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Moscow Intensifies Contacts With Kurdish Groups Amid Rapprochement Between Damascus And YPG

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Moscow Intensifies Contacts With Kurdish Groups Amid Rapprochement Between Damascus And YPG

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov. Sputnik / Alexey Filippov

A delegation of the International Federation of Kurdish Communities, headed by its Chairman Knyaz Mirzoyev, met with Russian Special Presidential Representative for the Middle East and African Countries and Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on its website.

“Members of the delegation informed Mr Bogdanov about the results of the founding meeting of the International Federation of Kurdish Communities held in Moscow on August 4 and praised the level of cooperation and solidarity of the representatives of Kurdish non-government organisations, including those in Russia and Central Asia.

The participants also discussed the pressing issues in the Middle East with an emphasis on the Kurdish issues in the context of developments in Iraq and Syria, including the need to consolidate international efforts in countering ISIS and other terrorist groups,” the statement said.

The intensified contacts between Russia and Kurdish organizations come amid the delcared rapprochement between the Damascus government and Kurdish factions in Syria.

These developments are an important sign of the ongoing negotiatinos on intra-Syrian level in which Moscow plays an important role of the mediator. While Russia has still not been able to find understanding with the US over the future of Syria, it’s capable of employing its influence to propel a peaceful process on the ground.

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Peter Jennings

This is a good development and about time, now the Kurds and the SDF know they are on the losing side. At one time they would have happily bombed Damascus.
Their leaders could have gained more for their people had they backed the Syrian and Russian effort to stop foreign terrorists from ruining the whole country.


It sounds like they are trying to simply bring-over the whole YELLOW BIT at once with a political solution…with the American bases, this gets around certain difficulties and puts further pressure (as well as face-saving excuse) for American evacuation. I would note that Trump did seem to keep his promise to not intervene in SW Syria…part of why that area fell so quickly.

You can call me Al

Israel didn’t and Israel = US.

Travis Kelso

How are the kurds losers again? They weren’t even Syrian Citizens before the war and now they are negotiating with the government.


Are you saying that they’re illegally in Syria?


Syria government only humour them because they’re being a US coals cocksucker. Even then the Syrian government terms were firm that there would be no federal state and there will be no other armed groups other than SAA. Anything other than that would be negotiated with locals council and in line with the Syrian constitution.

You can call me Al

Do you even know what you are saying ?. Yes, they were Syrian citizens, they also had a sort of semi-autonomous rule in Syria. For me they have 2 chances… 1. Back their Country or 2. Back the US, where they will suffer huge losses.

Dont even try for the sympathy vote with me for the Kurds – they are traitors that sold their soul; but there is hope.

Peter Jennings

Thanks Al, i couldn’t have put it better.


The Kurds are not losers. They were being annihilated by ISIS and there was nothing the Syrian government could do to protect them. The US did, and the rest is history. Now they’re victorious and strong. And if they negotiate and reunite with the Syrian government, then all will be good. This is their home, after all.


What planet did you just arrive from?Isis was operating under the orders of israhell and US from the beginning, and at the moment wherever they operate.The Kurds are just pawns in the game,who are just being used to divide Syria for the zionists .The Kurds better wise up very fast or they will end up with nothing if they don’t cooperate with Damascus.


So, what part of my statement is untrue? I live on the same planet you do bud. The Kurds fought back at a time when no one else could help them. And my last sentences and your last sentence reiterate the same conclusion.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Before the war 80% of the Kurdish population in Syria were Syrian citizens and 20% weren’t. The non citizens had no rights whatsoever, but the rest had the same basic rights as all the other Syrian groups with a few exceptions, really bad exceptions but I’ll let you look them up if you’re that interested.
They’re losers because they’ve missed several opportunities they shouldn’t have.
Assad’s offer to protect Afrin / didn’t accept until it was too late.
Assad’s offer of limited self autonomy several months ago / Held out hoping for full autonomy.
Now the only offer from Assad is to disarm and return all their territories, and then just go back to the same old status quo they had before the war, which wasn’t brilliant for the Kurdish citizens of Syria and downright terrible for the non citizen Kurds.
They’re not negotiating with Assad now, they’re pleading with him, and he’s not interested anymore, he no longer needs them. Assad still has a bone to pick with them and I’m sure a lot of them will end up in prison or worse.
If I was a Kurdish Syrian I’d be looking to have more than just a chat with my not so clever leaders, they could have been heroes if they’d played their cards right, but instead now, in the eyes of most Syrians, they’re going to be thought of as villians for many generations to come. Total losers and that’s very sad, they deserved better for the way they fought Isis.

Peter Jennings

They are back to square one.They had a taste of american cooperation during the first illegal war on Iraq.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

very nice i was just asking how can russia get more influence over the kurds, because im sure assad would like this too :))


The SE of Syria is almost cleared of Isis, those that simply didn’t put on SDF uniforms. So the stated US purpose for being in Syria is finally coming to an end. After a lot of foot dragging. Now it will be interesting to see if Trump rejects the Jews and their collaborators, and gets the US out.


Do not hold your breath on that one, unless Turkey kicks IS out of Turkey.


So far the Syrian government coalition has been very successful in holding cleared areas. But yes, until they regain control of SDF and other state actor controlled areas. Isis could reappear from or in those areas as a “justification” for the occupation, as they have been used for that purpose all along.


Wow will be big, if the Bear can pull this off.

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