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Russia Deploys Nuclear Missiles In Retaliation To NATO “Threats”

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Russia Deploys Nuclear Missiles In Retaliation To NATO "Threats"

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

While the detente between Russia and US president-elect Donald Trump could not have come at a more tense time, the Kremlin appears to be accelerating its head-on collision course with NATO, and as a highly placed defense official said on Monday, Moscow will deploy S-400 surface-to-air missiles and nuclear-capable Iskander systems in the exclave of Kaliningrad in retaliation for NATO deployments, confirming previous media reports of Russian intentions to once again blanket central Europe with potential nuclear ICBM coverage.

While Russia has previously said it periodically sends Iskanders to Kaliningrad, until now it has always said these were routine drills. Moscow has not linked the moves explicitly with what it says is a NATO military build-up on Russia’s western borders.

Russia Deploys Nuclear Missiles In Retaliation To NATO "Threats"

However, perhaps sensing that the Kremlin has a supportive voice in the White House, and thus negotiating leverage, Putin has decided to tip his cards diplomatically and alrt the world that Russia will escalate in what it sees a tit-for-tate game theoretical regime.

According to Reuters, after the election of Donald Trump, who has said he wants closer ties with the Kremlin and has questioned the cost of protecting NATO allies, some analysts predict an emboldened Moscow could become more assertive in eastern Europe. With recent military overtures in Syria and now Europe, this appears to be taking place.

Viktor Ozerov, chairman of the defense committee in the Federation Council, Russia’s upper house of parliament, said in remarks reported by RIA news agency that Russia was forced to react to the planned U.S. missile shield in eastern Europe.

“As response measures to such threats we will have… to deploy additional forces… This reinforcement includes deployment of S-400 and Iskander systems in Kaliningrad,” the Reuters quoted Ozerov as saying.

Additionally, Vladimir Putin also on Momday was quoted talking about how Russia has to respond to what it perceives as a threat from U.S.-led forces in eastern Europe.

Why are we reacting to NATO expansion so emotionally? We are concerned by NATO’s decision making,” RIA quoted him as saying in an interview for a documentary that will be broadcast by Russian TV later on Monday.

“What should we do? We have, therefore, to take countermeasures, which means to target with our missile systems the facilities, that, in our opinion, start posing a threat to us,” Putin said.

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Pavel Pavlovich

“However, perhaps sensing that the Kremlin has a supportive voice in the White House…”

I don’t have to tell anyone how imbecilic this statement is. There is no supportive voice for Russia, only a different rhetoric.

John Smith


chris chuba

Russia should itemize NATO’s prior escalation specifically to head off the hysterical reaction in western media. 1. operational deployment of nuclear capable cruise missile ABM systems in Romania and construction in Poland.

2. forward deployment of nuclear capable stealth aircraft, F22’s fitted with B21’s (I don’t know if they can launch cruise missiles or not).

3. Other?


“500km range” – if push comes to shove, NATO’s missiles in Romania won’t last any longer than it takes the treaty compliant Iskanders to get a software upgrade and fly to Romania at mach 2.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

“Russia was forced to react to the planned U.S. missile shield in eastern Europe.” The NATO gang lied about the true purpose of this missile shield, which could also be used for offensive purposes. The Russian deployment of S-400 will now bring the NATO liars to reality and then negotiate with Russia to bring about MUTUAL security. The peace and security of the world depends on Russia feeling secure and not just NATO’s view of its own security and the consequent massive territorial expansion right up to Russia’s borders. It is time for US and NATO to consider Russia’s view of its security or the escalation will continue to nuclear disaster.


This piece sounds strangely anti-Russian. “The Kremlin sppears to be accelrating its head-on collision course with NATO.” Really? Who are you, South Front?

Alexander Hardy

The United Sates of America has the most powerful, and advanced, military in the world. It seeks to dominate the world. Russia stands in its way. European states are being used as a ‘weapon’ against Russia (just as the Mujahideen – Takfiri Islamists – of Afghanistan were some years ago). Russia needs to defend itself, otherwise it will be overrun once again and its wealth stolen by global capitalists from the USA. At present, only the threat of nuclear war deters the US from a more aggressive confrontation with Russia. If it comes, the European states will be the first to suffer, unless Russia launches an all-out attack on mainland America.

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