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Russia: Energy Bridge to Crimea Is Fully Operational


Russia: Energy Bridge to Crimea Is Fully Operational

© Sergey Malgavko / Reuters

The third thread of the energy bridge to Crimea became fully operational, RIA Novosty Crimea reported on April 19.

Thus, the energy needs of the Republic of Crimea is almost completely met. The Crimean citizens don’t face any energy problems more.

The situation in the industrial complex [SF editor: excluding military plants] remains unclear.

We remember, in November 2015, Russia’s Crimea switched to autonomous reserve power after the four main transmission towers in the adjacent Ukrainian Kherson region were blown up by the Crimean Tatar radicals, causing a blackout.

The situation was improved with the opening of the first thread of the energy bridge from Russia’s Krasnodar region across the Kerch Strait in December. Then, the second thread started working.

More about the blackout:



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  • Nexusfast123

    Big finger to the dimwits in Kiev.

  • Tomas Kinoshta

    The problem with the energy bridge is this is just a band aid. Authorities need to build another power plant in Crimea.

  • Zuzana Rehakova

    Russia has to annex Cherson region down to Odessa and further to Romanian border.

  • Daniel Rich

    It’s obviously a good thing to have Russia on your side. Many people either already realized it or are beginning to realize it. Either way, FUKUS’ footholds are crumbling more and more each day, and I can’t wait for the moment to see it fall flat on its face.