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Russia Hasn’t Used Warplanes in Syria’s Aleppo for 16 Days

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Russia Hasn't Used Warplanes in Syria's Aleppo for 16 Days

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu

Russian has not been using combat aircraft in Syria’s Aleppo for 16 days already upon the orders of President Vladimir Putin, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told a video conference on November 1.

“We have not been using warplanes in Aleppo for 16 days following the order of the commander in chief of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation,” he said.

The Russian Aerospace Fores halted their airstrikes on Aleppo on October 18.

Shoigu added that the start of the political process in Syria has been postponed indefinitely because of the actions of the “moderate opposition” in Aleppo. He said that “militants shoot dozens of civilians every day for trying to approach the humanitarian corridors [opened by Russia and Syria in the city].”

“Is that the opposition it is possible to hold negotiations with? To eliminate terrorists in Syria, it is necessary to work together rather than put a spoke into partners’ wheel. The gunmen use this for their own benefit,” Russia’s defense minister said.

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Putin is a chess player. A good one. The crushing of Aleppo is only going to happen after the Presidential campaign in USA is over. Anything made before that would be used to accuse Russia and Trump.

Leon Auguste

Spot on!

John k

I hope Russia has a plan to win the war their in with fascist america, cause its a kill or be killed situation Russia must find a way to totally defeat the fascists this time..

Valhalla rising

After nationalist Trump wins things will be much easier.(((Globalists))) will be defeated.

Once Trump wins and then other nationalist in Europe! Then Russia and Syria and Iran and Lebanon will have things much easier. Russia can then have peaceful relations with Europe and a great trade and security partner with Americans. No more zionist-globalist-bullsh*t ever again after this crap is cleaned up. http://nationalvanguard.org/


The US told putin aleppo is a no-fly zone for the duration of the rebel offensive.

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