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JUNE 2021

Russia In Talks With US On Evacuating Refugees From Syrian Camp

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Russia In Talks With US On Evacuating Refugees From Syrian Camp

FILE IMAGE: AP Photo/Sergei Grits

The Russian state-run news agency TASS reports (source):

Russia’s Foreign Ministry is closely working with the United States on evacuating refugees from the Syrian camp Rukban bordering Jordan to the territory controlled by the Damascus government, the ministry’s representative Nikolai Burtsev said on Thursday.

“The US side suggests settling the Rukban problem through evacuating the refugees to the territories controlled by the government of the Syrian Arab Republic. The details of a possible operation have not been discussed so far. We will continue closely working with the Americans to solve this issue,” Burtsev told a meeting between the Russian and Syrian headquarters on returning the refugees.

According to the diplomat, the effort on settling the Rukban camp’s issue is carried out in two directions. The preparations continue for escorting the UN humanitarian convoy from the territory controlled by the Syrian government. Damascus has informed the Russian Embassy about its agreement to issue permission for the convoy.

Jordan believes that the camp’s issue will be finally solved when the Nasib border crossing opens on the Syrian border, ensuring the mass return of Syrian refugees. “The Jordanian side calls to start providing its residents with kinds of humanitarian assistance by the Syrian side,” he said.

The Russian diplomat noted that Jordan’s offer envisages measures taken by the Russian and US military and also Damascus, including ensuring safe corridors for the exit of people, creating checkpoints for confirming their status and signing reconciliation agreements with the tribal leaders.

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You can call me Al

Refugees and how many vermin (trained by the Yankers) ?.


Here’s the thing about the mass return of refugees, a lot of them aren’t so friendly to the Assad government. Also, there’s the issue of Law #10, the devastation throughout the country requires more infrastructure, the streets are controlled by pro-Assad paramilitaries, and taking notes from Iraq the return of discontented refugees to places with zero utilities will allow for mob and gang behaviors. How does anyone plan on resolving these issues in the amount of time advertised?

Brother Ma

Simple..ship the mongrels to Israel or USA who both of course will palm them off to arse- sucking vassals like Germany ,Holland and other weaker English-speaking countries..read Canada!

Carol Davidek-Waller

One less human shield for the US and their terrorist army to hide behind when they break the cease fire and have it the past is any indicator, break it they will.


The Nasib border crossing was the main American supply route to ISIS in southern Syria.
The terrorists relented once Syria regained control of the crossing.
Never trust the Americans.


how many of these refugees have mailing zip code 23665?

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