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Russia Increases Airstrikes Against ISIS As Syrian Army Develops Momentum Near Deir Ezzor

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Russia Increases Airstrikes Against ISIS As Syrian Army Develops Momentum Near Deir Ezzor

Vadim Grishankin/Russian Defense Ministry’s press service/TASS

The Russian military has increased airstrikes against ISIS terrorists in and near Deir Ezzor as government forces are developing momentum in order to break the ISIS siege from the strategic city.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the airstrikes destroyed 2 battle tanks, 3 infantry fighting vehicles and 10 vehicles equipped with weapons. Over 70 ISIS members were reportedly killed as a result of the air raids.

“The Russian Aerospace Forces conducted more than 80 sorties over Deir ez-Zor [Deir Ezzor] in the interest of aviation support provided to the Syrian troops. The Russian aircraft eliminated 2 tanks, 3 IFVs, more than 10 offroaders with heavy armament. More than 70 terrorists were injured and killed,” the ministry said in a statement on Monday.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies reached the outskirts of Deir Ezzor last weekend. Since then, government troops have been battling with ISIS terrorists in order to establish a constant link with government units besieged in the city.

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Johnson Malarkey

The time has finally come for Deir Ezzor to be liberated, from the clutches of U.S. funded terrorists. May the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit watch over SAA and its allies during this great undertaking!


stupid father isnt going to anything and no they arent us funded


That is true. The United States does not fund ISIS; however, the US funds the funders of ISIS, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, Gulf Tyrannies. We can be certain who does not fund ISIS, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and China.

Ranaimuye Nkya

As if inddirect funding isn’t funding.


Wrong, USA-NATO-Israel funded ISIS-Daesh-Nustra-moderated terrorrists, and new puppets SDF, with the help of Saudis,, Qatar, Jordan and Turkey (NATO memeber). Please, read declatrations of CIA,, Pentagon, McCain, Obama…..if you need more evidence, please let me know it.


They got oil, so for now it has to be done.


if u think ISIS isn’t USA funded then u are a fucking idiot! Would u like to see a picture of John McCain with the heads of Al-Nusra and ISIS? Would u like to see the little “Syrian boy” who was used in fake propaganda and the photographer who later took a selfie with the same Al-nusra who beheaded a child on video? Would u like to see the fake white helmet videos where the supposed chemical attack took place and US bombed Syria’s airbase after it with a well timed Al-Nusra ground attack straight after the air attack?

Would u like to see the video used by the west that shows Victims switching roles with paramedics NOT EVEN CHANGING CLOTHES to prove a chemical attack took place (and they are not wearing gloves or masks in this supposed sarin attack)

Question, if Assad has them weapons, why does he use it against citizens and not against ISIS? Why use them weapons when HTS was collapsing?

Sell ur bullshit somewhere else! You’re country is dead in 5 years anyway! Good riddance!

Enjoy the free gun laws during that time!


Those aren’t made up by Americans they were nothing more than rebel propaganda, can’t you see past that ? The US has not aided ISIS only the idiots in the Iraqi military gave up our weapons when Isis first attacked.





There is truth in that, us hardware may have fallen into the hands of Isis but that’s not our fault.


This part u MUST ADMIT TO! When the US gave Syrian “rebels” US hummers and TOW’s which then ended up in the hands of Al-Nusra who then had a split (became isis) and instead of Fighting Assad, made a run for the oil rich regions of Iraq and Syria!

Thousands of US vehicles that were in a column which could be seen from space drove into Iraq and started slaughtering Kurds, Christians, Shia’s and even sunni’s!

So the whole birth of isis was made possible by the US ARMING “REBELS”!

Im just one of those people who think your “Rebels” are actually terrorists! ESPECIALLY WHEN JOHN MCCAIN IS PHOTOGRAPHED WITH THEIR LEADERS!

When are u gonna wake the fuck up?

oh and what I just told u did happen! its a fact! But the assumption that the USA via the CIA and other proxies FUND isis is something u can argue about! But we all know the truth dude!

U fucking put Saddam hussein in power! Bin laden too! Even Norieaga of Panama was CIA!

Please , just fucking learn and get that red white and blue dildo out of ur ass!


The birth of Isis was in the making for a very long time, they just got the go ahead when Obama wanted to pull out quickly.


Its really fast and unbelievable.. Hats off SAA and Russia


Its time to focus on Oil fields..

Wolfgang Wolf

kill all that daesh- foatguckers, dont let them always run away!!!


That means 80 air strikes in one day. NATO forces can look at that with awe as it surpasses their capacity with similar number of planes by, I guess, 8 to 10 times. Remember how certain US planes require 40 hours of maintenance for one hour of flight. That means one run and a week on the ground. That sounds more like a sitting duck than an airplane.

Graeme Rymill

8 to 10 times! Rubbish… that would mean just 8 or 10 strikes per day for the Coalition. The reality is the Coalition flies between 25 and 35 strikes per day. See: http://www.inherentresolve.mil/News/Strike-Releases/ The Russian air bases in Syria are so much closer than the Coalition bases in Turkey and the UAE. Therefore the Russian sortie rates are higher.


Do you know how the facilities compare and the number of airplanes available to fly. We need to consider those factors as well.

Graeme Rymill

Why ask me? You’re the one making the claims….” it surpasses their capacity with similar number of planes”…. you tell me the number of airplanes available to fly.

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