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JUNE 2020

Russia Finished Deployment Of Specialists And Medical Equipment To Serbia (Videos)


The Russian Aerospace Forces have finished the deployment of military specialists, medical aid and equipment to assist Serbia in the war on the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Military transport aircraft Il-76 of the Russian Aerospace Forces conducted 11 flights from the Chkalovsky airfield (the Moscow region) to the Bataynitsa airfield, 20 km northwest of Belgrade (Republic of Serbia).

87 military personnel of the Russian Ministry of Defense, including military physicians, viral agent defense experts of the Russian Chemical Forces Safety Bureau, special medical equipment, protective equipment and 16 units of military equipment, were delivered.

Russian representatives will hold a meeting will be held with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Defense of Serbia at the base of the military medical academy of the Serbian military department on April 4.

The day before, the first consultations of Russian and Serbian military experts took place at the Batainitsa airfield to identify possible areas of application for Russian aid that arrived in Serbia. Russian forces will operate in areas with the most difficult epidemiological conditions – Belgrade, Chupria, Valjevo, Novi Sad, Nis, Kragujevac, Kikinda.

It is planned to use Russian specialists to disinfect a military camp in the city of Bachka Pola, where COVID-19 cases among Serbian military personnel have been identified.




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  • jo

    Thanks brothers!

  • zaistinu

    Apparently the “brothers” have had other priorities like Italy, US etc. There is a pattern here: after 30 years of anti-Serbian policies including arming of the Croatian fascists and financing of the independence of Montenegro, all of sudden Russians try to present themselves as our brothers. What a fake brotherhood. If we were able to survive with Russia as our enemy we certainly could survive with them pretending to be our friends. Any self-respecting Serbian government should have rejected any ” help” from Russia.