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Russia Established New Base Near Al-Tanaf – Report

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Russia Established New Base Near Al-Tanaf – Report

FILE IMAGE: Russian Special Operations Forces troops are in Syria

Russian forces have established a base in the area of Zaza right on the 55km de-escalation zone line around the US-led coalition base in the town of al-Tanaf on the Syrian-Iraqi border, Syrian pro-government activists revealed on December 12.

A source, who is familiar with the situation, told SouthFront that several advanced air-defense systems and other military equipment were deployed in the new Russian base. More weapons, including heavy rocket launchers, are expected to arrive in the base in the upcoming few days.

Earlier this month, the US-led coalition launched several rockets from its base in al-Tanaf at positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the nearby al-Ghurab mount. The attack didn’t result in any casualties and the coalition never acknowledge it.

Few days after the incident, the Ministry of Defense of Russia revealed that it had suggested the idea of jointly operating the al-Tanaf base in order to avoid any conflict in the area. However, the U.S. was not interested.

The increased activity of Russian forces around al-Tanaf is aimed at deterring and pressuring the US-led coalition, according to local observers, who believe these steps may eventually force Washington to withdraw its troops from the strategic border area.

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  1. jade villaceran says:

    Looks like russia stepping up the game in syria

    1. skinner15 says:

      Close Russian observation by electronic and optical devices should at least let the local people know when the head-choppers are being sent out to murder civilians.

      Well done Russia.

      1. jade villaceran says:

        Yup, this time, russia can now monitor the movement of Isis in al tanaf and the us base will be hard to assist them, saa can now operate freely aroind the area with out interference

        1. skinner15 says:

          The Russians will turn that 55km ‘security zone” into a giant target area, with pin point targeting of anything that moves within it.

          It’s check, and your move America.

        2. BMWA1 says:

          Hmmm….it’s almost as if the US Al Tanf base is supporting terrorists. This is shocking!

          1. dinnedup says:

            What is almost? It’s real fool.

      2. christianblood says:

        Indeed, great move by Russia!

      3. dinnedup says:

        Does that mean Russia employs its satellite cameras thinly?

    2. jorge says:

      It’s the execution of a plan, step by step, they stepped up the game already in 2015.

  2. Jesus says:

    A self sufficient base will allow the Russians to “ play and confuse and frustrate” Americans in the area, facilitating their departure.

  3. John Wallace says:

    That is an interesting step and once established would become more interesting if a number of forward bases were started a further 5kms closer to the Jordanian border . However one step at a time.

    1. Ronald says:

      Yes, Zaza near al Tanif and I would like to see T2 and T3 more fortified and used for uav recon..

      1. John Wallace says:

        Agree but they are a fair distance away but could use them to sniff out the remnants of ISIS hiding in that desert. Then advance along the Iraq border closer too Jordan..

  4. Patriotic_White_American says:


    The Russian military can be 5 feet away from Al Tanf and still too impotent to raise a finger

    1. Ricky Miller says:

      Oh, Russian weapons work just fine. It’s Russian decision-making you have a problem with, as in they work at de-escalation because they know what you and most other Americans don’t. Which is that once the escalation comes it’s going to kick off a titanic struggle that Russia fully intends to win and for reasons and gains that make it worth the risk. It will result in the destruction of America’s myth of invincibility and may result in the destruction of the United States in it’s near entirety. But there are great risks for Russia too, hence the more mature and sober decision making. Every time you post you make yourself more of a fool.

      1. John Wallace says:

        I have found it is no use being rational with a clown as they have no concept of anything other than totally fu…king stupid.

      2. BMWA1 says:

        When time is on your side, different methods are used.

    2. John Wallace says:

      Why not go back to sitting on your wife’s rather large black dildo as that is as close as you will come to her pussy.

      1. Ricky Miller says:

        She’s doing her part, no doubt, at making her family and America brown. Again. In just the time he’s been here cheering on his country’s invasion and attack on a far smaller state the American demographic destiny has ticked just a little bit more to Spanish speaking. All the invasions of smaller states with weaker military arsenals he loves so much can do nothing to stop the Mexican reclamation of North America. Estados Unidos North America, with a capital near the Zocolo. Karma with a sombrero.

        1. John Wallace says:

          I am sure if he understood what his government is doing and what his sole worth to them as a canon fodder unit he wouldn’t be so patriotic .. But he is another so brainwashed with bullsh*it and too dumb to think any different that he will never realise it and just continue to think by making rah rah idiot comments on these seditious sites he is showing the world what a pseudo intellectual giant he is.

        2. FlorianGeyer says:

          The Spanish / American War 2.0 :)

          Spain Wins. ‘ By Immigration we fight war ‘.

    3. skinner15 says:

      Russian troops probably are within 5 feet of the US base, just sitting there freaking you all out.

      US will pull out very soon, ask the Vietnamese.

      1. John Wallace says:

        The Russians could be five feet away but the Yanks would be so far up their own ar..se that they wouldn’t be able to see them.

        1. skinner15 says:

          Not many Americans can see their own toes.

          1. John Wallace says:

            :-)) A non sight impediment in the way.

          2. James says:


          3. skinner15 says:

            Yup, that’s it. LOL

      2. Ricky Miller says:

        And soon, the Taliban.

    4. Garga says:

      Yes! Yes!
      Russian troops are impotent, Russian weapons are crap, S-300 and S-400 are useless against American awesome planes, etc etc.

      Then no need to worry. Nothing to whine about and reason to cry. Stay put, send you F-35i’s over, all 12 of them, following by Merkavas. rubbish Kornets can’t hurt them, NOFIN’ to worry about!

    5. ruca says:

      Says Mr KKK

      1. John Wallace says:

        That is crediting him with enough intelligence to put a white sheet on and cutting eyes holes in the right place. Nah , hardly likely ..

        1. Ricky Miller says:

          He’s in line next to the other white sheets wondering why he can’t see. His white sheet brothers have to shake their heads, knowing he’s a bona fide idiot.

          1. FlorianGeyer says:

            Not if they look out of the hole in the sheet covering their arseholes of course :)

          2. Luke Hemmming says:

            I heard they told him to put 1 hole in the sheet where his asshole is and no eye holes because they didn’t want to see him cry as they butt fucked him with no lube.

        2. FlorianGeyer says:

          Lol :) :)

        3. ruca says:

          Ha! Good one))

    6. grumpy_carpenter says:

      Says the guy from the country that are losing to the Taliban after 16 years and $$ Trillions of taxpayers dollars. I could understand if this was your first time but even after having you ass handed to you by Vietnam you make the same strategic mistake of believing that just because you can afford fancy weapons you know how to win a war.

      Son, why would Russians waste good ammunition on you when you are so good at inflicting defeat upon yourselves?

      1. Sinbad2 says:

        His posts are designed to annoy Russians and Americans, which means he is Israeli.

        1. #'~A*QXm(>NRmm]w?dU4vXZ says:

          You mean he is a ZioNazi with an “Israeli” passport.

      2. #'~A*QXm(>NRmm]w?dU4vXZ says:

        You make 1 mistake: the goal was never to win that war because then they would to get out and leave that $1 trillion treasure trove of natural resources to others.

        What they have maybe realised but certainly not accepted is that they will never get their hands on that treasure trove because the Taliban won’t let them, they cannot control the Taliban, never mind defeat them. The world’s most advanced, arguable most powerful army cannot defeat a rag-tag bunch on sandals and armed with Kalashinikovs. LMAO.

    7. Nosferatu says:

      That is why USA funds terrorism?

    8. verner says:

      hey white supremacist homeboy, Russia is doing it slowly and carefully and in the end pentagon and the white house moron will have to pack up and return back home trying to look as if they’ve just haven’t been kicked out on their backside, just like in Vietnam and like they are taking a beating in Afghanistan right now.and the disorganized arses of the disunited states of collected morons (america) are just finished, why don’t you just lie down an die which would be a bone for the world. in fact no one needs the disunited friggin’ states of fatties.

    9. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

      The new Russian base isn’t within range of US artillery, but half the US exclusion zone is within range of the Russian artillery, you know what that means don’t you, you just got outsmarted.

  5. Ricky Miller says:

    A positive step. The Al Tanf position of the U.S. is just a thorn in Syria’s government side and serves little other purpose. Just ring it and watch it. Eventually there is going to be a huge recession here in the States and the U.S. has been averaging a trillion dollars a year in deficit spending as it is. There will come a time when there is no money for a useless outpost of Imperial hubris in the middle of nowhere. And when the Americans withdraw it will make every dime they spent there as well as every hour both just wasted. As in thrown away for NeoCon nothing.

    1. Selbstdenker says:

      By having the daughter of the Huawei founder taken by the Canadians, the US has made China officially an enemy. Us has underestimated the pride Chinese have with successful Chinese companies. Watching the Chinese discussion on this matter, US is seen as it had attacked Chinese mainland. I assume that China is using it’s economic power (the are the biggest lender to US by possessing the biggest share in US treasury bonds) and will use this stick to beat back.
      In German there is a saying: The one who seeds wind will harvest a storm.

  6. Sinbad2 says:

    Southfront has made it to the big time.
    Just look at all the American/Israeli disinformation weasels posting, a sure sign that the truth is getting out.

    1. Ken Nonickname Nonecknom Under says:

      US trolls where? Who? Oh lol Patriotic.

      1. FlorianGeyer says:

        No idea, I block the zionist twats.

        1. John Whitehot says:

          it’s a pity.
          you preclude yourself the chance to shoot down their bs.

          and also give them the chance to reply to your comments without you knowing.

          1. FlorianGeyer says:

            You have a point but I often look at the replies to them and enter the debate then.

  7. jorge says:

    Sorry, South Front redactor, but as there isn’t any 55 km de-escalation zone there isn’t also an 55km de-escalation zone line. As you are a little stubben and you begin to make me remind the Karamazov, I will ask you when and by whom was agreed the creation of ‘yours’ de-escalation zone. And why you don’t call also de-escalation zones to the other unilateral and illegaly occupied territories in Syria by foreign states?

    P.S. -This is also a warning, indirectly, to the Turks.

  8. Drogba says:

    Al -tanaf,will turn into a prison fortress for the mad zionist scumbag yanks.TIME TO EVACUATE while the going is good,lol.

    1. verner says:

      the going hasn’t been good for the zionist scumbags for a long long time so it’s good advise to advise them to feck off right away.

  9. John says:

    I like the idea.

  10. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

    Great news for sure, I think this will mean the end of Isis in southern Syria now, this Russian base is just what’s needed to finish them off for good. Sadly that probably means the Rukban refugee camp crisis has been put on the backburner, but hopefully not.
    The new Russian base is out of range of the US artillery and will be able to defend against air attacks, the US are just going to have to watch their proxies being bombed to bits every time they step outside the exclusion zone now. not only that, the Russian artillery will be within range of at least half of the exclusion zone, making it impossible for the terrorist to operate there or flee back to it for safety. Brilliant move, lets see how good Russian artillery is, I’m assuming they have at least a 55 km range and excellent accuracy, lets see if they live up to my expectations. BRILLIANT MOVE, PERFECT SPOT, half the exclusion zone has become obsolete.

  11. James says:

    I wonder if they could pressure the US/terrorist presence with laser and/or sonic sound wave weapons?

  12. Bob Starsky says:

    just tell usa “in 1h we are bombing terrorists in al tanf” and bomb them. if usa terrorists will die then it will be confirmations they were terrorists :)

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