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Russia: Erdogan’s Statement That Assad Is ‘Terrorist’ Has No Legal Basis

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Russia: Erdogan's Statement That Assad Is 'Terrorist' Has No Legal Basis

FILE IMAGE: Russian Special Operations Forces in Syria

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova has commented on the December 27 statement of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accusing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of beeing a “terrorist”.

Such evaluations do not have any legal basis… Such statements are groundless,” Zakharova said during a briefing on Thursday.

On December 27, Erdogan called Assad “definitely a terrorist who has carried out state terrorism” during a meeting with Tunisian president Beji Caid Essebsi. Erdogan argued that “it is impossible to continue with him[Assad]” and saud that Assad had allegedly killed about a million of Syrian citizens.

Erdogan’s statement is an example of the “complicated” alliance between Turkey and the Iranian-Russian-Iranian coalition over the crisis in Syria. On the one hand, the Erdogan regime is forced to coopearate with Damascus and its allies if it wants to achieve at least some positive results for its policy in the country. On the other hand, Erdogan wants to show that it is an independent actor in the conflict. Strategically, Turkey still prefers to establish an Islamist government in Damascus that would operate under de-facto supervision of the Erdogan regime.

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MD Ranix

never trust turkey – period


Why Assad is soooo quiet like a mouse…
He is the best person to refute all allegations

Being silent means you agree …


Assad is a MAN, Erdogan on the other hand is some sort of a mutated man-like overgrown rat crossed with a ghoul. Why should a man waste words to refute words of such a senseless creature? Tayip says bullshit all the time, investing time into replying to his bullshit is a waste of time. They are simply not nearly on an equal level.


By being silent you lose as I means agreement.

There no two ways about it

He represent Syria and should be the one to speak up


i usually don’t respond to idiots. pointless. anyone is supposed to be entitled to freedom of speech. do I have to pay attention to every tom dick and harry? Smile and nod and then do what you know is best. the hell with idiots. they can talk.it doesn’t matter.


If you think Erdog is right just cuz he barks a lot and the other guy ignores him then you are a complete fool… lol

Mollie Norris

A defensive, reactive stance is one that’s used by the weak.


Assad is smart enough to ignore these taunts. The intra-Syrian dialogue is about to start very soon and a political solution is underway. Why waste precious time to bark against a dog that never stops barking?


Rubbish Are you aggressive when a madman assails you with words in the street Joe , or are you passive and just ignore it whilst you carry on with your day ?

Gregory Casey

Erdogan and his little cabal of stolen oil peddlers? The man whose Government arranged for transportation and carriage of Syria’s oil from the oilfields by ISIS to Refineries and to Ports in Turkey? Whose family together with the families of his Prime Minister and Government Ministers fronted up the entire robbery of Syria’s National resources and pocketed the proceeds in conjunction with ISIS? The man who had an ‘open borders’ arrangement for any terrorists wishing to pass from Turkey to Syria so that they might join with their criminal jihadists? The man who conspired with the Saudi King and his evil Princelings and with BiBi in Jerusalem to destroy Syria and forever ensure that Syria could not continue as one Country and one Nation? This Criminal has the eternal gall to describe Bashar al Assad as a Criminal when all that Assad has done has been to fight off the mercenary Jihadis and seek to ensure the survival of a secular State in Syria. Bashar al Assad has succeeded with the help and assistance and money and people of Iran and Russia and Iraq and Lebanon. For this, these Countries and their Peoples should be eternally thanked. Erdogan, meanwhile, dangles on a cord from Moscow surviving only because Putin chose to save him when the Turkish Army revolted in 2015. May |Erdogan and his cronies rot in Hell.

Jim Prendergast

Erdogan is a loose-canon. What he says is of little significance. As long as Turkey maintains committed to alliance with Syria, Iran, Iraq and Lebanon such words are just words for the MSM.


Damn look at the picture of the Russian Special Forces presumably the SPETZNAZ they look like high advanced military graded special force from the future

Tudor Miron

They did some top notch work in Syria. Most known is when 16 SOF operators were holding position against 300 well armed jihadists for 2 days, deblocking operation of MP station attacked by HTS and hero Andrey Prochorenko who was air spotter and when noticed and sorrounded by ISIS and there was no escaspe he called in airstrike on his own position to eliminate the scum that smothered him.

Stefan Balan

Yes! I think russians should elect Putin one more time! Not that anyone else would/would be allowed to run for president…


Surely you understand that there are at least 3 other candidates.

s Slippy

I love how everyone gets their panties in a bunch because of some words Erdogan is uttering, no one cares. Grow the fuck up and learn whats actually happening in the battlefield, thats how you understand where his allegiances lie.

I read so much pathetic nonsense in the comment section

Graeme Rymill

Let’s look at whats actually happening in the battlefield. Erdogan’s soldiers and their allies have seized a large chunk of northern Syria. They are looking to get even more by taking Syrian territory currently occupied by the Kurds. They won’t give any of it back to Syria unless Russia somehow forces them to.

Where to Erdogan’s allegiances lie? They lie with Erdogan and to a Turkey run by Erdogan and to no other country.


I would suggest that Erdogsn also has at least some allegiance to, and support of, MB rule over the whole region

Floyd Hazzard

You sound like a rabid arrogant @$$#0£€. Go take your medication.

s Slippy

Oh the irony, it seems your profile pic embodies your projection towards me pretty well.

Erdogan has managed to unite a fractured Turkey, put Europe on a solid leash (refugee-wise) and most important of all all expanded his territory (He is rebuilding Manbij as we speak, not only regarded as a liberator but also as a savior by the arabs. Erdogan has built new schools, hospitals, roads, police academies and most importantly ensured the towns safety of any invaders.This is where you ask how can you prove Erdogan is loved? He increased the towns population by a 10 fold! Thats how much the Arabs love and support him)


Seems the reporter has never heard of state terorism, something rampant in the region at large.


Erdogan, what need have the Turkish people of enemy’s, when their loose cannon is clearing the decks by His own staggering stupidity, and as some one one put it, His record, CV if you like it, is of an criminal pety tyrant, aka an back street rat, an Teflon coated weasel, and above all, an greedy bastard and I agree, with the self-imposed Ottamical delusion is kicked in, again, and why now, what is it that have been whispered into His ears, make one wounder, when officially, everything was looking good, and then this comes, hmm.
And question the liability in the name they all use, to be an Kurd, and whom supports this latest “uprising and unrest” witch I bet is staged, and mad, e to be something it not, divert the attention to feed the extremists, and then this comes along, some weeks later, again quo -bono.
Someone is driving vedges into the Kurdish people and region, its obvious, and I dont think the late comers have any morale or intresses in the future of the region, but to feed the western devils spawn, that, Kurds will by your nemesis, its right in front of you Kurds, wakey, wakey.

I recognized the latest cleaning done, and then we can assume the lines is much, huh, clearer, the rat pack occupying the Northern Syria with the Impisses behind their backs, and SAA.
I know the out come all ready, and this huffing and puffing is an cock show, but the reality will sooner or later kick in, and as far the scenario goes, as it does, as we speak, I bet the SAA will use some few weeks to pulverize the Turks/Whatever/UssAs, mercy army, and then, we have just one problem, the Imperial Banana republic uSSa.
Yeah simple isnt it, boycott the uSSa, hit them where it hurts, in their wallet.

What I can assume, will probably come soon, since its obvious lines are moving, why, again, is something else, but something have snapped, and makes the coming weeks interesting.
But, in the long run, Turkey will loose an entire nation hijacked by an criminal mafia family, even the Corleone never got this High, and in an sense, an purge would be sensible, why not take a lesson from the bonkers, Saudi-Barbarians, hang em, and shake the cash out of them.
Why not, and make Turkey great again.



Since 2012 the Turkish state has been directly engaged in transiting foreign terrorists, and smuggling weapons and munitions into Syria, in conjunction with hosting the terrorist training camps and strategic control rooms run by foreign NATO/Gulf security agencies in southern Turkey. That is Turkish state sponsored terrorism writ large.


Erdogan couldn’t hold a candle to the Honorable Bashar Assad. Erdogan is a thief and a murderer, the Prophet Muhammad, MHRIP, would never approve of him. Some Muslim, indeed!

leon mc pilibin

Erdogan has just lost any good will he had from sceptical people beforehand.He has shown himself to be either mentally unbalanced,,or a total lying psychopatic idiot


Both I would think :)

Jaime Galarza

Somebody in the Turkish army should do us all a favor.


I think Erdogan is upset because the Syrian Kurds are attending the peace talks at the insistence of Russia and there is nothing he can do about it.

Suyanto Ng

Well, it’s Russia decision to assist Syrian army into more modern and more capable fighting forces in region. Show their capable to handle any threats, and their enemies states or organizations will crawling out their fox holes asking or begging for negotiation.

Floyd Hazzard

When you fund terrorists in Syria and illegally occupy areas of it, when you ambush other airforces to defend your misguided rebels. When you bypass international law and allow scum to tun arms through your country to destabilize your neighbour, you are actually the terrorist aewage, not the one responding to your shameless and uncivilized agression.

s Slippy

I have to thank you though, your sheer frustration sure put a smile on my lips. You dont “bypass” international law, you make international law dependent on you not vice versa. One would think an internet keyboard warrior would know this by now. How Putin Invaded Afghanistan and annexed Crimea. While America slaughtered thousands of innocent arabs all around the world.

But nooo Erdogan is somehow the big bad wolf…. Cry me a river Floyd

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