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Russia Forms Anti-Drone Combat Unit In Western Military District


Russia Forms Anti-Drone Combat Unit In Western Military District

The anti-drone combat unit was formed on the basis of a special radio warfare unit in Western Military District in Russia. The unit will be stationed in Kursk region.

The core of the unit is formed of radio warfare specialists that will use their knowledge to combat drones.

“This is a somewhat unique unit,” said the unit commander  colonel Alexander Vostrikov. “The best specialists in the field are all here. Every serviceman has unique professional skills and technical know-how in the area of radio warfare. The amount of training they receive is comparable to one a special operations unit would go through. In a way, they are the special operations unit of radio warfare”, he added.

Various types of remotely piloted aircraft are used in training, including the old war drones and special flying targets.

There exist about 20 special units in the Western Military District. They include aircraft defense systems, sniper units and aviation.



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  • Derapage

    Ineffective against drones led by AI

    • Wolfgang Wolf

      if you cut the drones electronic systems, wtf do you want to do with AI?

      • Derapage

        Do you know how the microwave oven works?

        • You can call me Al

          I do. Do you have a steamer as well ?, what about one of the new air fryers ? …..now they are good.

      • You can call me Al

        Exactly, how the fooook am I to blame for this ?

    • Daniel Castro

      AI governing all actions of deadly military platforms are a warcrime.

    • Justin

      lol, funny comment u make here!
      They said they have snipers!
      They could also take out a drone with a drone!
      They can use EW against a drone with AI not just disrupt its comms!
      EW means it could literally fry its circuits, disrupt its comms, take over the drone via hacking abilities, use lasers against it, snipers, another attack drone, screw its GPS etc etc! Perhaps even some type of EMP tech!

      U seem to think if a drone has AI thats its not vulnerable!

      Russians have already proven they have the best EW tech!
      I don’t see a drone causing Russia any problems!

      • Derapage
        • You can call me Al

          Wow, the encyclopaedia Wikipedia !!……damn, you must be right.

          I’ll tell you what, if you want, give me 10 mins and I shall change it.

          Well, actually I have just read your link and it is very accurate and articulate in most places (thanks for the link) ……maybe you should read it, understand it and you may come to understand that you have shot yourself in the foot.

          • Derapage

            I did but are you just a troll or that?
            Faraday Cage can protect it from EWF.
            The only thing that could fry the drone it’s a lightning. Is this new russian weapon equipped with Railgun? NO. It does use of microweave
            So please STFU and come back when you will be more prepared.

          • You can call me Al

            I respect you for the tone of your reply, however your factual knowledge ON THIS SUBJECT is nearing Jack sh11t.

            I do understand why you are saying about the Faraday cage, all planes have them, but in these days, there are so many ways around it…..

            I thank you for the troll bit as I do quite like them….


    • heydad

      There is no true AI. They are still just computers that react to a predetermined set of circumstances. If you know the reactions then you can still manipulate it.

  • Jesus

    The special anti drone combat unit established in western Russia will rely on advanced EW capabilities to disorient and render NATO drone capabilities useless.