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JUNE 2023

Russia Is Developing Mobile System That Can Detect, Locate Starlink Internet Terminals

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Russia Is Developing Mobile System That Can Detect, Locate Starlink Internet Terminals

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Russia’s Sestroretsk Arms Plant is developing a mobile system that can detect and locate Starlink internet terminals, the Reverse Side of the Medal channel on Telegram revealed on December 13.

The new system, dubbed “Borshchevik,” can reportedly detect Starlink terminals with a range of 10 kilometers and located them with an accuracy down to 60 meters only. The system can be mounted on several types of vehicles, which makes it suitable for operations near hot frontlines.

The system will soon be tested in real combat conditions on the frontline in the Russian special military operation zone in Ukraine.

The Starlink satellite internet constellation, which is operated by the United State-based SpaceX, was activated over Ukraine just a few days after the Russian special military operation there on February 24 to support Kiev. The system quickly became the main internet provider for the Kiev government and its forces.

By mid-August, Ukraine internet service was being provided by more than 20,000 Starlink terminals, some from Western governments and volunteers, in addition to many provided directly by SpaceX.

The Russian military has been hunting down Starlink terminals on the ground with direct fire and working to disturb the system with electronic warfare means with much success. On September 30, Kiev reported major Starlink outages across the frontline, resulting in “catastrophic” losses of communication.

The new Borshchevik system will further boost the Russian military’s ability to detect and locate Starlink terminals along the frontline, thus denying Kiev forces the ability to communicate properly in critical areas.



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Test it on the clown’s head.


Naw, it’s Starlink not cokelink.


Just shoot down the satelites? Without GPS the Himars rockets are just fany Grad, and without the LEO connections, Starlink is nothing. If it creates problems for other satelites, that’s all the wests fault for weaponising these platforms in the first place.

Also as a added bonus, it would be hillarious to see the average drivers try to find their way without GPS again, as the whole western world has retarded into complete reliance on this system.

I wanna blow up satellites too

At present no one has the technology to blow up GPS satellites. They’re too far away for any existing weapon platform to reach. Russia however can and does jam GPS signals to degrade the accuracy of munitions.

Starlinks are within range of some Russian weapon platforms, but there are many more Starlinks than missiles able to hit them, so targeting them is impractical. Again, these signals can be jammed and the network could potentially be hacked.

Commercial spy satellites are comparatively few and also within range. They’re legitimate targets, but if destroyed, the US could share intelligence from its military satellites, and attacking these strategic assets likely means WW3.

Blowing up any satellite creates massive debris that could interfere with the operation of other satellites, including Russia’s and China’s.

Russia has some of the world’s best EW capabilities and I doubt there’s serious consideration to blow up any satellites.

Gerry Bell

There’s also talk of Russia now having its own version of a Starlink constellation of satellites…


Hahaha, just like the shitty khinzal missile. Russia is a technologically backward country, it’s all propaganda and only idiots believe this crap 😆😆😆


“like the shitty khinzal missile”

you wouldn’t like to be near the targets

Romanian whore

So, I want only 50 of this shitty Khinzals to be fired inside Ukropizdan Reich, please !


@Romanian whore

That cleansing should – if – then have been done 8 years ago. Now its too late and will in the end only lead to World War 3. I do not think going down that path is in anyway helpfull to any of us, let alone mankind in a whole. In holes and caves, yes, that’s where we gonna ought to live afterwards, should WW3 happen. That’s for sure.

Anyway, regardless how we see, turn or twist it, it is very sad to see all those precious russian and ukrainian healthy men and women murdering each others for the sake of some evil disgustingly ugly jewish parasites, prime bitches and cockroaches like Victoria Newland, or Berel Lazar, Mr. Kolomoisky, Mr. Josef Borrel (EU), Lord Rothchild, the supreme ugly jewess frog-face Merkel, not forget the Polish-jewish President Duda (real name: Aaron Feigenbaum, and married to the jewess Agatha Kornhauser), the jewish ex-France president Sarkozy, the current ex-illuminati banker and little Rothchild butt-boy Macron, fake-russian jew and ratface Zhirinowsky (real name: Wladimir Wolfowitsch Eidelstein), Ukrainian jewish prime transvestite actor and president Jewlensky (Zelensky), the Rothchild close aide and’surprise, surprise’ again jewish ECB snakeface Lagarde, the living scum importing billionaire fat-jewish cockroach Soros (real name György Schwartz), the jew billionaire and close Putin-friend Abramovich, Putin himself, or his also jewdy jewish to the toes childhood friend Arcady Rotenberg. All the jewish rat-poison corona ‘vaccine’ producing companies and their jewish CEO’s like Pfizer’s Albert Bourla, ModeRNA’s Stephan Bancel and Russias Sputnik V Gamaleia Institues chief Alexander Ginzburg.

All the Russian and Ukrainian KIA and wounded… think about them fighting hand-in-hand against the jewish tyrannts and parasites which have hostage taken their countries. Think about these men, with fighting skills hunting down all the above mentioned hook-nosed assholes and demons.

That’s what is to take place, and not peaceloving christians again being stupid enough to follow the judaic demons orders and jumping to each others throats, while jews from behind the scenes are directing it all, escalating it on purpose and making fat amount of shekels from it.

Last edited 5 months ago by Bridgeindawater

What are you talking about? Even Biden confirmed that Kinzhal is indeed hypersonic and they cannot stop it, there’s no air defense that can intercept it.

Christian Chuba

Good enough to blind Ukrainian forces on the front lines but not the interior. Useful but not a wonder weapon.


“Good enough to blind Ukrainian forces on the front lines but not the interior”

They don’t want to get Nobel prize for that , they want to win the war and survive.

Barba Papa

You watch too many Hollywood movies. Wonder weapons do not exist. Wars are not decided by wonder weapons or just good weapons. The Germans beat the French and almost the Soviets in WW2 with inferior weapons but superior tactics and organization. He who has the better trained and motivated troops, operating the better military doctrine, tactics, operational art and strategy, the better military intelligence, command & control, those are the sides that win wars.


At the start of WW2 the German tech was far superior, the French were not able to put up much of a fight and true, the blitzkrieg tactics were a big part of that, and the Germans were great in those respects too, but the British Expeditionary Force was totally outclassed and defeated in France, their tanks and anti tank artillery could barely scratch the German ones and a lot of their field equipment and weapons dated to WW1, planes like the Spitfire and Hurricane didn’t exist, they were still using some biplanes. The French rearguard defense allowed the British retreat and it was years before they crossed the channel again, by which time they were better equipped. The German weapons were always good but ultimately they couldn’t produce them fast enough by the end of the war.

Captain Hohol

Since this was produced ad-hoc as a solution to an immediate problem, if it can be fielded soon, it is effectively a wonder weapon for mitigating the concealment of controllers on the UAF side.

Imagine not knowing where your adversary is and suddenly being aware of their general area within a 60m radius.

You have time to plan, you have the opportunity to force your adversary to uproot and move that can give a pivotal advantage.


power’s out, no internet. dang

Fedy Klay

instead flatter to the ground that crapy farm called kiev


That’s what I had been saying for months now. All Russia needs to do is to find a way to locate the Starlink terminals, and they will know the positions of the Ukrainian artillery and SAM units, command posts etc, because they’re solely relying on Starlink as a way for communication.


It not from Elon ir from cia , elon is pupy

Captain Hohol

60 meters is close enough to scare the shit out of whoever is operating it into moving and revealing their position.

Mr. Guldar Tate Esquire

If true, why tell anyone about it? For security reasons, why even report it?

Transgender vegan Sarah Ashton-Cirillo

the infos on the article are irrelevant from a military-strategic point of view. They didn’t say any important details, like for example how exactly they will take down the Nazi systems (and they will).

Last edited 5 months ago by Transgender vegan Sarah Ashton-Cirillo
Peter Jennings

A system such as Borshchevik, would mean game over? Let’s hope nato has armed Ukrainian forces with lots of pigeons.

yamil perez is a gay faggot

EMP weapon high orbit to disable hundreds of satellites is more efficient than shooting each one down (there are 3000). Collateral damage, is it worth it? Better to develop new jamming tech instead

Mexican American Beaner

Fair game in next conflict, Russia provides 24/7 satellite imaging intel/ELINT to Hezbollah/North Korea/Syria/whoever against USA/NATO/pissrael army positions

Last edited 5 months ago by Mexican American Beaner
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