same oligarchs that have moved in to control and destroy Ukraine. How many had dual citizenship? Or come to that, no Russian citizenship, back in 1999?

            Russia, who signed upto the 3rd World agreements, with the US, in order to get 20 cents to the $US, for her energy and natural resources trade. Plus then pay contractual fees, to mine her own resources.

            Russia who had to accept the US writing taxes and laws written on the back of loans and 3rd World agreements.

            Russia who was bankrupt, defaulted on her Paris Club loans and bankrupt.,back in the 90s.

            What did Yeltsin do next? He knew he had sold out his nation for a good supply of alcohol, so how could he make it better, knowing he did not have much longer to live?

            There was only one person, Yeltsin trusted to do right by Russia and her people and that was Dr Vladimir Putin. Who Yeltsin handed over leadership of Russia to, on 31 December 1999.

            What happened next, together with after the people electing the strong, honest, humble and patriotic man to lead them?

            1 January 2004, Russian natural resources were back under the control of Russia, not the US oligarchs.

            The dual citizen oligarchs, unloyal to Russia, took the choice to live in exile. Many turning up in South Kensington, England and others in Switzerland. They had no desire to be good citizens, pay 13% flat rate taxes and keep out of politics.

            Having control of the natural resources allowed Russia to pay off the $45 billion, Soviet Union debt. Including when the Bolsheviks overthrew the Russian Empire, back in 1917. Not forgetting they also paid off the Russian Federation debt of $16.5 billion. Later, Russia also paid compensation to the Baltics, on behalf of the Soviet Union. Cancelling out Rothschild control of Russia.

            Russia, who feeds her people on non-GM food, with enough left to export. The leading exporter of grain, thanks to the US sanctions. Back in 2014. Russia, now, under President Putin is renowned for being a self sufficient nation. Export majority and is not a nation dependent on imports.

            Russia with minimal debt, that is easily covered by her $550 billion currency and gold reserves. Gold making up a fifth of her resources. Russia, a leading creditor nation.

            Russia who can afford to provide free health care to her people and also afford to educate them to university level.

            Russia does not Govern Syria, but, was happy to lend a hand. When the President of the Sovereign nation asked for help?

            Before September 2015, when President Putin was addressing the UN, what shape was Syria in? Three days, after President Putin’s speech, over in New York, in the UN, Russian Forces had moved into Syria?

            What happened next?

            ‘You either have a nation or you don’ t’ – President Assad, praising Russian help.

            Why does the Russian Communist Party follow the $oro$ regime change script? Including having a leader with $millions held securely in Switzerland?

            Why do so many forget that President Putin is a mere human, who does his best FOR HIS nation and people and is not personally responsible for each and every ‘axis of resistence’ nation?

          • Willing Conscience (The Truths

            You keep pointing out that my establishment date was wrong but you seem to forget so was yours, you actually said the RIAC was established during the Yeltsin era, so we’re both wrong about that. And you also said the RIAC was just a 5th column element that was trying to usurp the Russian government, when in fact it’s actually an official Russian government institution, and their job is to help promote the Russian government all around the world, so that’s something you’re totally wrong about.
            And why is it you seem to assume I liked Yeltsin in any way, the rest of your comment seems to be trying to convince me that Putin’s policies were better than Yeltsin’s, I don’t disagree with you there, and I also haven’t said anything at all to imply they weren’t, you seem to be going off on a different tangent altogether.
            And I’d still like to know if you really think Medvedev was actually in charge of Russia while he was the president of the government and Putin was just the prime minister, I’m one of the people that claim Putin’s had a 20 year unbroken reign of power, so what do you think, was he or wasn’t he actually in control of the Russian political system when Medvedev was president.
            If you’re right Putin hasn’t really had an unbroken 20 year reign, which means a lot of people have got it wrong.

          • “And I’d still like to know if you really think Medvedev was actually in charge of Russia while he was the president of the government and Putin was just the prime minister, I’m one of the people that claim Putin’s had a 20 year unbroken reign of power, so what do you think, was he or wasn’t he actually in control of the Russian political system when Medvedev was president.”

            Complete and utter nonsense.

            Putin himself answered that nonsense in the most laconic manner imaginable. His and Medvedev’s positions were different jobs. It is also known that Putin criticised openly a number of Medvedev’s major foreign policy decisions but never actually interfered with them. Medvedev is his own man anyway. In essence, the person who is capable of ordering Medvedev around has not been born yet.
            It comes from the way Medvedev’s parents brought him up although he was born that way so to speak.

            Hope that helps.

            Not very likely though, given your “comment” history ..

          • Willing Conscience (The Truths

            I liked Medvedev too, but what’s happened to him now, he served 2 terms as prime minister after his presidency but he’s off in the woods now, he’s one of the people who now complain about Putin’s unbroken reign of power, but he seems to forget he’s one of the main people who helped Putin do it.
            I’ve read what Putin had to say about the powers he transferred from the president’s office to the prime minister’s office, and what he said when he switched them back again, but I also read what other Russian politicians were saying about it too, and a lot of them didn’t like it one little bit, and Medvedev at the time wasn’t saying a word to complain, because he was part of the process, and his reward was presidency [with less power] for 1 term and prime minister for 2 terms.
            At the end of the first presidential term Putin transferred power from the presidents office to the prime ministers office, then Putin ran for prime minister and held onto power, and when Putin’s prime ministerial term was nearly up, he transferred the powers he gave the prime ministers office back to the presidents office, and then he ran for his second term as president.
            So you don’t think that Putin’s had an unbroken 20 year reign in Russian politics, and the only thing you’ve said to question what I, and most of the modern media are saying [not just the msm] are asserting is

            “Putin himself answered that nonsense in the most laconic manner imaginable. His and Medvedev’s positions were different jobs. It is also known that Putin criticised openly a number of Medvedev’s major foreign policy decisions but never actually interfered with them.”

            I’m sorry but I didn’t believe Putin back then and I’m even more convinced now, all the other Russian politicians that actually opposed his transfer of powers back then were right, it was just a way to keep Putin in absolute power.
            So I definitely do think he’s had a 20 year unbroken reign, 21 if you include the year he worked for Yeltsin [Yeltsin was too drunk to be in charge].
            “His and Medvedev’s positions were different jobs” was correct, but why did Putin have to switch legal powers twice, and both times at the end of his terms in office, alarm bells ringing.

          • You obviously don’t think since you have next to nothing to think with, “willing”.


          • You obviously don’t think much since you have next to nothing to think with, “willing”.


          • Willing Conscience (The Truths

            You seem to equate thinking with mob rule, but sorry I have a brain of my own, I don’t always listen to what the so called “experts” say, I actually try to think for myself, unlike you.

          • “equate thinking with mob rule” and then project it on innocent passers by is for deranged specimens like yourself.


          • Willing Conscience (The Truths

            “project it on innocent passers by”

            You sound just like one of the Christian bishops during the inquisition period, or even a Islamic Jihadists in modern times, ‘cut out the non believers tongue’.

          • Not many deranged idiots are as spectacularly obtuse as the “willing”.


          • Willing Conscience (The Truths


          • AM Hants

            You are boring me. I actually said it was set up in 2010, when President Medvedev was the leader of Russia?

            Why do the Russian Communist opposition run with the $oro$ script, including their leader holding $millions in Switzerland?

          • Goodness, we are both being attacked by three professional pathalogical liars (known as psychopaths in popular psychiatry). Blocking and / or ignoring them is the only effective way of dealing with the utterly disgraceful vermin since they are quite obviously supported and encouraged by Disqus.

            Please try to simply not to notice them. They are a total waste of time anyway.

          • AM Hants

            You take care. I am in mental overload zone, owing to Corona Virus insanity and Professional Protesters, mixed with luvvie narcistic personality disorders.

            Nought to do with these sites, just human insanity. Guess I need time out.

          • A little rest goes a long way ..

            Some nice music, if I may:


          • AM Hants

            Nice. I had a heart attack just over a month ago and finding myself getting ratty with everything. Do believe rattiness is courtesy of Corona Virus insanity and now professional anarchists, who love a riot. Takes me back to the same crowd and script, over in Ukraine.

            Thanks for the video. I do love a bit of classical, including the string section of the orchestra.

          • Oh, no – heart attack – so sorry to hear that .. Please take the best possible care. Good walks should help at least a little bit. Green tea supports heart muscles as well.

            Karma caught up with Washington. Maidan does come to mind ..

            Canada’s crypto-fascist orifice-for-hire turdeau was going on about not letting Russia back into G7, sighting international law “violations” What a creep.

            I am in London, Camden at present feeling a bit discombobulated by all the hoo-ha surrounding the US manufactured COVID19. I have quite a few roses in my front and back garden, which reward me with the most stunning blooms for looking after them properly.

            Hoping to go back to my beloved South of France soon ..

            Kind regards,


          • AM Hants

            Enjoy London. Memories of Camden Palais, Dingwall and the 80s Market, come to mind. Love Roses, so enjoy the blooms, amongst the insanity. I now live up North, near the Lake District and it has been non-stop sunshine for the past 6 weeks.

            The heart attack, I was lucky and it was owing to recognising effects of pins and needles in left arm. Then the rest was a comedy at 2 in the morning. Deciding to phone 111, whilst tossing a coin Drama Queen or HA. Then deciding I should have a shower, whilst waiting for the ambulance and get changed. Did not want to go to hospital, without freshening up., haha. Couldn’t manage shower, so went with wash. Ambulance turned up, followed by paramedics, who said I was having an MI and we would be going to Blackpool, about 2 hours away. Then I asked if I could pack a few things whilst they were sorting out paperwork. Completely oblivious to HA, but, more concerned with arriving at hospital, I’ll prepared and owing to shutdown, there would be no possibility of anybody popping in, with essentials. Then had a ‘meet and greet: on arrival, ready to sort me out with a stent. Cannot praise ambulance staff and cardiac team enough. If you were to see me, just a day later, apart from lack of colour, you would not be aware that I was ill. Seriously feel a fraud, despite it being a serious heart attack, rather than a mild one, owing to fact I feel quite fit and well, despite being slow and easily irritated. Lucky, some beautiful places up here, to walk through.

            Take care.

          • Miracle cure for when I feel slow and easily irritated (not very often, thank God):


            F&M used to have a very nice indeed blend of first flush tippy Assam and finest imaginable Yunnan which like all good things was discontinued a few years ago, sigh ..

            Nice walks around north of England are always a bit of a “dream come true” for me, although my somehow almost native Cote’d’Azure is no less picturesque ..
            Please let me know if there is a book or a website for walks around where you are.

            Always a great pleasure to communicate with you.

            Kind regards,


          • AM Hants

            Hi, copied E Mail and happy for you to delete comment. My son is brilliant coming up with walks and spectacular scenery. I would seriously love him to put together an illustrated guide, but, he will not.

            Cote d’Azure, sounds bliss and then some more. Funnily enough, never ventured South of France, although I love Normandy and Brittany.

            Take care.

          • AM Hants

            Forgot to say, I openly laughed when Boris said he did not want Russia back in the group. Owing to him being Foreign Secretary and involved in Russia Gate and Skripals. Remember, him laying a wreath on the R, child puppet Nemtov’s memorial spot, whilst over in Moscow?

            Can you imagine those dead eyes of Boris, being scrutinised by President Putin’s pupils? Plus, Sergey Lavrov would show Boris the benefits of expert, vocal articulation.

            By the way, believe you recommended to me ‘The Great British Skripals Hoax’, by Nicholas Kellerstrom. Got it, read it and loved it. Also, purchased ‘Skripals In Prison’, John Helmer. Again loving it and so much information. Definitely a must read, same as your recommendation. Together with not knowing about Rob Slane’s ‘The Blogmire’ blog.

          • Nice Rose for you, if I may


            And a memento of our Most Invaluable Porya Porkinson Johnson’s visit to Moscow:

            Her Majesty’s Principal Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and for Arsing Around in General, the Right Honourable Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, photographed in Moscow this twenty-second day of December in this Year of Grace two thousand and seventeen.


          • AM Hants

            Beautiful rose. Is it the one they call ‘peace’? I know ‘peace’ is more yellow, but, mother used to have plenty in the her gardens. Checked if came in an orange varient, and came across ‘Belle Epoque’.

          • AM Hants

            By the way I pointed out President Medvedev was the President at the time, when the Russian International Think Tank was set up? Did I mention President Putin?

            Please do not state things I never said.

          • Very Good Day to You, AM.

            I think you should know that Willing C is a professional troll with over six years experience currently based at the NSA It is on a mission to stop you posting once and for all.

            Please be very careful with it.

          • AM Hants

            Cheers Styx. Come across many of them over the years. Fully aware they hope for me to say something that comes with a ban.

            Will be careful, but, still rant back haha and thank you.

          • Willing Conscience (The Truths

            I don’t even give dislikes no matter how offensive someone is to me, so trying to ban someone for their opinion isn’t something I’d ever do, and I’ve probably had more opportunities than most to do that. You’re actually one of the politest people I’ve disagreed with, and most likely not suffering from some mental problems like so many other posters are, and believe it or not, sometimes I actually like and agree with some of the things you say, so I unlike your feelings about mine, I actually like hearing your opinion, even if I don’t agree with it sometimes.

          • AM Hants

            Thank you for a nice comment. Surprised and unexpected. Take care.

          • Willing Conscience (The Truths

            If I’m a paid for troll I’m the smartest one that’s ever posted on SF, because most of the ones I’ve read are total and utter morons, you’re comment is even more insulting than you realize.
            I’m just unbiased which is something you don’t seem to be, someone who argues a point isn’t necessarily a troll you know, paid for or otherwise, and calling them a troll for having a different opinion is just a LGBTQI tactic.
            So I say the RIAC is actually a Russian government institution but when I do AM hants says they’re not, he actually said they’re just elements of a 5th column trying to subvert the Russian government, but they’re not, they’re one of the Russian governments most important institutions.
            If he was saying one of the US’s government institutions were controlled by a 5th column element and they were actually usurping the US government I wouldn’t bat an eye, I’d probably believe it, but calling the RIAC members of the 5th column is more than just offensive, it’s also a total a lie, and you’re calling me a troll for trying to tell the truth, sadly the truth is you’re just a one eyed bigot, and a really stupid one at that.

          • SteLe

            LOL. OMG. Okay, the self-proclaimed mathematician you are can either read minds, has infiltrated the NSA, or is having sources in the NSA/is working there himself.
            WHO IS VOTING UP SUCH DELUSIONS? And why do people like AM Hants actually believe such nonsense without even a second of critical thought?

          • Willing Conscience (The Truths

            I didn’t say anything of the sort, you need to re read my comment, I actually said that while Medvedev may have been the president during that period it was actually the prime minister’s office that held most of the power at that time, and Putin was the prime minister.
            I said that at the end of his first term as president Putin changed the political rules, and took political power away from the president’s office and gave it to the prime minister’s office, then Putin ran for prime minister and he held onto power that way, he more or less handed over the presidency to Medvedev [helped him get elected via Putin’s popularity] as a deal to get Medvedev elected as prime minister for the next 2 terms after his presidency, which helped Putin retain power through both his presidential and ministerial terms.
            During that period the prime minister’s office had most of the political power in Russia, not the presidents office, and it was during this period the RIAC was formed, and even though Medvedev was the president at the time, Putin as prime minister had more political authority than Medvedev did as president.
            When Putin’s 3rd term as prime minister was coming to an end, he gave all the powers he’d given to the prime minister’s office back to the president’s office, and then he ran for his second term as president, an unbroken reign of power through both the presidential and ministerial posts he held, and that’s why the media keeps saying an unbroken 20 year rule over Russia.
            Putin did set up the RIAC because he was the one calling the shots at the time, the prime ministers office had authority over the presidents office, not the other way around, but now it’s back to the president having most of the power again.
            And at that time the prime ministers office didn’t have the legal capability of setting up a government institution like the RIAC, that would’ve been the president’s role, but Putin would’ve been the one telling him to do it, he was the boss of Russia at the time.
            We could argue all day but since you called the RIAC the 5th column I think it’s pointless, I don’t think Putin’s been paying them the highest wages any Russian employees receive for nothing, and I don’t think he’d be paying them at all if they were actually trying to usurp the Russian government, that would make Putin an absolute moron, and you should know he isn’t that.

          • SteLe

            The “5th columists” you claim are Putin connected, and supported.
            That is the fun fact: Putin has both nationalists, and 5th collum types in his circle, despite the wishfull thinking of him being a nationalist only.

            And when top level diplomats talk to top level US diplomats about the option to replace Assad, it surely is nothing Putin has any say about.
            How naive can one get!

        • SteLe

          Excatly. Good that at least someone here can see the wood for the trees.

          • Habitual lying is your trade, isn’t it ..

          • SteLe

            Okay, your third post without ANY argument what so ever, only innuendo, isn’t it?

          • What made you think that I would ever even consider lowering myself to an argument with a vermin like you ..

          • What made you think that I would ever even consider lowering myself to an argument with a cheeky sod like you ..

            Innuendo is what clinically insane specimens like you do for a living. Period.

            In terms of journalistic integrity Consortium.com is simply unrivalled. Not that the fact can possibly prevent you from making a fool of yourself by dismissing the content of the entire site.

            Only a good, hearty kick in the teeth can possibly fix an insolent son of a b like you.

            Not very likely though.

            Those born to crawl will never fly ..

      • SteLe

        You also want a link when i say there was a world war 2? Or that the president of Russia is named Putin?
        If you are unable to learn of the most impactful moment in Syrian – Russia relation for many years yourself, I SHOULD GOOGLE FOR YOU?
        If you are naive, okay. Your problem. But dont ask me to make the leg work for you that you are too lazy to.
        Keep dreaming in your bubble.

        • AM Hants

          How naive can I get?

          Remind me, but, who banned dual nationalists from being part of the Government?

          Remind me, but, how does Diplomacy work?

          Remind me, but, who got rid of the Rothschild control of Russia?

          Remind me, but, why do so many exiled oligarchs blame President Putin for their downfall?

          Remind me, but, who took back control of Russian natural resources? Remember, when Russia were only getting 20 cents to the $US for their energy. Plus, being charged contract fees to mine their own resources?

          Remind me, who paid off the $45 billion Soviet Union Debt, together with the Baltics Compensation, owed by the Soviet Union? Leaving Russia with minimal debt and no Rothschild access.

          By the way, when you rely on personal insults, it generally means you can neither argue your point of view with either facts or legality.

          Why do the Russian Communist Party follow the NED/Soros script, including the leader storing $millions in Switzerland?

          • SteLe

            For the heated language, i apologize; After answering the other comments here which amounted to nothing but personal attacks on me without any argument, i answered in a tone that you did not deserve.
            That said, what has what you wrote now to do with the topic?
            You seem to have the desire to prove to me how Putins policy is nationalistic.

            Which has nothing to do with the issue at hand. Nothing.

            BTW: Willing Conscience down below has the links you requested. ;)

            And contrary to your dismissing the RIAC as “5th collum”, the are the most respected Russian think tank, directly connected to Putin, authored by the vice president of this council. Plus top level diplomats are always directly subject to Putins policy.
            Or do you think a top level diplomat can just talk to the US about the option to drop Assad without this being approved by Putin?

            Also: Putins power has always, and will always depend on balancing all sides. He supports and is supported by BOTH nationalists and, what you call, 5th columnists.
            Also, he is an outspoken supporter of Israel, and hates “Anti-Semitism”.

            PS: I also dont have a problem with that. Though i understand many have a problem with the fact that most Russian oligarchs are Jewish..

          • AM Hants

            Thanks for noticing you were rather heated in your response. Which led me to check on your comment history and see if their was a bias.

            So many expect so much from President Putin and at the end of the day he is a mere human. Personally, being English, I would prefer a leader in Westminster, who was a clone of President Putin and fought for the UK, and was proud of the UK as President Putin is of Russia.

            Donald Trump is what I would class as a Nationalist leader. President Putin, I would class as a patriotic leader.

            The Nationalist, views their opinions, nation the best, devoid of fault, with absolutely zero respect for any other nation or their people.

            A patriotic leader, is proud of their people/nation, but does not despise other nations or people, in the same way a nationalist leader would do.

            President Putin and his team, treat each and every nation, including Israel with respect. They do not go looking for trouble, but, use diplomatic respect to further their nations best interests. It works, owing to the amount of leaders that seek the wisdom of Russia to help with their problems. Understanding that Russian leaders can be trusted, unlike most others. They look for the middle ground, then work from there.

            Bush Junior on President Putin:

            ‘You look into his eyes and can see his soul’

            Bill Clinton on President Putin:

            ‘when he gives his word, he never turns back. Unlike most leadets’

            President Assad:

            ‘You either have a country or you don’ t’. When discussing the intelligence, diplomacy and patience of Russian leadership, compared to the immaturity and insanity from the US.

            Remember, President Assad, not that long ago, was working as an opthalmic surgeon, over in London, where he met his British wife. He was being wined and dined in Buckingham Palace. Everything, was happy in the secular nation, specifically on the international stage. What happened next? President Assad said No. He was not going to give the assets of Syria away.

          • I am sharing your post elsewhere, Dearest AM.

            You are becoming more or less absolutely flawless in your reasoning. Have you ever studied mathematics or worked as a professional analyst for a major financial establishment or busyness counterintelligence unit? If I may enquire that is .. Just on the basis of your latest comments I would not hesitate for a fraction of a second to recommend you for a position of the head of mi6.

            Kind regards,


          • AM Hants

            Thank you Styx for such a lovely complement.

            No, I have not seriously studied maths, but, decided to revisit maths classes in September, for a hobby. Forgotten so much, since leaving school and fancied catching up, purely for fun.

            Without going into it, almost ended up in a position associated with analysing intelligence, although not financial. Somebody wanted me in the position, but, I never took it further., despite knowing I would have loved the position. Office politics got in the way, courtesy of a very arrogant and ignorant boss, who had a problem with strong females, haha.

            Any of my comments, more than happy for others to share them.

          • Thank you for your genuinely illuminating reply, Dearest AM.

            As for you very arrogant and ignorant boss, I think this etymology article might help:

            Late Middle English via Old French and medieval Latin from Greek hierarkhia, from hierarkhēs ‘sacred ruler’ (see hierarch). The earliest sense was ‘system of orders of angels and heavenly beings’; the other senses date from the 17th century.

          • AM Hants

            Cheers. The place I was talking about had nought to do with defence. It concerned something else.

            My boss, like many insecure people, was threatened by anybody with a mind of their own. When somebody from another department came sniffing, with a fantastic opportunity for me, it caused problems for his mental state. By that time I had enough of him and told him where to stick the job. Worth it to see the expression on his face as I had removed his power. Shame, as I loved the job and would have loved the other.

          • SteLe

            Okay. I am deeply sorry. I actually thought you are just trolling for fun, but you seem to actually have a mental problem.
            First you claim to have inside information that some other poster here is a NSA agent sine 6 years, then you claim to be able to recommend AM Hants for the head of the Mi6.
            I have had colleagues with paranoid schizophrenic disorder, and you actually need help. And i mean that not as attack, but compassion. It is a serious disease, but with the right help and medication you can stay symptom free.

            But posting crazy stuff to antagonize people wont help for sure.

          • Specimens like you could never qualify as “people”.

            Medium secure psychiatric accommodation or prison is the only appropriate place of habitation for purposefully deranged vermin like you.

          • SteLe

            All right, seems we now can discuss in a civil manner.

            And i agree with you on all points, but still would ask you what actually you disagree with on my original comment.

          • AM Hants

            To be honest, I can’t even remember the start of the conversation.

        • It is YOUR voluntary bubble that you should come out of.

          • SteLe

            Again Styx, please elaborate.
            No arguments, like your post above.

            I have shown to discuss openly with everyone who is able to do so.
            I give you the benefit of the doubt that you can too.

    • Liberal guy

      Hahahahaha u fool

      • SteLe

        HAHAHA you blind idiot, who thinks not countering any argument is equivalent to an argument.
        “Liberal” idiot.

        • Liberal guy

          Hahahahaha OK bastard

          • SteLe

            Hm, i thought you actually would be able to write a post with an actual argument.
            But dont give up. If you get into 3. grade you will have the chance to learn it.

          • Liberal guy


          • SteLe

            Okay, when your replies get shorter and shorter, does this mean your brain is shrinking even further, or that you are a bot?

      • SteLe

        It would be nice to have some actual counter arguments. Instead, just down votes, personal attacks, but ZERO (yes, ZERO) counter arguments.

        Only claims i should google what everyone in Syria knows for weeks for other persons.

        I have been both critical for previous SF work, and i have praised SF work (e.g. the very good analysis on Donbass just hours before this).

        I believe most here want to support Russia against the US/NATO cold war, and i do too.

        But i also support Syrias Government, Irans government against the very same aggressor.
        And i can not close my eyes when the interests of Russia, Iran, Syria dont overlap.

        Often they are in direct conflict.

        And all here who pretend this is not the case, are naive to the point of the typical MSM-reader.

        If you want to be cheerleaders, okay. If you want to support Russia interests without any consideration for Syria’s, or Iran’s, or Palestine’s, okay. But dont attack others who want to have a balanced view.

        You can not do both.

        • AM Hants

          Cut and paste, wonder how many others got same comments from you?

          How many comments have you posted in support of your views? Is it just 56?

          • SteLe

            Again no argument, only innuendo.
            Even “Liberal guy” has now been able to post an argument.
            And why do you care about my comment stats? Are you one of the people who measure themselves by “likes” on social media?

          • AM Hants

            No, I occasionally check mine out, when commented on them. Which would be once a year. I wanted to see if you commented with a certain bias, owing to how you were using personal insults. Surprised, to find that you seldom comment or are a new comer or name changer.

          • SteLe

            Well, you would have found that i am not a bot, and am pretty consistent.

            Though i have my own head, and when i am attacked by a mod, like my first comment on this threat, without ANY argument but personal attacks, i am not someone who backs down. Since my early childhood live forced me to hold my own and to fight for my own survival, so when i am attacked i am not above pushing back on the same level.

            Sadly sometimes people who dont deserve get a more heated tone than they deserve, as in your case, for which i can only apologize.
            But i have invested a long time to build up my own mind, have invested much in educating me and still retaining an independent mind, so when i get attacked only because i dare to criticize now only US policy, but for example such Russian policy, i find it kind of unjust. And this is something i dont accept ever.
            I think we all need to be able to see the world with all its facets, and a black white world view is not only bad when one is a US American, but also for everyone else in the world. Nobody is perfect, and especially when one supports someone or something, one has to criticize. Only that critique can keep things healthy.

            Cheerleading is no helpful support in intellectual or political matters. It cements the status quo and prevents positive change.
            Seeing that you have quite your own head yourself, i respect that.
            All the best to you, even though we may disagree about this our that policy.

          • AM Hants

            Take care. Some you have hit heads with are decent posters. Things do get heated, because most of us, excluding the trolls are happy to voice the injustices. Sometimes things get lost in translation. Must admit, do find you learn a lot (meaning myself), when listening/reading a different view point. The type that makes you find out more.

            You do not necessarily agree, but, gives another layer to how you look at something.

          • SteLe

            Wise words, and all the best to you!

        • Liberal guy

          U really support the Syrians?

          • SteLe

            What question is that?
            But now that you had your first try at an argument, i will give you the benefit of the doubt.
            I first did not understand the implications of the “Arab Spring”.

            I thought it was a liberation simply; the underlying dynamic of US power wanting to shape the Middle East, and radical Islam i could only see around 2012/2013.
            By then i was mostly occupied with the new Cold War, meaning Ukraine.
            As a German, the Cold War was a major influence on me politically, and rejecting US empire politics is one of the major political values i have held for 3 decades now, since my childhood.
            2012/2013 the US agenda in Syria and the Islamist fascism became obvious to me, also the MSM lies became absolutely crazy.
            Since then, i have blogged, Twittered and writing short articles for small blogs and websites. Nothing of major impact, but for the feeling to “do something”, instead of just consuming.
            I dont think Assad is a saint, but i also dont think a saint is able to rule any country in the MENA region. Even more any country with violent Islamist.
            A leader like Assad may be imperfect, but the best possible option.
            Like one of the greatest journalists on MENA wrote: The best realistic option is an enlightened despot.
            Everything else are childish neocon dreams.
            The same can i say about Putin. While i think he has many faults (his allegiance with neoliberal, Oligarchs, his economic policy, social security policy), there is currently no better option. And most Russian see this just the same.

            That said, what i can not stand is cheerleading. Meaning having a 100% good/bad world view.
            If one supports something or someone, one HAS to be critical. Only that critique keeps things to evolve healthy.

          • Liberal guy

            Yes right

          • SteLe

            Thanks, seems you now can understand my point of view.
            Lets just hope the Idlib mess and Turkish occupation can be solved without having to accept the Jihadi presence for decades to come.
            Sadly a frozen conflict seems more than likely, and the Turks will only go when forced out militarily.
            And that will only happed through the SAAs own strength. After the Turkish-Russian confrontation start of this year, Russia surely (and at this point somewhat understandable) wont directly support an attack on the Turks. And Iran the same.

          • Liberal guy

            Well more syrian wahhabis deads in syrian and Libya soon and in the present also

          • Liberal guy

            Assad is in power better then the zio wahhabis

          • Willing Conscience (The Truths

            Some people back one team in the league and then barrack for them and no one else, they aplaude their own teams good plays and boo the other teams achievements, they ignore all the fouls their own team makes but quickly call out all the other teams fouls when they see them, but those sort of people never make good umpires, and there’s a lot of bad umpires on SF.
            We need all the impartial umpires on SF to boo and cheer louder.

          • SteLe

            Most reasonable people wont ever stay long on a site like SF. Even less reading or even posting comments here.
            And i start to understand why.. ;)

          • Willing Conscience (The Truths

            Not many people can tolerate the constant abuse here on SF so I don’t blame them, but I’m lucky, I’ve got a really thick skin. :]

          • You are being twisted in a classical sense of the word.

            That is all to you, Ste.

          • SteLe

            Okay, Styx. Do me the favor to elaborate?

        • “If you want to support Russia interests without any consideration for Syria’s, or Iran’s, or Palestine’s, okay.”

          How much more wicked can you possibly get ..

          Where are you from originally?

          • SteLe

            What is wicked about understanding that different countries have different strategic, economic, political and ideological interests?
            In fact denying this reality would get you laughed out by any serious diplomat, analyst or politician. No matter if they are based in D.C., Moscow or Damascus.
            That you attack someone who simply spells out this reality… That indeed would be “twisted”.

          • You wouldn’t know reality even if it punched you in the face, I am very sorry to say Ste.

            In the actual fact, specimens like you usually never come anywhere close to reality in their entire life.

            Try dwelling on the proverbial – Truth is stranger than Fiction to start with.

            Trying to see through stereotypes and learning how to recognise complex illusions can also help if you keep an open mind ..

            Changing the subject ever so slightly, watching these series based on real life might help even a hopeless case like u:


            I very much like the soundtrack and the opening titles theme ..

            Kind regards, if I may


            PS. For genuinely factual info you may try this site:


          • SteLe

            Wow. I really expected here you would finally offer at least one argument.
            But at least you went from innuendo and personal attacks on to off-topic meta.

            So when i talked about the SPECIFIC reality of different countries having different interests (hence the “denying this reality”) you want to enlighten me with 1 level class philosophy? That would not have enlightened me 15 years ago already.

            And then, while before dwelling on the illusory and diffuse character or reality, you point me to a single website. And a US TV series. Kind of ironic.
            Even more ironic, it is not loading and timing out on both Linux and Windows, VPN and unencrypted connection. ;)

            Again, in a discussion, one has to use arguments, or it is not a discussion, but a narcissistic display of intellectual self masturbation.
            And that, is not fruitful by any means of that word.

          • In other words you did not read or in fact understand anything I said to you earlier.

            Do try the TV series though. I had a pleasure to work with the author on a factual side of the story.

            As I mathematician I do know better than most the difference between reality and complex illusions specimens like you mistake for reality as such.

            I also recommend that you think first prior to replying, not the other way round.

            Please do NOT waste your time on replying to me if you are totally incapable of thinking for yourself. After all The World is full of specimens like you.

          • SteLe

            Wow. A scientist? You should be accustomed to the principle of discussion, which are based on arguments probing a theory.
            And STILL:

            You are not able to counter ANYTHING of what i wrote.

            Saying “You did not understand what i said” is not Proving by arguments that i did not. You just claim.
            As a scientist.
            No wonder many of your fellow scientists now replace discussion with pay per publish schemes. Or upvote themselves magically at the same interval for ever post.

            The rest of your post: Again you point to a TV show, use innuendo and personal attacks (i thought you would be able to not relapse into this behavior, seems i overestimated you).

            Intellectual emptiness, substituted by aggression and narcissism.
            What really seems to bother you: Being unable to find counter arguments to the original topic of my post. And THAT as a “mathematician”. That some dude on the internet leaves your world view challenged, and you have nothing both the a fore mentioned diversion tactics to fill this intellectual void you now feel.

            Despite all this, i am still open for an honest, scientific discussion, that is if you actually take the time to respond to my original post and arguments with counter arguments.
            So good night Ian. I hope tomorrow we can forget how we got here, and share arguments and counter arguments. Like scientists do.
            At least in the old days of my studying times.
            Fuck your and my ego, i am sure you are way better at math than me, and maybe you can also accept that at least with some points i made i know a little more (based on years of research and networking of sources).
            So good night, and till tomorrow.

          • In other words you have absolutely nothing to say on any subject whatsoever. I am so sory I so grossly overestimated you earlier on.


          • SteLe

            I would see this as your capitulation, after you never could counter anything i said.
            But seeing your other posts, where you offer another commentor the job of head of Mi6, and warn another that someone here has been a NSA agent for six years. And then you claim to work as mathematician, and then as intelligence analyst.
            You are either a true troll who gets off attacking other people (seeing you are unable to write at least one counter argument), or you are a paranoid schizophrenic who believes to be able to appoint someone to head of Mi6 or is able to mindread that anonymous people on Disqus are having 6 year long contracts at NSA.

            THAT is the really sad question..

    • Willing Conscience (The Truths

      Excellent comment.
      The truth is out there but most of us are blind deaf and dumb [mute], it’s not because we’re all stupid, just blind deaf and dumb. Propaganda has a way of doing that to the people who pick a side and stick to it no matter what, they become blind deaf and dumb when it comes to the truth, see no evil, hear no evil and then speak no evil, it’s so sad.
      You’re an honest person and I appreciate your honest [and enlightened] comment but not many other will, the truth has no place on SF unless it’s something that SF finds useful and something the readers want to hear.
      The rift between Assad and Russia is only the result of the rift between Russia and Iran, Assad’s being pulled in 2 directions, but I think he should be letting go of the Iranian hand just a little and holding onto Putin’s hand a bit more instead, Russia’s heading in a fruitful direction but Iran seems to be well on the path to self destruction, so Assad has to start making choices.
      But I better also add I don’t agree with Putin’s dealings with Assad concerning Turkey, on that front I wish he’d tell Putin to jam his advice right where the sun never shines.
      Cheers and again great comment.

      • SteLe

        Thanks for your comment.
        And you are right, the whole issue is about Irans influence.

        Assad is now gaining strength, and does not want to be anymore so subjugated to Russia and Iran as he had to all these years.
        He is establishing Influence in Lebanon, and can play his sponsoring powers against each other for gaining better deals.
        That is good, and it seems Assad now is able to push Russia for more support, also in the face of Turkey.
        Russian policy makers and think tanks are frustrated anyway that their goal of settling the conflict with Turkey is now exposed as a naive dream.
        But Assad stayed strong to Russian demands to give in to Turkey, and now finally Russia is forced to accept that only through Syrian strength can Erdogan be forced into a deal.
        Also the option of replacing Assad now seems to be of the table for Russia.
        And THAT is the most important thing.
        I dont want to imagine what mess would Syria become had they replaced Assad with some of the people Russia had groomed for years for this option.
        Cheers too!

    • Tommy Jensen

      In some place you are right. I heard critical comments from Assad but you never know whether this is war propaganda.
      However, we know there has been an issue around Assad’s purchase of S-300 for more than 10 years, where Assad had to rely on Iran instead.
      But…..its not an easy game for anybody.

    • SteLe

      So, to the downvoters:
      It would be nice to have some actual counter arguments. Instead, just down votes, personal attacks, but ZERO (yes, ZERO) counter arguments.
      Only claims i should google what everyone in Syria knows for weeks for other persons.
      I have been both critical for previous SF work, and i have praised SF work (e.g. the very good analysis on Donbass just hours before this).
      I believe most here want to support Russia against the US/NATO cold war, and i do too.
      But i also support Syrias Government, Irans government against the very same aggressor.
      And i can not close my eyes when the interests of Russia, Iran, Syria dont overlap.
      Often they are in direct conflict.
      And all here who pretend this is not the case, are naive to the point of the typical MSM-reader.
      If you want to be cheerleaders, okay. If you want to support Russia interests without any consideration for Syria’s, or Iran’s, or Palestine’s, okay. But dont attack others who want to have a balanced view.
      You can not do both.

      • Willing Conscience (The Truths

        “And all here who pretend this is not the case, are naive to the point of the typical MSM-reader.”

        I used to think that too but now I realize some of ours are way worse than theirs, and a lot dumber too, and as you’ve also discovered, way way more offensive.

        • SteLe

          Sadly there is some truth to what you say.

          The typical MSM reader is surly naive and superficial.
          But those that claim to look beyond MSM narratives, and then only spread the narrative of another power and elite, are in someway even worse, as you say.
          They claim to be a solution, but are only deflecting from it.

  • Raptar Driver

    This is good news.

  • RichardD


  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    Ideal location for another Container (29B6) over-the-horizon radar site.
    Sky observer: in the Russian Federation they will create a continuous radar field for detecting enemy aircraft

  • Assad must stay

    thats great, US cannot have any bases in syria, russia can :)

    • <- Beware the Jew

      Legally, that is!

  • Fantax

    So the jihadists and the Turkish proxies will have more targets

    • AM Hants

      But. Still unable to touch them.

    • Lone Ranger

      Vice versa.
      They will have more crosshairs painted on their back.
      Fried and roasted cia and mossadisis in the morning, hmmm delicious :)

      • Fantax

        I hope you are right but I have lost my trust in Putin.

        • Lone Ranger

          I havent.
          Facts speak for themselves.
          Putin plays long term, it took 5years(since Russian intervention) but Syria won.

        • AM Hants

          I love his timing. He understands ‘The Art of War’ brilliantly. Whether understanding his foe better than himself, or the best way of winning the war, is not by fighting.


    Picture appears to be a Pantsir with the turret facing to the rear in a dug out position.
    Vehicle can just drive forward up ramp to leave position.

  • Lone Ranger

    CIAisis will cry and rage :)
    Good job Comrades.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    So what’s the biggest difference between Russia setting up bases in Syria and Iran setting up bases in Syria, there’s a really big difference.

    1, When Russia sets up a base in Syria there’s never any local resentment, but when Iran does there’s nothing but local resentment.

    2, Russia doesn’t make a cent out of any of its holdings in Syria, they get no money back in return for their military assistance, just a few acres of land to establish the base, Iran on the other hand is making money out of all it’s holdings in Syria and they hold a lot, Syria’s turning into a money making machine for Iran, and now oil prices have collapsed their holdings in Syria are even more important.

    There’s 2 big differences, so I don’t mind the Russian building a heap more bases in Syria, it’ll work out way cheaper for Assad.

    • Free man

      Another big difference – Iranian bases are perceived by some of Syria’s neighbors as a threat. Russian bases are seen as legitimate assets used to maintain stability and order in Syria.

      • christianblood

        Long Live Iran!
        Long Live The Resistance!

        • Free man

          Long Live The Resistance = Endless war in Syria = Interest of the Mullahs regime = / = Interest of Syria

          • Bob

            The source of endless war in Syria is ongoing NATO-Gulf State-Israeli attempts to undermine and dismember Syrian state. Iran were not previously heavily involved inside of Syria – in past were merely on good term with Syrian leadership and had access to Damascus airport and transit route to Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. Actual Iranian military contingents only appeared on scene inside of Syria as direct consequence of the foreign proxy war against Syrian state. Iran’ expanded presence in Syria has absolutely been a direct blow-back effect of NATO-Gulf States-Israeli proxy-manipulations and aggression against Syria.

          • Willing Conscience (The Truths

            You’re absolutely correct but only up until june 2018, after that date the Israelis started saying they have no issues with Assad remaining in power, and they’ve also added that they’re totally opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood and Erdogan getting a foothold in Syria.
            So in effect they’ve allied themselves to the Syrian government now on this particular issue, as unbelievable as that sounds, and despite the fact they keep bombing Iranian targets in Syria, the most important fact is they’d much prefer to have Assad as a neighbour now than have Erdogan and the Muslim Brotherhood take his place, and that’s the only 2 choices they have.
            So the Muslim Brotherhood is in reality the biggest threat to Assad’s government now, it’s not the Israelis or NATO or the US, and sadly Iran’s not doing anything to help mend the relationship between Syria and Israel, and I think that’s a way better option than starting another war, Russia obviously thinks the same way too, even if Russia doesn’t say it.
            Russia formed and reorganized the SAA 4th and 5th army corps to fully represent Syrian society, it’s commanders and officers are mostly Sunni commanders/officers that have no loyalty whatsoever to Iran, in fact most of them are anti Iran, and this is all on the public record with no dissention of the facts.
            So why do you suppose the Russians would do that, create 2 new SAA army corps that didn’t have any loyalty to Iran, it definitely didn’t make Iran very happy when they did, but there’s a good reason they did.
            I link this article from the RIAC website all the time, it’s just one of the reasons I’ve changed my mind about Iran’s positive involvement in Syria to a negative one now. If you have some spare time have a read and see what the smartest people in Russia actually think about the situation, and what they’re also recommending doing about it. And remember these guys advise the Russian government on all matters, economic, political, military, science and industry, the Russian government picks them to be in the Think Tank because the Russian government thinks they’re the smartest people in Russia, and I do too sometimes.
            Have a read and see if there’s anything they say you might agree on too, they make a lot of sense to me.


            Rami Maalouf used to be Russia’s golden boy in Syria, he did many deals with Russia and helped them quite a lot, but then he started doing deals with Iran too, especially land deals which seemed to leave Iran on the best side of the deal, and that was ok until he overstepped the mark, when he tried to set up a Telecom deal with the Iranians his status as the Russian golden boy came to an end, the Iranians would’ve been listening in on private phone calls between Russia and Syria if Rami’s deal had gone ahead, but Russia doesn’t believe the Iranians should control the whole Syrian telecommunications networks, and I don’t either, bye bye Rami.
            The Russian government can’t say offensive things about it’s friends and allies in public, but some of its government institutions can, and they’re the best source of info when it come to finding out what the Russian government is actually thinking, not just saying.

          • christianblood

            No, the goal is to resist the Evil Empire and its genocidal terrorist allies.

          • Free man

            The “resistance” is a disaster for everywhere it comes. Countries/territories such as Iran, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and Gaza are failing countries/territories because of the “resistance”.

          • christianblood

            So what is the alternative to ressisting Evil? You want them to lie down and take it?
            It won’t happen, just as the US citizens are resisting and fighting back against the Evil
            police brutality in their country, the world should come together and resist the Evil Empire.

      • Willing Conscience (The Truths

        They are indeed, which is another very good reason to get rid of them.

    • <>

      Agreed, also we don’t mind if Russia builds 1000 bases in Syria, but for us even 1 Iranian base is more than enough to respond. All of Iran’s actions in Syria are made to get one thing – open another front against us. Won’t happen.

      • John Brown

        Shut the fuck up, Yid. Your pest population will be exterminated.

        • <>

          And what if I won’t shut up? will you come here and force me to? seriously bitch, know your place.

          • John Brown

            Yes, we are going to come and turn you out of all of our lands.

          • <>

            Come then, and don’t bark.

      • Willing Conscience (The Truths

        Iran’s idea of appropriate defense is establishing hundreds of threatening missile bases all around Israel, and the clever thing they do is put them in other peoples neighbourhoods and put the innocent locals at risk instead of themselves, that’s until the unwilling locals kick them out and burn down their missile bases.
        They’re running out of money fast now since the Turks practically deserted them, China’s the only one left buying their oil so they won’t be able to sustain themselves for much longer, the clock is ticking.

    • John Brown

      Lol STFU yid.

      • Willing Conscience (The Truths

        If you’re calling me a yid you better call the Russians the same thing too, you very stupid person, you must be blind dumb and stupid as well.

  • Free man

    Given the current abysmal state of Syria’s economy, Russia will have to invest more and more in Syria, as a result it will have to secure more interests and facilities in the country. With continued Western sanctions on Damascus and a lack of proper economic management, Syria will gradually cede more and more to Moscow.

    • christianblood

      Western sanctions don’t work, look at how Iran is living with Western sanctions for decades and still remains a powerful country, Cuba too.

      • Free man

        “Western sanctions don’t work” – A good joke. But I don’t think Syrians laugh when they hear this joke.
        The Iranian economy is in a catastrophic state. And the Cubans drive American cars from the 1950s.

        • christianblood

          What is wrong driving 1950s cars?
          You must be drunk with Hollywood propaganda!

          • Free man

            I love your sense of humor.
            I am sure you won’t be ready to live with your family for one month in “prosperous” and “powerful” Iran and Cuba.

          • christianblood

            I don’t believe in the dangerous, unspiritual xtreme materialism that is corrupting the West and don’t see anything wrong with 1950s cars.

          • Free man

            I am also against extreme materialism, which is a global problem not just a Western one. Cubans drive old cars because of the crippling sanctions, not because they are vintage car enthusiasts.

  • cechas vodobenikov

    without amerikan, Israeli turkey imperialism Syria would not have sought Russian assistance

    • goingbrokes

      Correct. But then again why would it? If the war against Syria had not been organised and financed from the outside, SAA would have taken control within weeks. But facing an extremely violent insurrection/invasion organised by the most powerful and richest countries in the world, little Syria needed a helping hand. Russia provided it – no problemo!

  • nyomarek

    Russia should organize a soup kitchen at their bases hiring expert Syrian cooks to give fresh food to any Syrians, who wants to eat an excellent meal.