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JUNE 2021

Russia Developing Next-Generation Heavy Flame-Thrower

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Russia Developing Next-Generation Heavy Flame-Thrower

Sergei Bobylev/Russian Defense Ministry Press Office/TASS

Originally appeared at TASS

Russia’s Splav Research and Production Association has started developing a prototype of the next-generation wheeled-chassis heavy flame-throwing system dubbed Tosochka, CEO of Techmash Holding Company Vladimir Lepin said on Friday.

“The Splav Research and Production Association is carrying out work to develop a prototype of the Tosochka new-generation heavy flame-throwing system for preliminary trials. The system with the improved characteristics will be mounted on a wheeled chassis,” he said.

In 2017, Splav launched the Proryv (Breakthrough) project as part of its investment program to expand its production capacities. Under the new project, the Enterprise acquired a new workshop intended to go into operation in 2019. The new workshop will launch the serial production of shells for the latest Tornado-S multiple launch rocket system, the Techmash chief executive said.

Simultaneously, Splav will engage in a new area of production to roll out fighting and transporter-loader vehicles. The project will enable Splav to switch from experimental to serial production. The Enterprise’s new workshop will also launch the production of shells for Grad multiple launch rocket systems.

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well the previous verion has proved its vallue in Syria…..TOS toasted a lot of cockroaches in Syria….imagine what the new one would do…

paul ( original )

Yes but I would rather see it put to its proper use and drive NATO into the


NATO I think will rot away in their own ‘diversity’. Russia has no wish to occupy NATO countries. If NATO attempts to attack Russia it will result in the incineration of much of Europe.

The biggest danger to Russia is a US/NATO Colour Revolution coup,but I doubt such US sponsored terrorism would succeed in Russia any more.

paul ( original )

Of course. I just have fantasies about being liberated. Sadly I think all I
have to look forwards to is an embittered death.


You’re correct that NATO will collapse on its own due to lack of enemies and lack of purpose, despite propaganda presentations trying their best. It is running out of time. They won’t have another chance to attempt color revolution in Russia for a long, long time, after which it is too late. Sanctions don’t bite, the next president is sealed with strong popular support unforeseen in EU or US dictatorships, Russia integrating economy with Far East Asia (even with Korea’s who will gradually push US warmongers out).

The only thing NATO has left are probably terror attacks on the 2018 FIFA cup in Russia, or attack Russia directly militarily. The latter option of course describes, why NATO is building East Europe up as a future battlefield, as Stoltenberg explained the need to “ramp up logistics to freely and without boundaries to move forces across the EU”.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

What Stoltenberg said and alongwith his US counterparts have been saying is why EU nations are realizing that NATO is the real threat to world stability and not Russia. Let’s hope people in Europe realize all they are is vassal nations to the US and need to throw off that yoke.


one thing at a time…….

Toni Liu

Jihadist will be knee deep in hell


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Wolfgang Wolf

10km range, higher accuracy and better grill-mixture placed on armata wheeled platform


Multi wheeled platforms also have a use I think. They are faster and less conspicuous to move around without the attendant heavy transport required for tracked vehicles. Especially in desert terrain.

Feudalism Victory

More.flame weapons. What tactics call.for such terrifying weapons?

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