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JULY 2022

Russia: EgyptAir Plane ‘Apparently’ Brought Down by Terror Attack

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Russia: EgyptAir Plane ‘Apparently’ Brought Down by Terror Attack

Russia’s Federal Security Service Director, Alexander Bortnikov

Aleksandr Bortnikov, head of Russia’s Federal Security Service believes that a terror attack is an appearent reason for the EgyptAir crash.

“Unfortunately, today there was another incident with an Egyptian Airlines plane. Apparently, it is a terrorist attack, which killed 66 people from 12 countries,” TASS news agency cites Bortnikov.

He urged “all concerned parties” to undertake joint measures to identify the persons involved in this terror act.

Egypt’s Aviation Minister Sherif Fathy also said that the missing plane is more likely to have been brought down by a terrorist attack than a technical failure.

“If you analyze the situation properly the possibility of having a terror attack is higher than the possibility of having a technical [problem],” he said.

An EgyptAir flight en route from Paris to Cairo went missing on May 19.

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Hmm, when the terror attack on the russian plane happend the western intelligence services were the first to declare it was an terror attack without much proof. The Russians only followed when there was enough proof. Now the Egyptian plan from France crashed and the Russians are the first to declare an terror attack, without much proof. Both sides are interchangeable when it comes to their bad and strange sides.

Tomko Kubianca

Trump was the first person I heard claiming it was a terrorist attack. The plane made erratic movements before it exploded.


Egypt’s Aviation Minister Sherif Fathy was first.

Tomko Kubianca

Wasn’t it just last month that the CIA delivered man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADs) to the Syrian ‘MODERATES’ (namely Al Nusra and ISIS) because the Russians were kickin’ Ass?


Try more like a Boeing Honeywell ‘Uninterruptible’ Autopilot System would be a more accurate assessment. Carlisle Group has been very busy.

Zuzana Rehakova

since 17.5. till 27.5. there are naval and aerial excercises of USAF and IL in that region. Hence Egypt has 3 days ago refused to abstain from its pro-Palestian policy (visit of John KOhn in Cairo on 17.5.) , the airliner was sent down as a warning to Egyptians. Plus a lot of other things, like France is pushing the pro-Palestinian policy as well, like EGypt buys some Russian helicopters and a Russian nuclear power plant and some other russian semimilitary equipment…..

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