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JUNE 2021

Russia Is Going To Start Production Of Construction Materials And Cars In Syria

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Russia Is Going To Start Production Of Construction Materials And Cars In Syria


On September 21st, the Russian Minister of Trade and Industry Denis Manturov announced the country’s plans to start production of construction materials and cars in Syria, which are to be exported to third countries.

As cited by TASS during a press conference following the meeting of the Russian-Chinese subcommittee for cooperation in the field of industry, Manturov said that the countries are currently discussing the option of Russian production of construction materials and cars in Syria.

“We have been cooperating with Syria for a long time to supply road construction equipment, construction materials, and to organize the production there,” Manturov said.

The Trade and Industry Minister did not specify what companies will be established, who will be their key participants, under what brand will the products be produced. He did, however, confirm that it will be within the transport and energy construction industry, as well as the automotive one.

“What will come first, in view of restoration will be construction materials. The organization of production there is for the production of construction materials, which are to be used in the local market,” according to Manturov, as cited by RIA Novosti.

Manturov also expressed hope that the construction materials may be delivered beyond the Syrian market, to other countries in the region.

“If these products are to be competitive, they will have to be delivered to neighboring countries from the Syrian establishment,” the Minister said.

Russia is already looking into building its own production bases in Syria. In February, the vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vladimir Padalko, claimed that Russian companies are discussing projects for the construction of cars and agricultural machinery in Syria.

He also specified that large automotive manufacturers will most likely not enter the country, their dealers will. He also announced that one Russian company has initiated negotiations for the construction of more than a dozen establishments for the production of reinforced concrete products.

Belarus has also announced plans to establish a car manufacturing base in Syria. Mid-January 2018, representatives of the Belarusian company MAZ held the relevant negotiations in the Syrian Ministry of Industry.

In addition to announcement regarding Syria, Manturov also spoke about the development of industry in Russia and China. According to him, Russian and Chinese industrial progress and cooperation draw dissatisfaction from the Western Countries.

“You can see for yourself the difficult geopolitical and economic situation in which our countries are. It is chiefly due to the fact that we produce large volumes of competitive products – it concerns iron and steel industry and nonferrous industry, in particular aluminum,” Manturov said at the press conference.

“The stronger the Chinese and Russian industries become, the more dissatisfaction it draws from our Western colleagues, in particular the US,” he stated.

“However, it only motivates us all the more to cooperate in the areas we discussed today. These are, in particular, metallurgy industry, aluminum, radio-electronic industry, pharmaceutics, automobile industry and new groundbreaking spheres,” Manturov reported.

“Pressure, sanctions and certain bans by the Western countries and the US push us once again toward cooperation and a search for joint solutions and products,” the Russian industry and trade minister concluded.

The announcement of industrial establishments in Syria follows the announcement of Russia’s Export Development Plan on September 12th. Denis Manturov said that the plan envisioned the launching of 4 industrial zones abroad, all of which are to be operational within 6 years.

This is in addition to the one already functioning in Egypt.

“We are developing a program for the creation of industrial zones abroad. We should establish at least four zones in six years. We have one in Egypt, and we must form them in Latin America too – it could be Mexico, Uruguay or Paraguay, in Southeast Asia – Vietnam, Malaysia or Indonesia – and in eastern or western Africa. We will analyze where it will be advantageous,” the minister said.

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This is excellent news and aside from the Palestinians and Yemenis, I can’t think of a worthier people than the Syrians to benefit.


Syria can benefit directly from local production of construction materials and heavy construction equipment enabling them to reconstruct their country at relatively modest prices. Russia and China establishing economic zones in ME, SE Asia and Central and South America will provide the respective countries to become more self sufficient and not reliant on IMF or the World Bank, reducing the western financial and economic footprint of influence world wide.


Please do.
If anything, Produce Small engines for Motorcycles. 30cc-300cc Motors are a Guaranteed money maker in a war destroyed area.
Those kids without parents Would benefit Greatly from those little Machines more than from Car Production.
Starting production of Small engines could Save Russia a great deal of Money. Maybe some of that Money could be used to Build small Projects like Hydroponic Farms.
Chemical Plants, or Maybe Get Started with tereforming Sand and rock into productive Farmland with Chinese Technology.
Thank You.

Hide Behind

While the idea of cheap mobility, such as gas engined motor bikes is appealing the best and quickest way to economic stability nationally is to provide jobs at a living wage by heavier industrial, mineral extraction and infrastructure construction first.
In regards to automobiles while exports will be important the cost to lower wage populace is vastly reduced, as every auto importedmeans cost hikes along with a huge outflow of Dollar/Euros.
History of US auto industry and elsewhere shows that employees of and within industry are most likely to be first buyers
Autos are multi parts and material dependent, from wiring and lighting, metals, and especially petrochemical composites ie. plastics and tires, and todays computer assisted environmental and mileage comtrols.
This means even more employed outside of actual plants.
It also means more road and heavy transport is needed.
Today China isplanning on manufacturing building an immediate estimated 20% of all vehicles to be electric and gas/ electric hybrids.
When and until domestic economy pi
picks up it is less expensive to just import, especially from China, gas and electric powered bikes and small three wheeled carts.
Once again history shows that concentrations of an industry bt a foreign financial interest is done for because of cheap labor and production export without any domestic parts infrastructure the buying public is reduced to just a means of wealthy purchaces.
China is a great trade partner mainly because besides just investing in singular projects, they also find markets for other products as that nations poor find more economic stability.
A cement plant in a poor country needs roads, they sell road biilding equipment at low profit margins. Roads means better access to markets by farmers who then increase buying of low cost Chinese diesel tractors.
You do not sell gas or electric powered water pumps to people that cannot afford gas or electricity to run them; instead you sell hand pumps first then you build electrical power as the people can then afford it.
Selling cheap motor bikes to youths with no chance of future economic advancements, means you end up later selling old farts cheap three wheeled wheelchairs.


Mineral extraction is not a big employer.

Australia one of the biggest extraction economies in the world, has a very small total population, and only a fraction of those work in the mines.
Unless you envisage a medieval mine, with lines of people carrying out piles of rock on their head?

You assume that Syrians, who have large gas and oil reserves could not afford their own resource?
How about Syrians make their own bricks, and cement etc, if you want large numbers of jobs, you need manufacturing and or construction.

As for motor bikes, leave that to China

Hide Behind

What I envision?
Did you know that concrete is traded world wide on the commodity markets, one of largest controllers and suppliers in ME is a Palastinian living in Lebanon, and that he sold majority of concrete of Israels apartheid walls.
That the largest concrete supplier in Iraq is mainly European owned but Iraq government had to pay from its oil funds to get it built?
In US I have seen many a mountain disappear for its coal in one year by as few as 400 total workforce.
Google Map of Northwest Territories. Canada and you can see the greatest of land mass environmental destruction on earth and all done by around 3000 laborers a year.
That Canada and US destroy 3x’s as large a forest as what is destroyed in Amazon, and 85% of lumber is export.
All done by less than 35,000, including dumb as rocks loggers, mill workers and clerks in lumber yards at what is known as a liveable wage.
Oklahoma USA has over 10,000 fracking wells that during initial drillings total took less than 20,000 men, and at completion of site they became unemployed inoil and gas including transportation, didtilling is almost all automated, and that less than 5% of all carbon extractions are owned by Americans.
That around 80% of that profit goes to British concernss. 10% to natives and 10% to Crown Canada.
Every enterprise, including food production , in Iraq is majority owned by foreign entities who pay some of lowest tax and Royalties of any nation to Iraq people?
Even the UAE and Saudis use oil and gas revenues to build Solar energy, energy used say for desalination plants.
You want to see real automation take a You Tube tour of Ford of Germany newest plant that is 90% robotics.
How many electrical, mechanical, and robotic engineers are in Syria, and how many poorly skilled Syrians will find only lowest basic jpbs at that new auto plants.
Wealth for cmmon man is dependent upon a few highly waged workers that spend their “expendable incomes” domesticly, compounding money supply.
Money spent on foods, luxury goods, clothes, kids education and upkeep.
Syria can sell foreigner built autos, built by imported parts and labor managers all for export, but by going solar paid for by oil gas revenues the natoon can be energy self suffecient.
It is up to common persons to behin the mom and pop buisnesses that will pay vast majority of peoples wages but start up capable funding also has to come from those expendable wage earners pockets.
It makes little difference to common man how many foreign plants are built, as the majority of wealth is owned by less than 2% of populace, goverment bureaucracy, educated univiersity idoots who suck off peoples wages, and 75- 80^% exported owners leaving damn little for common man.
Russian oligarchs will build and own huge portions of plants, plants built by extraction of carbon and minerals sold by Syrian oligarchs in government in order to build.
In nations without technical and economic savy it will take years, decades, before populace can begin to not being wage slaves, and to begin using own brains to become independent populace.
What diff if Syria becomes part of European dominated New World Monetary system or portion of same System under Russian managers.
Not one damn bit as both systems destroy the in existence or future middle classes; they who could of been the best models of building a truly equitable economic system for all.
Syria offers damn little but as being an exploitable resource
by more advanced nations.
It is up to the common mans abilities on learning how to exploit the opportunities presented by foreign investors.
The foreign investors care not about the Spirituality of Islamic peoples, why they fear them is because of own trading of spiritual growth for material wealth.
Syrian people will be no different.

Hide Behind

This project is one of many that can transform all of Syrian Society, from a low tech unskilled nation and bring it into modern age.
Hard part will be transforming the ancient Political Satrap mentality of its old elites.
Good to see mention of China inclusion as Chinas’ technical savy, unlike Russia that has mostly all its tech concentrated on military advancements, is one of multiple fields.
Take solar energy for example, China is world leader in Solar technology from manufacturing to extremely effecient delivery.
Going Solar would be a huge boon to Syrian economy towards making it non csrbon dependent.
And it is not in need of land mass for huge arrays or lacking in sunshine.
Iran is no longer a low tech backasswards nation either, and already is aroung 10th in world in automobile and truck manufacturing with a large export market.
A very large problem also exist in how fast they can transform a huge population of unskilled low tech educated populace into a viable workforce.
Gradually Russia and others will guide Syria into joining the neoliberal New World economy, of which no matter their National Bull sh.t they are a large player in.


This is coöperation and foresight into the future.

Don Machiavelli

Russia is making good moves. I have to praise Mr. Lavrov for his remarks in his today’s visit of Bosnia too, so Russia is making good moves all around it seems. Greetings from Sarajevo :)


See now if the Terrorists were winning, the US would be building a Chemical/Biological weapons research and manufacturing facility.


Obvious PR attempt is obvious, but I think this will end like all the other attempts at industrialization in the Arab world…

Bill Wilson

They need to rebuild the factories and agricultural processing plants first before doing anything else. What Syria could have built right away would be a few new oil refineries which can process their heavy sour crude, which makes up the bulk of Syria’s reserves.




cars? russians??????

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