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Russia, Iran, Turkey Have No Plans For Joint Military Operations In Syria: Lavrov


Russia, Iran, Turkey Have No Plans For Joint Military Operations In Syria: Lavrov


Iran, Turkey and Russia do have no plans to carry out joint military operations in Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with Vietnam’s national broadcaster Vietnam Television, China’s CCTV and Phoenix TV.

“We don’t plan to carry out any military operations in Syria that would involve Russia, Turkey and Iran,” the foreign minister said. “Russia and Iran are active in Syria at the invitation of the country’s legitimate government. Turkey has been citing its security concerns, but the Syrian government opposes the Turkish military presence.”

Lavrov pointed out that the Damascus support to the Astana process made possible “to ensure a true ceasefire in most of Syria and launch direct dialogue between the government and the armed opposition.”

“They [Western countries] relied on opposition members who left Syria long ago and live abroad, either in the Persian Gulf states or in Europe,” Lavrov said. “However, it was the Astana process that turned the tide, bringing those at war with each other to the negotiating table.”

“This is the most important thing because at the end of the day it is these people – the Syrian military and armed opposition members – that developments on the ground depend on,” he added.

Lavrov revealed  that Moscow and Ankara have not yet come to an understanding as to which Kurdish units active in Syria should be designated as terrorist.

“We don’t see eye to eye on which of the Kurdish units should be designated as terrorist. Turkey has a special position,” he noted. “We understand its concerns but there is a need to separate the wheat from the chaff and figure out which Kurdish units are extremist and pose a threat to Turkey.”

The top diplomat added that “some issues remain in Idlib” where the opposition and terrorist groups have not been separated yet.

“A ceasefire is holding in most of Syria,” Lavrov said. “Some issues remain in Idlib, where there is a need to separate armed opposition units from terrorists, as well as in the country’s northeast, where the US has created a lot of problems, as it relied on the Kurds and encouraged them to move to areas populated by Arabs, which angered the Arab population and caused causing concern to Turkey.”

“Perhaps, Washington did plan to create that many problems and take control of the process afterwards, just like it loves to do.”




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  • RichardD

    Those are very diplomatic observations by Mr. Lavrov. The question is how to resolve them. In other areas of Syria, not under direct foreign control, like Afrin, the NE, and Al-Tanf. These issues were resolved on a case by case basis. With military force reserved as a last option in most instances. In order to get as much of territory recovered without loss of life, injuries and property damage as possible.

    It’s getting to the point where almost of that territory has been recovered. With the exception of Idlib, which is a hybrid situation, considering the Turkish military deployments there. The Turks don’t want to get into a direct military confrontation with the Syrian government coalition there. They also don’t want to let go of the province, and are willing to support the terrorists there in an attempt to hang onto it.

    With the US withdrawal called off, and the DMZ agreement having yielded all of the concessions that the Turks and terrorists are willing to concede. It’s time to resume military operations to start moving the front lines forward again, both on the ground and in the air. This is going to require dealing with both NATO and their baby raper partners.

    There’s no need to attack NATO forces directly at this time. As long as they don’t attack Syrian government coalition forces. But their pet terrorists need to start getting rolled back, and the territory that they currently illegally occupied recovered. The Syrian government coalition has everything that it needs to this. But probably is short equipment and trained personnel to deal with escalation management contingent liabilities.

    These deficiencies need to be addressed and corrected to extend the no fly zone over the remaining 30% of Syria, and into neighboring hostile states like Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Israel and Cypress. So that targets there can be hit on an as needed basis. And attacks from those locations deterred. Preferably diplomatically, but also militarily if necessary.

    • RichardD

      By no fly zone over neighboring territory. I’m referring to hostile aircraft that pose a threat. The other issue that needs to be addressed is surface targets in those areas supporting the attacks. Such as bases, bridges, ports, etc..

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Syria is a sovereign nation and has every right to declare a NO-FLY ZONE over Idlib or any part, but Russia has to supply it with working weapons. So far Russia has shown no spine in either confronting the Turkeys or Zionists.

        • RichardD

          That wouldn’t be my take. Russia and the SADF have backed the Jews and everyone else out of 70% of Syrian airspace. And they’re probably going to back them out of the other 30% also.

  • Sukhoi-35

    Exactly. Only the SAA and RuAF will be dealing with terrorists in Idlib. Turkey should stay out of it if they know what’s best for them.

    • Mustafa Mehmet


    • d’Artagnan

      Turkey is a terrorist supporting failed state and historically genocidal criminals. The Armenian genocide is the only real holocaust like the on-going Zionist genocide in Palestine. Armenian special forces in Syria will be happy to kill the Turk invaders.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Russian weak response to both Turkeys and Zionists has emboldened them. The Turkeys will only leave if Russia sends a firm signal by declaring a NO-FLY Zone over Idlib and Euphrates valley. Assad himself is getting frustrated with Russia and to show his displeasure went to Iran which is the only steadfast supporter of Syria along with Iraq and Hezbollah..

      • RichardD

        There has been a no fly zone over Idlib for years. Assad wouldn’t be in office if it wasn’t for Putin. Even with Iranian and Hezbollah help they were fighting a losing battle. Russia’s intervention turned the tide of the war in Syria’s favor.

        Putin gave the Turks a chance to deliver. And now that they’ve done what they could and largely failed. The ball is back in Russia’s court.

        • Mase

          Russia only provided air power, the ground force was the SSA, Iran , hez and few russians. This started in 2011 with max funding and foreign elements to destroy. If Turkey didn’t empty his prison thugs and free passage and the whole media protray you a dictator.. Russia only joined in 2015 because of it own interest, the only foreign Navy base. I hope Russia man up to the plate

    • Mase

      Syria knows the friendly nation that trust 100% and has mutual interest, for Syria to recover every inch. Sure the meeting went really well on Monday. Russia has been to soft with erdo and delaying the inevitable. I know everyone will say they smart , making the rights moves blah blah blah while if this was in Russian soil, will they be negotiaing 🙄 Iran war took 8 years, they took not even a inch. Let the Syrian take thier country back and start rebuilding .. enough is enough

  • Xoli Xoli

    Russia is sleeping.After downing of Russia fighter jet by Turkey. Both Turkey and allies including USA refused observation flights by Russia.Today same USA conduct observation flights to create missile attack coordinates.Why allowing USA who simply withdrew from INF treaty.Really Putin is a NATO gift who destroys Russia and close allies for the enemies benefit.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Putin is basically a Jew working for his Zionist masters, he is increasingly unpopular in Russia and even the military is tiring of his pandering to his Americunt and Zionist masters.

      • RichardD

        Putin is a highly skilled government administrator sitting on $1/2 TRILLION of gold and foreign reserves with almost no government debt. Who is winning the Syrian war at a cost of $1 billion a year. While the terror supporters have spent $10s of billions or $100s of billions depending on what the GCC spent. The US alone has spent $20 billion.

        Russia wouldn’t have all of those fancy new weapons if it wasn’t for Putin. Who did one of the greatest economic turn arounds in history.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    -“We don’t plan to carry out any military operations in Syria that would involve Russia, Turkey and Iran,” the foreign minister said. “Russia and Iran are active in Syria at the invitation of the country’s legitimate government. Turkey has been citing its security concerns, but the Syrian government opposes the Turkish military presence’-.

    Turkish media sites have recently been quoting reliable sources, and saying there’s a good chance there’ll be a joint Russian/Turkish operation in Idlib, and the operations will be focused on eliminating all the designated terrorist elements operating there, but that’s not going to happen now according to Lavrov’s statement.
    Assad has never agreed to any sort of Turkish presence in Syria and probably never ever will, even in cases like this, when it actually seems like a good idea to let the Turks actually help clean up the mess they created, by allowing them to cooperate in joint Syrian/Russian/Turkish operations to eliminate all the terrorist elements operating in Idlib, but that would only help to legitimize their presence in Syria, something Assad’s never done yet, and judging by Lavrov’s statement, he’s not about to start now either.
    Turkey designated HTS as a terrorist organization in september last year, and as much as the media try to portray HTS as a viable/valuable tool/ally for Turkey, they should also mention that glaringly contradictory fact. Erdogan only sees HTS as a disposable tool, and he’ll drop them like a hot potato when the time is right, he wouldn’t have designated them as a terrorist organization last year if he wanted to keep them as future allies, but he would’ve if he just considered them to be a valuable but disposable bargaining chip, that he could use when he wanted to and then abandon when he needed to.
    Erdogan must now be realizing he placed too high a value on HTS as a bargaining tool, Assad doesn’t care about them at all, he could wipe them all out in just a few weeks, even without the Russian’s, Hezbollah’s, or the Iranians help, so, as a Turkish bargaining chip, HTS are considered just about valueless to Assad, LOL.
    I’ll bet that Erdogan now regrets placing HTS on Turkey’s terrorist watch list way back in september last year, it would be very hard indeed for him to undo that now, change HTS back into a legitimate opposition group, he’s stuck with that decision now, and HTS will probably dangle around Erdogan’s neck now like a bad talisman, bringing him bad fortune instead of the good fortune he was hoping for, double LOL.
    To be honest, I’ve been hoping there would be a joint operation between the Turks and Syria, but that would only give the Turks some legitimacy for being in Syria, not the message Assad is trying to send them, and he’s right, the Turks must get out of Syria, they have nothing of value to bargain with, only a full departure is worth anything to Assad.
    I’ll bet Assad had to fight Putin over this issue, I’m sure Putin would’ve been very happy to have joint operations with Turkey, agreeing/capitulating with/to Erdogan as he usually does, but maybe that’s why Assad had the Iranians there too this time, he needed their support when he told Putin and Erdogan no deal.
    As to certain Kurdish groups being designated as terrorist organizations in Syria due to Turkish requests, the Russians are taking the same line the US does, not all YPG are PKK affiliated, so that can’t happen. But Lavrov is hinting there might be some capitulation to Turkey, the “separating the wheat from the chaff” comment doesn’t bode too well for some of the Kurds, but that was Lavrov’s comment not Assad’s, I wonder what Assad thinks about that Turkish proposal, and Lavrov’s comment concerning it.

  • d’Artagnan

    Armenian special forces in Syria will be happy to kill Turkish terrorists.

    • Mustafa Mehmet


  • verner

    why should rhey .turkey will keep an eye on the border area syria/turkey and keep the kurds on a short leash
    whatever moronistan thinks about that. syria will efficiently liberate the country from the illegal occupying forces, such as france, uk and morons from moronistan while russia keeps a birds view of the entire country and ready and willing to deploy whatever force it deems necessary. iran is busy building defenses against the squatters and also outposts that can and will be used when the time has come to finish off the squatters.

    truly one of the most decisive moments in the middle east and of paramount importance – to rid the world of the squatters that so entirely has forfeited any and all rights to exist as a country.