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JULY 2020

Russia Deployed Its State Of The Art Su-57 Stealth Fighter In Syria – Reports


Russia Deployed Its State Of The Art Su-57 Stealth Fighter In Syria – Reports

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On February 21, the Russian Aerospace Forces deployed two “Pak Fa” Su-57 stealth fighter jets at their Hmeimim airbase near the Syrian coastal city of Jableh, according to Syrian pro-government activists.

The activists released a single picture that supposedly shows the two Su-57 escorted by a Su-35 multirole fighter right before they landed at the airbase. However, this photo is yet to be verified.

The Su-57 is the most advanced Russian stealth multirole fighter aircraft, and it’s not even in service with the Russian Aerospace Forces yet as it is still undergoing tests. The stealth aircraft is equipped with an X band active electronically scanned array (AESA) long range radar, and can be armed with long range air-to-air missiles as well as precision air-to-ground weapons.

The Russia Ministry of Defense of Russia has not confirmed yet if these advance stealth multirole fighters had been indeed deployed to Hmeimim airbase. However, Russia did deploy such state of the art weapons in Syria during the last two years, for example Iskander missile systems and S-400 long range air defense systems.

Earlier, it was confirmed that the Russian Aerospace Forces deployed four Su-35 warplanes, four Su-25 warplanes and an A-50U Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) plane at Hmeimim airbase.



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  • Joe

    Something is about to start I think …. seriously big if this report is true. To take on the F22s…so them Americans do not have undue advantage.

    Wait for confirmation.

    • James

      I think it’s certainly an unknown for the US about how effective the SU-57 is….and to put any plans of interference in Syria on hold for now. With the additional s400 and now increased airforce capability it is a step up in the conflict, but one which won’t lead to anything significant….at least for now.

      • Bird of Prey

        Even India dumped the Su-57 because it’s such a piece of crap.

        • Tudor Miron

          Why don’t you repeat this crap mantra another hundred of times? :) May be earn another shekel or two.

          • Tommy Jensen

            American hypocrites always mirror;
            When F35 is crap, they cry SU-57 is crap.
            When NATO produce heroine in Helmann, they cry Taleban produce heroine.
            When Americans bomb hospitals, they cry Russia bomb hospitals.
            When Americans use chemical weapons, they cry Assad use chemical weapons.
            When Americans are prepared to use WMD, they cry Saddam is prepared.
            Americans are cronical liars.

          • Tudor Miron

            They learned this old Jewish trick well, hah?

          • EoF

            This. Spot-on tommy.

    • velociraptor

      To take on the F22s

      everyehere i red, f-22 has no chance against s-400. what s-400?! No chance against S-300, S-200, pantsir, buk, igla, kalashnikov!!

  • Smith Ricky

    Gob bless Russia and its allies

    • Andrea Howard

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    • Wanklord

      One more evidence of Putin’s failed strategy in Syria: deploying a couple of SU-57s fifth generation fighters, planes still under evaluation while lacking the real engines and most important of all, incapable of deterring US/NATO/Israel air operations over Syrian airspace (American-NATO-IDF/AF warplanes will keep destroying SAA-IRGC-Hezbollah targets whenever they deem appropriate regardless if the SU-57s are there to project some sort of “air superiority”)…in a few words, the Russian Air Force never gained control over the skies in Syria despite having a “mighty” arsenal.

      • Nexusfast123

        You should do some more research. The Russians developed new engines with higher thrust which are in these aircraft. Given the rubbish written in the Western media the potential capability of this aircraft appears to scare them.

        • Eggie Offo

          Yeah, the new engines Izdeliye 30 has 12% more performance than the Raptor’s engine. Do some research.

      • Nosferatu

        lacking the real engines? SU 57 curently holds the absolute world record for climing. There goes your myth of “lacking the real engines”. The thing is that the second stage engines are going to be even more powerful and are going to be more suitable for future developement for planed lifespanof SU57.

        • Attrition47

          Quite, we’ll see what they can do if they are used, perhaps against the Sultan….

        • Bird of Prey

          Adorable. Russia fans actually think Russia has a stealth fighter! lol…

          Even India dumped the Su-57 because it’s such a piece of crap…

          • Nosferatu

            Adorable. US fans thinking US has a stealth fighter. Israeli F35 was shot down by ancient S200 system operated by Syria. BTW i was not mentioning anything about stealth in my SU57 related post. But since we already have a discussion tell me please why US supports ISIL terorists?

          • Bird of Prey

            You lie. No F-35 has ever been shot down.

          • Nosferatu

            Maybe it was just hit and managed to land but most probably it was shot down, cos Israel refuses to provide pictures of it “being damaged by birds” as it claims

          • Tommy Jensen

            When birds are in union, they get pessed if you dont make their monthly paycheck.

          • John Whitehot

            hehehe do birds form up in the shape of a s-200 missile too?

          • nshah

            lol.. hehehe.. good one..!

          • Don Pagani

            You dumb asshole. India wants ToT, while she brought the US onto Nerpa. That’s the reason why the Russia rejected, and India turned her face to another direction. Let see how India can deal with China. Understand?

          • King_GeorgXIII

            Indians are idiots, they cant deal with china not in military and not with infrastructure projects. Accept the fact and build up your country instead of looking to be an USA / Israel slave !

          • John Whitehot

            lols, yanks believed the F-22 was a stealth fighter for 20 years, and still believe it.

            they were also beleiving that the PAK-FA, or Su-57 would never enter service when India decided it wouldn’t participate because they would not be given its technology.

        • Eggie Offo

          Spot on – the Izdeliye 30 is by a factor of 12% more powerful than that of the raptor F-22 and F-35.

        • velociraptor

          Ah, you know this better then the russian MOD and manufacturer. :DDD

      • John Whitehot

        waste of time troll.

        go back at what your nickname suggests you were doing.

      • HighLord Gaz

        failed strategy… the fuktard is doubling down on his inbred congenital idiocy…

        He’s a great example of why siblings shouldn’t get intimate…

      • Don Pagani

        You fucking moron. With S-400/SU-30SM/Su-35S the Russia could set a no-fly zone to US and NATO air-forces over Syria, and actually it does over the western of Euphrates river. And now Su-57 is out there, in fact, in order to insult F-22/35. That’s simply the case.

        • velociraptor

          He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.He is right.

          you are flagged.

      • King_GeorgXIII

        Failed? Look at the Map when he started and look at it now, and he is not finished yet! Russia does things quiet! He destroys the plan without all out war! Step by step! Russia one the skies! They just allow the USA to accept defeat with a good face! If they want all out war the push in more AA like S 300s and s 400 and close the airspace, but thats not on the agenda yet!

      • Dušan Mirić

        Wow! What a great analysis!
        The most powerful states joined in the mob called NATO plus Israel plus Jordan against Syria and 35 Russian airplanes!
        Instead to help the neighbor in trouble they were tightening the rope. And it is not silk one.

      • velociraptor

        Read my comment above.

      • Merijn
        • John Whitehot

          i m not sure the face and the mask should be inverted..

      • Arseniy ‘Motorola’ Pavlov

        Nice but failed trolling try. Current Su-57s use Izdeliye 117 engine (2 x 15K kgf) with almost the same trust of F-22 engines. Next Su-37 batch will use Izdeliye 30 engines (2 x 17K kgf) that are far ahead from the obsolete 90s F-22 engines.

      • Justin

        hahaha, u are so but hurt arnt u! YES U ARE!
        Firstly it has been reported that the new super cruise engines were fitted in December and the follow up engines due in 2020. The super cruise engines on the current SU 57’s are more powerful than the current engines on the F-22. (SU-57 = 36 Tonnes of thrust, F-22 = 32 Tonnes of thrust)
        Lets not forget that the SU-35S is there to hahaha!
        Who’s the big dog on campus?? Russia!
        This aircraft is obviously being brought in to take advantage of “real world” warfare! Im sure Russia will test this aircraft against Turkey’s f-15’s and f-16’s without attempting to shoot them down but purely to see how these aircraft behave if /when they detect this aircraft in the air!
        As for deterring US/ NATO, they have already deterred them! So im not sure what u are trying to say here! Russia has its navy, airforce, Iskander-K, S-400 and Pantsir S-1 system there including their highly advance EW systems! This is what deters them and so it seems that Syria’s S-200’s deter Israel’s airforce hahahaha.
        U need to calm the F-ck down! These are here for testing only and u know that!

      • Justin

        They always had air superiority! The only thing the US can / could do is launch 200 cruise missiles at Russian targets PERHAPS overwhelming them but as we saw, not many of those cruise missiles made it to the Syrian airbase when they attacked that and there was almost no major damage. the airbase was operational in 2 days! But of course any ship that fired cruise missiles at Russian targets would be sunk to the bottom of the ocean! I think u are not too smart when it comes to warfare! Russians have massive advantages in Syria over the USA! They can match the Americans with even more advanced weapons systems. The extra advantage is that Russia is there! They actually have bases which would need to be taken out to gain superiority and they cant be taken out because any system that tries would be taken out whilst trying! It would also literally mean nuclear war!
        So please, stop with ur bullshit! u are obviously very upset about the outcome and loss of tis war! But this is the new reality! Be happy that there is now a bipolar world and thats much better than a monopolar world!

      • Steve Bell

        Really? Is that why, Mr. Wanklord, IDF senior officers say that the U.S. “isn’t in the game in Syria”? If ignorance is bliss, perhaps wanking helps.

      • nshah

        It’s time for testing in real combat/war situation..! Compared to those idiots who tested its f35 junk and got total lost and put the blame on birds..! lol.. 😀😁😂

  • Roger

    good to test it early so they can make change in production if something is bad

  • Hrky75

    Now we’ll see whose beast can fly, fight and not be seen. If Su-35s managed to scare off F-22s it will be interesting to see how good Su-57s would fare. Brake out the pop corn and enjoy the fun people…

    • velociraptor

      scare off


  • jj

    Now kick some terrorist @sses.

  • Hrky75

    It will be interesting to see and hear can the combination of S400 complex with it’s new radars in combination with S-57 be able to detect and intercept F-22s or F-35. And the mere fact that they could would mean air-war in Syria lost for US/Israel. If confirmed this is a bold chess move by Putin and if it works he would be 2 moves from check mating his “western partners” The whole US grand strategy revolves around air-superiority and stealth that would defeat the opposition in the first few days of conflict. Without it they are left with 40 year old Abrams tanks, Bradley that were never suppose to do the job they are doing and M4s that can’t shoot very far and very accurate – and 5k nukes to blow us all to hell of course. But if Su-57 doesn’t own up to expectations Russia can lose big time. In addition to losing bns $ in arms sales – it will embolden all it’s opponents and inspire US generals to make even more reckless plans for confrontation with both Russia and China – ending up with all of us nuked – again…

    • George King

      Bluffing is for poker, the US doesn’t play chess. Kalibrs from the Capsian Sea rewrote the play book along with the Khibiny as demonstrated on the USS Donald Cook and most can add to the list here that are keeping up.

    • Jesus

      Suk 57 is a high level refinement of the Suk 27 platform that was extremely successful. Deployment in Syria is meant to flush out any possible bugs before full scale production that will deliver aircraft in 2019……..and also embarass F22 and F35.
      There is a saying here…….money talks bullshit walks.

    • nshah

      hehehe.. You’re right..!

  • Sephy

    Why would they deploy jets that have not even entered into service??

    • al quaida

      “Undergoing tests”. About to be tested in Syrian conflict me thinks!

      • EoF

        Yup i think the same. Tons of Russian weapons have been tested in Syria btw. This is fantastic if confirmed.

        • Daud

          The two Su-57 are just sent in to Syria is to evaluate its new 5th even 6th generation systems and technologies in real combat zone. This will give the Russian designers a good chance to further fine-tune and improve the SU-57 systems if they need some improvements.

          Last month the US F-22 were trying to prevent the SU-25 bombers from their bombing missions against the western trained/equipped children Daesh and the F-22s were performing very dangerous moves but as soon as the SU-35 appeared to take them on, the costly F-22s, the American cowards F-22s ran away left the Syrian skies and entered the Iraqi skies.

          The Pentagon has been preventing its pilots from watching the SU-35 extreme air
          manoeuvres for just one simple reason, the reason is the US pilots will be demoralized after knowing what an SU-35 can do. Now let alone what the SU-57 will be.
          Its 02nd stage engines will be ready soon to further increase its value and capabilities.

          • John Whitehot

            “The Pentagon has been preventing its pilots from watching the SU-35 extreme air manoeuvres ”

            I’ve read something like that and if it’s true is something ridiculous.

            Forbidding pilots to study potential enemies capability to prevent demoralization is like an admission of defeat – although I’m not that sure that the pentagon really has officially made such an order.

    • Alan Foo

      Not offially in service does not mean the high tech equipment cannot be used

      Excellent way to test in hostile environment e.g how it can detect the F22 or other US planes.

      Such info are important plus gives the US some food for thought

    • wwinsti

      To keep their opponents nervous and guessing.

  • paul ( original )

    This war is full of misinformation and downright lies, however, it is
    possible that such planes could be in Syria for ‘testing’. Really a
    couple of photographs are not sufficient to make such a claim
    credible as yet.

  • 1691

    Russians might be too patient for some but they do not take chances and if these planes are delivered there it is not to “discover the bycicle”, aka testing but to operate.

  • Sinbad2

    When Russia fired cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea to targets in Syria, the US withdrew the 5th fleet from the Persian Gulf. When Russia deployed S400 air defenses to Syria, the US withdrew its F22’s.
    So lets see what the US withdraws this time.

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    very nice, this should certainly strike even more fear into zionist and american pilots :)))

  • SnowCatzor

    Wow, this was unexpected. I wonder if Russia is reviving the old Soviet practice of testing new weapons in real combat before going into full production? Makes sense from a purely pragmatic POV I guess (work out the bugs first), but could possibly hurt it’s reputation (and export sales) if one of them were to be damaged or destroyed.

    Still, this is pretty cool. I thought it’d be years before we got to see these beauties in action.

    • velociraptor

      This was never a good idea. USSR lost 2 mig-25s in Syria. IAF created a trap and syrian went in. Subsequently IL took two of them. Btw., this affaire was one of the reasons, why USSR, later Russia ignored Syria. Impotent army does not deserve support. If were not maidan, Moscow would obey Syria and let fall Assad.

      For me this information supports the fact, russians are not able to learn from mistakes of past. In this phase PAK is very vulnerable and IL, NATO have lot methods to test the abilities of this plane. Yanks are clever. Decades did not shift f-22 in other country.

      • Steve Bell

        “Yanks are clever”? Yeah, sure… that’s why their warships are taken out by colliding with cargo vessels in the SC Sea, and F-35s gas their own pilots.

        • velociraptor

          This do all nations. Also ruskies. Look at banal mistakes of pilots around Kuznetsov.

          Your examples ar not negate what i wrote: absolutely new, strategically important technologies clever generals do not send in frontline.

          • John Whitehot

            Look at banal mistakes of pilots around Kuznetsov


            the problem was a broken arresting cable.

      • John Whitehot

        “Yanks are clever”

        Oahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Lolololololololorotfllololololol.

  • Baudouin Jérusalem

    Soon dogfight between F-22 and Su-57 ?

    • EoF

      Never. i hope

  • Baudouin Jérusalem
  • John Whitehot

    I’m not sure about this. The picture above isn’t very convincing, yet the planes in the videos seem to be Su-57 for real.

    Deploying the plane in an operational area would mean that not only its development phase is concluded, but also that the testing phase is at a very advanced state.

    • Tudor Miron

      Seems like it is true and they did deploy a pair of this birds. https://news.mail.ru/politics/32646280/?frommail=1 it said that this is part of plane’s weapon systems testing program.

    • Wingman

      Prototype just means pre-serial production models. And deploying in an operational area either means that or it is a gesture to impress the public.

  • Manuel Flores Escobar

    2 SU 57 stealth fighters is enough to curb temptations of USAF to attack SAA in Damascus to “save east ghoutta terrorist”…and so dont have to use S-400…

  • Wingman

    Prototypes, kids, and TWO of them! Don’t get all exited!

    • HighLord Gaz

      If they have truly deployed the, that would be a sign that The Russians consider them combat worthy….

      Thats more than you can say for most F-35s…

    • John Whitehot

      but prototype means there is only one made.

      • ruca

        Actually it’s normal to build more than one prototype, especially at an advanced stage.

        • John Whitehot

          yes, but not to deploy them. If planes are deployed, they are already the mass-produced material, otherwise it would not make much sense to test them operationally.

          • ruca

            Well, guess again. As I understand there are now 4. Do you or I know more about it than Russia? Let’s discuss the changes on the map over the last two years.

          • John Whitehot

            sry I don’t get what you mean.

            I’ve seen too there are 4 now. Of course we don’t know much, western specialized press doesn’t seem to know much as well.

  • Bolter10

    Could be a warning to US after Der azor attack.

  • velociraptor

    Stealth, and everybody see them … :-O

  • Baudouin Jérusalem
  • Eggie Offo

    You see Lavrov doesn’t bluff because he he said ” America is playing with fire ” then you must know something is blewing.

  • Redadmiral

    I really do not see the point of deploying 2 stealth fighters. It would be far more advantageous to give SAA 5/6 batteries of S-400s and let them enforce a no fly zone and shoot down any a/c violating its airspace. Putting those Su-57s into the Syrian theatre has the potential to compromise Russian AF should the zionist warmongering scum decide to provoke a situation.

    • ruca

      It’s a final evaluation for the SU-57. Very smart move. These two jets are not there to suddenly win the war.

  • Hide Behind

    While I follow weapons development I have never PERSONALY experienced flying them, so I concentrate more upon the why deploy.
    What better way to test a weapons sysytem, for they have multiple systems each contributing to the whole. than within an active combat area.
    US air plays one upmanship with Russian air all the time; Stealth, let’s see if US radar ground and air is good.
    Maneuverability, let’s see what U S planes can match.
    Speed, let’s race.
    The air spacree ce

    • wwinsti

      The deployment is a defensive one despite its toothyness. What political leader is about to be ordered to turn over his belt and shoe laces? The one and the same that Russia has to watch most carefully.