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Russia Dispatches Mobile Hospitals to Aleppo City

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Russia is going to dispatch several mobile hospitals to the city of Aleppo in order to medical care to residents of the city and its surrounding areas.

Russia Dispatches Mobile Hospitals to Aleppo City

Photo: Russian Defense Ministry

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the country’s Defense Ministry and the Russian Emergencies Ministry to promptly dispatch mobile hospitals to Syria in order to provide medical care to residents of Aleppo and its surrounding areas, the RIA Novosti news agency reported, citing spokesman for Russian President, Dmitry Peskov.

“The President instructed the Defense Ministry and the Emergencies Ministry to dispatch mobile hospitals to the area of the Syrian city of Aleppo to provide medical care to residents of the city and nearby settlements,” Peskov said.

He also noted that the Russian Defense Ministry is going to deploy a medical special operations unit and a multi-functional hospital for 100 places with a special children’s therapeutic department. The daily admission rate of the hospital for ambulatory medical care is 420 people.

It was also reported that the Russian Emergencies Ministry will dispatch a mobile hospital for 50 places for inpatient treatment, which also will have a possibility of providing outpatient care to 200 people per day.

“The President ordered to deploy hospitals and start to provide a full-scale medical care to all needy residents of Aleppo as soon as possible,” Peskov stressed.

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Pave Way IV

Now if Russia could only supply some badly-needed mobile kitten sanctuaries…


chris chuba

Great picture, the only thing missing is the ‘Chlorine gas (or chemical weapons) plant’ :-)


Map is outdated, northern children’s hospital district is taken.

chris chuba

And he forgot about all of the bakeries in rebel areas, or perhaps they should be labeled ‘destroyed bakery’.

Marek Pejović

for kurds, “sexy communist girls” would be great! XD btw. the Rami Makkhlouf label is brutally awesome! :D


Yes, the Kurdish girls are quite pretty! Krasny(a) in CZ also means pretty.


Was not aware of so many kittens left in the area. Can they be trained to kill all the rats in E Aleppo? Maybe that’s why all the rats are running. What has the UN done to prevent this catastrophe? Perhaps Germany has home for some lost kittens.

tom nails

lest see i am listening to NPR right now and I bet i won’t hear a peep about, I will hear how Russia is killing civilians…talk about fake news

Alec White

The only thing that alarms me is that you are listening NPR. Who does that anymore?


Desist from NPR!

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