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Russia Gave Syria Green Light To Use S-300 Against Israeli Targets: Report

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Russia Gave Syria Green Light To Use S-300 Against Israeli Targets: Report

ILLUSTRATIVE. Click to see full-size image

Russia has allowed Syria to use the S-300 missile defense system against Israeli targets, Avia.pro reported, citing an anonymous source.

Against the recent ramping up of Israeli strikes on Syrian territory, and in spite of previously reached agreements between Russia and Israel, the source claimed that the Syrian military received permission to use its air defense systems in the event of the slightest threat from Israel, provided that the Syrian side bears responsibility for such actions.

“Russia allowed the Syrian military to bring the S-300 to full combat readiness and attack Israeli aircraft in the event of the slightest threat,” the source said.

Information regarding this appeared a day after Israeli F-35 fighter jets struck targets in Syria, completely ignoring Moscow’s position on the issue.

According to some reports, before the end of this month, the Syrian Arab Army may receive the BAVAR-373 Iranian air defense system. Iran claims that the system is allegedly capable of detecting stealth targets, potentially including the Israeli F-35 fighter jets, at distances up to 150-180 kilometers.

In recent weeks Israeli has significantly ramped up its airstrikes on Syrian territory, allegedly targeting Iranian facilities and personnel.

Most recently, on September 17th, Israel struck positions at the Iraqi-Syrian border near al-Qa’im and al-Bukamal.

This was the second strike within a month on the same allegedly Iranian military base.

The previous occasion when the same location was struck by Israeli warplanes was on September 8th.

Following the most recent strike there were no reports of casualties, but the September 8th one allegedly killed several service members.

On the very next day, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) claimed that Iranian-backed militants had launched attacks on the country from within Syria, potentially being the reason for the strike on al-Bukamal.

It is also likely that all of these took place leading up to the snap General Elections in Israel that took place on September 17th.

Even the most recent attack took place on election day, it could have potentially been aimed as showing that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu brings “victories” to Israel and is necessary to ensure security.


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They should have been allowed to use S300 months ago – if this report is correct it means the SAA have not been allowed to defend themselves fully, explaining why the S300 to some seemed ineffective.


Russia’s military commanders have been careful not to give the US and NATO an excuse to attack Syria in an air blitz. There are numerous reasons for this and Syrian military air defence training and the steady eradication of the US Coalition of Terror’s proxy ground forces are a part of that.

When Russia strikes the hammer blow of victory, it will be too late for a US invasion of Syria.

‘Softly softly catchee monkey’.


Lock and Load! No mercy for Isisrathell this time!

Jacob Wohl

in your dreams, S-300 missiles can’t get a radar lock on an F-35 past 15km! F-35 can locate and target the S-300 from 150km. do the math genius. F-35 wins.

J Ramirez

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Uncle Meat

Yayyyy!!! He said, “F-35 wins.” That’s greattttt!! Yayyyy!!!


Uncle Meat



Zio terrorist jewish sh itt pile alert


Long overdue. I’ll believe it when we have solid results from the S-300.

Jacob Wohl

be prepared for sad results. Israeli Harpy drones will humiliate the S-300 just like the pantsir :-]


Go back to playing battlefield, BOY ..

Kell McBanned

Just like Israel humiliated Hezbollah in 2006?

J Ramirez

Stick the Harpy up your ass!

Very good Russia, except now give Syria something that actually can down enemy jets. Syria news says that Syria is in talks with Iran to purchase air protection systems after S-300’s have performed poorly. I’ll post the news article below in a reply to this.

Syria considering acquisition of Iran’s new air defense system: report BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:30 A.M.) – Syria intends to acquire Iran’s Bavar-373 air defense system, which was recently modified by the Islamic Republic, the Russian aviation website Avia.Pro reported on Saturday.

Citing Syrian journalists, Avia.Pro said Syria is looking acquire the Bavar-373 after the Russian-supplied S-300 system allegedly demonstrated extremely low efficiency during its trial phase.

“Information about this is actively disseminated by Syrian journalists referring to a certain military source in the country, and, according to recent data, Iran is ready to supply its air defense systems to the Arab Republic at a special cost, but provided that these air defense systems will not depend on Russia,” the publication said.

The publication added that the Iranian air defense system shares similar characteristics to the Russian S-300, which should limit the amount of training time needed to use it.

Syria first acquired the S-300 last October when the Russian Federation made their first delivery of this air defense system.

Russia’s decision to supply Syria with the S-300 came just days after their IL-80 was accidentally shot down by the Syrian air defenses off the coast of Latakia.

Russia blamed Israel for the incident, stating that an Israeli Air Force F-16 used the IL-80 for cover during their exchange with the Syrian air defenses.

SOURCE: https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/syria-allegedly-considering-acquisition-of-irans-new-air-defense-system-report/


Avia.Pro is not reliable. Yes, Syria is trying to acquire the Iranian air defence system but this is due to Russia not allowing Syria to use S-300. Stop spreading false information. The S-300 is the most effective and sophisticated system on the planet. Don’t take my word for it, let the record speak for itself. The S-200, which is more than 50 years old, shot down the most advanced and state of the art American aircrafts. Syria also shot down an F-16 with it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wbl-i3HIcM

Now, the reason why Syria is failing to protect itself from Israeli strikes is because Israel launches strikes from the S-200 limit range which makes ut unable to intercept the aircraft. They usually use Lebanese or Iraqi or Jordanian airspace.

They never enter Syrian airspace so even if Syria got the S-400, they wouldn’t be able to intercept the aircrafts because of the range limit being capped at 300-400km. What Syria can do is shoot down as many missiles as possible, which is what they are doing. Although Syrian air defence has a lot of upgraded and somewhat advance air defence system, they do lack in numbers, vastly.

People miss understands these situations. Syria should open military bases close to Israel and as soon as there is activity near its border, they could scramble jets to intercept Israeli planes, and this would deter any future airstrikes. Now, with regards to Iranian air defence, the system that is mentioned in the article, is most likely not an improvement on the S-300. That is at least what I believe.

In any case, if Syria receives the Iranian system, they would have to protect it with short range systems such as Pantsir and other soviet supplied short range, which as I mentioned earlier, they lack profoundly of. Keep in mind that any system that is designed for long range also needs protection by shorter range air defence systems.

Jacob Wohl

give me a break. 12 IDF mirage fighter jets shot down 24 Soviet MIGs in 1973 operation rimon without taking any losses, and 100 Syrian fighter jets in 1982. And you think the butcher regime airforce stands a chance against the Israeli Airforce? HAHA! Genius! :-]

Tommy Jensen

Lies from Kremlin. We are now up on 10 years since Assad ordered his S-300 from Russia.

Russia promised the finally delivered S-300 to function in march 2019, and 19 September 2019 Russia allows Assad to make use of his S-300 because Iran deliver something better end September. It doesn’t look good in Russias CV.


10 years huh? Russia only agreed to sell Syria the S-300 after the Sept 2018 incident where the Syrians accidentally shot down a Russian aircraft trying to land at Latakia.

Russian air defences protect Russians in Syria …. Syrian air defences protect Syrian assets. Russian air defences are busy swatting down drone attacks ….. like the one that crippled SA’s oil production and sent the USA into conniptions last week ….. like flies.

How on earth did a drone and cruise missile attack from iran get through the combined US and SA air defence net. According to what the Saudi’s claim the missiles flew over a US air base in Kuwait and passed 3 SA aegis destroyers, Patriot and Hawk missile batteries without being seen let alone fired upon. How does that happen?


Russian air defence protects Israelis only


Its a miracle :)


S-300 have not performed poorly. The problem is that Israel is using tactics that denies S-300 an oportunity to shoot them down. Israel launches rocket attacks from their jets from distance that is at the limit range for their missiles. They also launch it from area that can be used by civilian airplanes. Can you imagine what would happen if Sysrian airdefence firing at Israeli aircraft shoot down civilian plane? That would give the US full excuse to begin fullscalle military action against Syria.

You can call me Al

I have seen the article and it is fake.


Avia.pro publishes nothing but lies. So don’t get your hopes up. Southfront keeps reposting avia.pro shite, damaging its own credibility


Dang right, felt like clickbait to me.

Tiresia Branding

“anonymous source”=fake news. Seems to me it is more a provocation to a reaction or if no reaction happen an embarrassment for Russian army. Few days ago, in Israeli press ONLY appear the news that Putin threatened Bibi that Russia will hit the IAF aircraft that will bomb Syria. The same pressure campaign to provoke Russia

Rhodium 10

There was only one attack in Al Bukamal..and no 3 attacks….Israel airstrike have been lauched cruise missile flying low and away of the S-300 range!..IDF drones have been launched from Al Tanf base….S-300 are only useful to avoid that IAF can substain airstrikes over Syain airspace to support its troops on ground….or to protect SAA&IRGC ballistic missile/ drones in case of war vs Israel. other thing is that IRGC want to deploy Bavar and others AD system in Syria to protect Shia militia!

Tiresia Branding

I think they are angry in Israel because as long as the S300s are not used they cannot even be studied to find a way to suppress them. Just as they are trying to put Russia in a bad light


Ananymous source of SF = official position of GRU:))))))))


The Talmudic Zionists, today traders of organs like slaves yesterday, consider non-human those who are not Jews and therefore kill like sadistic murderers. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0bcf1e3817d88a543029eb2a26edc73768720e260ad60e0a20da4495fdd74cda.jpg

Icarus Tanović

If true, this is a goodie!

Jacob Wohl

remember how many Serbian SAM systems were turned into burnt toast in 1999? In only 3 months, USAF/NATO destroyed 200 serbian tanks, 500 light armored vehicles, 50 SAM launchers, 9 MIG-29 jets, and 5000+ troops. Don’t mess with the USA or Israel, baby! :-]

Kell McBanned

They blew up a lot of inflatable decoys and a school bus full of kids – Brit and US forces were astounded when the Serbs pulled out, they had only hit two real tanks lol The Serbs also bagged the supposedly invisable Stealth F-117 :D Hubaris preceeds a fall Israels fall :D

Kell McBanned


Icarus Tanović

Maybe general staff building was also inflated…

Icarus Tanović

Yeas, that is true about Serbia, but who cares…

Laszlo Elias

After Putin said f**k off to Satanyahu in Moscow on the request to freely bomb and fly over Syria,he went home and ordered attacks on bases with Russian staff in..He is stupid and mad asf..No wonder that even his fellow zionists wants to ditch him..

Taz T

Why does Syria needs Russian permission to use S300. They are not getting it for free, what is the point of having them if the RUssian make a deal with Israel to allow them attack Syria?


I don’t think the Russians have a veto on Syria using the system whenever it pleases. But the integrated radar systems covering Western Syria is enhanced by the Russian S400 system, and Russians might have turned it off in the past if Syria was too trigger happy. Russia has kept talking channels open to israel, but I think Nuttanyahoo has gone too far recently, even for Russians. So they are now saying to the Syrians, “knock yourselves out, we’re not stopping you. The radars will stay on.” I think it’s more like that. You see the israelis will attack Russian installations at great risk, even when the Syrians are using them.


FINALLY !!!!!!! Can´t wait to see Israeli planes getting shot down.


agree – long overdue

Jacob Wohl

agree, long overdue for IDF to destroy every last s-300 in syria

J Ramirez

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Zio terrorist jewish hasbara sh itt pile alert…


Yep, we’ve been waiting in patience.

Jacob Wohl

you’ll be waiting a long time. But dont worry, you’ll be seeing IDF videos of Harpy drone camera footage destroying S-300 launchers. it’ll be fun! :-]

J Ramirez

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but I am looking forward to the time that Iran lets go of say 50 or even 100 long range missiles from makeshift barges in the Caspian Sea, and aimed for tel aviv, haifa and some other vital points in the palestine occupied by the jews being followed up by turkey, hezbollah,Iran’s syria based troops and Irans Iraqi-based pmu’s and syria. that will be the end of israel and if they can’t find a home away from palestine they’ll be in some serious trouble.


And also followed up inside Israel by fighters of Palestine. That would be Karma indeed.


I don’t think that Avia.pro is a credible source. They’re the same outfit claiming from their sources that Russian air defense is junk and IAF F-35s have been flying all over Syria.

Jacob Wohl

Great news! Israeli Airforce will now be able to destroy all the S-300’s without holding back :-] Prepare for some TV missile videos of IDF Harpy drones taking out those mighty s-300s :-]

Jacob Wohl

Time for the IDF to prove their F-35 electronic warfare is the greatest on the planet! jam those invincible s-300s and blow them to pieces

J Ramirez

I think this dumb ass is Nuten Yahoo or his inbred son posting, seems really concernd for the terrorist ISISraelies ;}

Jacob Wohl

as soon as those mighty s300s turn their radars on, Israeli F-35s will unleash HAARM anti-radiation missiles at them. F-35 can’t be targeted by an s300 radar past 17km either

Jacob Wohl

radar cross section of an f-35 is 0.0001 square meters. that means an S-300 64n6e radar would spot it at only 40km but the gravestone engagement radar cannot get a radar lock past 17km! that means F-35 can only be shot at by an s-300 from 17 kilometers! HAHA! IDF wins hands down no contest. physics > russkie propaganda

Jacob Wohl

Israeli F-35 electronic warfare system can detect S-300 radar emitter from 400+ kilometers away, and jam them with extreme electronic warfare, totally suppressing the s-300 radars. Then the F-35 can target the launchers + radars with anti-radiation missiles and delilah cruise missiles from over 150km! s-300 has no chance. IDF will defeat it


What are you on about? The planes of isreli air force have been getting much older missile in their ass recently.


Have you been selling any unregistered securities lately Jacob. Don’t worry, we will not tell anybody. I’m sure daddy will get you out of this pending imprisonment, but maybe not. :)

J Ramirez

Hell Ya, Kill them all ;}

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Since the Israelis are in complete political turmoil due to the latest election results, Netanyahu will now only be acting as an interim prime minister, and no longer really be in a legal position to order anymore airstrikes at all, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t of course. If the opposition party can’t form a majority coalition government and the Israelis have to hold another election, Netanyahu’s party likud won’t do any better next time, they’ll do much worse. I’ve been pointing out how strange it was that Trump fired Bolton just a week before the Israeli election and how harmful that would be to Netanyahu and his Likud party, Bolton is the epitome of a Zionist hero, and the last person the pro Zionist Trump should have sacked right before the election, he should have waited until just a few days after the results were in to do that, that’s if he really had no choice at all. After all Bolton was Likud’s greatest asset so how dumb was Trump, he did the worst thing he could have done to his good mate Benji by sacking Bolton when he did, and just to rub salt in the wounds as well, he hasn’t even bothered to contact his good mate Benji to offer him condolences, LOL, for the poor results that lost him the election due to the loss of Bolton’s support for Likud, I think the great relationship they once had is over now, Benny’s taken Benji’s place as Trump’s number one man now, LOL. Trumps turning out to be an excellent Zionist, he just swapped the worst biggest [not worst of all] pro Zionist party, for an only just slightly bigger and only just slightly less pro Zionist party, which won’t really seem like much of an improvement to most people, but for the real anti Zionist amongst us it’s all good news from this election result. At the very worst scenario they’ll have to hold re-elections and Benny Gantz and the white and blue Party will definitely form a majority government, and then sadly try to act only about 1% less atrociously than Netanyahu and Likud did, but the two saving grace’s are 1, the only political groups left with the ability to form a coalition opposition government, will be a block of the very moderate anti Zionist parties and the Arab block, which will be totally excellent news if they can do it [people can easily check to see why being in the official opposition party is really good for the anti Zionists and Arabs, it’s excellent], but the Zionist may try to disrupt this process with legal hurdles, so it’s not a guaranteed result. And the number 2 grace is this, Benny gantz is already saying poor old Benji has to face court as soon as this has all settled down, and the quicker the better too, so this pro Zionist is more than happy to help stick one of his fellow Zionist warmongers in jail when it suits his purpose, which is totally ok by me, LOL. But the best case scenario is even better, Benny Gantz and the white and blue party will hopefully form a majority alliance government with several of the more moderate political groups avoiding another election, which will then help to tone down their zionist ambitions just a little, and I’m pretty sure also hinder any efforts they make to do things unilaterally, which is always good for the anti Zionists amongst us. But on top of that we also still get an anti Zionist/Arab Bloc opposition coalition with the deal as well, which will mean the Zionist in the white and blue held government will be hobbled like they’ve never been before, but as I also said before, the Zionists will do their utmost to stop the anti Zionists and Arabs forming an official opposition government, they’ll be screaming infiltration by Iran and our enemies from now to eternity to stop that happening, which will mean even more turmoil no matter what else happens, LOL, and don’t forget Benji will still go to to jail in this scenario too, LOL. Just a few short weeks ago it was looking like Benji was going to save his skin and win the election, isn’t it amazing what can happen in just a few short weeks to change things around, LOL Did Trump just make another big mistake and shoot himself and his pro Zionist agenda in the foot, no I don’t think that happened at all, I actually think his pro Zionist agenda is still going full steam ahead, it’s just been reorganized to make things easier for Trump, and I suspect Benny Gantz is going to be the sort of man Trump can do deals with now, and Trump will use the official Israeli opposition party as leverage against Benny when it suits him, and when it suits him he’ll probably also do the same thing with Benny and use him as leverage against the Israeli Arabs. “What’s that you say Bolton, you won’t do a deal, mmm, and did you say the same thing Benji, you also won’t do a deal either, mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, I don’t like people who can’t do deals, YOUR BOTH FIRED”. LOL LOL LOL. Is it just coincidental that this Green Light article comes straight after an Israeli election that has left the Israelis with no legitimate government in power, which means the caretaker government holding the remains of power is currently unable to take unilateral actions due to the indecisive results of the election, and will probably not be able to do so until either someone forms a government or they hold another election in a months time. Am I being cynical wondering why this article comes at the very time it’s least likely the Israelis will be able to launch more airstrikes due to their own political turmoil, no matter what the Russian authorize the Syrian to do. It’s sort of like saying “come on, I dare you to hit me”, but only doing it after your opponent is already preoccupied by someone else also picking a fight with them, I am quite cynical aren’t I, I wonder if anyone else will suspect the indecisive Israeli election result and the Russian announcement are linked in some way, Nah, I’ll be the only one who suspects that. LOL, LOl, Lol, lol.


The open humiliation that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s faced during a visit to Russia on Sept. 12 shed a light on the sharp differences between the two countries over Syria and growing Russian alliance with Iran. Independent reports confirm that Moscow has prevented several Israeli strikes against Iranian supported forces in the country. A number of Russian and pro-government Syrian media outlets have published similar reports claiming that Russian jets based at Khmeimim air base were called to intercept Israeli aircraft over Syria in late August and September.It is now also confirmed that Russia has given Syria the green light to use the S-300 missile systems against Israeli aircraft.


Putin is an Israeli puppet


Who pulls your strings, Nick1111 ?

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