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JULY 2022

Russia Deploys Anti-Aircraft Missiles around Moscow as US Troops Arrive in Poland

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A regiment, armed with the S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft weapon system, has taken up duty in Podolsk city near Moscow.

Russia Deploys Anti-Aircraft Missiles around Moscow as US Troops Arrive in Poland

The S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft weapon system (Photo: fotofirma.ru / Mikhail Mikhin)

A regiment, equipped with the new S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft weapon system, has taken up duty in Podolsk city, located near Moscow, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on its official website. The regiment will be on duty for the air defense of Moscow and the central industrial region of Russia. Some western media claim that the deployment of the advanced anti-aircraft weapon system around Moscow is a response of Russia to the arrival of 3,000 US troops in Poland.

“The SAM combat squads of the Moscow Region aerospace forces have put the new S-400 Triumph air defense missile system into service, and have gone on combat duty for the air defense of Moscow and the central industrial region of Russia. The main task of the anti-aircraft missile troops of the Russian Aerospace Forces is air defense and protecting vital state, military, industry and energy facilities, as well as the Armed Forces troops and transport communications, from aerospace attacks,” the UK Daily Mail newspaper quoted a statement of the Russian Defense Ministry.

According to the Independent newspaper, Russian officials gave no indication of which ‘enemy’ they expected to launch airstrikes on vital infrastructure around Moscow.

As the RIA Novosti news agency reported, citing Russian military, in December 2016, the new system arrived to the permanent base near Moscow from the Kapustin Yar landfill, located in Astrakhan region, where, according to representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry, the S-400 Triumph was gotten from a producer factory and successfully carried out its initial field firing.

In total, in 2016, four SAM regiments were rearmed with the new anti-aircraft missile system, the statement of the Russian Defense Ministry reads. Four more S-400 will enter service in the Russian Aerospace Forces in 2017.

It is not the first S-400 system, which went on combat duty in Moscow’s adjacent areas. So, in January 2016, an air defense regiment in Elektrostal received this anti-aircraft weapon system, the TASS news agency reported. The news agency noted that the regiment was the fourth one, which received the new weapons.

Earlier today, SF reported that an air defense regiment of the Southern Military District of Russia, armed with the S-400 Triumph system, has taken up combat duty in Feodosia (Crimea).

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Aatif Rehman

I wonder if the S400 is worth the media hype it gets.

John Mason

worth much more, s400 is not the only system deployed.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Israel fly’s undetected right through the S-400 system on a weekly bases bombing Russians allies and advisers. The S-400 system cannot shoot down an Israeli F-15. It is suppose to be able to shoot down planes, and also incoming missiles like the ones that are bombing the Syrian capital this week. So far the S-400 system has failed at every chance to defend Russian advisers on the ground. It has scored 0 downs, as Israel conducts all flights and bombing runs it wishes on weekly bases using F-16’s and F-15’s. Israel could right now today fly and F-15 over Moscow and bomb the Russians, and Russians would be helpless to stop the Jews from hurting them, just as Russians failed to stop the Jews from conquering Russia in the Jew-Marx revolution that wiped out millions of indigenous ethnic-Russians and wiped out the beloved Royal family of Russia. https://holodomorinfo.com/


Zero launches = zero hits. S-300 and S-400 systems are deployed to protect Russian assets and base areas. Not to start a wider conflict with Israel. Unless system is in Damascus, time and range to target = no engagement of missiles and no launch.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The S-400 system covers the Northern half of Israel and all of Lebanon. And if it is Israel attacking Syria, then it is Israel starting the wider war, not Russia. Syria’s President even said, this has all been a wider war that the “Zionist” has launched against the Syrian resistance. Israel created ISIS. Many Jews in Israel have even spoken up and out risking their own lives to tell the world that Israel has done this. It is time to stand on the moral side of things, and turn out backs on the Benjamin Benjamin Netanyahu and Rothschild’s and Zionist.

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