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Russia Developing Air Defense Weapons Based On New Physical Principles: Military

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Russia Developing Air Defense Weapons Based On New Physical Principles: Military

Photo: Youtube / Минобороны России

Russian air defense troops will get weapons based on new physical principles and this work is already underway, Air Defense Force Chief Lieutenant-General Alexander Leonov said at the Army-2018 international military and technical forum on August 25, according to the  Russian media.

“The research involves creating systems based on various physical principles. These are the methods of active and passive location, self-guidance and laser guidance. Work is underway to develop weapons based on new physical principles,” he said.

The general noted that the Smolensk Air Defense Academy has developed large potential in science and presented seven research works in the sphere of radio-location and electrodynamics at the Army-2018 forum.

“All this makes it possible to create mockups of weapon systems that will be subsequently used and that lay large groundwork in developing training means. Time will come and all these system will be unveiled,” the general stated. “No county has such a full set of long-, medium-, short-range and close-in air defense weapons. This system allows creating universal multilayered air defense over the battlefield.”

The so-called “new physical principles” have recentlly become a notional term used to underline types of the weapons based on processes and phenomena that were not earlier applied for military purposes. Thes eare laser and microwave guns, sonic weapons, electromagnetic bombs and others.


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Promitheas Apollonious

good for them.


Russian air defenses becoming even deadlier, hopefully al these new physical principles would greatly enhance their anti ballistic missile capabilities.


Im starting to love this site! heres the link to the treaty if anyone is interested https://www.state.gov/t/avc/trty/101888.htm


Any sane and rational person is welcomed here Lil :)

It an oasis of reality with a mind dead few trolls that remind us how puerile they are.


The US withdrew from it.

Feudalism Victory

The more Russia boasts of advanced weapons the more I think they try to conceal weaknesss


Like the invisible nighthawk.

Feudalism Victory

The stealth bomber?

John Whitehot

like invisible planes in general

Feudalism Victory

Sure sometimes lying is good strategy

John Whitehot

but not everytime.

bluff bluff bluff.

call call call.

you lose.

j. jaxson

like israel.

Nigel Maund

Nice idea though based solely on opinion and a wishes rather than any technical appraisal of the realites. Being a scientist myself I know just how strong the Russians are at maths, physics and chemistry. Their academic rigour is, in general terms, far stronger than is typical of US or EU schools and Universities. Furthermore, unsurprisingly they see the US and UK in particular as a massive threat to their own security and livelihoods. These two pariah States have been engineering wars across the planet since WW2 and before that. They are only exceeded in their malevolence, deceit, duplicity and hypocrisy by Israel. Only the corporate – CIA controlled MSM in the US and EU has prevented, or quelled, any real debate of actual historic facts rather than made up narratives. Abu Garaib and Mi Lai rings any bells amongst those who celebrate the life of the greatest US journalist Seymour Hersh who brought to light these and many other lies and distortions of history by the US military and political classes???


Long Live RUSSIA

Prince Teutonic

There is a high time to blow some NATO voltures out of the sky…


Nice vid. :D

Almost Top security clearance.

Tommy Jensen

All Washington´s and London´s Think Tanks beaten by a few verse in the bible……………….LMAOL.

“If you dig a pit for others, yourself will fall in”.
“If you start a stone rolling, it will roll back on you”.
“People who set traps for others, get caught themselves”.

Psalm 7:15-16 They dig a hole to trap others, but they will fall into it themselves. They will get themselves into trouble; the violence they cause will hurt only themselves.

Nigel Maund

Good comment and obviously true!


“New physical principles” actually means Russia has advanced physics of the ‘scalar wave’ and other physics that was/is suppressed or denied in physics departments of Western universities. “New physical principles” is code for Russia having a vastly advance in scientific knowledge and the education of scientists, engineers and inventors who understand this and create a network capable of developing weapons in advance of any nations who lag behind in this science and or who lack the team who understand and can work together to produce weapons. The West is held back by various aspects of the organization and self-interest of professors, companies and elites that have blocked progress at anywhere the match of Russia.


See Moskva ASW helicopter carrier. Their design is always daring.


I looked up scaler wave and saw 2 sign waves.
One on the + side and one on the – side. Please explain the concept.

Tom Tom

perhaps you should do some research on it yourself.

Feudalism Victory

Hah yes


It is impossible to explain scalar wave technology if the training in science we are given excludes this – a different form of energy with different properties. Are you trained in science in the West?

Harold Smith

The “West” is falling behind Russia (and China) in military technology for one simple reason: It is hopelessly corrupt. The same corruption that brought the jews to power in the U.S. also dooms the U.S. to fall behind. The corrupt jew-controlled U.S. is destroying itself, as evil usually does.

Nigel Maund

The Russians have played to their strengths: strong academic and research skills in mathematics and advanced physics; generally, much stronger than the US or EU countries. Furthermore Russian students are not scared of the hard sciences so form a large cadre where education can be pursued to real depth. Given the lower overall cost base in Russia, the Russian military industrial complex has delivered a much bigger and well focused “bang for the buck” than the utterly corrupted US and EU MIC where misallocation of resources and graft are rife from the Military Officers, Politicains and business leaders. The day will come when the so called “West” rues the day it allowed its military security to fall into the hands of easily corrupted politicians and businessmen, as it will have lost the strategic and battlefield advantage it thought was its God given right. Hubris destroyed the Wehrmacht as much as poor leadership, bad management and lack of strong counter intelligence. The west will be destroyed by pervasive dishonesty, crime and greed.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

100% procent true and verified

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