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Russia Deploys First Over-The-Horizon Radar. It’s Capable Of Detecting Hypersonic Targets

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Russia Deploys First Over-The-Horizon Radar. It's Capable Of Detecting Hypersonic Targets

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On December 1st, the first over-the-horizon 29B6 “Container” radar station in Russia was commissioned, Ministry of Defense outlet Zvezda reported.

The system is able to track the movement of air targets at a distance of approximately 3,000 km from the Russia border.

The first over-the-horizon radar station was commissioned on the territory of Mordavia.

“Starting from December 1st, as part of the Aerospace Forces in the village of Kovylkino, the Republic of Mordovia, the over-the-horizon radar station “Container” will take up combat duty,” the Russian Ministry of Defense said.

The station will be able to detect the mass take-off of aviation and cruise missiles, determine the trajectories of individual targets, including tactical and strategic aviation aircraft, as well as hypersonic aircraft.

The Ministry of Defense emphasized that even stealth aircraft are not invisible to the Container. It can reportedly also detect hypersonic targets.

The Ministry clarified that the newest station has been on-going test at the site of its deployment since December 1st, 2018 and one year later it was officially commissioned after passing its test.

“This is the first such system in the country,” the Defense Ministry said.

In total, four such stations are planned to be deployed: one in the west and east of the country, two more will be deployed in the north-west and south directions. Stations are specially built inland, as they have a “dead zone” of 900 km.

The “Container” is able to track flights of any air targets at a distance of about 3 thousand kilometers in a sector of 240 degrees. A radar can simultaneously lock on to more than 5 thousand airborne objects of various types, including small ones.

With the new over-the-horizon radar station, the Russian Aerospace Forces can monitor a large region that includes all of Europe, including the vast majority of NATO countries.  The “Container” radar station will allow constant monitoring of the activity of the air forces of foreign countries and timely pre-emptive knowledge of any activity. In a scenario of a hypothetical escalation, this will also make it possible to quickly identify preparations for an air attack or for various missile strikes.

According to available information, the allocation of funds for the 29B6 “Container” radar station project began in 2002. In parallel, the construction of two facilities with different parts of the system began back then. One of them was built in the city of Gorodets (Nizhny Novgorod region), the other – in the city of Kovylkino (Mordovia). In the same year, the first tests started. Testing of various components took more than ten years. On December 2nd, 2013, the first model 29B6 was put on pilot combat duty as part of the 590th separate radio-technical unit for over-the-horizon detection.

The radar was initially activated in 2013 in a limited capacity, and has been operating in full since 2018 as part of testing. And was fully commissioned now.

The 29B6 “Container” radar consists of two main parts: namel a receiving and transmitting antenna field located at a considerable distance from each other. The transmitting part of the station is in the Nizhny Novgorod region, the receiving part is in Mordovia. Both fields are large platforms with a large number of masts, on which transmitting or receiving elements are installed. For example, near the town of Kovylkino, 144 antenna-feeder masts with a height of 34 m each were deployed on a site measuring 1300 x 200 m.

Antenna fields work in conjunction with the hardware complex, the elements of which are mounted in standard containers. The hardware equipment and antennas are connected to each other via multiple cable lines. In a recent interview with the Director General of NIIDAR (which developed the radar) it was mentioned that the Radar “Container” needs powerful electronic computing technology with special software. The necessary components of this kind have been specifically developed for the radar station.

Russia Deploys First Over-The-Horizon Radar. It's Capable Of Detecting Hypersonic Targets

Drawing of the radar station’s receiver field. Click to see full-size image

Russia Deploys First Over-The-Horizon Radar. It's Capable Of Detecting Hypersonic Targets

The receiver field in Mordavia. Click to see full-size image


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Avi Schwartz (IDF:71, hamas:0)

This rusty piece of scrap metal they call a “radar” wont help detect Israeli or USAF F-35 stealth fighters! B-2 bombers and F-22’s will have no problem evading this radar undetected in times of war!

An F-35 has a radar cross section of less than 0.00001 square meters! That’s almost as small as a grain of sand! The most powerful russkie radars wont be able to detect it past 10 kilometers! And if the F-35/F-22 use electronic warfare, this range will decrease to about 5 kilometers!

I got all this information from certified physicists, aerospace engineers and mathematicians on the highly informative websites, Quora and AviationGeeks! :D

Avi Schwartz (IDF:71, hamas:0)

The USAF will forever remain supreme and unchallenged by every adversary on Earth for at least the next 200 years. Scratch that! Make it 500 years! :D


It never reigned supreme to begin with ??? but since we seem to be working extra at the lottery, make it 50,0000,0000 mate,don’t be shy ???????



“Living in the Mootrix:Russian cows try out VR headsets to lighten their mood”

The test was hailed as a success, with the effect of virtual reality on milk yield to become the subject of further complex studies. Many international surveys prove that happy cows produce more and better quality milk – so putting them in the Matrix may really be a solution.



I dont see how the US will be dominant power when the dollar is no longer world reserve currency – they wont be able to print forever to keep a military empire going lol


Third Reich said the same thing, but more ambitiously and for a thousand years.

By all means continue!

Concrete Mike

Yup and the usaf global hawk stealth drone fleet being grounded, whats your excuse on that?

Wayne Nicholson

Lets just see how the US MIC fares over the next business year before making decrees about the thousand year reich ….. er USAF’s omnipotence.

Duetche Bank is a dead man walking ….. the odds are on a Q1 2020 implosion. Big US corporations have been using cheap money to buy back stock since 2008 to increase the stock price without investing in real assets. They don’t have the assets to cover their debt.

A Duetche Bank failure would have the same effect Lehman brothers failure had in 2008 except this time US industrials are hollowed out by stock buyback schemes and the fed is out of ammo to save the banks after a full decade of QE.

Forget about the thousand year reich …. your best investment today is to buy a tractor and some seed …. hopefully you got enough land to grow some food.

J Ramirez

Jew really are stupid

Avi Schwartz (IDF:71, hamas:0)

Jews have the highest IQ of all races on Earth, Learn your facts

Raptar Driver

I worked with Jews and their children in the 80s, most from Chicago, Highland Park. Over privileged snots with no worries can expand their abilities but smartest of all people? No way man just average with every possible opportunity to excel, I knew Blacks who were much smarter than your little bitches.


Why would anybody with any “IQ” live in tiny country and surround themselves with the millions of the enemies who totally hate them ? That is not intelligence, but sign of total stupidity.

J Ramirez

For more than 100 years, both Jews and non-Jews have been trying to find out whether Jews are a religious group, a people or even a race. Maybe all you high IQ ISISrealies should get together and figure it out ;}

viktor ziv

“will forever” && ” at least the next 200 years” – your teachers must return their salaries

Albert Pike

You are nuts, your little country in the Levant is gone be the first to burn, with no space inside to go anywhere…


The issue with stealth is getting a good target lock for the missile not detecting the plane – Low frequencies can detect even a stealthy aircraft. Stealth aircraft are shaped to avoid detection by high-frequency beams. “Meter wave radars can detect stealth aircraft because modern stealth aircraft are mainly designed to avoid detection by microwave radar



Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Who “Certified” these “certified physicists,aerospace engineers and mathematicians”?

If we deny facts and official statements, and play along with the thought that the F-35 have such a low RCS, then why did the IAF say that one of their F-35 got detected, locked on and shot at by SyAAD earlier in the year? You know, the alledged “Bird strike” incidents, where the most expensive plane in history, was utter and completely disabled by a, read one,1, a single bird. The plane was redirected duye to emergency reasons, rushed intoa a hangar, packed into a container inside the hangar and shipped to the US, with the rest of the fleet grounded. Even though they claim that the F-35 have undergone and passed every birdstrike test every plane and helicopter must undergo? And why did the IAF, wich operates in the most congested bird migration highway in the world, pick a plane that is so vulnerable to birdstrikes?

And why did the JSDAF (Japanese Self Defence Air Force), say that the crashed F-35 “disappeared of out radarscreens” when everything suddenly stopped working in the plane, including the pilots ejection seat?

The F-35, wich had it first flight in 2001, is nothing more than a moneypit for blackprojects. Lockheed have made not just cutting edge, but beyond-the-edge planes before anyone here on SF, or even close to the internet, was born. They know how to build planes that works, therefore the more reason to accuse the F-35 program of nothing more than a deliberate moneypit, made to cash in on slavestates governments and to fund blackprojects.

Read up on “Skunk works” and Lockheeds history and everything is as clear as daylight.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

I’m proud of ya! Who are you trying to convince or impress here anyhow? It’s comical. How thoughtful and magnanimous of you to bring over this pertinent, essential information! We are so very fortunate to have your acquaintance.

Tudor Miron

“I got all this information from certified physicists, aerospace engineers and mathematicians”(c) and also Napoleon, Adolf Hitler and other mates from lunatic asylum.

Wayne Nicholson

Even the USA admits that “stealth” doesn’t mean the aircraft can’t be detected but that radars can’t get a weapons grade signal until the aircraft is nearly on top of the target.

This is reality.

No the Russians can’t get a lock on the F-35 or any other ‘stealth’ aircraft until they are relatively close and when combined with EW it’s a matter of he said she said as far as whether the Russians can shoot them down at all ……. however ….. the Russians and anyone else who use WW2 vintage long wave radar can detect these aircraft at long distances and a formation of B-2’s or F-35’s headed into Russian airspace would result in a missile attack on every airfield these aircraft fly from as well as an attack on AWAC’s and Tankers with standoff BVR missiles which btw the Russians have you outranged on as well as missile attacks on every NATO installation in Europe.

The question isn’t whether or not Russia has the capability to hit these targets …. that is indisputable ….. nothing on earth can shoot down an Iskander missile which fly at mach 10 and can manuever in it’s terminal phase …. the question is whether the warheads will be nuclear or conventional.

Instead of going to Quora or Aviation week look at a source like Janes for information on weapons capabilities and perhaps read Andrei Martyanov’s excellent books on Russia’s doctrine and capabilities

Prince Teutonic

Stop trolling around! I know your real name. It’s Rolf Olof Pedersen…

Avi Schwartz (IDF:71, hamas:0)

that’s not my real name! antisemitic stalker! :D

Friend of Russia

The stinky craps F 35 and F 22 doesn’t need to be tracked with this High tech radar. Those craps have been taken out many times using 1955 model missiles and radars. Quora and aviation geeks are anglozionist propaganda mouthpieces which publish nothing but lies and nonsense. Read Quora and enjoy sweet dreams until your Air force suffers a crushing defeat

Avi Schwartz (IDF:71, hamas:0)

you better have high hopes for that, because it will never happen :D

Friend of Russia

You were brainwashed by Quora, Yahoo and national interest.

Alberto Garza

the f117 over serbia was shotdown because it opened its bomb bay ,

Friend of Russia

Ha ha. Silly excuses to cover up weakness. So what is your excuse for Syria shooting down Israeli F 35?


You see, Avi, if you wrote 0.0001 m^2 a few other people with just a vague understanding of RCS (which, apparently, includes some of your “certified aerospace engineers” – whatever that means), would have nodded their heads in agreement. Various enthusiasts around the internet who try to estimate RCS based on vague references from Lockheed or the USAF such as “size of a golf ball”, or Ben Rich’s “size of a ball bearing” (which sold the F-117) or, my favourite, “size of an insect”, try to reverse estimate a single aspect, most optimistic, frontal RCS that give them numbers around 0.001 to 0.005 m^2 for the F-35. Some more enterprising and optimistic ones will justify claims down to 0.0001 m^2, usually stating quite clearly it is frontal aspect only, under ideal conditions. But you just HAD to go and add in one more zero, didn’t you…

Tudor Miron

Good points regarding frontal vs other aspects in relation to RCS.

Avi Schwartz (IDF:71, hamas:0)

confirmed 0.0001 meters squared is the largest, with 0.00001 meters being the SMALLEST. Don’t hate on me, I’m only trying to spread truth


“Spreading the truth” by deliberately putting out false information? 0.0001 m^2 is NOT the upper end of the estimates, it is the smallest estimate that you will see in open literature for the F-35 and it usually includes the disclaimer of “at certain angles”. 0.00001 is simply silly, and no one except you makes that claim. These numbers are just estimates based on the vague marketing claims as described in my previous post. Real radar reflectivity data is classified and consist of tables of data that are functions of incident angle, reflected angle, wavelength, and a host of other parameters. Usually the numbers used by marketers will be for the frontal aspect under the most optimistic conditions and only relevant for X-band radar, which is not the subject of this article.

Greg Schofield

If it is like the old Australian system that the US took from Australia stealth aircraft light up like Christmass trees. Hope Iran gets it soon and Syria in fact everyone that is threaten by US and its allies.

Gary Sellars

Gods, the foul and wretched stench of Jew lies.

/gag /vomit

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Very nice i hope iran gets something like this too


Iran has Sepehr. Although it is an OTH radar, 360 coverage, detects stealth and has 800~2500km range based on the mode, it’s nothing like this one. Tracking 5000 objects and hyper sonic detection at range are no small feat.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Yes I hope Iran gets something like this soon

cechas vodobenikov

tonto wohl changed her name to schwatz

Rhodium 10

F 35 is an expensive Fraud…like F-104 starfighter…F-117 Stealth…RQ-170 sentinel…RQ-Global Hawk….M1 Abrams ( many of them destroyed in ATGM attack in Iraq and Yemen), AD Patriot Missile ( Unable to intercept even a single Drone and Cruise missile)…


If I’m not mistaken this similar to the old Soviet “woodpecker”, detects anomalies in the ionosphere, so where you have ion displacement you have the shape, speed and direction of where that anomaly displacement is going. Stealth is now obsolete, furthermore, even if an aircraft is hugging land or sea it too can be detected. Imagine this seriously upgraded version is the coup de gras for Yanki MIC

Greg Schofield

Australia invented this type of system and the Americans forced us to surrender it to them — it did one thing the US could not tolerate it could see stealth aircraft clearly (or so I was told by someone that was likely to known; rather pissed off that something so important for national security should be handed over).

Gary Sellars

This is not the first Russian OTH radar. They had a number in the Cold war and they are being replaced by modern versions such as Voronezh. This is just the first installation of a new type “Container”.

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