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Russia Denies Claims That Its Border Guards Were Killed On Armenia’s Border With Turkey


Russia Denies Claims That Its Border Guards Were Killed On Armenia’s Border With Turkey

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The Russian Embassy in Yerevan has denied reports of the deaths of two Russian border guards on the southern border of Armenia.

The statement was published on the official Facebook page of the diplomatic mission.

“We inform you that the ‘information’ that has appeared does not correspond to reality. We call on the media to be careful and balanced about this kind of information stuffing,” TASS reported with reference to the statement of diplomats.

Earlier, in July 2020, Russian border guards have moved to increased service on the border of Armenia with Turkey.

TASS was informed about this by the official representative of the Border Directorate of the FSB of Russia in Armenia. This measure was related to the events in Azerbaijan and the attacks on Nagorno-Karabakh.

“The Border Administration has switched to an enhanced mode of service,” said public relations officer Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Grechin. He did not elaborate on the details.

The security system of the state border of Armenia with Turkey (345 km) and Iran (45 km) has been completely preserved since the times of the Soviet Union.

The border guards of the Border Guard Service of the FSB of Russia serve in Armenia in accordance with the agreement “On the status of the Border Troops of the Russian Federation located on the territory of the Republic of Armenia and the conditions of their functioning” dated September 30th, 1992.

The border department of the FSB of Russia in Armenia includes four border detachments – in Gyumri, Armavir, Artashat and Meghri, as well as a separate checkpoint “Armenia” at the Yerevan international airport “Zvartnots”.

The maintenance of Russian border guards in the republic is provided by the governments of the two states approximately equally.

The Armenian authorities consider the presence of Russian border guards in the republic, along with the Russian military base, an important component of the country’s security.

Currently, Russia has still not undertaken any tangible actions to assist Armenia against Azerbaijan and Turkey, and it is an expected result of Yerevan’s anti-Moscow policy in recent years.

Nagorno-Karabakh is also an unrecognized part of Armenia, it is also unrecognized by any country as an independent republic, so Russia feels no obligation to step in, currently.

Reports such as these are solely aimed at forcing Russia’s hand.




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