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Russia Is Building 18 Aircraft Shelters In Hmeimim Airbase (Photos)

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New satellite images released on October 20 revealed that Russian forces are building eighteen hardened aircraft shelters (HAS) in Hmeimim airbase in the coastal Syrian governorate of Lattakia. A local Syrian source said that the construction of these shelters began more than a month ago..

The images also show that Hmeimim airbase is currently hosting nine Su-24, four Su-34, four Su-35 warplanes, an A-50 airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) plane, an Il-38 maritime patrol and anti-submarine plane, four Il-76 cargo planes and two An-26 transport planes.

Since the beginning of this year, Syrian militants have attempted to attack Hmeimim airbase several times with Grad rockets and armed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). While these attacks didn’t cause any real damage on the airbase, the militants view them as a way to deter the Russian Aerospace Forces.

In most cases, Russian air defense systems deployed in Hmeimim foiled the militants attacks by intercepting their rockets or shooting down their UAVs. Despite the success of this method, the hardened shelters will for sure provide an extra protection for Russian Aerospace Forces personnel and assets that are deployed in the airbase.

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Extra level of protection for aircraft provides the defensive perimeter of the airbase for a more flexible and relaxed mindset, knowing the aircraft are not in the open, against any possible Zio axis attacks.


yes? months ago when i criticized, that ruskies are laizy to build shelters you told, the famous RuAF does not need this.

you are liar moron, perfect representative figure of your nation.

Promitheas Apollonious

you may have the excuse that they drop you at birth and landed on your head but try thinking before posting , even with your 2sec thinking span.


You are the liar, I never talked to you on the matter, if you are not a liar produce the post where I supposedly said such things.

Ishyrion Av

Every day he puts a Putin’s picture on his own face and punch it in front of the mirror. You have to understand him, he can’t sustain a decent conversation anymore.
And he wasn’t too smart from the beginning, whatsoever.


He is a troll that has been posting under different names, he specializes in diarrhetic verbal expressions.


i am not idiot to look for old materials. it is so, that the agressor (you) forgets, but the vitim (me) not.


The self appointed victim-troll – red flag no.1

Ishyrion Av

Oh oh, the victim!!! People, people, get out of his safe circle space or he will start to cry!!!!


Jesus, WTH. Did you delete SolomonK again ?


No, I did not delete him. Solomon K is undergoing his metamorphosis process as a troll.

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

KIDS! The facebook is here: http://www.facebook.com
Exchange of textual insults with virtual peer(s), that you never sow nor will ever meet in real life: is not only indication of your immaturity but also lack of intelligence. To jump into verbal insult exchange with someone on street – you have to be immature — but to do that in cyberspace: you, also, have to be stupid. There is no rational and/or intelligent justification to spread 7yo verbal diarrhea on a public forum like this.

+putinbeater That being said, I support your protest if +Jesus really done that – the protest was fine, but latter childish “insults” – that in reality can’t insult anyone older than 14yo – are just annoying and improper – not because they hurt anyone but because they are stupid.

Zionism = EVIL

You are total gutter trash.

Zionism = EVIL

Desperate US morons are supplying the headchoppers with longer range missiles, so this is wise move as Russia should have acted sooner. US will now deflect attention from Saudi headchopping and try to increase terrorism in Syria. Russia and Iran need to finish off the terrorists in Idlib and then in concert with Iraqi Shia forces liberate Euphrates valley.


Russia Is Building Aircraft Shelters

with this step had to begin, russians!


I just don’t understand what you are trying to say?


I think I can interpret. :D
The shelters should have built already.


Thank you.


i see, inbetween you understood


Russia had probably not anticipated staying this long, when they went in it was to rid Syria of ISIS terrorists. Now they have to get rid of the American terrorists.


hahaha, therefore made new agreementr, therefore enlarged the base :D

you are sooo much weak

John Whitehot

wtf are you even trying to say.

Gregory Casey

Those Shelters are now an absolute necessity with Trump’s announcement tonight that he is pulling America out of 1987 INF Treaty with Soviet Union. It is clear that Bolton has now taken over all Foreign & Defense Policy within the White House acting in concert with Kushner’s peddling whatever psychopathic fables are being churned out of the mouth of the War Criminal Bin-Salman, Butcher of Riyadh. I cannot remember a more dangerous time on this earth in my lifetime since the Cuban Missile Crisis when I was 3 years old.


This means that Russia is preparing for defense but not for attack !! keeping the agreement between Russia and Turkey. Erdogan keeps controlling Putin, it looks like so far.


Well, that puts the 2 squadrons of Flankers story to bed, no one would back up that one anyway. In other news, the Pentagon sharted out some greasy story about F22’s “scaring” away 587 non coalition aircraft over a period of 3 days. Nevermind that there simply aren’t enough Syrian/Russian aircraft to generate 587 sorties in 72 hours, the image of never-ending US challenges to flocks of birds, airliners, UFOs, hangliders, and what ever else the fevered imaginings of someone desperate to keep Lockheed’s drooping stock prices up, is too precious to allow this pants nugget to simply fade. Now in fairness, no one would touch this thing, even fox news walked away. You’ll have to venture over to mouth breather venues like americangrit.com to find this gem.

Without further ado:

US F-22 Stealth Fighter Scared Off 587 Enemy Airc…: https://youtu.be/Na1g8bMtjQM


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