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JUNE 2021

Russia Informed OPCW Director General Of Impending Provocation In Syria

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The Russian news agency TASS reports (source):

Russia informed Director General of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Fernando Arias about the impending provocation in Syria with the use of chemical weapons, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the OPCW Alexander Shulgin said in an interview with TASS.

According to Shulgin, recently there have been reports that militants in the province of Idlib are planning to conduct another provocation using chemical weapons. “Through the OPCW, we provided the necessary information to the Director General, Fernando Arias,” he said. According to Shulgin, Syrians sent materials available to them to the Technical Secretariat of the organization.

“We were promised these materials will be studies very carefully,” Shulgin said. “So far, there is no other reaction, but we would like to hope that the Technical Secretariat will take this seriously and take appropriate steps,” he added.

In addition, the Permanent Representation of the Russian Federation to the OPCW plans to issue a special press release in the near future. “We plan to issue a special press release in the near future, which will be circulated among the member states of the OPCW Executive Council. We will send it to diplomatic missions that are accredited not only in The Hague, but also in Belgium,” he said. “We also plan to hold a meeting with a number of delegations live at the beginning of next week,” the diplomat added.

“We must do everything possible to prevent this terrible tragedy, which the opponents of Bashar Assad want to use to advance their narrow-minded goals of overthrowing the legitimate authorities,” Shulgin said.

Earlier Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov told reporters that major provocations with the alleged use of chemical weapons are planned in Syria with the participation of foreign specialists.

“According to the information that the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria received today from the residents of the Idlib, foreign (English-speaking) experts arrived in the Hbit settlement located in the south of the Idlib zone of de-escalation for staging a ‘chemical attack’ using chlorine-loaded missiles,” said he.

According to Konashenkov, provocations will be conducted in Syria in the next two days with the participation of foreign special agents. According to him, English-speaking experts arrived in the south of the Idlib de-escalation zone to stage a chemical attack using chlorine-laden rockets. “The strike on the settlement of Kafr Zayta from rocket launchers using poisonous substances is planned in the next two days,” he said.

“Thus, the interested extra-regional forces are once again preparing major provocations in Syria using poisonous substances to severely destabilize the situation and disrupt the steady dynamics of the ongoing peace process,” Konashenkov noted.

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Tudor Miron

Many think that this steps are useless but those do not know how world is governed. For US to be world policeman requires that this world agree (in very general terms) to it. Otherwise US doesn’t have resources (monetary, military) to actually impose its domination on the world. That’s current reality, and while it is not cut and dry we see what we see. The world is watching what happens. The world can’t pretend that it doesn’t know that there will be false flag CW attack. The world can’t pretend that they believe that Bashar Assad will use chemical weapons in this sircumstances.
However corrupt our world is, and while most politicians are already on the dark anti human side, it is still unconvinient to openly cling to the “bad” guys. We’re still in crowd/eite society. Crowd is still too large and may easily slip out of control in violent fashion.
But more importantly for those sold souls (politicians) they always want to surrender to winning side. Trump’s actions within last couple of years led to significant reduction of US vassal’s loyalty. Some predicted those action and claim they were intentional actions.
It really seems that false flag attack will happen. 2 of possible scenarios.: US their UK/France vassals will strike. (Russian press is reporting today that targets are already chosen). Most of the missiles will be shot down. Minor damage. Idlib offensive is successful, a couple of cauldrons and green color is absent from northern areas of Syria.
Another option is that US strikes do endanger Russian forces embedded within Syrian forces and facilities and that will trigger retaliatory strike. That’s a real danger. Problem is that historically, American country level elites are bound to believe that all wars happen far enough to not endanger them personally and close enough that they can solve their own inflicted problems and gain (or regain in this case) them more power. After all, 2 world wars did exactly that. Their (and ours) problem is that world changed technologically and it will not be possible to “sit it out behind the puddle”. Ocean can’t protect them no more. Biting for faints at this moment in fight will be very counterproductive for Russia but another problem is that army has straight forward procedures – if under direct attack they fallow simple prescribed sequence of actions.

Let’s see how it unfolds.


There are western specialists for staging chemical provocations in Syria, but even worse, there are secret three letter agencies in the USA funding them, there are countless global presstitutes to make mainstream coverage, there are rusophobes “politics” indoctrinating west population, there is global MIC selling cruise missiles and other advanced weapons to Afghanistan, Syria etc., all payed from taxpayers money, there are banksters, IMF and corporations getting profit from ruining countries, staging regime changes and stealing natural resources…
Seems like rich 0.1% of the planet population needs all the world destroyed just keeping their money making machine running.
Aka destroy Syria, Libya, Afghanistan , Iran, Iraq and half of Africa, put refugees into Europe and destroy Europe as well, destroy middle class, families, traditional men – women roles, education, healthcare, economic stability, outsorce industry abroad and make people jobless ….., just make Murrica and Israhell 0.1 % richer.
Only Russia is doing something reasonable. Other countries don’t give a shit.
I’m frustrated about it. It will end in global war because greedy 0.1% can not be eliminated without global war. Good luck Russia.

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