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JUNE 2023

Russia Deploys Military Equipment to Border with Ukraine (Video)

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Russia actively relocates its military equipment to the administrative border between the Republic of Crimea and Ukraine.

Russia Deploys Military Equipment to Border with Ukraine (Video)

Photo: YouTube / Mark Fridgant

Russia actively relocates its military equipment to the administrative border between the Republic of Crimea and Ukraine. Plenty of evidence of the translocation of a large number of troops and armored vehicles in the districts of the towns of Armyansk and Dzhankoy appeared in the Internet.

A number of witnesses also recorded the relocation of columns of military equipment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the districts of Odessa and Kherson regions. As reported, the marines’ units of the Ukrainian Navy and the artillery sections with volley fire systems are pulled together to the administrative border with Crimea. Sources in the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense said that all movements of the military equipment are carried out in the framework of previously planned military exercises.

The vice-President of the World Congress of Crimean Tatars, Lenur Islyamov, said that military exercises of the Russian contingent are apparently also carried out in the immediate vicinity of the administrative border.

According to witnesses, who are near the border crossing checkpoint Kalanchak, Russian helicopters fly at very low altitude along the border at the Crimean side.

As previously reported, Russia has suspended the Crimea’s border crossing by people and vehicles on August 7 for unknown reasons. After a few hours, the movement across the border was reopened.

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George Washington

Does anyone have an opinion/analysis on the possibility these maneuvers are meant to reduce the pressure on the Donbass? – It occurs to me whatever units the Ukronazis shifted here are NOT shelling civilians in Donetsk.

– Of course they could also be just trying to give Stratfor nightmares about amphibious invasions.


I see this as a preparation for a worst case scenario, one where if Ukraine decides that the only way to prevent a collapse of power is through assertion of force. Many factors could be of concern to the government in Kiev, the first is the decline in the much needed western finicial support, next you have the strengthening resolve of the DPR and LPR. Then there is waning support by Western nations and the unclear outcome of US elections and to potential of complete abandonment of Ukraine’s current government by the incoming president. These factors could pressure Kiev into believing that they must act sooner then later and potentially too late. Russia on the other hand needs to be prepared for such and outcome which could reignite the situation into all out combat. They are ensuring that they would be prepared for such an outcome and have to ability to act decisively if required. Beyond just moving materials forward for the defence of Crimea there is also the positioning of 4 divisions in the sw military district along with 2 iskander brigades ( that would be 24 launchers, with loaders that is 96 missiles). This places a significant number of force’s within range to support Donbass if needed, beyond missiles it equates to somewhere along the realm of 50,000 soldiers, 400-600 artillery, 1200-1500 MBT, and equal number of IFV. This is should be a very clear message to Kiev that Russia is prepared to react if things spiral out of control. The Donbass has stated there will not be a Minsk 3, and based upon the positioning of military assets Russia also believes that. Maybe Kiev will be dissuaded by this but taking into account past behaviour by them they may get spooked by a changing world climate and make their LAST attempt at seizing the east. Who knows though a cornered feral animal can often react unpredictably and often against it’s own best interest.


I think poroshenko is desperate and wants to invade Crimea. He hopes that the west will back him. Russia sees this and is getting ready. It will be like Georgia Redux. They will take Kiev, kill and/or arrest its govt. officials, and retreat to their own borders. Heavy fighting may occur in Mariupol but they still could defeat the whole country in a week or less, especially if DPR and LPR coordinate an attack from the East. The only areas I see them keeping as spoils would be Odessa and a land strip from Nagorno-Karabakh to the coast. The funny thing is, since the MSM has been saying for 2 years that Russia has already invaded ukraine, no one will believe it if it really happens.


He may back down if he feels the support was to weak from the West. I am sure he is fully aware of the implications of having 2 brigades of iskander system now able to range half the country. Along with black Sea asset’s with kalibur missiles Russia could easy saturate the air defense systems of Ukraine and hit the majority of the Military targets it wished. That is a extremely heavy handed approach and unlikely but is a real potential out come without protection from the West. Poroshenko walks a dangerous line without protection from the West they are extremely out classed, but the situation changes if you have various advisor’s advising key assets it gives them a certain layer of protection. His power is eroding and may attempt to reassert himself if he feels semi backed by the West. I do believe that Russia will intervene this time it has the ground assets and logistics in place and would not need as heavy of an approach as an outright missle strike but at the same time is a real threat to what poroshenko may do.


There isn’t and there will be no support whatsoever from the West in any Ukrainian Junta attempt to retake Crimea !! Believing this so, reflects a total ignorance of Pentagon reports and estimates. At most there is a undercover effort to reinforce the totally inept Ukrainian Army and private Nazi Batalliions with occidental mercenaries, in an effort to advance against Donetsk and Lugansk !! If that occurs, I already asked my internationalist friends present there, to sent me Occidental Mercenaries ears for my collection !!


Hmmm … interesting. What does Lukashenko of Belarus has to say about these new UKR – RU tensions?


Who the hell is Lukashemko ?? Does he matters ?? There is no “New” tensions !! The relations have been tense for years now !!

Real Anti-Racist Action

Now what is Russia going to do about all of those sensors inside of Russia, and on the Norwegian Russian border that monitor deep into Russian territory? Mi6 watches a lot of movement in Russia near Norway. Also, their are a signification amount of Russian nukes that are stored on the North West corner of Russia. Thus why British SAS were flying an invisible drone in 2010-2011 over Russian airspace using graphene on the hull to cloak the Predator UAV. Then in 2012 they had to remove the cloak, and Russia detected it and was upset. Which led to the firefight on August 14th 15th 2012 on the Norway Russian border which left dead on both sides. In 2010-2011 the SAS were also flying a Reaper drone that was not cloaked. But kept that one far away from Russia’s border. Now Mi6’s SAS now has working Ion-engines installed on two different UAV’s that I know of. Thus more hard to detect. However, they are vulnerable to intense light to detect them. Another words, Lasers will give away their position as the Laser’s photons will be to defused to maintain an intense light to continue on the other side of the UAV. Thus that is the way for Russia to protect their airspace from these new breed of Mi6 drones. Also, any sensors to detect changes in Ions concentrate in the air. That would thus be the Ion engines. Russia does not know how serious this is. You cannot allow Mi6 to maintain a superior aircraft that the S-400 is currently useless against. Russia needs to quickly adapt to this, so they can defend their airspace from this emerging threat which already exist. As more people will come forward with more of this information over the next five years. That will prove what I say here. Mi6 assassinated America’s president JFK. They burned the White House down to the ground in 1812. The UK-Empire are enemies to Americans, Irish, Libyans, Iraqis, Russians, and all Europeans and so many more groups of people around the world. It is Patriotic to stop them from hurting any more people or starting any more wars for lucifer.


This Popular Mechanics reader is full of Shit !! Graphene is not yet produced and is not good for clocking anything !! Mi6 – JFK ?? WTF is that… Real Anti-Racist Action as a name indicates US State Department idiotic propaganda section !! My best theory is that this specimen is using expired Viagra !!

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