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JUNE 2023

Russia Equipping Military Base In The White Desert Surrounding Palmyra: Reports

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Russia Equipping Military Base In The White Desert Surrounding Palmyra: Reports

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The Russian Armed Forces are preparing to set up another permanent military base in Syria.

It is to be situated in the Badia Desert, near the historical city of Palmyra. The new bastion will be equipped in Mont al-Mazar, or Jabal al-Mazar.

The base will include a helipad as a runway is now paved with a length of about 780 meters at the eastern side, the satellite photos showed.

The total area that is being prepared is about 37 hectares, which is adjacent to the weapons depots of the Syrian Air Forces.

The works have recently begun and are formally linked to the support on the ground that the Moscow troops provide to the Syrian army (SAA) against ISIS in the Badia desert.

This is a part of a presumed plan to surround the IS pockets in the quadrant. This, using the river and another structure, newly established by pro-Iran militias at the Sawana (Homs) phosphate mines, as a barrier. In this context, the Federation’s new base would be a launch platform for operations.

The Badia Desert is a sensitive area, with quite a significant ISIS presence. Back in early January 2021, At least nine Syrian army soldiers were killed in an ambush on their bus on a main highway in the central Syrian desert.

Syrian state media earlier said six people, without identifying them as soldiers, were killed near Wadi al Azeeb in the western part of the Syrian desert known as the Badia, east of the city of Hama, when their bus was targeted while on the road.

Western intelligence sources say there has been a rise in recent months of ambushes and hit-and-run attacks by remnants of Islamic State militants who take shelter in caves in the mainly rugged sparsely Syrian Badia.

It should, finally, be reminded that there have been reports of a Russian base being established near Palmyra since 2016.


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“And the armies of Antichrist shall gather forth in the valley of Megiddo(Armageddon) to do battle with(For not against) the Beast”…all performed to tha ‘script’ure


Thats BS


Hey they themselves write their own ‘script’ure thats their style, am jus quoting’em


ok get ur drift 😁✌


And boy do they follow their ‘script’ to a ‘t’ cause Megiddo(Armageddon) was a place-name in ole Phoenicia ie: today’s Syria.

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