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Russia Denounces Turkish Claims About “Millions” Of Refugees From Idlib Zone As Fake

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Russia Denounces Turkish Claims About "Millions" Of Refugees From Idlib Zone As Fake


On March 3, the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria released an official comment on the ongoing Turkish-led media campaign claimng that “millions” of refugees are fleeing Syria’s Idlib zone. The statement says that these claims as well as reports about the “humanitarian crisis” as a result of the escalation in Idlib are false.

According to the head of the Russian Center, Oleg Juravlev, the Russian side is regularly monitoring the situation in the Idlib de-escalation zone using UAVs, local contacts, as well as open sources.

Juravlev provided the following numbers:

  • In 2011, the population within the boundaries of the Idlib de-escalation zone was 2.6 million people. Approximately 800,000 people left the area before the start of military hostilities. They moved to central Syria, Turkey and some European countries.
  • As of January 1, 2020, there were no more than 1.8 million people on the territory controlled by terrorists in the Idlib zone.
  • Up to 210,000 people were living in the area liberated by the Syrian Army in January-Feruary 2020. Additionally, up to 50,000 people were living in the area of the Syrian Army operation in southern Idlib, south of the M4 highway.

The Russian military emphasized that during this period, no more than 35,000 people left the area of hostilities and moved to Turkey. These people were mostly fighters of militant groups (Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, the Turkistan Islamic Party, Horas al-Dion) and members of their families. Up to 50,000 people moved from the area of hostilities towards the Turkish-controlled Syrian region of Afrin, and noe more than 100,000 others moved towards the Syrian border with Turkey.

In total, no more than 70,000 people moved from the Idlib de-escalation zone to the area of Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch (Afrin). Currently, there are about 200,000 temporarily displaced persons near Turkish border. 85,000 of them are in the refugee camps “Hazano”, “Sarmada”, “Sheikh Hassan”, “Baskaria”, “Darkush”, ” Salkin. ”

The Russian side added that Turkey’s operations Olive Branch and Peace Spring led to the displacement of a large number of people. Operation Olive Branch forced up to 250,000 people (mostly Kurds) to leave their homes and flee the area, while Operation Peace Spring displaced 135,000 people.

The Center warned that the Turkish policy of settlement of ethnic Turkomans on the territories captured from the Kurds has already led to a radical change in the ethnic composition of the population in these areas.

The Russian military once again emphasized that claims that Syrian anti-terrorist efforts in the Idlib zone in January-February 2020 led to a “humanitarian crisis” are biased and completely untrue.


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Fake news from Turkey


The People Stand With You.
The Syrian People suffer. so bad. We need to stand with the people. Let the Politicians go to hell.
Putin and Assad Stand with the people…We Must Stand with the people. like You and me.


No shit, who coudl’ve seen this coming? What else could Russia have expected from the Turkish terrorist filth allied with ISIS/al-Qaeda against Syria and humanity under the sponsorship of the US/ISISrael global Zioterrorists?


Here’s what Russia’s pigshit Turkish terrorist partners think about Russia’s ally Syria in Erdogoon’s inner circle:

“Turkish Army should put “a sack over” Assad’s head and “deal final blow”: Erdogan’s ally”


The Rebels themselves could do if it were not for Russia. Forget Turkey entirely


Are you a retard? Your beloved ISIS/al-Qaeda “rebels” had the backing of NATO, the Rothschild neocolony in Palestine, Saudi, Australia, Morsi’s Egypt, etc. Look what that got them.

Xoli Xoli

Erdogan is selfish liar and terrorists. Gulen for President.

good american

I wouldn’t put it past the US having that card up their sleeve.


Seemingly Gulen was the principal colloborator/partner of Erdogan until the mid 2016 therefore I am afraid your would be disappointed. ?

Xoli Xoli

Is there no suitable replacement.


Gulen’s another CIA piece of shit asset. Turd-key is a through and through NATO terrorist regime.

Xoli Xoli

Thank you I dont know the swollen eyes fuck.

Tudor Miron

Gullen belongs to US – totally.

Xoli Xoli

USA will replace Erdogan if Turkey citizens stands up against Erdogan aggressiveness and destruction of Turkey economy on his illegal Syrian oil theft war on behalf of his king son luxury life.On death of Turkey soldiers and Turkey people suffering.

Jim Bim

Turks are orcs and should be isolated together with all their terrorists.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

The Allies cared little about the strategic bombing of Saint-Nazaire and Dresden to liberate citizens from Nazism, I’m starting to think the best way to liberate Idlib and it’s inhabitants is for the VKS to do the same.


Back then they understood that you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs. Civilian casualties were regrettable, but the technology at the time didn’t allow for precise targeting and if the Germans set up shop next to civilians, collateral damage was unavoidable. Television changed all that. Ever seen that movie of British troops going over the top in 1916 at the battle of the Somme, where the first casualty falls back into the trench? People were fainting in the cinemas at the sight of that footage because it showed them real horrors of war. It is said that if the troops landing at D-Day had been greeted by live television crews that broadcasted into Allied homes how Allied troops were dying by the score the war would have been over that same day. This is how the US lost the Vietnam war. They beat the Vietcong and NVA in every major battle, but the lost the battle on the television. They have learned their mistake and since then the US and every Western nation going to war keeps a tight lid on information flowing to and from a battle. With the internet its easier then ever to get footage that will spook the folks back home and they are using their Jihadi agents very well to film the right kinds of footage that will paint the SAA in the worst possible light. Because you still can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs. Sometimes you have to bomb the enemy where the enemy is. But this time the enemy can film themselves getting bombed in real time. And also the collateral damage.


The US terrorists lost Vietnam because they lost over 5000 aircraft and couldn’t establish air superiority though they tried real hard, and with the PLA on land the could never have won on the ground either.


Both right to some degree, but if you remember the US lost, because even Saigon fell.


” Germans set up shop next to civilians, collateral damage was unavoidable.”

The UK.and US bombing of Dresden was cold blooded murder of civilians, many tens of thousands were refugees and the large city was overflowing with humanity.
Dresden had no arms factories, no military bases and no hope of surviving the deliberate mass murder of its population.


Whom do you wanted to bomb the Krupps arms factories or the BASF chemical? No these where the holy places of the capitalists and nazi supporters !

Tudor Miron

Very well said, Florian. It was the same as Hirosima and Nagasaki – deliberate cold bloodied murdering of as many civilians as they could. Kurt Vonnegut described it well in his book.


Thanks, Tudor.

The reason behind the US / UK terror bombing of civilians in Germany and Japan is now known to be a warning to Stalin, who of course was allied with the UK and US in WW2.

I am not sure if you know about this forgotten history.


Tudor Miron

Yes, I remember about operation unthinkable. Thanks for the link.


While I agree that the city was not that important a target and the bombing unnecessary, it was however an important railroad and traffic junction for Wehrmacht supplies to the Eastern Front. And the RAF’s ‘Lets flatten every German city so they will surrender’ strategy was running out of cities to flatten by that time as most of Germany had been taken by either the Allies or the Soviets. Which probably bumped Dresden up the priority list by the sheer bad luck of there being fewer and fewer alternatives.

That being said the Germans committed too many atrocities on a truly massive scale that leave me too meh to give a fuck about Dresden. The Germans reaped what they had sown. For all their talk about the Red Army raping and plundering its way across Germany, the Allied bombings, German POW’s sent to Siberia until the 1950’s they themselves DID TEN TIMES WORSE.



That is what the US and Israel pray for.

There is NO reason to deliberately murder civilians as UK bomber command did in WW2, and as the US has done during and since WW2 with much success.

Tudor Miron

West would be happy if Russia would become like them. If it happens than there’s no hope for this world.

Peter Jennings

The people of Turkey need to make a decision, whether they go to war with their neighbours via their warmongering leaders, who are only thinking of re-election, or go with a moderate approach in which good relations can be fostered to the benefit of all. The problems of the region are hardly insurmountable.

Erdogan causes the refugees and then blames the Syrian admin for their plight. His trips to washingtub haven’t been a waste of time and he seems to have grasped the neocon line of psychological projection.


A calm and accurate assessment from the Russian MOD is a welcome change from the LGBTQ style of hysteria that emanates from NATO.


Recent tragedy as a result of the War Crimes of the Turkish Terrorist Regime.

Tiresia Branding

decrypted message: “Russian intelligence also knows how much hair surrounds Erdogan’s asshole” ?

Fuckturkius Sraloukranius

The more turks killed the better


The Russians are Saving the White Race. The Russians are Saving the Muslim Face.
We May Be Christian. But We as a people We are doing the right thing.
Help Us do the right thing. be a Person.

Bruno Gama

Turkey has the largest armored component in NATO, besides US. Russia should supply SAA with ATGMs. Let´s see how the turkish APCs will combat them…Good Field test for Russian weapons, and send some Turkish terrorists back home in shinning flags… Turkey is not the 2nd most powerful NATO army, of course, Turkish Air Force has mere 200 combat aircraft, and Turkish Navy barely float… France, Germany, UK of course are stronger than Turkey.

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