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JUNE 2021

Russia Gives Militants In Eastern Qalamun Second Chance

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Russia Gives Militants In Eastern Qalamun Second Chance

Jaysh al-Islam fighters in the Eastern Qalamun region, Illustrative image.

On April 4, Russia re-scheduled a negotiation round with local figures of the Eastern Qalamun region to unknown date, according to local sources. Russia gave the militants in the region a 3-days’ notice on April 1 to accept an evacuation agreement, a reconciliation agreement or to face a military operation. However, the militants have not responded to the Russia offer yet.

Most of the militants in the Eastern Qalamun region appear to be not ready to accept a peaceful solution. They even formed a united military command on April 2. On April 4, militants also burned down the building of Jayrud Town Council, which had been involved in the negotiations with Russia.

However, the Russian TV network RT reported that many militants, meanly from the towns of al- Ruhaybah and Jayrud, had agreed on a possible reconciliation agreement with the Damascus government.

Russia likely delayed the negotiations round in order to give the local figures more time to pressure the militants to accept an evacuation or a reconciliation agreement and to avoid a possible military operation. Local observers believe that this strategy could work as the militants in the Eastern Qalamun region understand that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies have much bigger military capabilities.

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northerntruthseeker .

Screw these agreements and blast these US backed civilian murderers into oblivion…. That is a better alternative than letting these pricks escape and flee to Idlib!


Send a large missle into crowd of militants & show em what they are facing.

martin clarke

It’s time to even the score with the USA and the UK with regard to the deliberate killing of the 60 Syrian Army combatants in 2017.

Shakeel Haider

Hahaha. More russians donate to SouthFront than I thought.

Peter Jennings

Will these terrorists ever reconcile with the Damascus government? they might become restless in future and decide they just like being terrorists.

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