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Russia Eases Citizenship Rules For Residents Of Self-Proclaimed Republics In Eastern Ukraine

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Russia Eases Citizenship Rules For Residents Of Self-Proclaimed Republics In Eastern Ukraine

People watch tanks of local self-defens eforces in the center of Donetsk during the WWII Victory Day parade on May 9, 2017. Photo: AFP

On April 24, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin signed a decree, which makes it possible for residents of certain regions of southeastern Ukraine to obtain Russian citizenship under a simplified procedure.

“Individuals permanently residing in certain areas of Ukraine’s Donetsk and Lugansk regions have the right to apply for Russian citizenship under a simplified procedure,” the document published on the Kremlin’s website says.

Еhe document notes that the decision has been made “in order to protect human rights and freedoms” based on generally accepted international laws.

The Russian Interior Ministry, Foreign Ministry, Federal Security Service (FSB) and National Guard have been instructed to take measures to ensure the decree’s implementation. The decree entered into force on the day of its publication.


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So at what point does a proxy become a satellite state?

Pavel Pavlovich

By law this is Russian territory, i.e. Soviet.


While you alledge that Donetsk and Lugansk are proxy states of Russia (implying against their will): In the truth most people living there including many Russians living in Russia complain that Russia is too PASSIVE, not too ACTIVE. They felt left alone and even betrayed that Putin did not do more to help them.

So your propaganda picture of Donetsk and Lugansk being forced into Russias orbit is opposite to the truth. In reality most want a much closer accosiation to Russia.
And this public pressure in eastern Ukraine and more important in Russia herself is likely the reason Putin now takes this (years delayed) step.


Dude, that is exactly the opposite of what a proxy is. But I do not have time to give you an English lesson.

roger temple

Of course, because Donetsk and Lugansk are not proxy states. Russia is not using them to attack The Ukraine, only helping them (a little) to beat off attacks by the Kiev US-EU supported regime. Maybe you need some lessons.


Shut up before you make a bigger fool of yourself.

roger temple

Ah well, you have no argument so you resort to rudeness. Hopeless.


The political shift in the world.

It was decided in joint conference in Tehran that Pakistan and Iran will now jointly play a very significant role in Middle East to bring peace, stability and prosperity back to mideast, after long wars, Invision and destruction that US and their proxies have done to mideast.

For Jews of Washington every day new problems arise.

S Melanson

What this does is to set the stage for a plebiscite in the breakaways with the option of joining the Russian Federation which was the option chosen in Crimea.

If the numbers seeking Russian citizenship is very high, it would be sensible to offer the breakaways to become part of the Russian Federation which gives everyone automatically Russian citizenship.


which sort of would be good but give the neo-nazi morons in washington dc diarrhea, when they, after all, finally were aligned with their nazi soulmates in ukraine.

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