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JULY 2020

Russia Finishes Building Security Fence Along Crimea-Ukraine Border


Russia Finishes Building Security Fence Along Crimea-Ukraine Border

IMAGE: RIA Novosti

On December 28th, a security fence along the border between Ukraine and Crimea was finalized, with signaling and vibration sensors included, the Crimean Border Department of the FSB was cited by RIA Novosti.

The department explained that the construction of the barrier is associated with threats of infiltrations by Ukrainian saboteurs. In addition, it will prevent the smuggling of weapons, fuel, alcohol, drugs.

The Russian authority stressed that the fence includes a number of engineering solutions, and a complicated system of detectors in the area of the Perekop neck. The FSB stated that hundreds of detectors are planted in the fence.

The length of the structure is more than 60 kilometers. There is also CCTV surveillance to assist in monitoring during the night.

It is noted that the same border guard systems are implemented in the north of Russia and the Far East, “as well as in high-risk locations.” The local Crimean authorities state this is the way to provide security on the peninsula.

The construction of the fence on the border with Ukraine is a necessary and justified measure, Deputy of the State Duma for the Crimean region, Mikhail Sheremet said.

“This is a necessary and justified measure, given the level of aggression and provocations that emanate from the authorities of the neighboring state. The fence is an effective and modern engineering structure that will increase the security level of the Crimean region,” Sheremet said.

According to him, the fence will enhance the protection of the state border and prevent infiltration by groups of Ukrainian saboteurs on the peninsula.

“The fence is primarily intended to protect the Crimea from the Kiev authorities’ encroachment on the peaceful and peaceful life of the Crimean people and to prevent saboteurs, radicals, smugglers from entering the region,” Sheremet said.

Military Expert Igor Korotchenko also commented on the fence.

“This measure was taken in order to ensure the security of our country. Due to the fact that we are talking about the border with Ukraine, which in recent years has pursued an unfriendly policy towards Russia, the construction of this barrier is justified and will prevent possible sabotage and provocations from Kiev,” he said.

The fence was planned, the announcement for it was made in September 2017. The Crimean Border Department of the FSB signed a contract with Start-7 Production and Installation Center to build the fence along the border with Ukraine.

The contract price was 204 million rubles (nearly $ 3.5 million), and the funding came from the federal budget of Russia.

The construction period was supposed to be finalized by May 25th, however it was postponed.



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  • marhula

    anti nazi fence…

  • grumpy_carpenter

    The Dear Cheeto’s gonna be jealous. Vlad gets a wall no muss no fuss while he’s left alone pouting in the White House over Christmas. Maybe if he tells congress life isn’t worth living without a wall and threatens to hold his breath he’ll get one for his birthday.

    • Catch-22

      Well Russia is at war with the Ukraine – better said they are war with Russia

      Currently South And Central America are not at war with us, though globally corporations are at war with all..

  • Brother Ma

    Go Russia with your wonderful infrastructure plans that you promise and deliver! Bravo!

  • FlorianGeyer

    It would be interesting to know what ‘anti tunnel’ detection systems are also employed.

    • Barba_Papa

      That’s assuming that the Ukrainians are as good at digging in as Hezbollah is. So far their performance seems lackluster in that regard.

      • FlorianGeyer

        There are Islamic mercenaries in Ukraine though and with US tunneling equipment similar to the US equipment found in Douma etc, there is the expertise perhaps :)

        • Barba_Papa

          Oh yeah, that’s true. :D