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Russia Deploys Warships to Shoot Down Ukrainian Missiles Over Crimea


Russia Deploys Warships to Shoot Down Ukrainian Missiles Over Crimea

© Sputnik/ Konstantin Chalabov

Russia has deployed Black Sea Fleet warships along the western Crimean coastline to defend its airspace in the course of Ukraine’s planned two-day missile launches, RIA Novosti reported on December 1, citing a military source.

“The Black Sea Fleet warships, integrated into the Southern Military District air defense system, took up positions off the west coast of Crimea during Ukraine’s missile firings scheduled for December 1-2,” RIA Novosti quoted the source as saying.

According to the report, the warships’ air defense crews have been moved to elevated combat duty. This means that the warships are ready to down Ukrainian missiles launched in the area.



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  • Rodger

    The Ukraine won’t do anything major there until the Netherlands signs the EU treaty because if they do the deal is off.

  • Doom Sternz

    Russia is slowly but surely being destroyed. 2017 there will be a ground invasion of Russia.

    • Robert Ferrin

      Keep dreaming for there is not a country in the world that has the balls to invade Russia, for they well remember the grave yards in Russia left there by the Germans and the French.!!!!

    • VGA

      Have you heard of nuclear weapons?

    • PZIVJ1943

      And with what force? NATO has deployed several battalions to the baltic states to serve as tripwires. W EU has greatly reduced its millitaries after fall of soviet union. For god sake, even england can’t provide a navy with active destroyers!!!!