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Russia Deployed Special Geo-Radars In Syria To Search For Militant Tunnels

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Russia Deployed Special Geo-Radars In Syria To Search For Militant Tunnels

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The Russian military has transferred Oko-3 ground penetrating radars (GPRs) to Hmeimim Air Base in Syria, the TASS news agency reported on March 12.

Lieutenant Colonel Pavel Ryotsky, Deputy Commander of the Russian Military Engineer Forces in Syria, said that the Oko-3 GPRs can be used to search for underground tunnels dug by terrorists in order to carry out attacks.

“The geo-radar Oko-3 can detect voids not only in the ground, but also in concrete and other similar environments,” Lit. Col. Ryotsky said. “It is intended for exploration, and has a wide range of applications, including in the civilian industry.”

According to the officer, terrorist groups have been and are still using tunnel-digging equipment under Syrian military bases, troop mobilization sites and police stations in order to carry out terrorist and sabotage operations.

In the course of the war, terrorists dug tunnels under a number of Syrian military bases, placed tons of explosives there then blew them.

Lt. Col. Ryotsky said that Oko-3 GPRs can detect tunnels and underground depots, usually used to store weapons and ammunition, down to depth of 50 meters.

The radars were transferred to Hmeimim Air Base aboard a cargo plane which also carried new “OVR-2-02” protective suits, which are used to protect military engineers from shrapnel caused by explosive devices. These protective suits are characterized by a light weight of no more than 12 kilograms.



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Ironically, the Syrian conflict has greatly enhanced the development Russian military systems and the real battle training of many Russian personnel who are regularly rotated with others from Russia.

NATO can only weep at the professionalism of todays Russian forces and leaders.

The ‘woke cancer’ that is debilitating NATO, is all about how to put round pegs into square holes without offending the square peg, or even round or square pegs that self identifies as a a clothes peg.

Jens Holm

Very strange I can see Nato is blamed for this and that in the new countries close to Russia.

We also organize us different and renew arms as well as methods.

For Our own small part we have ordered better missiles to Our 4 fregats. The Danish Leopards now are strong enough to be an independed force. Greenland and Faroe Island will be covered relative well with drones.

We are working for a permanent task force at 4000 soldiers fighting as own force over the world inkl. logistics for relative rapid response.

erwin vercauteren

here he is folks the pathetic apologist from the kingdom of Denmark a isis and zio lover boy and also a pathologic Russia hater why ? who knows sacked by a Russian Beauty ass whooped by a Russian or maybe his best friends were eradicated by the Russians in Syria we shall never know but the facts are this boy is a frustrated pathetic western idiot who can not cope with the reality that his favorite buddies in the USsrael and ISIS are being isolated and losing the plot

Jens Holm

DEnmark was a Russian lover until Molotov Ribbentrop and until their Neocolonialisme reached all Our friends and trade partsners in the Baltics all the way to Berlin.

Before that we for centuries was friends by the Tzarisme, where the las Queen of theirs actually was danish.

We have several other good relations and among them the “Russ”. We vikings, them which wasnt slaves, made the Nogorod and Kiev Kingdoms taking by Moscow later on.

Vitus Bering explored Russia for the Tzars and today is named by the Bering Strat and Sea having several statues there and is a part og many museums.

So I love Russia, where they mainly are at home, where they belong. I belong those new and regained countries and wil do anything to defend them, so they decide their own destiny by friendship and trade after their own wishes and how we treat them.

The rest tell a lot abou t Yourself only.

Jens Holm

comment image

Jens Holm

I just told Our own example.

The rest of us do same thing. This has nothing to do with the northern rouste. The fregats mainly are for cover of the new missiles in Kaliningrad. The drone is for better control of Grenland to the arctic pole.

I see no worries from USAas well as us about the arctic route. We are happy the Russians can devellop their northern parts better, because the Southern ones will dry out and be deserts by the climate change.

Lone Ranger

Mossadisis sweating intensifies….

Lone Ranger

Good hunt Comrades 🤗👍🥇


i actually knew russia would bring up radar because it obviously doesnt has access to use the usual method by sonic detonators on the ground and since these turks have no capability to create actual underground facilities which arent just a bunch of pathetic terrorist tunnels it should be even possible to do this and find basically all their tunnels


tunnels such as that which are kind of shallow are easier to find and the facilities which go straight down a 100 meters or are build into a mountain and branch into different deep directions are the real hard deal and those arent found in many places of the earth i know russia has such facilities for obvious reasons of nuclear war


i wonder if artificial earthtremors aka subterrain controlled explosions for a few months in idlib would be enough to sink all these tunnels

Jens Holm

They manly wont at all. Ypu can be lucky. You are against professionels. The Region has many 1000 years traditions and know how but today helped by concrite, machinery, electricity and railway systems.

Assad must stay

A great idea!


When they are found drop some FOAB on them.

Jens Holm

We use several here in Denmark for alomost everything. In archeology they can all all layers down to 14 meters as long at its relative dry there.

Its a great help in Syria.


Britain to Cut F-35 Orders By 65% Amid Economic Crisis – Reports
Russian agricultural exports soar nearly 30% as China and Turkey ramp up purchases

Jens Holm

Very good for the Russians. The Chinese need a lot more food and even has bought land in Ukraine and several other places.


Israel Has Been Attacking Iranian Ships Carrying Oil to Syria With Divers and Mines
A dozen ships hit since 2019. Suddenly reports of Russian escorts for Iranian tankers, and of “unknown” frogmen sabotaging Syria’s oil terminals make a lot more sense


Finally something interesting after the thermobaric rocket launcher!

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