Russia Deployed S-400 Air Defense System Near Syria’s Masyaf


Russia Deployed S-400 Air Defense System Near Syria's Masyaf

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Russia has deployed the second battery of S-400 air defense system 13km northwest of the town of Masyaf in Syria’s Hama province, Jane’s Defence Weekly reported showing an alleged photo of the site.

According to the report, the system was deplyoed there between April and July 2017.

The media outlet added that the same location was seen in the Russian Defense Ministry’s video showing two Bastion-P launchers firing Oniks missiles at targets inside Syria in November 2016.

“Like the S-400 that has been deployed at Humaymim Air Base 40 km to the northwest in Latakia province since November 2015, the second battery is made up of four transporter erector launchers (TELs), albeit not all of them appear to be loaded with four missile tubes; a 92N6 target engagement radar; and a 96L6 target acquisition radar,” the article reads.

However, the S-400 system was not used in order to counter the September 7 Israeli strikes on a Syrian military facility near Masyaf. Later on September reports appeared that Russia also deployed a S-350E medium-range surface-to-air missile system in the same area.



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