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Russia Hard At Work Strengthening Its Nuclear Triad

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Russia Hard At Work Strengthening Its Nuclear Triad

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Russia is renewing its long-range aviation fleet, in addition to developing new warplanes, will result in a significant strengthening of the air component of its nuclear triad, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said.

“This year, Tupolev PJSC performed a significant amount of work on the first and second stage of the Tu-95MS modernization, with the replacement of obsolete radio engineering and navigation equipment,” the minister said.

Thus, as part of long-range aviation, there is a “planned number of operational strategic bombers,” he explained.

The Defense Minister also gave the order to increase the number of warships armed with Kalibr and Zircon missiles.

“For the Navy, it is necessary to increase the number of ships in the far sea zone, including those carrying Kalibr cruise missiles and Zircon hypersonic missiles,” Shoigu said.

The nuclear triad is an armed force equipped with nuclear weapons, including strategic aviation, intercontinental missiles and nuclear submarines.

Russia’s long-range aircraft are now undergoing a deep modernization. In particular, the first advanced Tu-22M3M was transferred for flight testing, and the first modernized Tu-160M ​​is under construction.

These aircraft will enhance the combat potential of the Russian Aerospace Forces until the development of a new, promising strategic bomber. Currently, Tupolev and other aviation companies are working on such designs.

Furthermore, Shoigu said that it is required “to expand the range of unmanned aerial vehicles, robotic systems and weapons based on new physical principles.”

Weapons based on new physical principles are weapons based on the creation of physical processes and phenomena not previously used in conventional weapons (cold, laser) or in weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, chemical, bacteriological).

The term is conditional in nature, since in most cases known physical principles are used in New Physical Principles Weapons (NPPW) prototypes, and their use in weapons is new. Depending on the principle of action, the following types of NPPW are distinguished: laser, radio-frequency, beam, kinetic weapons, and others.

As for the Kalibr cruise missile and the Zircon hypersonic missile.

Currently, the Kalibr cruise missiles are one of the most effective weapons which the Russian navy’s submarines and warships are equipped with. This type of missile was widely used during the operation in Syria and proved its high tactical and technical characteristics.

After a successful application in Syria, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the Kalibr had undergone modernization.

In the future, along with the Kalibr, the Russian Navy will use Zircon hypersonic missiles, the creation of which was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin last year. The Zircon hypersonic ship-launched missile will have a speed of Mach 9 and a flight range of more than a thousand kilometers.

Both warships and submarines will be armed with the Zircon, for example the project 20385 Gremyashchiy-class corvette will possibly be equipped with the new weapon. The warship is currently in development and is to be commissioned in the Russian Northern Fleet.


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Peter Bozich

Will they ever be used against the antagonists in the west, seems the nutcases in Washington want to find out what these weapons systems can do to their homeland.

klove and light

most (90%) of These weapons..either from NATO or Russia/China are obsolete in a direct confrontation between These advesaries…..a direct confrontation will turn nuclear in 24 Hours…..and all that Counts then are ballistic Missiles, fired from either Silos or Subs. Russia has a very very “slight” Advantage due to it´s Missile defense. s-400 or s-500… but in a FULL NUCLEAR Exchange also These defenseive weapons become obsolete due to the amount of ballistic Missiles fired and the amount of warheads per Missile.
conclusion……ALL loose…all die….. and zionists satanic jews gets what they wanted and planned for decades……. a one world Government with Jerusalem as it´s capital under satanic jewish Leadership……..

and there were only 2 ways to achieve their goal

1.make Israel bigger
2. make the world smaller

take a wild quess which one it will be.

Thomas Osa Jeng

I’d rather die than being in the hands of satanic jews


Then go die, and burn in hell after that.

Jerry Wayne Carver

All 3 abrahamic faiths are frauds so you go to hell, you hate filled creep.



Then go worship your Satan in hell, idiot.

Thomas Osa Jeng

You didn’t have to to go all out retard


What you waiting for?


I agree.

Charles Homer

Here is an article that looks at a recent accidental public release of the locations of the American nuclear weapons in Europe:


Given that, during the Second World War, Russia lost approximately 9.75 million military personnel and 13.2 million civilians compared to the United States losses of 416,800 military personnel and 1700 civilians, is it any wonder that the Russians fear the presence of American nuclear weapons in Europe?


Thatdifference at military losses was because at eastern front was been about 85% of whole Nazi-Germany casualties – most of high-experienced and skilled ones (same as in US-Japan WW2 confrontation where most of that high-experienced disappear at battle of Midway)


Southfront wrote: “… and the first modernized Tu-160M ​​is under construction.”

Hey Guys, all Tu-160 in active service is now already upgraded into Tu-160M (All was been upgraded into this standard except few which still waiting for upgraded engines where is limited production of them – that with finished engine instalation are sometimes called Tu-160M1 but technically all are and will be Tu-160M until all will be upgraded into Tu-160M2)

Then southfront mean “… and first modernized Tu-160M2 is under constuction.” ;)

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