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Russia Deploys Warplanes, Helicopters At Eastern Syria Airport

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The Russian military has deployed warplanes and helicopters in the military section of the Deir Ezzor Airport in Syria’s eastern region.

On June 20, Obretix, a Twitter defense blogger, released new satellite images of the airport showing at least two Su-24 combat aircraft, two Mi-17 and two Mi-35 helicopters. Furthermore, the images revealed that the Syrian Arab Air Force had deployed four Su-22 fighter-bombers in the airport.

The Russian and Syrian warplanes were likely deployed in Deir Ezzor to support operations against ISIS remnants in the central region. Heavy airstrikes targeted the terrorist group’s personnel, equipment and hideouts between Homs, Raqqa and Hama in the last few weeks.

The helicopters, however, are supporting the Russian Military Police, which are overseeing a Russian-Turkish ceasefire agreement in northeast Syria.

While Russian forces in Syria are thought to be mainly based at the Hmeimim Air Base in Lattakia, a great part of these forces move around the country as the situation dictates. Russia is now working to establish more bases in Syria.


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Dick Von Dast'Ard
Lone Ranger

Should be enough to deter CIAisis.


Do you have any idea how long some have waited for a Russian AF deployment at the Deir Ezzor airbase?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Not since August 2018, that’s when Iran started moving in and Russian started moving out, southern Deir ez Zor has been under total Iranian control since then.

Assad must stay

Good please thank you russia use them.to kill daeshbags and at tanf!!!!

Blas de Lezo

They should also deploy a couple of SU-25s, SU-34s, SU-35s and of course some S-400s to protect those assets.

Anduin Lothar

No need for that many equipment, my guess is that they will operate drones, mig 29s, and choppers from there, regarding aa, maybe s300, or buk, but in reality only Russkies know what will be there.

Saso Mange

More bases in Syria would help. While i am against such moves in foreign politics – Syria needs Russian support to hasten transition to peace. Without more Russian troops and bases – more innocent people will suffer for longer.


Few commentators say that Russia with this move is gradually expelling Iran from Deir Ezzor desert, let’s hop it will bring a bit of peace to syrians


Without the great assistance from Iran and Hezbollah , Siria would have fallen to the US Coalition of Terror long before Russia offered to help Syria.
All if Syria’s allies have proved themselves in Syria.
Iran and Hezbollah deserve respect as well.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Iran is too dug in here and won’t leave unless forced out [religious shrines + ethnic ties + lease agreements], but they may pull out of Daraa and possibly even downsize their forces in western Aleppo, and that would be a good start to the de-escalation of tensions.

cechas vodobenikov

where are the CIA trolls? too embarrassed to make excuses for your cowardice?

Porc Halal

Now you’re talking…

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Do I have to take back all my previous comments now, I always say the Russians never operate out of the same bases that Iran does, and from mid 2018 that’s been correct, right up until now that is, because this is the very first time in 2 years the Russians have deployed their aircraft in a base the Iranians control.
So why have they done it now, is it because of Isis, have they become that big a threat the Russians have no choice but to help Iran, it’s possible but I have my doubts that’s the real reason, or at least the only reason.
Russia had to either be invited in or given permission by Iran, this is Iranian controlled territory and Iran makes the rules here, but to operate here the Russian also have to coordinate with the US, they wouldn’t want the US accidentally shooting down one of their aircraft that the US mistakenly identified as an Iranian drone, so the Russians have to deal with 2 players while they operate in this area, and that’s going to complicate things a bit because the 2 players don’t get along.
Deir ez Zor is the last place Iran would want to pull its troops out, they may do it in other places but Deir ez Zor is different, no matter what happens I think they’ll keep a permanent presence here, but that doesn’t mean they won’t vacate a few bases that they don’t really need, so I’m hoping they don’t really need Deir ez Zor, and also hoping they’re about to let the Russian move in just as they move out.

I’m going to sound like an ungrateful turd now, especially since I’ve been continually demanding that the Russians do exactly what they’ve just done, but when I read the 2 choppers were actually sent here to help the Turks and Russian’s patrol the Kurdish zone instead of help fight Isis, it left a bitter taste in my mouth, oh well Palmyra may get a few choppers instead, fingers crossed.
The planes are still good too but the choppers loitering ability would be very helpful to the troops on the ground, Isis and Russian choppers don’t get along at all. :]


Or is it Russians taking over prior Iranian linked sites?
Why do you care? Such tip-toeing is only to keep Nutty Yahoo supporters happy.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

No there had to have been an arrangement, the Russian’s couldn’t just move into a base the Iranians had vacated, as I said this is virtually Iranian territory, even Assad himself couldn’t do that.
Up until about 18 months ago I also championed the Iranians and believed they were a positive presence, but bit by bit I’ve changed my mind, now I tend to listen to what the local populations say about Iran, Hezbollah, and some of the other militias, even some of the pro Iranian Syrian NDF forces, and they aren’t happy, but most importantly of all I’ve listened to what the Russians have had to say about Iran, and I totally agree with them.
Such tip-toeing is no only to keep Nutty Yahoo supporters happy, it’s also keeping the local Sunni population happy, because when they’re not happy they start joining Isis.


513568 67715A quite exciting go by way of, I could not agree completely, but you do make some genuinely legitimate factors. 436928

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