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Russia Denounces Reports About Possible Troop Deployment In Afghanistan As Fake News


Russia Denounces Reports About Possible Troop Deployment In Afghanistan As Fake News


After the US-Taliban peace deal, more and more speculations appear about a possible deployment of Russian or even Chinese troops in Afganistan after the US withdrawal. During the March 12 briefing, a spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Mariya Zakharova, denounced reports about the possible deployment of Russian troops in the war-torn country as fake news.

Fake media stories on the possibility of sending Russian troops to Afghanistan (source):

Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov at a briefing at Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency. He reportedly spoke about the possibility of sending Russian troops to Afghanistan to fight terrorism there should the Afghan authorities request it.

I would like to state with all responsibility and deliberately using such wording that this assertion is absolutely untrue, and that the Russian special representative never made it in any form. Not one single media outlet whose representatives attended the briefing, except this online publication, has published such headlines, stories or data. At best, we can perceive this as an extremely unsuccessful interpretation of the Russian diplomat’s words. I hope that we are not talking about a deliberate distortion or fake news. I am more convinced that those who prepared this story for the website had trouble choosing the appropriate wording.

Everyone knows the Russian position on this matter: Under no circumstances, has Russia planned to send its troops to Afghanistan nor does it intend to do this. One can only talk about the possibility of expanded cooperation with Afghanistan in the fight against terrorism and drug trafficking through current collaboration in the military-technical sphere and in the field of training skilled specialists. Everyone is well aware of the forms of such collaboration. We have regularly published material on this matter.

We are urging the media to be more professional and to fulfil their duties in a highly responsible manner because such interpretations and even distortions of data and statements can spell major problems during the interpretation of these stories in various countries. We are always ready to give answers to the issues of interest and to provide any additional explanations.




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