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Russia Deployed Its Navy Seals And Dolphins To Defend Tartus Port, Syria: Covert Shores Report

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Russia Deployed Its Navy Seals And Dolphins To Defend Tartus Port, Syria: Covert Shores Report

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The Russian Navy reportedly deployed “marine mammals” to Tartus in Syria to protect the Naval base.

This happened back between September-December 2018, Covert Shores reported.

The animals, who were most likely seals, but could also be dolphins, were positioned next to the harbor defense units which were also being boosted around that time.

According to Covert Shores, the Russian Navy is known to train seals to carry out anti-diver operations, but these seals and/or dolphins were there to carry out harbor defense duties.

They could possibly also be used to protect the undersea pipe lines near the port which have been targeted by opposition divers.

From the Google Earth Imagery, below, apparently marine pens are present on September 30th, 2018 and on November 8th, 2018. But they were gone on February 4th, 2019. They were delivered sometime around September 28th, 2018 and were removed on December 22nd, according to the outlet.

The marine mammals reportedly came from Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, because apparently there is a unit based near Sevastopol in Crimea.

The Black Sea Fleet regularly deploys warships to Tartus, as well as submarines going through the Bosporus.

The photograph below allegedly show the training of combat dolphins back in 2017 in the Sevastopol harbor.

Russia Deployed Its Navy Seals And Dolphins To Defend Tartus Port, Syria: Covert Shores Report

Click to see full-size image

This unit, at Kazachya Bukhta near Sevastopol, was the Russian Navy’s main marine mammal establishment during the Cold War.

The Google Earth screenshot below provides a view of the Marine Mammal Unit.

Russia Deployed Its Navy Seals And Dolphins To Defend Tartus Port, Syria: Covert Shores Report

Click to see full-size image

It is unknown why the marine mammals were in Tartus and it turns out they aren’t there anymore.

“It is unclear why they were there for only a few months. Their mission may have been specific and of a fixed duration. Or possibly it was an experimental deployment to build the Russian Navy’s resurgent marine mammal program’s capabilities. Or possibly the deployment was not considered a success and was abandoned.”

This is more puzzling since, as Covert Shores itself describes, the Tartus port is quite well defended, even without any seals or dolphins protecting it.

“The port is defended by an array of anti-sabotage units. There are counter-divers armed with APS-5 underwater assault rifles and SPP-1 underwater pistols. There are two Pr.21980 Grachonok Class anti-sabotage boats, four assault boats and an array of smaller craft used to patrol the harbor. Russian warships are generally equipped with pedestal mounted multi-barrel anti-diver grenade launchers.”

In June 2019 five underwater pipelines have been damaged and put out of order after a sabotage attack. Divers placed explosives on the pipeline off the coastal town of Banias, about 25 miles north of the port.

Combat Diver Foundation on Twitter reminded that in June 2019 and January 2020, the pipes were sabotaged.

But, according to Covert Shores, the pens and mammals were gone by then, or possibly the pens were removed and the marine mammals were allowed to carry out their mission independently.


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Jens Holm

But Tartus not under attacl. An unimplyment program?

cechas vodobenikov

Russia cannot violate the Montreux convention—any Black Sea nation is permitted unlimited access with both non military and military vessels—this applies to Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, Turkey, Georgia—vessels from other nations are limited to 28 days—the US has been proven to violate this convention. Turkey audits entry and departures of all vessels


Does Convention cover dolphins?

Bobby Twoshoes

Cutest intro image ever, if I ever become an arch-villain I know what I’m putting in my moat, sharks and alligators are for losers.

Lone Ranger

They are probably treated better and have more freedom than poor things tortured in U.S. aquaparks by thousends of 500 pound orks.


could you please tell me the gist of this article

Lone Ranger

In short it talks about the Russian military is using trained animals(seals or dolphins) to protect valuable assets, for example ships, undersea pipelines…

Porc Halal

And do you believe in this crap?!..this is not an article it is a joke…

<- Beware the Jew


Porc Halal

so you didn’t explain to me why I was BS and who I BS… before talking, you better understand what you are trying to say…

<- Beware the Jew

You really are thick. I told you why your question is BS!!!

Porc Halal

no, you didn’t tell me why … all you did so far was verbally attack me even though I didn’t even say hello to you …

<- Beware the Jew

I didn’t say YOU were BS… I said that your question is BS. Tell me where I said that you are BS… Your first sentence begins with a illogical question. Its answer is not a “yes” or “no” answer because it is based on an incorrect premise. It’s called a ‘logical fallacy’!!! Think about it!

Porc Halal

let’s clarify things so as not to continue this ‘dialogue’ of the deaf indefinitely … my rhetorical question referred to the fact that, in my opinion, this article is a way to defame the defense capacity of the Russian army by associating this capacity with a secondary military program or that is part of a broader and more diversified program …

And one more thing…the question was mine, I own it, therefore when you call it BS you automatically call me BS too…


thanks for the reply

Lone Ranger

No problem.


how can I follow you? ?

Lone Ranger

I come here to SouthFront often.
You will see my comments pretty often in the threads.



Concrete Mike

The article is a joke, its showing us how stupid western propaganda is. It was clearly written by a westerner.


Your prejudice nonwithstanding, the article is far from a joke.
It is an established fact for decades that the soviets successfully trained and used marine mammels for those purposes, and that Russia still does too.
And alledging that “westerners” means being trapped in propaganda:
1. You are a wester too it seems
2. Mr. Sutton from “Covert Shores” is the most respected expert in the field of naval warfare. His books are the standard publications in this field. He is also respected from all sides for his unbiased view.
3. The article is likely written by a Russian like most here, and most Russians in the field of military studies respect Mr. Sutton as the unbiased expert that he is.
Sorry mike, but the only joke here is you attacking others for your own missing knowlegde and prejudice.

Porc Halal

Yep, fully agreed…the article is a joke of dubious quality…i just wrote it in response to other comment above…

Porc Halal


the ‘blue berets’ in the first picture are probably some seals who performed in a 3rd hand comedy …I agree this is bad western prop…

Black Waters

Wtf did i just read? Is this serious? Can someone elaborate about this


Every little bit helps Syria withstand the terrorists attack on her.


Dolphins wanted too many snacks in form of delicious fish, so they have been sent home.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Animal cruelty from my point of view.

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