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JULY 2022

Russia Has Data On Upcoming Chemical Weapons Provocations In Idlib: OPCW Envoy

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Russia Has Data On Upcoming Chemical Weapons Provocations In Idlib: OPCW Envoy


Moscow has obtained intelligence that militants are plotting chemical weapons provocations in the Syrian province of Idlib, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Alexander Shulgin told the news agency TASS on October 12. He stated that this information “comes constantly”.

“We have held several meetings at the OPCW. I applied to the Technical Secretariat and handed them detailed information about a provocation in the Idlib province. We know surnames of the armed opposition leaders and the number of barrels with chlorine,” Shulgin said.

We were hoping that the Secretariat would raise its voice, but it had never happened,” the diplomat added.

Shulgin said that the provocations are highly likely, regardless of the fact that “the creation of a buffer zone and militants’ pullout from Idlib are under consideration.”

According to the diplomat, militants could be come involved in something at “any moment”.

Previously, the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance had repeatedly warned of possible chemical weapons provocations in the province of Idlib and nearby areas controlled by militants. These provocations, according to the alliance, will be aimed at sabotaging the deconfliction deal and triggering a military action by the US-led bloc against the Damascus government.

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You can call me Al

Yanker paid scum, both fighting for the Kikers.

Val Shadowhawk

Of course. Who else but the self chosen filth?




Not difficult, you can get chlorine at any pool shop, extract the gas, compress it into cylinders. But to be honest, I think the UK supplied the gas in cylinders.

Bill Wilson

The Syrian government has a big chlorine plant east of Aleppo and probably more smaller ones scattered about the country. The chemical has a wide range of industrial uses besides for disinfection purposes so isn’t difficult to obtain inside or outside Syria.


The chemical plant in Aleppo was looted by Turkey, it no longer exists.

Julian Clegg

If it is just chlorine, it can be made quite simply by electrolysis of salt water, i.e. sodium chloride solution. They could also purchase it from the legal chemical market in neighboring countries, most likely Turkey, or even in Syria itself.


From Theresa May’s pantry perhaps :)


AM Hants

Haven’t they moved the chemical weapons to Aleppo?

Who fund the White Helmets, plus, invests heavily in the Technical Secretariat of the OPCW?

No wonder they appear mute, when learning anything negative, concerning their beloved ‘White Helmets’.

John Whitehot

they also invest in false flag hacking attacks against the ocpw in order to discredit the Russian version on what really is happening with chemical weapons in Syria.

AM Hants

Reverse blame/mirror transposition.

How did the Director of the OPCW, back in the days Bolton was the US permanent envoy to the UN, end up losing his job? During the time Powell was entertaining the UN with his fake test tubes.


Funny how the same crowd, who were behind taking out Sadam are desperate to down Syria, plus, Iran. Did we learn nought?


Brazil: ‘UK’s decision on Skripal case is premature’ – former OPCW director-general… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gufstHPdK4Q

AM Hants

US Coalition Strikes Syrian Town With Banned White Phosphorus – Reports… https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201810131068854486-syria-airstrikes-white-phosphorus/

US who have not been invited to invade Syria, uses White Phospherous (didn’t they use it in Ukraine?). Nobody complains. Why?


ONLY PERSON in the world cannot use Chemical Weapons is ASSAD.

Every others can and no problem… American justice


It all goes to show what a blow it was that the liberation of Idlib was called off, when “Iron Lady” Nikki showed up with the US Navy in tow. This wasn’t a “heads must roll” moment for the Kremlin (is anything ever) so it seems the Kremlin critters are content to play their power games with the Turks. But my goodness what a bad deal for Syria. The OPCW envoy can whine a bit, but unless the SAA is on the ground and victorious in Idlib, Russia can at best postpone/slow these provocations by trying to embarrass the moderates’ sponsors. Like al-Tanf and the Kurdish East, this will now be a base to chip away at the Syrian state indefinitely.

Putin’s famed “long game” has been m u c h … t o o … l o n g: amidst all the ceasefires and faux withdrawals, the jihadists have been green-bused here and there, until the US intervened to protect them–apparently decisively. Destroying their fighting strength for good was one of the stated reasons behind Russia’s Syria mission, besides preserving the Syrian state. At least the latter is a partial success; unless something major and unexpected happens, the former must be judged a failure.


You appear to think that wars are fought to a timetable that suits impatient voyeur’s such as you.

They are not.


You’re quite right of course that Moscow shouldn’t fine-tune its strategy for the benefit of my entertainment. But if it’s not too much to ask, I’d prefer if what Russia does in Syria benefits the Syrians. At the start of Russia’s intervention, neither Turks nor the US were on the ground in Syria; now between them those two hold close to half the territory, and Russia has done squat to prevent their expansion–“time is on Russia’s side” after all.


The reason that Turkey and the US were not ‘on the ground in Syria ‘ before the Russian intervention is very simple. The US and Turkish backed terrorist proxies were winning.

Russian assistance to Syria and all of her courageous allies thwarted the US Coalition’s and Turkey’s goal to carve up Syria.

Idlib is a problem and Russia with all of Syria’s allies would have anticipated the situation we see today. I know I did,lol. There was a trade off between a long drawn out campaign to liberate the South and South East of Syria and Damascus by allowing terrorists to flee to Idlib. Some did and others chose to accept reconciliation.

Therefore there will be a strategy or even multiple strategies to liberate Idlib and all of occupied Syria. We will see this unfolding over the months or perhaps years in my opinion.

A US schism with some of her vassals might speed the timings. It is the unexpected, such as the alleged Saudi murder of a journalist etc that will influence the actions of the USA/Israel. A US financial collapse is also on the cards. There is no low hanging fruit left to feed the decaying US Empire of Terror any more and the hysteria in Washington and Israel is proof of this I think.

As the US empire continues to die, so will the rabid state of Israel. NO other nation in the world would be able to support Israel as their populations in general to not like Israel or jews very much, whereas in the US jews are much loved by many.


I can agree half with what you say–which I guess is better than par on the internet. :-) Yes the principals stepped in once their proxies got hurt; this shows that the Kremlin’s pious insistence “we’ll win by fighting the proxies only” was based on wish-thinking — underestimating your enemy to the point you don’t acknowledge them as your enemy is the very opposite of “Sun Tzu”. Now we got the Moscow MoD semi-openly questioning the competence and motives of Putin’s civilian advisors; interesting times.

Yes Idlib is a hot potato, not only because the moderates are now concentrated there but also it seems to be the only province where the local civilians are largely receptive to allahu akbar. In practice, only the Empire can get away with genocide because the media that matter will cover for them. Few good options suggest themselves.

I don’t buy at all that that journalist is a big deal. Beautiful young US-citizen journalist Serena Shim got offed in Turkey … crickets. Obama was vicious on the press, including the NYT’s James Risen … crickets. The Clown Prince tortured Prince bin Talal, a major investor in News Corp … crickets. Israel bumps off Palestinian journalists all the time … crickets. The WaPo needs to make a show of standing by their man, but if they go too far, Lockheed Martin etc will tell them to cool it. It’s not like Khashoggi was a precious jew or anything.

Central banking etc is a bit beyond me, but my best understanding is that what backs up the US$ is ultimately violence. If the world’s second military consistently bows to the Armies of Mordor, then the show will go on for a while longer. Only when someone that matters tells the Emperor “sod off, you’re not even wearing clothes” — that’s when the music will stop.


I agree with you and I would think that the Russian strategists were cautiously optimistic that the US Coalition would pull back from open warfare that has no positive results for all concerned. The Russian strategists have given the US coalition many chances to pull out. In Southern Syria the US did in fact abandon their terror proxies publicly when Trump said ‘They were on their own’.

However in any collective of aggressors with a Warlord mentality, there is a mania to be the ‘biggest and baddest ‘ warlord of all. The US has appropriated the Crown of the Zionist Warlord cult since WW2 and if she loses it, she loses the ability to tax the world via the US Dollar. Essentially the US has again been exposed as an ‘alien trespasser’ on lands they have not been invited to.

I am sure that Russian strategists HAVE considered the unwelcome ‘war’ scenario and that being the case there will be plans to fight that battle.

It is a battle that most sane people do not wish to fight but the alternative is the slavery of empires past. I hope I have the courage to fight the Zionist’s when the time arrives.


Yeah well the enemy gets a vote; the US doesn’t want “positive results for all concerned”: their naked hostility to Syria has been on display for only half a century or so. To hope they’ll become your counter-terror partners if you start bombing their proxies … maybe some folks in Moscow need a good holiday to refocus their minds.

Or rather, both the US and the RF are too big to only have a single faction with influence, and the fight is on about how far to push this envelope. Like you I have a dark suspicion that happy feelings are not going to solve this.


The site you posted has interesting opinions but the reality is that Russia has only just fully developed new weapons that are a huge threat to US aggression . Two years ago these weapons were not ready for combat. The are now. Had President Putin shouted and screamed like the US and Israel, it could easily have resulted in WW3. Today the US realises but does not want to accept , that a nuclear war will also devastate the US AND Israel.

“Konashenkov also said the Israeli attackers remained over the crash scene for eleven minutes before they returned to their base.”

Does this indicate that the Israeli pilots were ready to murder any of the crew that survived the crash ? A sequel to the machine gunning of US Navy sailors clinging to lifeboats by Israeli pilots attacking the USS Liberty in 1967.


“Does this indicate…” <- plenty of bad things actually happening for us to worry about; why not leave the things which didn't happen as speculation. But yes, the absence of a timely warning to the Russkies indicates this was a deliberate hit, an ambush. Indeed a sort of Liberty moment, a “you are our bitch” — like making victims of hurricane Harvey (a purely domestic US situation) swear a sort of loyalty oath to the Motherland before they qualified for federal aid.

And after all, why not? The lowly Turks didn’t burn for their deliberate hit; what does mighty Kikistan have to fear? Had Putin truly been an “autocrat”, they’d have indeed skated. As it stands, maybe they’ll have to bomb their neighbors a bit less; nobody talks about bombing the culprits of course. Much triumphalism in the “pro-Russia” press as usual, but this isn’t over. Those S-300’s haven’t been tested yet–but they will.

People in these quarters (including myself) find it easy to believe that top US officials are deluded. But with Putin it’s “this guy is KGB, he gets the real story straight from the source, can’t fool him”. Is this always a fact? When, say, his own spox is also a major Turkey lobbyist? Does VVP understand that Israel is a vicious enemy of Russia, which is very powerful and therefore very dangerous, since its agents in the US are behind much or most of the sanction and media wars? I’m not sure. If he understands, does he mind, when having a Western bogeyman plays well domestically (just like the converse is true)? Much kabuki going on when major figures from the Putin clan are still living the high life in Londongrad without a care in the world.


The liberation of Idlib was not called off, only postponed. As you noted the US Navy along with the French, British etc., were all just waiting for an excuse to launch a massive missile attack. Circumstances, the downing of the Russian recon and the instillation of the S-300, hopefully have put that plan to rest. Now with HTS refusing to withdraw, and the air defenses up and running it will soon begin despite Turkey’s attempts to stop it. We all know when it starts, the White Helmets new Hollywood production will magically appear. Will the US again intervene ?

Regardless the SAA will take that ground and more, all of Idlib will be free of jihadis.


“were all just waiting for an excuse to launch a massive missile attack” <- implied in these words is that attacking or not has become a sovereign Western decision, now that Russian deterrence has become a sad joke, its “huge armada” just floating around the Med with nobody paying it any attention. Now that gunboat diplomacy was effective, the Empire has shifted its posture so that any loyalist operation in Idlib is verboten, not just a chemical one.

Russia doesn’t understand the West. The mantra was for years “eventually Western duplicity will be exposed”. Well, the Dutch finally learned from their own media that their govt has been supplying al-Qaeda for years; didn’t change a thing. “So what, if our side is in a jihad against Assad and Putin, then we want to win that jihad” seems to be the idea. Meanwhile, of course, Russia’s own duplicity has become too big to ignore: using Israel to contain its Iranian ally cum energy-export rival, and making artificial distinctions between pro-Turkish and pro-Saudi islamists which don’t help Syria at all.

The wildcard here is the Russian general staff, whose patience with the Putin clan’s endless appeasement seems to be at an end now that it gets more and more of their own people killed. So I don’t know the future; “postponed” may be the reality, or it may be putting a brave face on capitulation. For now, jihadi life is good in Idlibstan.


There are All sorts of Headchoppers that have stuff for a Chemical Attack here or there…ISIS…Al-Qaeda-Nusra-HTS-Headchoppers throwing some Chemicals on Nour al-Din al-Zenki-SLF-Headchoppers….Idlib is Stuffed with Mental Patients & Chlorine…. Monkeys with a Hand-Grenade

Dušan Mirić

I think we can agree that the fact all those terrorists who have chemical components is not the problem at all if they are not backed by the USA. Well, perhaps some problem that SPETSNAZ would solve quite fast.


That makes the whole thing even less complicated….that means that the United States of America is Responsible for every single Chemical Attack in Idlib…. The U.S. Should be very very careful in my opinion… Up till know everything Backfired… what makes them think it won’t happen this time…..or they have been snorting to much Cocaine again….

Dušan Mirić

You’re very much right

Jim Bim

OPCW, like the UN, IMF, World Bank and any other western org. are tools for US/NATO/EU.

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