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Russia Is Establishing New Base In SDF-Held Eastern Aleppo: Monitoring Group

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Russia Is Establishing New Base In SDF-Held Eastern Aleppo: Monitoring Group

FILE IMAGE: Russian Military Police service members are in Syria

Russian forces are establishing a new base near the town of Manbij in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on November 2.

Manbij and its surroundings are held by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) established a network of positions around the town a few years ago in order to protect it from the Turkish military and its proxies who occupy nearby areas.

According to the SOHR, the new Russian base is located some 20 kilometers away from Turkish-occupied areas in the northern Aleppo countryside, right along the M4 highway which links the governorate with northeastern Syria.

On November 3, the monitoring group released a video of the new base where the SAA also maintains an artillery positions. Several Russian military vehicles have been already deployed at the new base.

The Russian move comes amid reports of a near Turkish-led attack on SDF-held areas in northern and northeastern Syria.

In the last few days, Russian forces and the SAA held a series of joint drills in northern and northeastern Syria in coordination with the SDF. The drills demonstrated their will to confront any Turkish attack on the SDF in order to maintain stability and security.


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Lone Ranger

CIA-t-rolls and hasbara-ts will cry and rage 🤗
Turkroaches too…

jens holm

It must be KGB:)

john mason

Russia’s actions are only helping the US who should be defending the SDF who happen to be their proxy. Let the Turks wipe out the Kurds; makes one wonder who’s side Russia is on.

jens holm

I agree or partly agree, but facts also are the USA has left that part if You subtracts some hard weapons now and then.

To many dirty fingers makes the soup dirty even they all wash their hands with Aleppo soap or better.


jens homo agrees with any fake news

jens holm

Thats not news. Its a reflexion based on news.

jens homo

we know u r CIA

jens holm

You probatly never has had a job.

He writes and think in “western world style” like me being able to analyse things.

Here many of us learn to relate and compare. Its seemes many here are raised as we see here by fanatic hooligans aprt from Ours often are drunk too.


SOUR jens reports Russian invasion cheese factory

jens holm

I mainly rapport the Russians are not able to make solutions as well even they are the chosen ones by Assads and themself.

They have solved nothing apart from some bases for themself. 1000s of bombs has not reduced ISIS down as they should as well.

They has made Afrin go to Turkey given up to change a comma in the Assad Feudalisme and ownership for everything there as well.

They seemes to have made even more refugees evewn som Syrian or whatever they are has returned too.

Assdas permanent has no 24/7 military control in Dara as well. And whats miliatry control worth for who there. I see none. Its only about colors on maps.

jens homo

dullard night porter stupid—since Russian intervention 4 million Syrians have repatriated–CIA, Turk controlled regions 10% of Syria
your only solution is theft and cheese…you are so feminized females run your nation–same as amerikan matriarchy….this explains why you are immoral

jens holm

4 million has not been repatriated at all. You probatly has been reading there are 4 milion Syrian liras for 1 dollar if You have a truck.

We has develloped us according whats needed for needs we think we need. The vomen has develloped themself too. It makes sense for all of us because we also use brains more then the neaderthals and the many look a likes.

In GDP we are number 20.

We produce twice as much as Turkey and 5 times more then Iran.

So we are fine and dont care about You. Actually we should care less. But we cant see vomen should be raised, bought and sold. We do that with pigs, cows, hens and sheep, which we also eat.


Jens too stupid to comprehend feudalism—your electricity derives from farts and cheese …you pay more in your dumbocracy than any EU nation

jens holm

50% of Our electricity is taken in as windpower.

Sure Our tax is high but also distributed back.

We have free schools, free educations, free hpspitals, almost free healtcare and free pension for all. Its distributed for equalizing. If people for life or fx after an accident, they get pension for the rest of their life too.

By that we dont need so much insurrence.

How dumb are we? Well Our Goverment only has 25% of the seat in the parlament, sothey have to speack with the rest of us. Erdogan could not run with the cheated 49% and Assads needs 91,5 supermegacheated.

We are the lowest in corruption and and we right now are named as having the most reliable courts in the whole world. Thats expensive but certainly pays off.

That the point of Our high tax and many free things. We see them as investmenets in people. Thye mainly support things, are included and the one which can also becomes taxpayers as they can.


jens-stuck -in-1920’s idiotoberg US puppet believes NATO rowboats can challenge pygmy navy….if night porter jens observes a banana he is delighted—he cannot afford dildo according to boyfriend poko molo

jens holm

You certainly keep Your low level well.

Man With No Name

So is the SDF collaborating now with Russia and the SAA?

jens holm

Well known: The enemy to Ypur enemy is Your friend.

SDF and Russians dont dislike each other. But Russia see Assads and the parts Assads almost has today much more important then the SDF parts(apart from the oil and maybee fertilizer).

I also will remind the SDF was forced to by the American retreat and the Turkish invasion. Thye will not unite with Assads on Assad conditions only.Thats how Syria lost Afrin.


Dear Southfront, please take action to deal with spanners and trolls on your site or people won’t take you seriously anymore.

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