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JULY 2022

Russia Deploys More Military Police And Heavy Equipment To Northern Syria (Video)

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On October 24th, Russia deployed more military police personnel to northern Syria to take part in patrols and guarantee security.

A unit of 300 military police officers from Russia’s Chechnya was sent to Syria. They flew from the North Ossetia airport to help divert Kurdish troops from the border with Turkey, as well as to ensure the security of the population and the maintenance of law and order.

In the near future, military police will begin to carry out tasks to assist in ensuring the security of the population and maintaining law and order, patrolling in designated areas, as well as assisting in the withdrawal of units of Kurdish self-defense forces and their weapons 30 kilometers from the Syrian border.

Also, more than 20 Tiger and Typhoon-U armored vehicles are being delivered from the airfields in Rostov and Krasnodar Krai to Syria Air Base in Syria, at which Russian military police will perform special tasks.

The footage shows the landing of the transport aircraft Il-76 VKS at the airport, as well as the unloading of personnel.

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Около 300 военнослужащих подразделения военной полиции Вооруженных Сил РФ, дислоцированного в Чеченской Республике, прибыли в Сирийскую Арабскую Республику для выполнения специальных задач. В ближайшее время военные полицейские приступят к выполнению задач по оказанию помощи в обеспечении безопасности населения и поддержанию правопорядка, осуществлению патрулирования в назначенных районах, а также оказанию содействия по выводу подразделений курдских отрядов самообороны (КОС) и их вооружения на 30 километров от сирийско-турецкой границы. В Сирию прибыли наиболее подготовленные бойцы, имеющие опыт подобных операций, прошедшие обучение в Центре военной полиции во Владикавказе. Также с аэродромов в Ростовской области и Краснодарского края на авиабазу Хмеймим в Сирии доставляются свыше 20 бронеавтомобилей «Тигр» и «Тайфун-У», на которых российские военные полицейские будут выполнять специальные задачи. #tvzvezda #телеканалзвезда #САР #военнаяполиция #Сирия #армия

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Another short video shows Russian military vehicles patrolling.

On October 22nd, the presidents of Russia and Turkey, Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, signed a ten-point memorandum of understanding following the six-hour talks. In particular, it says that from noon on October 24th, units of Russian military police and Syrian border service are being introduced on the Syrian side of the border with Turkey outside the zone of Operation Peace Source.

The first patrol took place on October 23rd and it was reportedly successful.

Following the withdrawal of Kurdish formations, joint patrolling of the territory by Russian and Turkish troops will commence within ten kilometers of the Turkish-Syrian border, with the exception of the city of Qamishly.

Feridun Sinirlioglu, a Turkish UN post-secretary at the UN Security Council meeting said that Turkey reserves its right to fight the “terrorists” that remain in northern Syria after Operation Peace Spring concludes in the near future.

“Turkey reserves the right to defend itself against terrorist elements that could remain in Operation Peace Spring,” Sinirlioglu said.

According to him, Turkey’s fight against terrorism will always be conducted in accordance with international humanitarian law.

“As President Erdogan has repeatedly pointed out, Turkey cannot and will not tolerate any terrorist action at its borders. Terrorist organizations may take different names and take different forms, may adopt all sorts of strategies, but our vigilance against terrorists will remain the same. Our commitment to the fight against terrorists will not shake for a moment,” he added.


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The chances of the Kurds withdrawing voluntarily from Kurdish majority areas are remote. And attacking both the SAA and the Russian forces are high. Especially with the Iraqis supporting the Mossad infested US military aggression against Syria. Iraq is the number 1 problem in the region behind Israel at this time. The Zionist Iraqi traitors will be responsible for the coming deaths of Russian and Syrian soldiers if the Iraq problem isn’t corrected. The Iraqis really need to clean house and get the US military out of Iraq.


Arresting the Kurdish leadership blocking the implementation of the Adana agreement and recent MOU for sedition needs to be a realistic option.

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