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Russia Deployed Radars In Former U.S. Airfield In Northeast Syria: Monitoring Group

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Russian forces have deployed radars in a former airfield of the U.S.-led coalition in northeast Aleppo, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on July 1.

According to the monitoring group, a Russian convoy consisting of ten armored vehicles, communication systems and two radars entered the Sarrin airfield. The radars and the communication equipment will be installed there.

Russia Deployed Radars In Former U.S. Airfield In Northeast Syria: Monitoring Group

Click to see full-size image. Source: Google Earth – Maxer Technologies

The U.S.-led coalition withdrew from the Sarrin airfield and many other positions in Aleppo and Raqqa last year in order to facilitate a Turkish attack on its ‘local allies’ in northeast Syria – the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Soon after the withdrawal of U.S. forces, Russian troops landed in the airfield. The Russian military announced that a control point as well as an aid and reconciliation center will be established there.

The deployment of radars indicates that Russian forces are working to develop the Sarrin airfield, which is located near the border town of Ayn Arab, also known as “Kobane.” The radars may be a part of a new early warning and air-defense network meant to cover northeast Syria.


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chris chuba

Doesn’t look like it does Syria any good as the Israelis pound away at their infrastructure. Everyone is taking a bite out of Syria today.


Israel and Syria remain in a frozen state of war – from 1967. Current Israeli policy is to attack Syria whilst it is in weakened state – domestically dealing with armed Islamist militants. But what kind of strategic impact the IAF can really achieve against Syrian state is moot point – this is more akin to ongoing and aggressive tactical harassment of Syria. Netanyahu likes to promote image of himself and Likud Party as regional strongmen – for domestic Israeli political advantage, and consumption, as much as anything else.


If we have to hit IRGC targets in Syria then we will do it, no one will stop us from doing it. However, I do think our main focus should be vs Hamas now and a ground operations should be done before we open another front vs Hezbollah and Iran.

Rhodium 10

Israel fear Iran…thats why Israel attacks warehouses during night( most of them for agriculture purpose ) while IRGC have his weapons hide in Al Kiswa heavy fortificate in Bunkers and without be damage as you can see in Google Earth…


Shouldn’t you be posting this comment on ScumbagdogZionistprick.com with all of your other unjust wicked friends?


Nah Paul, I like to write it here so pricks like you can cry. I like it.


You’ll be crying in the end.


Israel is triggered by the Iranian presence in Syria and that’s understandable. I give Iran that they did their part in taking out islamist fundamentalists both in Syria & Iraq but obviously they bled to acquire and maintain influence in those areas. Perhaps it’s time for them to start packing and back to where they came from, but on the other hand this would boost Turkey’s influence whose leader is a vile figure posing as a 21st cent. caliph in pursue of patronizing every muzlim state against Europe and our western values. I like how iranians and turks curse each other but they are not exactly rivals, they look more like competitors to me antaginizing each other in Syria / Iraq but at the same time do a lot of business together. Israel on the other hand would just love if Turkey would assist them in containing Iran, but this will not ever occur in a direct manner. Turkey only used to harass the iranians and hezbolah in northwestern Syria but things have cooled down there the last months. In any case I doubt Israel can force Iranians to leave Syria by airstrikes, Perhaps the international community should help ousting Iran with the embargo negotiations and maybe US could also be of use there. But at the same time Turkey should be forced out of occupied Syrian territory as well and the AQ & Co groups that Turkey is backing disarmed and dissolved.

Assad must stay

I wish someone had the balls to stop it

Lone Ranger

Probably bistatic passive radars in network with S-400s, they can be hundreds of miles apart and still work.


So they guide better Israeli missiles towards the Iranian locations.

Lone Ranger

You have a good sense of humor…

cechas vodobenikov

these bumbling amerikans create airports for Russia

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